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									Attention: ______________________...

   How Would YOU Like To Have Me, _______,
       Right There To Leap To Attention
        To Help YOU _______________
           In Your ______________?
 Warning: Getting Coached By Me Isn't Cheap Because I am Spilling the Beans on
            Everything...BUT After Working With Me You'll Know ALL
               You Need To _____________________...Guaranteed!

     Dear __________,

     Answer the following questions…

         Are you dissatisfied with your ____________ as it is right now? Are you
          concerned that you may not be equipped to _________________?

         Do you feel that you are on the verge of _____________ and living the life of
          your dreams...but that you just need that little something extra to

         Are you convinced that you are on the road to _____________, but just need
          some coaching and accountability to get you there?

        If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”...then read on, this letter is for

        In fact, if you are even remotely interested in making ____________ (way less),
     then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

        Here’s why...

         Jim Rohn is famous for saying that, “YOU become the average sum of the five people
     with whom you associate with." As a ________________, you MUST make it you
     job to associate with “peak performers”...which brings me to the central point of my
     letter, which is to tell you about...

         A Rare and Extremely Limited Opportunity To Join The
      _________________…and Make This The Year You Take Your
           _____________ to The Next Level….And Beyond!
      You know, it wasn’t always so great for me either. I can remember (insert your
personal story)

       But, that all changed when I discovered the power of coaching and
masterminding. In fact, since ___________, my business has literally ___________
almost overnight. I now consider myself blessed to ____________ (insert some good
/ true numbers / examples, etc…).

                Ed’s Example (copy and paste as it fits for you…)

     You know, it wasn’t      always so great for me either. I can remember
when I was grossing just      $1,500 a month, digging into savings and
credit card debt just to      make ends meet. I almost threw in the
towel...that was until I      made a few small changes in my approach,
outlook, and actions.

     In fact, EVERYTHING changed for me when I discovered the power of
coaching and masterminding. In the last 2 years, my business has
literally tripled (twice). I now consider myself blessed to often make
more in one day than I did in one FULL year as a Marine Corps pilot. I
take off just about every weekend, I never work on Sundays and I have
the financial freedom to enjoy life when I want and where I want.

     But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have learned the secret to building my
business around my life and not the other way around. Through the
application of my own learned strategies (the same ones I will share
with you), I have been able to systematize my business to the point
that I can literally take 10 days vacation (or more) without ever
having to check phones or e-mail. People often ask me how I was able to
multiply a business so rapidly and so successfully without one
employee. I’ve done this through the power of two very important words:
And this, of course, brings me to
                                                                 “Quote From
       If you are remotely interested in learning how to
_____________, then keep reading. You are not
going to want to miss out on this very special offer.

       If you are ready to ______________, there is
a resource that you absolutely need to jump on.

        In fact, there is a group of
_______________who are committed to seeing
each other’s ___________ (businesses / lives, etc…)        “Really Great quote about you!!”
grow through the application of my principles. And...if
you have any desire at all to do what you do faster,       -Who the person is and what they
more _________, and more on your own terms, then           have done, where they live, etc…
my _________ Coaching & Mastermind Group will
likely be the best thing you do.

In fact, here are 10 Smart Reasons Why
 YOU Want To Join the __________

     Unleash the power of masterminding and                     “Quote From
      networking with like-minded
      __________ giving you the ability to think,
      test, and grow as much in 1 year as you have in
      the last 10. It’s been said that “success leaves
      clues.” Between us, you need a group of people
      that speak your language, that can celebrate your
      victories, and challenge you in your defeats.
      There is no better place than with the like-
      minded members of the Mastermind Group.

     Attitude! Why waste your time with people who
      bring you down. You know who they are…they           “Really Great quote about you!!”
      are the ones who are always telling you why you
      can’t do this or can’t do that. In this group, you   -Who the person is and what they
      will have the opportunity to observe & model the     have done, where they live, etc…
      same principles which guide my own _______
      so that you can implement them directly to your
      _______. Why re-invent the wheel…just use
      what works and ____________!

     Discover ways to maximize your productivity &
      power and get more out of your day. Part of our group’s goal will be to hold
    you accountable for your time, your
    projects, and your goals. Like me, you
                                                              “Quote From
    probably function much better with a coach. In            Testimonial!”
    this Mastermind Group, you will have more
    than 1!

   Unlock the keys to truly __________.
    This will truly be an opportunity to work
    specifically on your _________.

   Learn how to use ___________ to

   Discover real-life, proven, & successful            “Really Great quote about you!!”
    ____________ principles from the
                                                        -Who the person is and what they
    trenches. Then, get keys to                         have done, where they live, etc…
    implementation from people who have
    been there and done that!

   Quickly and easily leverage the power of
    ________________. I will personally bring
    you behind the scenes of my __________ to
    show you how I ____________. (Hint: these
    tools do not take a rocket scientist to
    implement. Just follow my formula for success.)           “Quote From
   Experience the power of masterminding with
    some of the sharpest minds in _______.

