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					          The Institute of Law Enforcement Administration
                  of the Center for American and International Law

               23   rd   Annual Contemporary Issues

                                                          March 25-27 2002
                               Dallas Marriott Las Colinas Hotel
                                                                      Irving, Texas

H omeland
s ecurity: Policing in the 9/11 Era
                     T«            Survey research of police agency responses to terrorism
                       «                            Threat assessments for local communities
                       «                  Building intelligence capabilities against terrorism
                     P«                                                   Civil liberties issues
                     I «                                      FBI and local police cooperation
                       «                                               The future of terrorism
                     C«         Resource allocation and re-allocation in light of September 11
                     S«                                 WTC Aftermath and What Was Learned
Homeland Security:
Policing in the 9/11 Era
          This conference will focus on the changed environment for police administrators as they respond to the
threat of both domestic and internationally-based terrorism. Highlighted in the conference will be information about
what various agencies have done and will be doing to prevent terrorism within their local jurisdictions. Innovative
ideas will be presented by representatives of police departments responsible for planning and implementing
programs to address security issues that surfaced as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon. Presentations will also include police futurists to provide a glimpse of possible scenarios likely to
confront law enforcement managers in the coming years.

Keynote Speaker                                      spokesman for the agency that lost more officers in a single day
                                                     than any other police department in the history of the United
William Rathburn                                     States.
Former head of security for the 1996 Olympics in
Atlanta and security consultant to the 2002          Oliver “Buck” Revell, consultant and former Deputy Director of
Olympic Committee in Salt Lake City.                 the Federal Bureau of Investigation having served many top roles
                                                     in criminal investigation and counter-terrorism in that agency.
Presenters                                           Acknowledged expert on terrorism, former Special Agent in
                                                     Charge of the Dallas Field Office of the FBI and Chair of the
Alan Beckley, former Chief Inspector in West
                                                     Advisory Board of the Institute for Law Enforcement
Mercia Constabulary, UK. Author of Policing
and Human Rights; The Human Rights Guide for
Police Officers and Support Staff and
                                                     Earl Tomlinson, owner of Southwest Security and Investigations
Operational       Policing:    Liabilities   and
                                                     and former Central Intelligence Agency executive in the
Entitlements. Managed assignments for the
                                                     Clandestine Service including Chief of Station. Directed many
Council of Europe and taught the management of
                                                     security and intelligence programs as a senior officer and as a
disasters and civil emergencies to The Emergency
                                                     private consultant world-wide. Currently provides crisis manage-
Planning Society at the UK Emergency Planning
                                                     ment services to law firms, corporations and organizations
                                                     throughout the U.S. and abroad.
Paul Coggins, formerly the United States
                                                     Jonathan White, professor, author and acknowledged expert on
Attorney for the Northern District in Texas and
                                                     local government and its response to terrorism. Authored works
currently with the Dallas law firm of Fish &
                                                     include: Terrorism: An Introduction, Holy War: Terrorism as a
Richardson. Developed cybercrime investiga-
                                                     Theological Construct, and Militia Madness: Extremist
tions and emphasized the prosecution of
                                                     Perspectives of Christian Doctrine. Among other writings is an
computer crimes while U.S. Attorney and is
                                                     article written for the University of Sarajevo, “The Law
nationally known for his expertise in cyber-
terrorism. Widely recognized speaker on civil        Enforcement Role in National Defense”: An Analysis of the
liberties issues in the wake of the September 11th   American Response to Low-Intensity Conflict.
attack on the WTC and the Pentagon.

Danny Defenbaugh, Special Agent in Charge,
                                                     Breakout Session Speakers
                                                     Jimmy Dotson, Chief, Chattanooga, Tennessee Police
Dallas Field Office of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation. Awarded the Attorney General's
                                                     Ricky Hargrave, Chaplain, McKinney, Texas Police
Award for Exceptional Service in the Oklahoma
City bombing investigation, and served as
                                                     David James, Chief, Carrollton, Texas Police Department
Inspector in Charge of the Oklahoma City
                                                     Douglas Kowalski, Chief, McKinney, Texas Police Department
bombing investigation. and supervised over 150
                                                     Alberto Melis, Chief, Waco, Texas Police Department
bombing investigations. Traveled to over 25
                                                     Edward O’Bara, Chief, Highland Village, Texas Police
foreign countries with the FBI in counter-
terrorism activities and supervised the
                                                     Gregory Rushin, Chief, Plano, Texas Police Department
investigation of three terrorist attacks against
                                                     Tom Shehan, Chief, DFW Airport Department of Public Safety
American installations in Beruit, Lebanon.
                                                     Barbara Smith, Lieutenant, Dallas Police Department
                                                     Robert W. Taylor, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department
Leonard Mackesy,Deputy Chief, Port Authority
                                                        of Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas,
of New York and New Jersey Police Department.
                                                        Denton, Texas.
Responsible for that agency's rescue and recovery
                                                     Manuel Vasquez, Director of Public Safety, Dallas Independent
effort following the attack on the World Trade
                                                        School District, Dallas, Texas
Center on September 11, 2001. Articulate
                          REGISTRATION                                         FORM
                            23rd Annual Contemporary Issues Conference
                                                March 25-27, 2002
Mail, fax or e-mail to:                                                                           Telephone: 972.664.3468
Registrar, The Center for American and International Law                                                Fax: 972.699.7172
P.O. Box 830707 M Richardson, Texas 75083-0707                                                    E-mail:

           Tuition: q $149 nonmembers      q $99 Institute Members q $99 Institute Alumni Association
                 Please make checks payable to The Center for American and International Law.

