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									Institution                              Relevant URL                                   Student
Oxford Brookes University                Not accessible
University of Portsmouth       
University of Bradford                     7985 F/T, 2185
Loughborough University        
Trinity College, Dublin         15,000 (11,300
                                         me.php                                          undergraduates
                                                                                         and 3,600
Brunel University                            10401
University of Lincoln                    Not accessible
Reading University                                   12,000
University of Southampton                       19,000
Northumbria University          25,000
University of Hull                                   15,000
University of Plymouth                                 27 000
Nottingham Trent University                                   23,000
Keele University               
Brighton University            
London Metropolitan                                      30,000
Leeds University               

University of Liverpool         22,000
University of Kent at Canterbury                             14,280 (10,667
                                                                                         F/T, 3,613 P/T)
Leicester University           
Lancaster University           
University of Exeter           
Salford University             
University of the West of England
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
University of Central England                        23,000
University of Glamorgan         17,253 UG
                                         .php                                            (57%F/T,
Bournemouth University         

London College of Communication at
the University of the Arts London
University of Westminster                Not accessible
Queen Mary, University of London                 9,000
Institution             Service name/location                  Funding sources
Oxford Brookes          Within student services
University of           Academic Skills Unit
University of Bradford Student Development (part of People Post funded by University. Attempts to
                        Development)                       coordinate learning support are being
                                                           funded through TQEF
Loughborough            Learning & Teaching Development
University              (soon to merge with Staff
Trinity College, Dublin Currently called Learning Support  Grant funded, primarily by the Higher
                        and Development based in Student   Education Authority Ireland (HEA).
                        Counselling Service
Brunel University       Learning and Teaching Development Through HEFCE and top-slicing. The
                        Unit                               Learning Development Tutor post is part
                                                           funded by the University's Widening
University of Lincoln   I work in the Best Practice Office
Reading University                                         0.5 post is funded by the University and the
                                                           1.0 post at present funded by HEFCE but
                                                           shortly to be taken over by the university

University of           Various. Library. Counselling          nk
Southampton             etc.Students Union
Northumbria             Study Skills Centre based in the       Annual budget through student services
University              Student Services Centre on the City
                        Campus, tutorials are also delivered
                        at the Coach Lane Campus

University of Hull     Study Advice Services , situated in     TQEF, WP and Core
                       the Centre for learning development
University of Plymouth Learning Development. Service           Core funding through the Office of the
                       located within the Office of the Dean   Dean of Students
                       of Students
Nottingham Trent                                               Centrally funded from WP funds: to be
University                                                     reviewed at end of 2 yrs
Keele University
Brighton University    Student Services department
London Metropolitan    Learning Development, just relocated
                       within Widening Participation

