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					A Publication of School Administrative Unit 18 — Franklin/Hill

      Three Rivers News
For many Franklin area resi-       For $25 you will have the          benefit the Franklin Outing        November 2009
dents, it was a sad day ten        choice of the following B & B      Club. The FOC raises money
years ago when the Beef n          entrees: Chicken Club; Super       to operate the Veterans Me-        Volume 3 Issue 4
Bun decided to close it            Beefy Melt; Steak Tips; or         morial Ski Area each year
doors. Gone were the won-          Haddock & Chips. All meals         through the Annual Franklin        This newsletter is pro-
derful burgers and delicious       will be served with fries.         Winter Carnival. This year,        duced by SAU 18. There-
                                                                                                         fore, the following re-
French fries that so many          At 8:45 the band Vicious           however, they are in great
                                                                                                         quirements are neces-
people relied on for lunch         Cycle, featuring Jim Friel and     need of money to ensure the        sary:     (1)   No political
and dinner.                        Henry Harris will play.            safety of the T-Bar and pass       advertisements; (2) No
For the many Beef n Bun            Only 200 tickets will be sold      the State of NH inspection by      articles fostering drug,
fans and for those who have        for the meal, so get yours         upgrading the lift. The cost       alcohol or tobacco usage;
never had the pleasure of          early by calling Rob Beaudet       of this project will take over     (3) No derogative state-
experiencing this yummy                                               $22,000 and hundreds of            ments in regard to cul-
                                   at 369-1487, Jason Grevior
                                                                                                         ture, gender, age or sex-
fare but have heard the sto-       at 556-1594, Tamara Colpack        volunteer hours to put it to-
                                                                                                         ual orientation. All deci-
ries, the Beef n Bun will re-      at 969-3227 or Kathy Fuller        gether by Opening Day this         sions by the editor are
turn on:                           at 512-1078.                       winter. The FOC has raised         final.    Any submissions
 Saturday, November 28             Tickets will be sold at the        close to $5,000 from area          for future issues must be
          at the                   door for the band only at          business and families as well      received by the 20th of
                                   8:45 — they will be $15 per        as grants from the New Eng-        the month preceding pub-
      Franklin VFW                                                    land Ski Museum and Penny          lication.     Please      e-
          from                                                        Pitou.                             m a i l                t o
    6:30 to midnight.              This fundraising event will                                           us or mail to Marcia
                                                                                                         Rollins at 119 Central
                                                                                                         Street,      Franklin,   NH
                          Superintendent’s Notes                                                         03235
                                                                                                         The Franklin/Hill School
November is a month that re-        zations. I was able to be a       students and                       Boards are committed to a
minds us to stop to give            part of this exercise and was     staff must be fever free for 24    policy of nondiscrimination
                                                                                                         in relation to race, religion,
thanks. Giving thanks is impor-     impressed by the dedication       hours before returning to
                                                                                                         sex, age, national origin,
tant and I want to express          of our local safety personnel.    school. We are watching our
                                                                                                         sexual orientation and
mine to all of the people that      The subject of immuniza-          attendance to determine if         handicap.
support education in many           tions brings me to an issue       there is an increase in student
different ways in the Hill and      that is occurring nationally --   absenteeism. School nurses
Franklin area. We are so lucky      H1N1; this flu vaccine will be    are required to report ab-
to have such dedicated faculty      available to children in our      sences online each day to the       Inside this issue:
members, staff, parents and         region sometime in Decem-         NH Department of Education.
community personnel.                ber or January. Please speak      I will be discussing the current    School News          2-3
On October 16, I participated       to your physician about           Attendance Policy with the
in the Blue Ribbon Schools          whether the vaccine is avail-     School Boards if it is deter-       City/Town News       4-5
award breakfast and enjoyed         able yet for your child. The      mined that adjustments are
sitting with our PTO members.       first people to receive the       necessary due to an outbreak        Organizations        6-8
Over $1,000,000 in volunteer        H1N1 vaccine will be preg-        of flu.
hours were given to the             nant women and children           Once again, thank you to            Wellness Corner      10
schools in NH. This is certainly    with respiratory or immune        everyone who works with our
something for which to be           issues. We will be offering       students and our schools and        Puzzle Page          11
thankful.                           clinics in our schools when       my best wishes for a wonder-
Recently, our community first       the vaccine arrives for that      ful Thanksgiving holiday.           Community News 11
responders and CCNTR staff          population. Remember, no
participated in a joint exercise    child should be coming to
                                                                                                          Sport Schedule       12
for the region around immuni-       school with a fever and all
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      November 2009                Franklin High School
                                                                            Awareness Month by wearing pink in
Flower of the Month:                                                        the form of breast cancer awareness
        Chrysanthemum                                                       ribbons on their helmets. FHS junior
Birthstone: Topaz                                                           Devon Morang made and distributed
                                                                            50 awareness ribbons to his team-
November 1-30                                                               mates and the team also donated a
Family Stories Month                                                        dollar per player to the American Can-
                                   Granite State Challenge Team
National Scholarship Month                                                  cer Society’s efforts for breast cancer
                                   New at FHS this is the Granite State     research.
Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month        Challenge Team. Students Steve
                                                                            The FHS community is proud of its
November 1                         Biron, Jon Adams, Destiny Bennett,
                                                                            student athletes and commends
                                   Anthony Morrill, Joshua LaFrance
Daylight Savings Time Ends                                                  Devon Morang and his teammates for
                                   and Sarah Gontarski have been
November 8                                                                  their outstanding efforts.
                                   practicing weekly since September
                                                                            FHS School Improvement Council
National Parents as Teachers Day   to participate against different teams
                                   from around the state. The team          The high school’s School Improve-
November 11                                                                 ment Council (SIC) will meet on Thurs-
Veterans Day                       has traveled to NHPTV in Durham
                                   for their matches and continues to       day, November 5 from 5-6 PM in the
November 15                        practice weekly with coaches Kerry       FHS Library. The SIC is in need of par-
America Recycles Day               Cook and Chris Cook. The team will       ent participation — if you would like to
November 15-21                     also participate in the NH Quiz Bowl     serve on this important committee,
                                   League to stay sharp for future          please contact Mrs. Farris at 934-5441.
American Education Week
                                   Granite State Challenge competi-         FHS Drama Students Help the FFD
November 19                                                                 Franklin Drama students Krystal Boyn-
National Great American Smokeout                                            ton, Katie Nadeau, Sarah Gontarski ,
                                   You can watch Franklin compete
    Day                                                                     Kyle Boynton, Cody Virgin, Kaylah
                                   against Newport Middle HS on No-
November 21                        vember 25 at 7 PM on NH Public           Barton and Kyle McGrath helped the
Family Volunteer Day               Television.                              Franklin Fire Department during Fire
                                   Franklin Football Team Recognizes        Prevention Week. The students cre-
Remembrance Day
                                   Breast Cancer Awareness Month            ated and performed fire sequences
World Hello Day                                                             during the department’s open house
November 22-28                     On Saturday, October 17 at the
                                                                            to show children and their families the
                                   Homecoming Football game, FHS
National Family Week                                                        rights and wrongs of fire safety.
                                   players recognized Breast Cancer
National Game & Puzzle Week
November 26
Thanksgiving Day
                                                     Congratulations to all of the schools in the Frank-
                                                                    lin School District