NAME/RANK _____________________________________________________________________________________
TELEPHONE                                     FAX                                E-MAIL
SOCIAL SECURITY NO:                                                            BIRTH DATE:

                                                    PAYMENT INFORMATION

Q    Check enclosed payable to The Center for American and International Law
Q     Please charge: AmEx               MasterCard                  Visa               Discover

Card Number                                                                Exp. Date
Name on Card
Billing Address (if different from address above)

Tuition                                                              Hotel
$149 nonmembers, $99 members of the Institute for Law                The cost of housing is not included in the tuition.
Enforcement Administration or members of the Alumni                  Guest rooms will be available at a rate of $89.00 per
Association. This includes all instruction, handouts and a           night, plus 15% tax. To assure room availability at
concluding luncheon. Lodging and other meals are excluded.           the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, please contact the
                                                                     hotel directly (972.831.0000) at least two weeks
Program Hours                                                        prior to your arrival date and ask for the special
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 25at the           Institute for Law Enforcement Administration rate.
Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, Irving, Texas. Sessions begin daily
at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 4:30 p.m. except on Wednesday           Cancellation
when the program concludes with a luncheon at noon.                  Tuition, less a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee will be
                                                                     refunded upon written cancellation received five
Information for Air Travelers                                        working days prior to the program. Cancellations
Most interstate flights into the Dallas-Fort Worth area land at      received after that date cannot be refunded, although
the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, about twenty miles      substitutions will be permitted.
from the Institute. For the convenience of participants who
travel to the conference through D/FW Airport, the Dallas
Marriott Las Colinas Hotel is only minutes away at 223 West
Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, Texas, 75039. Built in 2000, this
full-service hotel on the shore of Lake Caroline will be the site
of all conference events.

Program Site
The location for this conference is the Dallas Marriott Las
Colinas Hotel, 223 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, Texas.
                  Nondiscriminatory Policy
                  It is the policy of the Center for American and International Law that no person, on the basis of race, sex, color,
                  religion, national origin or ancestry, age or handicap, shall be discriminated against in educational programs and
                  activities, scholarship programs or admissions. Persons with a disability who need special accommodations to
                  attend this conference, please contact Angie Spence at 972-664-3471 no later than ten (10) working days prior
                  to the program so that necessary arrangements can be made.

                              Coming to your area in 2002 M ILEA Program Schedule
                      April 8-12                 Internal Affairs, Professional          July 15-19      Cultural Diversity: Train-the-
                                                  Standards and Ethics                                    Trainer (St. Louis, MO)
                      April 15-19                Ethics Train-the-Trainer                September 16-20 Ethics Train-the-Trainer
                      April 22-26                Police Executive Development:                             (Meriden, CT)
                                                  The Pursuit of Quality                 September 30- School of Police Supervision
                      May 15-18                  11th Advanced Management                October 25
                                                  College (Aspen, CO)                    October 17-19 11th Annual International
                      May 20-24                  Ethics Train-the-Trainer                                 Ethics Conference
                                                  (San Diego, CA)                        November 11-15 Cultural Diversity: Train-the
                      June 3-28                  School of Police Supervision                             Trainer
                      June 14-15                 Hate Crimes Symposium                   December 9-13 Ethics Train-the-Trainer

                                                                  ILEA ADVISORY BOARD
                       Geoffrey P. Alpert                          J. David Ellwanger                     Harold (Tex) Lezar, Jr.
                       Chief Terrell Bolton                        John L. Estes                          Chief Steve McFadden
                       Sheriff Jim Bowles                          Sheriff Stanley Glanz                  M. Colleen McHugh
                       Chief Theron L. Bowman                      Chief Bruce D. Glasscock               Chief Ralph Mendoza
                       Alex M.G. Burton                            J. W. Golden                           Kenneth J. Mighell
                       Chief Lowell Cannaday                       Chief Aaron Graves                     Chief Patrick Oliver
                       Daniel P. Carlson                                                                  Lawrence J. Redlinger
                                                                   Stephen J. Harrison
                       Chief Barbara J. Childress                                                         Oliver B. Revell
                       Lt. Richard Clark                           William T. Hill, Jr.
                                                                                                          Philip W. Rhoades
                       Bennie R. Click                             Assistant Chief Greg Holliday
                                                                                                          Charles A. Rohre
                       Paul E. Coggins                             Chief David James                      Gregory Smith
                       Gary W. Cordner                             Larry Jarrett                          Gary W. Sykes
                       Michael Corville                            George Kelling                         Robert W. Taylor
                       Robert E. Diaz                              Chief A.J. Key                         Willie L. Williams
                       Charles B. Doleac                           Grant Lappin                           Chief Kenneth R. Yarbrough

                                                                                                                                       Nonprofit Organization
     THE CENTER FOR                                                                                                                        U. S. Postage
      AMERICAN AND                                                                                                                             PAID
                                                                                                                                         Permit No. 3778
   INTERNATIONAL LAW                                                                                                                       Dallas, Texas
   1778 Plano Road, Suite 212
 (Spring Creek Business Center)
     Richardson, TX 75081                                                                    Visit our Website: www.theILEA.ORG

                                                                                      Please let us know of corrections needed in your mailing address.laddress.
  Institute for Law Enforcement
         P. O. Box 830707
   Richardson, TX 75083-0707

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