Leeds University        Skills Centre Central Admin Learning Using TQEF to expand existing service
                        and Teaching
University of Liverpool Centre for Lifelong Learning, part of core-funded from Academic Committee,
                        the Academic Secretary's Office       with a range of other sources including
                                                              grants and external sponsorship
University of Kent at   Student Learning Advisory Service,    HEFCE funded summer school, plus other
Canterbury              part of the Unit for the Enhancement retention projects funded through HEFCE
                        of Learning & Teaching                funding for additional student numbers.
                                                              Student Learning advisory Service funded
                                                              through TQEF
Leicester University    Student Learning Centre, part of      Centrally funded including TQEF money
                        Teaching and Learning Unit, in turn
                        part of the Education Development
                        and Support Centre
Lancaster University     Student Learning Development
                         Centre, recently incorporated into the
                         Centre for the Enhancement of
                         Learning and Teaching
University of Exeter     Study Skills Service Located within    Some HEFCE funding
                         Learning and Teaching Support
                         Services, a unit which also supports
                         PDP, Team development, and an
                         Independent Work experience
Salford University       Study Skills Provision is part of the  core funding within the Staff and
                         Staff and Curriculum Development       Curriculum Development section
                         section of the Education
                         Development Unit.
University of the West
of England
University of Wales    Study Advice within Learning and         Top sliced
Institute, Cardiff     Teaching Support Unit
University of Central  Learner Development Unit within          partially centrally funded; partially from
England                Staff and Student Development dept       Widening Participation and HEFCE
                       (central service)
University of          Study Support (or Education Drop-in      Widening access
Glamorgan              Centre); administratively located in
                       Centre for Lifelong Learning;
                       physically located in Learning
                       Resources Centre
Bournemouth            Study Support Tutor working within
University             Learning Support Unit
London College of      Study Support Unit reporting to
Communication at the Teaching and Learning Coordinator
University of the Arts
University of          Learning Advice Centre which also        Academic Writing Centre funded by
Westminster            functions as Language Resource           Widening participation
                       Centre. Academic Writing Centre
                       provided as a central service
Queen Mary,            Learning Development and                 Some central funding for Widening
University of London Continuing education Unit - an             Participation, otherwise self-financing
                       autonomous 'academic-support'            through income from revenue-earning
                       department comprising English            activities (e.g. foundation courses). The
                       Language and Study Skills,               Westfield Trust (a Queen Mary Trust fund)
                       Language learning, Widening              has provided 'soft money' for a staff
                       participation activities, Learning       secondment scheme to buy academic staff
                       Support for students with disabilities   time off teaching (or other duties) so that
                       and dyslexia, Maths Support, two         they can develop writing-intensive courses
                       foundation courses and continuing        in their disciplines; this comes under the
                       education                                auspices of our 'Thinking Writing' initiative
                                                                (see right).
Institution               Embedded Provision
Oxford Brookes          Some modules (have) study skills
University of           Maths café run by a national Teaching Fellow
University of Bradford Departmental sessions, Course Reps training and support, Facilitation Skills training,
                        collaborative work with Careers (Excellence Skills Plus programme)
Loughborough            The Engineering Education Centre is now offering specific study skills help to their
University              Faculty
Trinity College, Dublin We also work with departments, offering workshops and working collaboratively on
                        projects . The Generic Skills Integration Project (past 2+ years) is integrating study
                        skills, interpersonal skills and stress management with subject material. Also involved
                        with peer assisted learning and retention initiatives. Trying to promote an embedded
                        approach but with limited success.

Brunel University         We are currently working with departments to incorporate skills development and the
                          PDP process into the curriculum through academic modules, specific skills modules,
                          work placements and project work.
University of Lincoln     We have had since 1996 a central, compulsory skills curriculum that is integrated into
                          all undergraduate awards, and therefore skills are taught by academic staff (though
                          typically by the newest recruit, a part-timer, or even graduate teaching assistants).
                          They are encouraged to incorporate workshops run by specialist staff, for example on
                          information and IT skills
Reading University        Advice to academic departments and one off workshops for departments on particular
                          subjects - usually essay writing or time management
University of             Some Schools and units have academic skills sessions.
Northumbria University Contribution to study skills unit for all first year undergraduates in the Business School.

Hull University         We run workshops at the request of departments
University of Plymouth Our service is part of the 'Skills Plus' initiative. This aims to ensure that key graduate
                        attributes/skills, PDP and Careers Management are embedded in all UoP
                        programmes. We run workshops at the request of departments - in 2004/5 we put on
                        106 sessions for a range of academic departments at both undergraduate and
                        postgraduate levels.
Nottingham Trent        Workshops for faculties may be standalone or integrated into lecture programmes:
University              most have a 'learning to learn'/ communication skills/ professional studies module in
                        the first year
Keele University
Brighton University     The Brighton CLT runs courses for new and experienced staff... Efforts to embed
                        learning skills into the core curriculum have worked effectively with some courses
                        [implication: but not with others]
London Metropolitan Sessions such as presentation skills, revision, exam technique, essay writing etc
                        delivered within modules at staff request
Leeds University
University of Liverpool

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University of Kent at    Work with academic departments to provide early orientation to study at HE plus
Canterbury               subject centred study skills support. 2. Consultation with departments to develop
                         effective learning strategies to support students at risk of underachievement.
                         with the Faculty of Social Science to develop and accredited academic skills
                         programme to be delivered in Spring 2006. 4. Development of a summer course for
                         the School of Drama, Film and Visual Arts that will support course work assessment

Leicester University     We also work with departments to deliver teaching sessions in support of the
                         University's Learning and Teaching Strategy.
Lancaster University

University of Exeter     Support for existing skills programmes within the University and for learner
                         development initiatives.
Salford University       We are currently working with staff to try and embed study skills into the curriculum
                         and to increase the level of online provision.
University of the West
of England
University of Wales    All modules are supposed to include study skills but it seems that it simply doesn't
Institute, Cardiff     happen - or not always effectively.

