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					2002                                   Q Areas     terms          concepts
SC-Miranda                                                        Cases
                                       1 amendment executive agreement
                                       1 amendment
1 amendment-general                                                 what
                                       1 amendment majoritarian politics is the voter turnout rate in elections?
1 amendment                            1 amendment
pp-id/voting behavior                  10 amendment plurality
election-congressional-int             10 amendment right of privacy
President appointment-SC               14 amendment redress          laws and actions the 14th amendment was to nullify
interpret-table-elections              14 amendment categorical grants
public opinion-presidential            14 amendment    executive order
Constitution-incorporation             14 amendment    Census          how 18-26 yos have traditionally voted
14 amend-specifically related laws     14 amendment    ensure          who finds it easier to influence the public, the P or cong
14 amendment-sc interpretation         14 amendment    entrepreneurial politics
                                                                       what factors must be present to say that party realignment has take
election-critical elections            5 amendment                     clause
                                                       free expression rn
bureaucracy-indep reg agencies         bureaucracies
sc-griswold and roe-right of privacy   bureaucracy
bureaucracy-omb                        bureaucracy                      what kind
                                                       winner-take-all elections of grants does the federal govt prefer to give
elections-single member district       civil rights    municipality     Miranda
president-lobbying congress            civil rights    solicitor generalfederalism-layer v marble cake
congress-1992 election                 civil rights    whip             how does congress control the bureaucracy?
civil rights-segregation               civil rights
civil rights                           civil rights
constitution-federalism                congress                       compare/contrast H v S
                                                       "one person, one vote"
1 amendment-religion                   congress                       graph
                                                       single member district
special interest-lobbying              congress                       graph
                                                       checks and balances
Civil rights-VRA 65                    Congress        infringement
political identity-culture             Congress
president-politics/appointments-int    congress
elections-directly elected             congress        closed primary sc-original v appellate jurisdiction
SC-removing judges                     congress                       white house office
                                                       conference committee
president-nomination process           congress                       process of impeachment
                                                       Graham-Rudman-Hollings Act
president-constitutional powers        congress                        of 1973
                                                       War Powers Actwhat most influences how person votes
election-congressional-int             congress                       how sc determines cases it hears
                                                       Montgomery Bus boycott
congress-making unconst laws const     congress                       how federalism diversifies public policy
                                                       necessary and proper/elastic clause
president-war powers act               congress        incumbency     impounding budget funding
Congress-rules in H and S              congress                       what
                                                       malapportionment is unconstitutional about the line item veto?
congress-redistricting                 congress        iron triangle  how are roe and Griswald similar?
congress-oversight powers              congress        mediate        table
president-line item veto               congress
policy-iron triangle                   congress
congress-cloture                       congress        impropriety     how does media influence public opinion?
congress-redistricting                 congress                        how is the number of justices on the sc changed?
                                                       distributed/concentrated costs
congress-legislative process           congress        IG politics     voters in primary elections are most likely to be…than th
congress-committees                    congress                          compare the leg process in the H and S
congress-committee                     congress
congress-legislative process              congress
congress-constituents                     congress
pp-organization                           constitution   supremacy clause appointment process
congress-redistricting                    constitution                    R
                                                         affirmative action N
president-line item veto                  constitution   discretionary
special interest-PACs                     constitution
const-checks and balances-appntmnt        constitution
sc-free speech                            constitution   partisan        historic presidential nomination process
civil rights-discrimination               constitution                    Commission
                                                         Federal Electiongeneralized Earl Warren's Court decisions
const-reserved powers                     constitution                   rn
                                                         establishment clause
constitution-general                      constitution   framers         what are primary functions of the constitution?
constitution-exclusionary rule            constitution   detrimental     PACs-in general
constitution-elastic clause               constitution   bully pulpit    how has the modern P nomination process changed ov
constitution-elastic clause               constitution   allocation      why would the president use an executive order rather t
constitution-general                      constitution   graph           what are the trends of reelection for Senators?
constitution-federalism                   constitution
president-impeachment                     democracy      implied powers why doesn't the president have total influence over his c
democracy-participation                   democracy                          why did benefits
                                                         distributed/concentratedam become a 2 PP system?
election behavior                         election       gerrymanderingredistricting
SC-interpreting amendment                 election                           c
                                                         political affiliationongressional committees
electoral college-campaigning             election       franking            mandates
elections-activists                       election                            1964
                                                         civil rights act ofCartoon           int-means the question was interpreted
congress-franking                         election       imposition          table
grant funding-most free to spend          election       impeach             chart
checks and balances-c/p                   election       incorporation
election-primary                          election       conservative    direct elections/electoral college
federalism-basic concept                  election       vested          cong-how laws ruled unconst are made const
Congress-budget and president-acts        election       third party     incumbency advantage in cong elections
election-voting behavior in p elections   election       innovation      what kind of Cong laws are most likely to be constested
elections-incumbency                      election       private bills   what do the different committees do?
election-public financing                 election       majority election
elections-allocation of electoral votes   election                       McCulloch v Maryland
bureaucracy-source of power            election
election-primaries v convention system election                         which specific groups
                                                         convention system (P nominations) are most likely to vote D? R?
elections-groups                       election          nullify        in which policy area will congress always defer to the P?
election-presidential nomination       election          governance     what did the framers intend when they devised the way
election-split ticket voting           election                         how did the constitution alter the national gov's econom
                                                         independent regulatory agencies
election-electoral college                election                       what is always true about a committee's chair?
election-one member one vote              election       cartoon         how do members of congress communicate w/their con
election-outcome                          election
election-turnout                          election
elections-party realignment               election
