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					                                                     JD Acres Horse Rescue
                                                            9004 El Modena Elverta CA 95626
                                                                     (916) 628-6008

This agreement between _____________________hereinafter referred to as “Donor(s)” and JD Acres Horse Rescue. acknowledges transfer
of custody and ownership of the equine known as:

Name:                                                       Breed:                                                                     Age:
Sex:                      Height:                           Weight:                        Color:

Identifying Markings (include tattoos/brandings/scars)

Identified known injuries/illnesses/infirmities/limitations (past & present):

                                            REGISTRATION AND OWNERSHIP TRANSFERS
At the time of donation, DONOR agrees to execute all necessary papers and to take all steps necessary to transfer ownership and registration of
animal to. , at no cost to JD Acres Horse Rescue. unless JD Acres Horse Rescue agrees to pay the transfer costs.

Donor(s) are aware of and agree that . JD Acres Horse Rescue may place the aforementioned equine in a good home at its discretion.
(donor’s initials)

The following four items and terms of donation must be met and provided prior to JD Acres Horse Rescue receiving the horse:

           1.    DONOR warrants that he/she has clear title to said horse.
           2.    All records of registry and bill of sale (if available) or other certificates of ownership and all transfer forms must be signed prior to
                 the date of donation.
           3.    By signing this donation form, DONOR agrees that all information regarding the horse, its injuries (past and present), illnesses
                 (past and present) and otherwise has been disclosed.
           4.    If requested by JD Acres Horse Rescue., the DONOR agrees to provide a current Coggins (dated within 6 months) and/or
                 Health Certificate (dated within 30 days) prior to the date of donation.

                                                  TAKING POSSESSION OF THE EQUINE
It is solely agreed that it is the DONOR’s responsibility to arrange for transportation to JD Acres Horse Rescue Facility (located in Elverta). Upon
DONOR agreement,. JD Acres Horse Rescue may allow the horse to stay at its current location until: (1) an available spot opens; (2)
transportation arrangements can be made through JD Acres Horse Rescue ; (3) until adopted. The DONOR understands and agrees to the
above listed terms in this section and will:

Surrender to JD Acres Horse Rescue Facility on                        (date)    OR              Leave at current location until adopted out
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It is understood that the DONOR will not receive any compensation for the amount of time the equine remains at their current location, nor will any
compensation be given if the DONOR transports the equine to our facilities.

If the equine has been agreed by the DONOR to be left at the current location until a suitable adoptive home is found and has been found and
the DONOR runs upon financial hardship or other,. JD Acres Horse Rescue will have fourteen (14) days to arrange for delivery and/or pick-up
to come of one of its facilities or a foster care home.

Pending delivery to., JD Acres Horse Rescue Donor shall assume the risk of loss of said horse and upon delivery, JD Acres Horse Rescue
shall assume the risk of loss.

Once the horse or burro has been seen by JD Acres Horse Rescue attending veterinarian (within a reasonable amount of time once possession
of the animal is taken), if the horse or burro has been found to have an irreversible injury, disease or illness, causing chr onic pain and suffering,
and is recommended by that veterinarian to have the animal euthanized, it shall become the responsibility of the transferring owner to assume
FULL financial responsibility to end their suffering and fees associated with the hauling away of the animal’s body. JD Acres Horse Rescue is
responsibility for rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of unwanted, abused or neglected horses and burros but will not assume financial
responsibility for owners that do not wish to provide a humane euthanization for their animal when it comes time tha t they can no longer live a
health and pain-free lifestyle. JD Acres Horse Rescue will make all necessary arrangements once in our care, but financial responsibility will be
claimed immediately from the owner and could cost upwards of $400.00 or more for veterinary and rendering expenses. Please note that JD
Acres Horse Rescue does not wish to euthanize any animal, but feel that it is in the best interest of the animal if they are suffering from chronic
pain or illness that cannot be contained. JD Acres Horse Rescue WILL NOT accept any animal for the sole reason that the owner cannot
provide responsibility or make arrangements to properly end an animal’s suffering.

It is the donor(s) responsibility to provide all information on said equine to JD Acres Horse Rescue. Failure to do so could result in a wrongful
evaluation and misadministration of supplements and/or medications to said equine, which could cause unnecessary illness or other.

                     Worming records provided:                            YES                    NO        (donor’s initials)
                     Immunization records provided:                       YES                    NO        (donor’s initials)
                     West Nile Virus Records Provided:                    YES                    NO        (donor’s initials)
                     Farrier records provided:                            YES                    NO        (donor’s initials)
                     Medical history provided:                            YES                    NO        (donor’s initials)

Name of vet used along with address and phone number for medical information request:

The equine listed above HAS               , date last seen by a vet                   or HAS NOT           been seen by a vet.             (initials)

I give authorization for JD Acres Horse Rescue. to contact my vet with any questions they may have regarding the above-mentioned equine.
(Donor’s initials)

The terms of this agreement and disputes developing there under shall be enforced and constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of

Thank you for your support in placing your horse with JD Acres Horse Rescue. Please know that we will make every effort to see that the horse
is placed into the best home possible.

Additional comments:

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 By signing this contract, the DONOR agrees and understands that if at anytime, the DONOR changes their mind to relinquish the ir equine
 after signing this contract, the DONOR will be held liable for any and all costs including but not limited to transportation costs, overnight costs
 and other by the either the approved adopter and/or any member of JD Acres Horse Rescue.

              Donor Signature

              Donor (printed name)

 _________________________________                     _________________________________
 Donor (printed name)                                        Donor Signature

 Donor Address

 City, State, Zip

 Home Phone                                                      Donor Email

____________________________________________                           _________________
Authorized Agent for JD Acres Horse Rescue

                                                             JD Acres Horse Rescue
                                                                  9004 El Modena
                                                                  Elv erta CA 95626

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