University of Central
University of
London College of
Communication at
University of the Arts
University of            More and more departments/sections include compulsory "skills module" at level 4
Westminster              usually taught by lecturers in the department but supported by librarians and Careers
Queen Mary,              Twelve academic departments across the disciplines are offering writing-intensive
University of London     courses, building in 'writing to learn' activities as a result of collaboration with the
                         LDU's 'Thinking Writing' initiative. Other departments have 'embedded' writing or study
                         skills sessions into course modules (taught by LDU staff), but these are still to some
                         extent a 'bolt-on'

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Oxford Brookes University
University of Portsmouth
University of Bradford

Loughborough University
Trinity College, Dublin
Brunel University

University of Lincoln
Reading University
University of Southampton
Northumbria University
University of Hull
University of Plymouth

Nottingham Trent University
Keele University
Brighton University
London Metropolitan

Leeds University
University of Liverpool
University of Kent at Canterbury

Leicester University
Lancaster University
University of Exeter

Salford University
University of the West of England
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
University of Central England
University of Glamorgan
University of Bournemouth

London College of Communication at University of
the Arts London
University of Westminster

Queen Mary, University of London

Information and study skills; students' union; library
Academic departments (embedding key skills within course programmes), Careers, TQEG, People Development,
Students Union, Business services (knowledge transfer), Learn Higher partner institutions.
With other staff in L&T development; on staff devmt courses; with staff in the English language study unit
Student counselling, other student services, Centre for Academic Practice and Student Learning
Careers Service, Language Centre, Disability and Special Needs Service, Library Service, Computing Service,
Union of Brunel Students and Counselling Service
Learning Resources

Links with International Support and the Disabilities Services
Academic Services and Integrated Student Services
Work on materials development with the NHS University. Various collaborative projects internally on essay writing
and on-line learning
Centre for Academic Practice; 8 Learning & Teaching Co-ordinators in the Faculties

Centre for Learning and Teaching
Language and Learning Development Group, Centre for Professional and Academic Development, staff in teaching
Across all areas of delivery especially Careers, Student Support Network, WP, etc
Other Staff within Centre for Lifelong Learning
Academic Departments, Associate Colleges, Partnership Development Services, Disability Support Unit,
Templeman Library, Student Services

Contributions to projects such as Student learning Reviews, Peer Mentoring training, Staff Development, Graduate
Skills programme. Collaboration with other support services such as Counselling when necessary

Academic staff, Information Systems Helpdesk, Learning Centre and Library staff
Links with Faculties study skills tutors; links with Student services
Combined Studies, Learning Resources Centre, Student Services
In house support tutors in schools. Separate provision for international students. Learning Support staff in partner

Collaborative workshops with library staff and Counselling and Advice services. Member of School Teaching and
Learning Group and the Campus Resources Group
Both foundation courses involve a number of participating departments. Maths support serves a number of
departments who require attendance and collaborate over the teaching. A project on Writing in the Disciplines,
known as 'Thinking Writing' (TW, involves collaboration with a number of
departments around curriculum development and staff development. We also collaborate with Educational and Staff
Development, especially around TW
Institution              LD Staff                     Professional      Staff contract
                                                      background        type / grade
                                                      of staff
Oxford Brookes           1 permanent P/T member
University               of staff
University of            The Unit is staffed by
Portsmouth               experienced lecturers
University of Bradford   1 Student Training and                         ALC Academic
                         Development Adviser                            related
                         (main Campus), also an
                         Effective Learning Officer
                         (School of Management)

Loughborough            1 Learning Development
University              Officer
Trinity College, Dublin 3 part-time staff          Two members of Temporary admin
                                                   staff are      level 1 & 2
Brunel University        4: Director, Skills & PDP                three on fixed term
                         Support Officer, Learning                contracts
                         Development Tutor (term
                         time only), e-learning
                         Support Officer
University of Lincoln