election-primary                          election
election-presidential                     election
election-incumbency and the Senate   election
1 amendment-general                  elections                         Rn
                                                       exclusionary rule
federalist paper #10                 elections         selective incorporation
SC-interpretation-original intent    elections         political action committee (PAC)
policy-budget-int                    elections         blanket primary cong-committee system in H v S
election-voting behavior by group    elections
media-pres election coverage         elections                          Sweatt v Painter
congress-laws contested in courts    elections
elections-incumbency                 elections         revenue sharinghow do congressional committees change (limit/enhanc
elections-national                   elections
Grants-in aid                        federalism        political region grants
fiscal-cooperative federalism        federalism        legislative veto 14th amendment
voting behavior-general              federalism                         Dred
                                                       unfunded mandate Scott
sc-incorporation doctrine            federalism        filibuster
SC-Roe v Wade                        federalism        appropriations committee
constitution-shay's rebellion        federalism        Shay's Rebellion  Cong-creating cabinet offices in the executive branch
federalism-federalist paper #10      federalism        political factionswhat did Madison say made democracies difficult to exi
federalism-consequences              federalism                          what tact test"
                                                       "clear and present dangerdid congress take to ban segregation in public
federalism-budget                    federalism        rn                how have voter groups shifted from party to party?
interest groups-PACs                 interest groups   cloture           how have interest groups replaced the role of pp?
interest groups-advocacy             interest groups   articulate        most criminal cases are decided by?
interest groups-advocacy             interest groups                   what laws have most increased the rights of women?
judicial                             judicial        judicial restraintwhat does the line item veto allow the president to contr
constitution-AoC                     media             ways and means committee
PP-generalizations                   media                               Griswold v Connecticut
media-influences of public opinion   media                               The
                                                       due process of law elastic clause allows what am govt fundamental pro
Congress-redistricting                                 voting rights act table
                                     party identification                 of 1965
interest group-PAC                   policy            open primary removing federal judges
policy-federalism                    policy            proportional election
president-influencing cab members    policy
policy-FOIA                          policy            efficient        differ between elitism, pluraism, bureaucratic theory, an
Congress H v S                       policy-budget     critical elections/party alignment
Congress-appointment confirmation    political identification
congress-budget coms in h and s      political identification
political identity-int                                  liberal
                                     political identification           political action committees
political identity-socialization                        decentralizationhow are electoral votes distributed by most states?
                                     political identification
political identification-int                            client
                                     political identification politics IGs are most likely to influence what kind of policies (rem
politics                             politics
political identification-culture     politics
14th amendment-why it was written    PP                                 political culture
                                                       "wall of separation"
Cong-committees in general           pp
pp                                   pp                rn            what influences voters most when they vote for presiden
presidential veto                    president         primary       presidential elections
HoR-committee process                president                       incorporation
                                                       Federal Reserve Board
president-staff                      president         block grants  graph
election-presidential-process           president                     table
                                                       search and seize
checks and balances-                    president      entitlements (budget)
federalism-unfunded mandates            president      socialization
elections- federal laws                 president      implied
political identity-socialization        president      terms of office-sc justice
president-vp selection process          president      primary          committees-standing/ad hoc
special interest-lobbying               president                       Cong-H and S rules of
                                                       Budget and Impoundment Control Act procedure Compare/contrast
congress-standing committees            president      surpass          many ways citizens access political process
congress-general knowledge              president      party platform how have pres powers increased over time?
democracy-citizen access to politics    president                       What
                                                       enumerated powers gives a bureaucracy political power over the branc
president-imperial president            president      indirect electiongraph
election-kinds                          president
const-relig-establishment clause        president
president-white house staff             president      nonpartisan       what are the rules concerning a veto (include cong over
president-veto                          president      plea bargaining how do primaries weaken the pp system?
president-over congress                 president      audit             how are citizens most likely to participate in the political
president-lobbying                      president      appropriate       compare how supportive Americans are of the 1st amen
president-line item veto                president                        how has the sc used the 14th amendment?
                                                       split ticket voting
president-constitutional power          president                        what are the
                                                       Freedom of Information Act consequences of governance after split tic
president-vs congress                   president      rn                how have American's attitude towards govt changed ov
policy-federal budget spending                           original intent
sc-source of cases                                       jurisdiction
                                        president/congress               Shay's and nationalism
political identity                                       ratify
                                        president/election               RN
constitution-checks and balances        public opinion bonds (fiscal) Roe
voting patterns                         SC               bipartisan      voting behavior
SC-appeals                              SC               reserved powers categorical grants
SC-amicus curiae                        SC               judicial review 4th amendment
Constitution-amending                   sc               grants-in-aid RN                 RN= questions w roman numerals
sc-process appointing justices          sc             horse race
sc-legislative veto                     sc             provision
media-scorekeeper                       sc             enumerated
checks and balances-sc                  sc
presidential-EO                         SC
elections-party alignment               sc
congress-conference committee           sc             runoff election president as chief lobbyist
congress-committee system               sc             reconcile       executive office
civil rights-policy creation in 1950s   sc             liaison         lobbying-who cannot be legally lobbied
SC-mcculloch v maryland                 sc             gubernatorial what does the media cover most in pres elections?
sc-selecting cases                      sc             implementation what does the establishment clause prevent?
sc-earl warren court                    sc             interstate      rn
sc-miranda                              sc             initiative      table
sc-rule of four                         sc             inevitable       how long do federal judges serve?
sc-length of terms                      sc             rule of four     who does the president want on his white house staff?
sc-judicial restraint               sc                             what advantages do
                                                    Office of Management and Budget incumbents enjoy over their challen
sc-roe                              sc
presidential-constitutional roles   special interest line item veto Brown
election-voting behavior by group   special interest joint committee legislative process
 rnout rate in elections?

