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					                                                                    SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                                                                                          Page 1
Part 1:     Student Information
Student Name:        James Doe (High Level)                                Date of Birth:                                                      Year of Graduation:
Address:                                                                   Telephone Number:                                                   Primary Language:
Current School:                                                            Date of Most Recent IEP:                                            Area of Disability:
Course of Study:
Date of Eligibility determination/redetermination                                                 Date of Last Psychological Evaluation:
                                                                                                  (Attach Psychological evaluation)

Please check off and include a copy of the assessment reports that identify the student's disability that will assist in postsecondary planning:
   Psychological Report                   Response to Intervention                  Medical/Physical                       Reading Assessment
   GHSGT Results                          EOCT Results                              Adaptive Behavior                      Behavioral Analysis
   CBVI Resume                            Transcripts                               Career Assessment                      Assistive Technology
   Transition Checklist                   Self Determination                        OT/PT Plan                             IEP/Transition Plan

Part 2:    Student's Desired Postsecondary Goals              (Consideration should be given to education, employment, independent living and community access)

1. After graduation, James will attend West Central Technical College's Automotive Engine Repair Certification Program

2. James will be employed as a Diesel Mechanic

3. James will live with parents while attending Technical College

4. James will have community access through providing transportation independently and join Students Activities Council at West Central Technical College.

Part 3:    Present Levels of Performance Summary

          ACADEMIC AREAS                            PRESENT LEVEL OF                                        ACCOMMODATIONS                                  ACCOMMODATIONS
                                                      PERFORMANCE                                           (Include accommodations,                           RATIONALE

                                                      (Strengths, Needs)                              modifications and assistive technology      (Explanation of impact of disability and the
                                                                                                      or other supports used in high school)            need for listed accommodations)

Reading (Basic Reading, Decoding,         James's recent achievement testing showed               James's test performance in Lit and Social      James reads slowly, and teachers report that
Comprehension, Reading Speed)             reading comp. at the 7th grade level. His               Studies has greatly improved when tests are     these accommodations and technologies
                                          comprehension is stronger than his decoding             read to him and he has moe time to              have helped him to improve speed and
                                          skills. He tends to read very slowly.                   complete the tests. James has used Books        comprehension.
                                                                                                  on Tape in Lit and Social Studies.

Math (Calculation, Reasoning, Speed)      James tested at grade level on the most                 James has completed Algebra I and               Accommodations not needed for Math
                                          recent achievement battery. He has                      Geometry, earning low B's without any
                                          completed Alg. I and Geometry. He does                  modifications or accommodations
                                          best on computation and calculation.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Page 2
            ACADEMIC AREAS                               PRESENT LEVEL OF                                        ACCOMMODATIONS                              ACCOMMODATIONS
                                                           PERFORMANCE                                          (Include accommodations,                        RATIONALE

                                                            (Strengths, Needs)                            modifications and assistive technology   (Explanation of impact of disability and the
                                                                                                          or other supports used in high school)         need for listed accommodations)

Written Language (Written Expression,         James recent assessements show his is                    James has learned to utilize spelling and   Area needs in mechanics, handwriting and
Skills in Compositions, Speed)                functioning at an 8th grade level. His spelling          grammar correction features in Microsoft    punctuation are improved with the use of
                                              and content are strengths, while                         word and uses the computer for written      Microsoft word spelling and grammar
                                              mechanics&handwriting are need areas                     assignments.                                correction.

Learning Skills (Class participation, Note    James is an auditory/ visual learner, and                Tests read, Books on Tape, Extended Time    Deficits in decoding skills, handwriting &
taking, Keyboarding, Organization, Test       does best when he hears things or is shown               on Tests, Writing assignments done on       mechanics, slow rate of reading are
taking, Study skills)                         examples.                                                Microsoft Word                              improved when James utilizes the above
                                                                                                                                                   mentioned accommodations.


Social Skills and Behavior (Interactions      James is generally polite and will ask for
with teachers/peers, Level of initiation in   assistance when needed. He has difficulties
asking for assistance, Confidence and         maintaining close peer relationships and has
                                              few friends.
Persistence as a Learner)
Communication (Oral expression,               James has started asking for clarification of
Listening Comprehension, Pragmatics)          written instructions, listens well in class and
                                              retains what he hears. He converses well
                                              with instructors but not with peers.

Independent Living Skills                     James drives, prepares his own meals,
(Self-care, Leisure skills, Banking)          manages a checking account and pays his
                                              own insurance on his vehicle.

Environmental Access                          James does not need assistive technology,
(Assistive Tech, Mobility, Transportation)    assistance with mobility or transportation.

Self Determination/Self Advocacy              James struggles to admit he has reading and
Skills (Ability to explain disability and     writing learning disabilities. He has improved
ask for assistance)                           on asking for clarification and assistance.

Career/Vocational                             James has held various part-time jobs since
(Career Interests, Job training)              the age of 15. He completed an internship at
                                              Dynotech last spring and works full-time at
                                              Express Oil Change.

Medical/Family Concerns                       James has no Medical concerns. His
                                              parents desire James to be more of a self-
                                              advocate and develop more friendships.
Part 4:    Recommendations to Assist Student in Meeting Postsecondary Outcomes                                                                                                                    Page 3
What are the recommended accommodations, modifications, assistive technology, or general areas or need? If none are needed, must explain why not.