Reading University       1.5 study advisers soon                        3 yr rolling
                         to be increased to 2 to                        Equivalent to
                         2.5 (second respondent                         Senior Research
                         reported just one F/T                          Associate Grade 2
                         member of staff)
University of            Difficult to work out                          nk
Northumbria              1 Centre                     P/T tutors are    2 on support staff
University               Manager/Information          both experienced contracts, 2 p-t
                         Officer, 1 Administrative    tutors and the    lecturer hourly rates
                         Assistant, 2 tutors          Centre Manager
                                                      has a
                                                      Certificate in
                                                      Practice and a
                                                      qualification in
                                                      teaching dyslexic

University of Hull     A team of 10 -                                   Continuing
                       Coordinator Clerical                             Academic Related
                       Assistant and 8 part-time
University of Plymouth 2.6 members of advisory                          1 x SL, 1.5 x 'E'
                       staff plus a point 4                             Admin scale, 1 x .4
                       researcher                                       researcher
Nottingham Trent         1 F/T within Student                        F/T member of
University               Support Services, 3 P/T                     staff is employed
                         in faculties                                on fixed term, 2-yr
                                                                     project funding
Keele University         1 Learning Support Tutor
Brighton University

London Metropolitan     1.8 FTE coordinators +                       One on PL, one on
                        1000 VL [visiting                            SL scale
                        lecturer?] hours
Leeds University        1 Senior Student                             Academic Related
                        Development Officer. 1.5                     and Administrative
                        Student Development
                        Officers. 1 Learning
                        Technology Development
                        Officer. 2 Admin
University of Liverpool 1 F/T Learning Skills                        Other-related
University of Kent at   1manager - Student                           Academic related
Canterbury              Learning Advisory
                        Service, 1Retention
                        Projects Coordinator, 3
                        Student Learning
                        Advisors/project officers
                        (including LearnHigher)
Leicester University                                                 All staff in the TLU
                                                                     are on fixed term
                                                                     contracts though
                                                                     two are in the
                                                                     process of being
                                                                     considered for
                                                                     transfer to
                                                                     permanent status
Lancaster University

University of Exeter     2 Study Skills Advisers     Both members of Academic related
                                                     staff have       contracts
                                                     PGCEs (one in
                                                     Further and
                                                     Adult Education)
Salford University       1 F/T Student
                         Development Officer and
                         a 0.6 Education
                         Development Coordinator
University of the West
of England
University of Wales    2 full time, though part of                   Grades APT+T(!) -
Institute, Cardiff     that time spent on other                      we are seeking
                       activities                                    revisions
University of Central    2 F/T permanent; 2x0.8
England                  permanent; 1x0.6
                         temporary;1 Visiting
                         lecturer; admin staff: 1
                         F/T permanent
University of            Study Support Manager,                       1F/T perm
Glamorgan                Deputy Manager, 2                            Principal Officer. 1
                         Learning and                                 50% 1 yr lecturer,
                         Development Tutors, e-                       1FTE (Sept-June)
                         learning tutor, 4 Student                    Senior officer 1F/T
                         achievement tutors, 15                       perm Scale 5/6 2
                         part-time (hourly) lecturers                 FTE Iyr term-time
                                                                      only Scale 5/6,
                                                                      ~1,000 hours PTLs
Bournemouth              Study Support Tutor +                        Demonstrator
University               line manager                                 contract
                         coordinating PAL project
                         and giving about 0.2 of
                         his time to study support
                         + colleagues dealing with
                         additional learning needs.
London College of                                 All staff are       Academic contracts
Communication at the                              experienced
University of the Arts                            teachers, usually
London                                            with an
University of            Learning Adviser for the qualification in
                                                  Pg qualification    Permanent
Westminster              School of Social         (certificate) in    academic related
                         sciences, Humanities and Advising for        contract
                         Languages + student      Language
                         helper                   Learning

Queen Mary,              30 F/T staff in Learning                     Academic related
University of London     Development Unit + 30                        (ALC)
                         hourly paid

2 @ 0.5 1 @ 0.4

1 member of
P/T staff: e-

1 F/T, 1P/T(25
hrs p.w.) 12 hrs
p.w. tutorial

2F/T; 8P/T
4 FT 1 PT

2xF/T 3xP/T

1x 50%, 1x80%
to become F/T
in 2005
2F/T 7P/T

1 F/T

1 F/T But with
responsibility for
Modern Foreign
Centre + 15
hours student

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