                                                     Paul Smith, Bessie Rowell, Franklin Middle and Franklin
                                    High Schools were, once again this year, named as Blue Ribbon Award re-
                                    cipients by the NH Partners in Education.
                                    This award is given to schools based on the number of volunteer hours
                                    served in each school.
                                    A recognition ceremony was held on Monday, October 26 at the Center of
                                    NH in Manchester.

                                              St. Paul’s Parish Annual Angel Fair
                                                    Saturday, November 7
                                           8 AM—3:30 PM — St. Paul Parish Center
                 Volume 3 Issue 4                                                                               Page 3

Bessie Rowell School                                                                         November
The month of October has been very
busy at Bessie Rowell. Students took the
                                                   Campus                            November 5 — 1st Quarter Ends
math and reading NECAP test during the                                               November 5 — SAU 18 School Board
week of October 13 and Pat Kuzio from
Everyday Math visited the school to work        Creations                                 Budget Workshop — 7 PM at
with the teachers on October 20-22. In                                               November 10 — JDBS Picture Re-
addition, we celebrated Red Ribbon                              Operated by FHS           takes
Week during the week of October 26                                School to Work     November 11—NO SCHOOL — Veter-
and school nurse Mrs. Finnie organized a                                                  ans’ Day
                                                                through the Work-
twice weekly walking activity with senior                                            November 16 — Franklin School
citizens from the Franklin community and                      force Investment Act        Board Meeting—7 PM—PSS
fourth grade students. On October 27,                                                November 18 — DINI Meeting — 5
the staff held a Halloween themed par-        Featuring Franklin Pride items &            PM at FMS
ent night. The BRS School in Need of                                                 November 18 — PSS PTO Meeting —
Improvement (SINI) Committee meets                   much, much more                      6 PM
regularly on the third Monday of the                                                 November 18 — FHS Fall Sports Ban-
month at 3:30 and the District in Need of                Store Hours:                     quet — 6 PM
Improvement meeting is held on the                     Monday—Friday                 November 18 — Hill School Board
third Wednesday of the month at FHS at                                                    Meeting — 6:30 PM — JDBS
5 PM. Everyone is invited to attend.                   7:30 am to 4 pm               November 19 — PSS Picture Re-take
In November, the third grade will visit the    Closed on Saturday & Sunday                Day
American Stonehenge on November 10,                                                  November 19 — Curriculum Commit-
and the school is closed for Veterans Day     Located next to the FHS Cafeteria           tee — FHS Library
on November 11. During November,                                                     November 25, 26, 27—NO SCHOOL
students are working on a new writing               Bakery Service Available              — Thanksgiving Break
prompt. The third grade is writing a per-
                                                          Call 934-8218
sonal narrative and fourth grade is writ-
ing a descriptive essay. Parent confer-       Desserts — Cookies — Muffins — Pas-
ences take place the second and third           tries — Cakes — Drinks — Coffee
week of the month. If you did not sign                      and more
up for a conference with your child’s
                                                 Delivered within a 5 mile radius
teacher at the Open House, please con-
tact the teacher (934-5116) as soon as
possible to set a time for the visit.