he 14th amendment was to nullify

e traditionally voted
to influence the public, the P or cong (and how)
 esent to say that party realignment has taken place?

s does the federal govt prefer to give states and local govts? Why?

s control the bureaucracy?

ate jurisdiction

es how person votes
 cases it hears
ersifies public policy

ional about the line item veto?
riswald similar?

 fluence public opinion?
 of justices on the sc changed?
lections are most likely to be…than those in general elections
 ocess in the H and S
 l nomination process
Warren's Court decisions

 unctions of the constitution?

 rn P nomination process changed over the last 30 years?
 sident use an executive order rather than the treaty process?
 s of reelection for Senators?

 esident have total influence over his cabinet members?
  e a 2 PP system?

 t-means the question was interpreted

  ctoral college
 ed unconst are made const
  tage in cong elections
  laws are most likely to be constested in court?
 nt committees do?

ups are most likely to vote D? R?
a will congress always defer to the P?
 rs intend when they devised the way cong creates legislation?
 ution alter the national gov's economic power from the AoC?
  about a committee's chair?
 of congress communicate w/their constituents?
ystem in H v S

nal committees change (limit/enhance?) the roles of members of cong?

 net offices in the executive branch
say made democracies difficult to exist?
 ess take to ban segregation in public accomodations (not the same as brown)?
oups shifted from party to party?
groups replaced the role of pp?
 s are decided by?
ost increased the rights of women?
 item veto allow the president to control?

allows what am govt fundamental process to work?

sm, pluraism, bureaucratic theory, and Marxism.

 otes distributed by most states?
 to influence what kind of policies (remember the chart we created)

ters most when they vote for president?
 s of procedure Compare/contrast
s access political process
wers increased over time?
aucracy political power over the branches of government?

 concerning a veto (include cong override)
weaken the pp system?
 ost likely to participate in the political process?
portive Americans are of the 1st amendment in theory and practice
ed the 14th amendment?
equences of governance after split ticket voting?
 n's attitude towards govt changed over the past 55 years?

N= questions w roman numerals

 ot be legally lobbied
dia cover most in pres elections?
 blishment clause prevent?

al judges serve?
 dent want on his white house staff?
o incumbents enjoy over their challengers?

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