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Templates for Paper Masks - DOC


Templates for Paper Masks document sample

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									 AFRICAN MASKS                                                            VA7PR.1e., VA7PR.1h., VA7C.1a.

Essential Question: How can we create an artwork to better understand a diverse culture?

       African masks often represent the spirits of dead ancestors. Masked family members
act out special rituals to pass on sacred teachings from one generation to the next. Tribal
gatherings, festivals and other ceremonies are also occasions for which masks are worn.
                                           1. Draw a mask. On the 12X18 sheet of construction
 12X18 bright white construction paper
 Pencil                                       paper, draw and African Mask in pencil then cover the
                                              pencil lines with a black permanent marker. Refer to
 Dried beans
 Synthetic animal furs                        mask templates for ideas.
 Spray dyes
 Tissue Paper
                                           2. Cut pieces of tissue paper for the mask drawing.
 Paint Brushes
 Liquid starch
                                              Choose areas for tissue paper. Lay a piece over the
 Oil pastels                                  drawing and trace and cut out the shape.
 Permanent Markers
 Watercolors                               3. Glue tissue to mask. Brush the liquid starch onto the
 African Stamps
 White Glue                                   mask and adhere the tissue. Brush over the top.
                                           4. Color areas of the mask with marker. Permanent
       markers will not bleed when sprayed with dye which is done in step 5.
   5. Spray the mask with dye. Work with lighter colors first.
   6. Untwist raffia and snip into “fringe.”
   7. Glue black beans and fur pieces to mask for added detail.
   8. Add additional African symbols and imagery to the outside of the mask area.

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