                              Celebrating Cultural Diversity
                    During the week of November 2-6, the students of Paul
                    Smith and Bessie Rowell will be participating in the first       Paul Smith second graders were
                   annual       Cultural Awareness Week, coordinated by the            very serious about the recent
                   District ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages)                 MAP testing. The MAP
                    teacher               Jamie Rocheford.                             (Measures of Academic Pro-
                                                                                       gress) is a computerized test
 During the week, students will participate in a variety of activities to learn
                                                                                       which measures student pro-
about the music, art, games, food and culture of countries from around the
                                                                                      gress in reading, math and lan-
world. The week will end with an “Around the World Travel Day” where stu-                      guage usage.
dents will rotate within their grade level to learn about a different country in
                                                                                       The students used their new
                                each classroom.
                                                                                      computer lab to take the tests.
 This week promises to be a fun way for our students to learn about and
                          celebrate cultural diversity!
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  What’s Happening in                    City Election Results                          Recycling is Coming to Franklin in April
                                                                                             Here’s How You Can Help!!
 City/Town Government                   The following candidates were elected
                                        to the office indicated at the October 6
                                                                                       The new Automated Containerized Trash
November 2 -City Council Mtg—7 PM       City elections:
                                                                                       and Recycling Collection Program is coming
November 2,9,16,23,30—Hill Select-
                                                                                       to Franklin in April. The City will be imple-
  men’s Meeting—6:30 PM                 Mayor (2 yr term):
                                                                                       menting this new program to dispose of
November 4—Franklin Zoning Bd Mtg        Kenneth Merrifield
                                                                                       waste within the City. There are many
  — 7 PM
                                        Ward One:                                      benefits of the program including ease of
November 9 — Franklin Heritage
                                         City Council (3 yr term):                     use, cost reductions for taxpayers over the
  Comm Mtg — 6 PM
                                          Robert “Bob” Sharon                          current method, cleaner look, fewer in-
November 10—Hill Parks & Recreation
                                         School Board (1 yr term):                     stances of animal interference and going
  Mtg—8 PM
                                          Elizabeth “Bettey” A. Tobey                  GREEN!
November 10—Franklin Conservation
                                         School Board (2 yr term):                     As a concerned citizen, there are many ways
  Comm—7 PM
                                          M. Kathleen “Kathy” Russo                    in which you can help this effort. The Recy-
November 11—City Offices Closed
                                         School Board (3 yr term):                     cling Committee is looking for opportunities
  SAU Offices Closed—Veterans Day
                                          Karen Grzelak                                to present information regarding this pro-
November 16—Franklin School
  Board—7 PM—PSS                        Ward Two:                                      gram to as many citizens as possible prior to
                                                                                       the launch of the program. If you are part
November 18—Franklin Planning Bd—        City Council (3 yr term):
                                                                                       of a community organization that meets
  7 PM                                    Glen Feener
                                                                                       regularly, the committee would be happy to
November 18—Hill School Board            School Board (3 yr term):
                                                                                       attend a meeting to present info to mem-
  Mtg—6:30 PM—JDBS                        Desiree McLaughlin
                                                                                       bers. If your club or group is having an
November 19—Hill Planning Bd Mtg—
                                        Ward Three:                                    event, the committee is available to set up
  7 PM
                                         City Council (3 yr term):                     an information table at the event.
November 24—Hill Library Trustees
                                          Scott R. Clarenbach
  Mtg—3 PM                                                                             The Recycling Committee is looking for vol-
November 25—Hill Water Works Mtg—        School Board (3 yr term):                     unteers to help with their outreach efforts —
  7 PM                                    Logan Barbosa                                they can be reached by e-mail at Recy-
November 26 & 27 — City Offices and                                           or 934-0124. Infor-
  SAU Office closed for Thanksgiving                                                   mation      is    also     available       at