Higher Education or Career        James should meet with the Disability Coordinator at West Central Technical College to request accommodations and possibly turtoring. Books on Tape, and
Technical Education:             extra time have been critical to Jame's academic success. James should succeed in the "Mechanics" coursework, but he may struggle with some of the core
                                 courses. English Composition and Psychology will likely be very challenging; he may want to take some classes during the summer to reduce his course load
                                 during the year. James should plan to maintain regular contact, possibly weekly, with the Disability Coordinator and improve his self-advocacy skills on a
                                 continuing basis.

Employment:                      James should qualify for some financial aid, but the school counselor recommends working a part-time job while attending technical school to make ends meet.
                                 A "mechanic-related" job, while James studies Auto Mechanics, may be beneficial. James should be careful not to work too many hours while attending
                                 technical school. James should talk with the Auto Mechanic instructor at West Central Tech about part-time job leads for students.

Independent Living:              James drives independently, prepares his own meals, manages a checking account, makes payments on his vehicle insurance and will live with parents while
                                 attending technical school.

Community Participation:         James will join Student Activities Council to help assist him in getting involved in extra-curricular activities. He will attend church and support groups for
                                 individuals with disabilities.

Part 5:   Student Perspective

          A. How does you disability affect your schoolwork and school activities? (Think about grades, relationships, assignments, tests, communication,
             extra-curricular activities.)
              Student response

          B. In the past, what supports have been tried by teachers to assist you in being successful in school?
              Student response

          C. Which of these accommodations, and supports worked best for you? Why did they work?
              Student response

          D. What strengths should others know about you as you begin college or work?
              Student response

          E. What has been most difficult for you in school?
              Student response
Part 6:       Post-Secondary Community Agency Contacts, Team Members and Supports                                                                                                                    Page 4
              (Contact information fo adult services for daily living skills, independent living, financial assistance, employment, transportation, etc.)

            AGENCY                          CONTACT PERSON                                              SERVICES PROVIDED                                           CONTACT INFORMATION
  Community or local resource          Name and title of person student                    Services the agency might provide after graduation                       Phone number, address, email
 the student is likely to contact               should contact
      High School Team              Case Manager, High School Counselor,    When requested, provide information regarding education and disability.            Address of Base School and email
                                    Graduation Coach, Registrar Office      Provide information in applying for Colleges or Technical schools, provide         addresses of contact people listed.
                                                                            copies of transcripts and other needed information for admittance to post
                                                                            secondary schools.

      Health and Family             Programs for Children with Special      Provides information on long-term care and health care facilities.                 DHR/DPH/FHB: 404-657-2724
          Services                  Health Care Needs DHR/DPH/FHB,          Provides health care services to enrolled members of Medicaid and        
                                    Georgia Families, PeachCare for Kids,   PeachCare for Kids which is a comprehensive health care program for                Georgia Families: 888-423-6765
                                    Department of Family and Children       uninsured children living in Georgia                                               PeachCare for Kids: 877-427-3224
                                    Services, Medicaid                      Medicaid provides health care for people who are aged, blind, disabled or          Medicaid: 404-298-1228

     Employment Agency              Vocational Rehabilitation Services,     Assists people with disabilities to become fully productive members of             Voc. Rehab. Services: 770-254-7210
                                    Ga.Comm. On Employment of People        society by achieving independence and meaningful employment.                       Ga.Comm.onEmploy.: 706-324-4549
                                    with Disabilities                       Agencies listed provide lists of career opportunities by state agencies that       Ga. Dept. of Labor: 770-254-7220
                                    State of Ga. Agency Career Oppt.        partner with and provide information about job openings      
                                    Ga. Dept. of Labor                      throughout Georgia                                                                 Ga.WorkforceDev: 770-229-9799
                                    West Central Ga. Workforce Dev. Corp                                                                             

     Independent Living             Statewide Independent Living Council    SILC's goal is to maximize the leadership,empowerment, independence,               SILC: 770-270-6860
           Agency                   of Georgia Inc.                         and productivity of individuals with disabilities also, the integration and full   disABILITY Link: 404-687-8890
                                    disABILITY Link                         participation of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream society.        wwwldisabilitylink.orgindex.html
                                    Living Indepen. For Everyone            disABILITY Link and Multiple Choices: provide Systems Advocacy, Peer               Living IndepEveryone: 912-920-2414
                                    Multiple Choices CIL                    Support, information and referral, ADA services, Independent Living Skill          MultipleChoice: 706-549-1020

      Institute of Higher           GAcollege411                            GAcollege411 has all the information you need in planning for college              GAcollege411
          Education                 Vocational Rehabilitation Services      including; exploring careers, planning high school courses, compare Georgia
                                                                            colleges, applying to college, and financial aid.                                  Vocational Rehabilitation Services:
                                                                            Voc Rehab Services may provide services to a qualified client in College           770-254-7210
                                                                            and University Instruction                                               

      Disability Services           Social Security                         Social Security:May provide benefits for individuals with disabilities that qualify. SS: 1-800-772-1213
          Provider                  Medicaid                                Medicaid: provides health care for people who are aged, blind, disabled or 
                                                                            indigent                                                                             Medicaid: 404-298-1228

          Other (specify):          Atlanta Alliance on Develop.            AADD's mission is to build communities of support, acceptance, and                 AADD: 404-881-9777
                                    Disabilities                            opportunity for children, adults and families living with developmental  
                                    ASID Georgia Chapter                    disabilities.                                                                      ASID:
                                                                            ASID: Provides a guide to Atlanta for people with disabilities                     www.shepherd.orgshepherdhomepa

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