   Learn the secret to never, ever
    _________again by tapping into a proven-
    system for accountability and mentoring.

   Finally...perhaps the best reason. 1-on-1
    Coaching and Mentoring with Me! Just
    read the success stories above and below. I am
    not going to brag, but the results speak for        “Really Great quote about you!!”
    themselves. Honestly, you could work with
    someone cheaper...BUT you get what you pay          -Who the person is and what they
    for. But like I said, don’t take my word for        have done, where they live, etc… the success stories of people just like
    you and then take action. Spots are currently
    limited and I can make no guarantees how long
    they will be open.
   But, before we move on, I should tell you…this             “Quote From
program is not right for everyone. In fact, I am
ONLY looking for ______ highly motivated and
qualified members in this introductory group. Not
everyone will be accepted. In fact…

   This Program is NOT Right For You If…

       You are a workaholic and prefer to do
        things the hard way.

       You are stubborn and unwilling to change
        despite the concerns that will affect your      “Really Great quote about you!!”
                                                        -Who the person is and what they
                                                        have done, where they live, etc…
       You prefer to whine and complain instead
        of being in the 5% that ____________.

       You have trouble making decisions.

       You have difficulty honoring
        commitments you make to yourself or others.

  (Please carefully consider the list above. If you fit into these categories,
 that’s fine…but you will not be a good match for this group of go-getters.)

   BUT!! This Program IS Right For You If…

       You have the desire to ___________________.

       You prefer to ___________________.

       You are able to implement a simple proven system and see results.

       You are open to implementing some out-of-
        the-box strategies that have already been
        proven to ______________________ for those who
        implement them.

       You prefer to be in the 5% that grows, succeeds, and invests during this time
        of economic downturn.

Here are the benefits and Bonuses you’ll receive when
you enroll today…
  1. Private 1-on-1, Live, In Person One-Day Coaching & Implementation
     Day at _______ House. (Value $_______). You fly to ______ and
     spend a full day with me working on your ___________, uncovering key areas
     of opportunity, & developing a strategy for ____________________.
     (Members are welcome & encouraged to bring a partner / spouse / key

  2. Six (6) 30 Minute 1-on-1 Personal Coaching and Implementation Calls
     (Value ______). Calls are scheduled over a 12-month period and are
     specifically designed to _________________________.

  3. Two (2) Group Coaching & Mastermind 2-Day Meetings (Value
     $_______). This is where you, me, and the other members meet at a fun
     location to spend 2 days working to help each other ____________. Note:
     more true breakthroughs occur in these Mastermind Groups than anywhere else.
     You do NOT want to miss the opportunity to attend these powerful sessions with
     likeminded ______________.

  4. Million Dollar Rolodex List Recommended Resources – You’ll get
     everyone I use in my _____________ (and more) so you don’t have to waste
     time & energy looking for the right vendor or service provider. (Minimum Value
                  PLUS! When you enroll today,
             You’ll receive 2 VERY exciting Bonuses!!
                                     BONUS #1
                              Unlimited E-Mail Support

Once you start coaching, you will undoubtedly have some follow-on questions and
concerns specific to YOUR business in between meetings and calls. And while we cannot
possibly answer the hundreds of e-mails we get here in the office every day, we make a
special priority to get back to each and every coaching member as quickly as possible with
a personal answer from me. In fact, we have created a special e-mail account directly to
(Your Name) just for this purpose. This account is privately held under lock and key, but
will come to you as an extra-added bonus for enrolling today.

                                     BONUS #2
                   Six (6) 10-minute Emergency Calls with _____.

These will be a great opportunity to __________________, or just to get some much-needed
questions answered fast. They are available ONLY for coaching members and are there to
show you how committed I am to your success!!
    So, how much will this cost? Actually, the correct question should be how much is
this worth! But I’ll get to the point without beating around the bush.

   I have commanded fees up to __________ for a single one-day coaching session.
My current hourly rate is ________, but for the launching of this introductory group
(and limited ONLY to the first 12 members), your investment is just ____ a month

   Think about it this way...if through the things you learn, you just
________________, you’ll have you investment back in just _______ (do the
math). But between us, I think you’ll expericne way more than that when you begin to
implement the insider strategies you’ll learn here.

   Bottom line…you can’t lose...unless of course you procrastinate and miss taking me
up on this one-time offer.’ll be glad that you did.

All the Best,

Your Name
P.S. Now is the time to ask yourself these questions…

     If not this, what?
     If not me, who?
     If not now, when?

You see, I strongly believe that what Warren Buffet said is right “The most important
investment you can make is in yourself.” I believe that now you have an unparalleled
opportunity to invest in speed. Isn’t it time you experienced the success you

P.P.S. Consider this a gentle reminder, this very low introductory offer will
only be available until _________ (date) or until ____ spots are gone
(whichever comes first). Remember, smart ___________ know how to
make fast decisions & implement them with speed. This price, these
bonuses, and this offer will not be available long, so now is the time.

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