                                        Of course, a big part of November is fam-        3:00 PM. They are here to help find
                                        ily. The Franklin Public Library is here for     work and benefits for those in need of a
Franklin Public Library                 you and your families to enjoy time spent        new or better job. Also, there is a book
                                        together at the library and to choose ma-        discussion group on Wednesday, No-
Dear Franklin Families ~                terials that enhance your family time at         vember 18th at 2:00 PM. The group will
The Franklin Public Library wishes      home together.                                   be reading Eye Contact by Cammie
you a very happy and festive No-        Some Library events taking place this            McGovern and talking about its themes
vember. Each month of the year has      month are - Tuesdays at 9:30 AM and              and story. Come to the library and check
such interesting holidays and spe-      Thursdays at 9:30 AM — Storytime. Please         out a copy of the book.
cial days to celebrate. Come down       note our time change on Thursdays. All           The Franklin Public Library is in down-
to the Library to find information on   children are welcome to attend and there         town Franklin at 310 Central street;
these to teach your children about      is no signup needed. Children’s Librarian        come and get a library card today and
different cultures, times in history    “Miss Rachel” will read some picture books       check out books, magazines, music and
and other fun facts. Some days to       and make a craft project with the children.      movies. Come down to use the com-
commemorate during November             All materials are provided and families          puters or take advantage of our many
are – November 1 – Daylight Sav-        from any town are welcome. Also, on Fri-         interesting programs. Always remember
ings Time (fall back one hour!), No-    day, November 13th at 9:30 AM there is a         that most of what we offer at the Library
vember 11 – Veteran’s Day, Novem-       Special Storytime at the Peabody Home.           is free! Looking forward to seeing you
ber 18 – Mickey Mouse’s birthday,       This program is a time for children, their       down at the Franklin Public Library this
and of course, last but NOT least is    families and the residents of the Peabody        month.
November 26 – Thanksgiving! We          Home to enjoy stories together.                  Happy Reading,
hope that you will see how much         For grownups, we have representatives            Rachel Stolworthy
more we have to offer when you          from the NH Employment Security at the           Children's Librarian
come to visit us.                       library on Tuesdays between 9:00 AM and
   Volume 3 Issue 4                                                                                                                     Page 5

 Franklin Parks & Recreation Department
The Franklin Parks & Recreation Winter Brochure is now available at the Recreation
Center on Memorial Street or on their website at
The following programs have sessions that begin in December:
Toddler Programs
Toddler Time (Mondays, ages 1-5)                    Arts & Crafts (Wednesdays, Ages 3-6)
Tumbling Tykes (Tuesdays, Ages 2-5)                  Iddy Biddy Ballet (Fridays, Ages 2-6)                    The administration,
Pre-school Basketball (ages 3-5) - Wednesdays from January 6 through February 24                              staff and students of
All of the above programs require a small fee—more details are available in the Winter Bro-                   SAU 18 extend their
Youth Programs
                                                                                                            thanks and best wishes
Arts & Crafts (Thursdays)           Teen Leadership Program (Mon & Weds)                                       to retiring Franklin
K-2 Grade Basketball — Wednesdays beginning in January                                                      School Board members
3rd Grade Basketball — days TBD — Beginning December 1
Cheerleading — Ages 5-18 — Mondays Grades 6-12 and Fridays grades K-5 — Begins Nov.                         M. Katharine Fuller
Karate — begins Oct. 28 — FREE 6- week program through Villari’s Self-Defense Centers for                   and Donna Gilbreth
all ages
Yoga for Kids — Ages 7 and up—Session II begins December 7—Mondays—4:30 to 5:30                             Mrs. Fuller has been a mem-
                                                                                                             ber of the Board since 1992
Family Programs
                                                                                                            and Mrs. Gilbreth since 1995.
Archery Lessons — Ages 6 to Adult—Session II begins November 10 on Tuesdays
Model Air Craft Lessons — (Kindergarten through Adult — must be accompanied by an adult                     An Open House/Reception in
if under 16) — Wednesdays 6:30—7:30 PM — Session II begins December 9
                                                                                                            their honor will be held from
Cheerleading (Ages 5-18) — Fridays 3:30—5:30 PM                                                                     6 to 7 PM on
Adult Programs
                                                                                                                Monday, November 16
Men’s Pick-up Basketball — Mondays 7-9 PM for men ages 18 and over
Women’s Pick-up Basketball — Sundays 5-6 PM for women ages 18 and over                                           In the FHS Cafeteria
Old Timers Basketball — Sundays 6:30—8 Pm for individuals 40 years and older                                  Light refreshments will be
Adult Recreation — Gym and game night for adults with special needs. Session I begins Nov                               served
For fees, registration deadlines, session dates or additional information, contact Krystal Alpers at 934-
2118 or go to:

