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									              Calculate you Cost below:

 1 What is your average monthly sales volume?           $   100,000   Monthly

     What is the current outstanding balance of your
 2 Accounts Receivable?                                               Annually
   What is the dollar amount of your annual cost of
   goods sold? (COG: How much does it cost to
   manufacture your product or provide your
 3 service?)                                                          Annually

     What is your Company's annual profit margin?
 4 (percentage)

     Do your vendors offer trade discounts if you pay
 5 early? (If you don't know, you should ask them).             Yes
     If yes, how much do they offer in discounts?
 6   (percentage)
     How are you funding/financing your business
 7   today?
     What is the average annual cost of this
 8   financing? (percentage rate)                                     Annually
     How much more business could your company
     write if you didn't have to wait on recievables?
 9   (percentage)                                            70.00% Annually

   How long does it take you to manufacture your
10 product or provide your service?                              30    Days

                                                                                 Question: Does Factoring - A/R Finaincing m
                     Instructions                                                       Will It Save You Money or Help You W
          Complete the information above
     and,determine for yourself if Factoring / A-
     R Financing is the Advantagious choice for
                    your business!

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This suggests your annual sales volume equals                                       $       1,200,000

Your Answer to Question #3 suggests an annual Gross Profit Margin of:                        100.00%




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Other Loan Sources
This would translate into an incremental dollar amount in sales of:                 $        840,000

                      Results listed below:
         Question: Does Factoring - A/R Finaincing make sense to you under this scenario?
                Will It Save You Money or Help You Write More Business? See Below:

Money Saved using trade discounts equals                                            $             -
You could buy more product and make more sales resulting in additional gross
profit of                                                                           $        840,000
You would eliminate your current financing cost of                                  $            -
Gross profit increase if you utilize Factoring, A/R Financing                       $        840,000
Potential cost of factoring (assumes a discount fee of .0009 daily for total days
from advance of funds to payment by debtor (your customer))                         $            -
Net Incremental Pre-Tax Profits to your business by Factoring                       $        840,000
As a percent of current sales, your business profits could be increased by                    #DIV/0!
The average number of days that your A/R is outstanding equals                                    0.0
From the day you receive an order until the day you get paid, it takes                           30.0

If you receive payment upon delivery, you would improve your cash flow cycle by                 0.00%
           10%     5
Annually   20%    10

           25%    15

           30%    20
   0       40%    25

           50%    30

           60%    35

           70%    40

           75%    45

           80%    50

            90%   55
Annually   100%   60





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