                     Winter Sports Coaches & Referees Needed
The Franklin Parks and Recreation Department is in need of volunteer coaches and
 referees for their basketball program. If you are interested in coaching or referee-
    ing, please call the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department at 934-2118.                               Franklin Parks and Rec-
                                       *********                                                              reation Booster Club
               Proulx Center — Open Gym/Game Room Schedule
 The Proulx Center will be open to the public to come and shoot some hoops, play                               Help is needed to start a new
pool, ping pong, foosball or air hockey. Please call the Franklin Parks and Recrea-                               “Rec Booster” program.
           tion center for the weekly schedule!! Weekend hours as well!                                     If you are interested in volunteer-
                                       *********                                                              ing your time or can help out in
                                            Rent the Rec!                                                        any way, please contact:
  Having a baby shower, bridal shower or holiday event and do not know where to                                 Grace Girtman at 934-2118
  hold it? Rent the Proulx Center to hold your next event. Please call the Franklin                           Email:
              Parks and Recreation Department for more information.
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     Events/Meetings                             November TRIP Center Events
November 3                            Special Thanksgiving Luncheon                      National “What do you Love
Relatives as Parents Group at         Thursday, November 19 at 11:30 AM                     About America?” Day
PSS 5:30—7:30 PM                      Come enjoy a delicious thanksgiving dinner        Wednesday, November 25 at 10 AM
                                                     with all the fixins!               What is it that you love about this grand
November 5
                                    There will be turkey with gravy, mashed pota-       country? Come on in and let us know.
Choose Franklin Meeting—8            toes, stuffing, butternut squash, peas and on-   Whether you have lived here all of your life
AM at Franklin Opera House             ions, cranberry sauce, rolls and a holiday      or only moved here recently, we all have
November 14                                               dessert.                    great stories that exemplify exactly what it is
                                      There will be raffles, door prizes and much        that makes the USA great. Share your
Franklin Regional Hospital                                                            thoughts and then stay for a soul warming
                                    more. Great music by Shep Spinney will follow
Auxiliary Craft Fair — 10 AM to                            lunch.                            lunch of soup and sandwiches.
3 PM                                Bring your family and friends to give thanks on
November 17                                          this special day!!                  ServiceLink Resource Center
Estate Planning Seminar at                                                              Tuesday, November 17 at 10:30 AM
Franklin Savings                                                                      Wayne Blanchard, Long-Term Support Coun-
Bank/Independence Trust                                                                selor on Medicare, will be at the Center to
                                                                                       assist you with your needs and support on
                                                                                        Medicare. If you would like a one-on-one
                                                                                             appointment, call 866-634-9412.
A representative from US               National Game & Puzzle Week                      Tuesday, November 24 at 10:30 AM
 Senator Judd Gregg’s                   Friday, November 20 at 10:30 AM               Anita Oeofke will be at the Center to provide
office will be at Franklin          What could be more fun than playing games?             help on Medicare and Medicare D.
                                     Gather around and play cards, checkers and
       City Hall on                 board games. Socialize with friends and enjoy           VNA Blood Pressure Clinic
                                                a tasty pizza lunch.                    Tuesday, November 24 at 10:30 AM
 Monday, November 23
     From 2 to 4 PM
Citizens may stop in to ask
                                              The Center is CLOSED on Veterans’ Day—November 11
 questions or voice con-
  cerns during this time.                             and Thanksgiving Day, November 26
                                                    We will be open on Friday, November 27

                  On the Road in November with the TRIP Center
                                  Mystery Lunch — Monday, November 9 at 10:30 AM
  Once again we will gather together to have an enjoyable conversation with our friends, a scenic drive and a delicious
                                 lunch. Perhaps you would enjoy trying a new dish??
                Transportation donation is $5 — the cost of lunch is your responsibility. Sign up early.
                            Smitty’s Cinema –Tilton — Monday, November 16 at 6 PM
                                        Join us for a night on the town. A surprise movie!!
                                           The cost of ticket and transportation is $7.50

                    Mystery Dinner                                            Shopping at the Belknap Mall
                Friday, November 13 at 4 PM                                     Wednesday, November 18 at 10 AM
                                                                      The Belknap Mall has grown over the years; just to name
Surprise! Mystery Dinner is coming up soon. A fun evening
                                                                       a few of the stores: Big Lots, Peebles, Shaw’s, Pet Para-
to visit with friends and have a delicious dinner at a surprise
                                                                                        dise and many more.
 location. Transportation cost is $5 — cost of dinner is your
                         responsibility.                                   Transportation is $2 — The cost of lunch is your
                 Volume 3 Issue 4                                                                                          Page 7

                                    It’s Your Money Show Winners Announced
                                   Pictured left (L to R): NH Banking Commissioner Pe-
                                   ter Hildreth, Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield and Cary
                                   Gladstone of Casey Family Services announcing the
                                   winning entry in the Franklin-Concord Savings Chal-
                                   lenge at the “It’s Your Money” Show held recently at
                                   the Franklin Middle School. Janson Dupre of Man-
                                   chester won the $1,000 US Savings Bond in the Sav-
                                   ings Challenge by making a deposit at Northway Located at the historic Franklin Opera House
                                   Bank during Save Your Change Week, September 19-              603-934-1901
26. Other participating financial institutions were First Colebrook Bank, Merrimack
County Savings Bank, Laconia Savings Bank, Members First Credit Union and Franklin
Savings Bank.
Each financial institution also offered a $100 savings bond drawing from among peo-            Sweet Charity
ple who made a deposit to a new or existing savings account, to encourage personal         November 13,14,20,21
savings. Winners of the $100 bonds were: Heather M. Stiles of Concord, George Franklin Footlight Theatre presents its
Stinson of Penacook, Maureen Coffey of Belmont, Sheryl Foss of Laconia , Naomi Smith fall musical production — Sweet Charity
of Laconia and Keith Gibbs of Franklin. In all, there were 232 entries during a week in
which savers deposited $43,790.35. the Franklin-Concord Savings Challenge was or-         James Montgomery
ganized by the Franklin and Concord Asset Building Coalitions and co-chaired by
Gladstone, Helen Greene of CATCH Neighborhood Housing and Marilyn Sullivan of
                                                                                                 Blues Band
UNH Coooperative Extension. Mayor Jim Bouley of Concord also issued a proclama-             with J. Geils on Guitar
tion declaring “Saving Your Change Week” in the Capital City.                                December 4 — 8 PM

                                                                                          Don Watson & Friends
          Don’t Forget to “Fall Back” on                                                             December 5
                                                                                        Troubadour and local favorite Don Wat-
            Sunday, November 1                                                            son and Friends play their first-ever
    Clocks should be set back an hour at 2 AM                                                      Franklin concert
 It’s a great time to change the batteries in your
smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well!!                                                Sweet, Hot & Sassy
                                                                                                    December 12
                                                                                        Sweet, Hot & Sassy returns for the holi-
                                                                                        day season! This all-female trio will put
                                                                                        you in the holiday spirit with their lively
                                                                                       and lovely holiday music as well as some
               Friends and Foster Grandparents Program                                   of the great 40’s swing songs they be-
                                                                                        came so well known for in the 80’s and
      Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity to warm your heart?                                      90’s
                How about becoming a foster grandparent?
 If you are over 60 years old and love children, you may be just the right              The Children’s Nutcracker
  person for the job. So think about it, do you have 20 hours a week to                           December 18-20
 help change the life of a child in your community? If so, call 1-800-424-             Back by popular demand, The Children’s
                                                                                        Nutcracker is the beautiful and timeless
                     8868 or visit                                 holiday ballet, kids’-sized. If you missed it
                                                                                         last year, mark your calendar now. If
                                                                                       you saw and heard it last year, you likely
                    NH Electric Assistance Program                                      don’t need any more encouragement
                                                                                                        than that.
  You may be eligible for a discount of 15-90% on your electric bill! The
  NH electric Assistance Program (EAP) gives customers a discount on                          Watch for the new edition of
 their monthly electric bills. The discount is dependent upon your gross                      Distinctively Middle Magazine
household income. Electric utilities are working with six Community Ac-                             In mid-November
tion agencies in the state to locate and enroll eligible customers. To find                If you’d like a copy, call 934-1901
           out if you are eligible for a discount, call 934-3444.
  Page 8

Capitol Corner                               LR CHAMBER BUSINESS SHOWCASE A SUCCESS
The turnout for the most recent           On behalf of everyone at the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, we would
city election was much better than       like to thank all involved in making the Lakes Region 2009 Business Showcase
in previous years, but still fell con-    a sold out event. Almost 100 exhibitors and more than 500 attendees came to
siderably under what it should           the Conference Center at Lake Opechee Inn and Spa in Lakeport to participate
have been. Only about 25% of
                                                   in the region’s premier business-to-business networking event.
registered voters expressed their
support for the candidates run-          Special thanks to event sponsors: Platinum Sponsors: MetroCast Cablevision,
ning. Wouldn’t it be grand if 100%       Fairpoint Communications and Public Service of NH; Silver Sponsors: Meredith
exercised their right to cast a bal-     Village Savings Bank and Franklin Savings Bank; Reception Sponsor: Laconia
lot? Total participation is always          Savings Bank; Welcome Sponsor: Northway Bank; Trolley Sponsor: Lake
the goal for which to strive.
                                          Opechee Inn and Spa; and Media Sponsors: Nashua Broadcasting, Comcast
Rep. Leigh A. Webb                         Spotlight, 105.7 the River, PROforma Piper Printing and Business NH Maga-                                                      zine.
934-8222                                 Thanks also to those who graciously donated items for another successful Busi-
Rep. Dennis Reed                          ness Showcase Auction. With more than 40 items donated, the auction raised                                                               over $3,000.
Rep. David Palfrey
934-6025                                 Historical Society                                                     By Leigh Webb, President
Sen. Matthew Houde
                                         On Thursday, November 5 at 7 PM, the Frank-
matthe-                                  lin Historical Society will hold its last official                   meeting for 2009 in the Webster/Tay House, at
                                         Webster Place (21 Holy Cross Rd). As an out-
                                         growth of the summer’s cataloging process, a
                                         thick file of unidentified photos of people,
                                         places and things were set aside and for some-
                                         thing a bit different, the thought was to spread
  Twin Rivers Workcamp is                those pictures around on tables and ask our
 still accepting applications            members and friends to try to pinpoint who,
 for free home repair assis-             what, where and when. You need not be a
            tance.                       member, just a resident who has a keen mem-
Teenagers and their adult leaders        ory and an insightful knowledge of Franklin, its
  from around the country will pro-      people, and its neighbors. For a great evening
   vide this service in Franklin and     of reminiscing, guessing and socializing, come
 surrounding towns from July 5-9,        on down and help solve a few “mysteries of
   2010. Interested homeowners           history”. Everyone is welcome. Light refresh-
should act now so home visits can        ments will be provided. Please park only in           Pictured above is a sample unidentified photo
              take place.                designated spaces around the house or on the           — We’ll try to determine where it is—when it
Please complete the application in       right side of the road as you enter the prop-                    was taken—is it Franklin?
 this edition of Three Rivers News       erty.
(page 9) and send it to: Twin Riv-                                                            would also like to thank Paulette Rossi-
                                         In December, members and their guests will
 ers Workcamp, c/o Casey Family                                                               Dunnack for donating two Victorian-style
                                         enjoy the Society’s traditional Christmas dinner,
  Services, 105 Loudon Rd., Con-                                                              rocking chairs as the beginning of the crea-
                                         which as it has been for the last couple of
cord, NH 03301 to the attention of                                                            tion of a Victorian parlor in the front room of
                                         years, will be a potluck feast with the turkey
              Kathy Burk.                                                                     the Tay House. Anyone wishing to contribute
                                         provided by the Society and all the trimmings
                                                                                              other furnishings, period light fixtures, vin-
There is no charge and no income         donated by members. Date and time to be
                                                                                              tage clothing or Franklin memorabilia, plase
   verification. Twin Rivers Work-       announced at the business meeting portion
                                                                                              contact Annette or Leigh at 934-8222.
   camp is cosponsored by Casey          directly following the photo ID session.
 Family Services and Hope Com-                                                                For additional information about events past
                                         The Society wishes to extend its thanks and
  munity Chapel, with support and                                                             and present, donor thank you’s, what’s avail-
                                         undying gratitude to Faith Higgins of Franklin
   participation from the Fixit Pro-                                                          able to buy through the Society, or to submit
                                         for donating a dressmaker’s form (brand new
   gram, City of Franklin, SAU 18,                                                            inquiries by email, visit our web page at
                                         in the box!) to help with our future displays of
CCNTR and NH Catholic Charities.                                                    
                                         vintage clothing. We still need mannequins, at
 For more information, please call       forms or additional dressmaker’s forms to ac-
             800.417.7375.               commodate our growing collection.           We
Volume 3 Issue 4   Page 9
Page 10

                  News from CCNTR Healthy Homes Committee
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless and toxic          power equipment. Never use a generator
gas. Because it is impossible to see, taste or smell the toxic    inside homes, garages, crawlspaces, sheds, or
fumes, CO can kill you before you are aware it is in your         similar areas. Deadly levels of carbon monox-
home. At lower levels of exposure, CO causes mild effects         ide can quickly build up in these areas and
that are often mistaken for the flu. These symptoms in-           can linger for hours, even after the generator
clude headaches, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and            has shut off.
fatigue.                                                          Fore more information about CO and how you can protect
CO can enter a house from unvented kerosene and gas               your home and your family, contact the CCNTR Healthy
space heaters; leaking chimneys and furnaces; back-               Homes Committee at 934-0177 ext 102.
drafting from furnaces, gas water heaters, wood stoves
and fireplaces; gas stoves, generators and other gasoline

              Independence Trust Company Offers Estate Planning Seminar
 Independence Trust Company and Franklin Savings Bank will be hosting a Meet the Experts seminar and workshop on
                                                Tuesday, November 17
to provide information to community members on estate planning needs. The complimentary session will answer com-
monly asked questions on topics including: estate planning, titling of assets, how to understand the difference between
                 Medicare & Medicaid, how you are affected by recent changes in legislation and more.
                                            Two sessions are available:
                   2—4 PM and 6—8 PM at the Main Office of Franklin Savings Bank
The panel of experts includes: Bruce N. Finkle—Attorney at Law; Mark Perkins—CWP of the National Center for Finan-
 cial Education; Meg Miller—Administrator, Peabody Home; Wayne Gregoire—President, Gregoire Associates; and Mi-
                            chael Ventura—President & CEO, Independence Trust Company
              Space is limited. To register for this complimentary seminar, call Shelly Henry at 934-8347.

Wellness Corner —                                                       RELATIVES AS PARENTS GROUP
American Heart Association Infant CPR Class — Learn                   Are you taking care of your grandchild or other relative’s child? Then
                                                                     this group is for you! The Relatives as Parents (RAP) Group is a sup-
lifesaving skills for infants from birth to age 1. Students re-     port group for relative caregivers that also offers structured activities for
ceive a book. Perfect for new parents, grandparents or              the children. The group will meet at Paul Smith School — free dinner is
babysitters. Tuesday, November 3—6 to 7:30 PM, Franklin                                       provided with an RSVP
Regional Hospital. $5 fee to participate. Call 527-7120 to           Join us the First Tuesday of Every Month from 5:30-
register.                                                                                  7:30 PM
Supermarket Survival for Diabetics — Come and learn                               Topics for November 3 —
which new products are most healthy for your diabetic diet                            Adults: Rebuilding a Family
and which ones to leave on the shelf. Look at some staff                         Children: How I Celebrate the Holidays
favorites for healthy meals and snacks. Tuesday, November
17, 6-7:30 PM, at Franklin Regional Hospital. Free. Call
527-2850 to register.                                                                   Franklin Regional Hospital
Holiday Craft Fair— The FRH Auxiliary is pleased to be
sponsoring their first annual Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday,                                    Holiday Craft Fair
November 14 from 10 AM to 3 PM at Franklin Regional Hos-
                                                                                              Saturday, November 14
pital. Come and enjoy local area artisans and crafters,
baked goods and a penny sale featuring homemade holiday                                       10 AM to 3 PM
baskets. Admission is free. All proceeds from the event will
benefit the Auxiliary Phillips Lifeline Response Program. For
                                                                                   Franklin Regional Hospital
more information please call 934-2060 ext. 8369.                      Arts—Crafts—Baked Goods—Penny Sale
Volume 3 Issue 4                                                                                                                Page 11

                   Cabin Fever Trivia Teaser
1. Abraham Lincoln was born in a one-room                  a.   George Washington Carver
   log cabin in which U.S. state?                          b.   Frederick Douglass
   a. Kentucky                                             c.   Booker T. Washington
   b, Illinois                                             d.   Thomas Gallaudet
   c, Tennessee
   d. North Carolina                                  7.   What TV host played a sock mon-
                                                           key salesman in the 1994 fantasy
2. Which river did Eliza cross in Uncle Tom's              film Cabin Boy, uttering the line
   Cabin by jumping across ice floes?                      "Would you like to buy a monkey?"
   a. Mississippi                                          and was billed as "Earl Hofert" in
   b. Talladega                                            the final credits?                     On Saturday, October 24 the Franklin
   c. Ohio                                                 a. Regis Philbin                      Business & Professional Women’s Club
   d. Potomac                                              b. Conan O'Brien                         held a very successful “Camp BPW”.
                                                           c. Jay Leno                           Pictured above and below are sections
3. Hyde Log Cabin, one of the oldest log cab-              d. David Letterman                      of the Reality Store activity that took
   ins in the United States, is located on Grand
   Isle in Lake Champlain in which U.S. state?        8.   Camp David's presidential cabin       place in the morning. Girls were given
   a, Vermont                                              shares its name with what kind of    jobs and checkbooks and then traveled
                                                           tree?                                     through the stations which repre-
   b. Michigan
                                                           a. Aspen                                sented the many ways a person’s in-
   c, Wisconsin
                                                           b. Spruce                              come can be spent, Stations included
   d. Georgia
                                                           c. Larch                               rent/mortgage, utilities, food, savings,
4.   What American author detailed his time                d. Redwood                             insurance, clothing, and many others.
     spent living the simple life in a log cabin in                                                In addition to this important activity,
     his 1854 book Walden?                            9.   How many people crowded into
                                                                                                    Melissa Rizzo of LRGHealthcare pre-
     a. Ralph Waldo Emerson                                Groucho's tiny ship's cabin in the
                                                           Marx Brothers' film A Night at the    sented a nutrition program and White
     b. Henry David Thoreau                                                                           Tiger Karate gave a lesson in self-
     c. Stephen Vincent Benet
                                                           a. 15                                   defense. The girls walked to the Pea-
     d. Benjamin Franklin                                                                        body Home in the afternoon to spend
                                                           b. 18
5. What horror film director made his feature              c. 21                                time writing letters to troops and were
   film debut with the 2003 movie Cabin Fe-                d. 24                                   entertained by guest performer Mary
   ver?                                                                                              Maguire. The camp ended with a
   a. Danny Boyle                                     I0. In Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins         make-up program with Kriss Soterion.
   b. Rob Zombie                                           serves as the cabin boy aboard
   c. Chris Fisher                                         what ship?
   d. Eli Roth                                             a. Seabright
                                                           b. Rachel
6. The first coin to feature an African American           c. Hispaniola
   was a half dollar introduced in 1946 that
                                                           d. Lustrous
   commemorated what black educator with
   the inscription "From Slave Cabin to Hall of

                                  ANNUAL DOWNTOWN LACONIA
                             HOLIDAY PARADE & SANTA FUND TRAIN
                                      Sunday, November 29 at 1 PM
                                                                                                           Hispaniola               c.   10.
                                                                                                           15                       a.   9.

                                             Downtown Laconia
                                                                                                           Aspen                    a.   8.
                                                                                                           David Letterman          d.   7.
                                                                                                           Booker T. Washington     c.   6.
Bring a new, unwrapped toy or article of children’s clothing to the Lakes Region Chamber                   Eli Roth                 d.   5.
Office at 20 Canal Street in Franklin to receive a ticket for the Santa Fund Train. Tickets                Henry David Thoreau      b.   4.
         are also available on the day of the parade at the Laconia Train Station.                         Vermont                  a.   3.
                                                                                                           Ohio                     c.   2.
                    For more information, contact 524-5531 or 934-6909                                     Kentucky                 a.   1.
                                                                                                       Answers to Cabin Fever Trivia Teaser
   FHS Sport Schedules
                                                                        FHS Sports Wrap Up
November 2-JV Football—Home                 As the Fall season comes to an end, we would like to thank all the coaches and ath-
November 7—V. Football—Home                 letes for their efforts this season. The football team will end their season on Novem-
First Home Wrestling Match will             ber 7 at home against Mascoma t 1:30 PM. The spirit squad will defend their 2008
be on December 16                           Class M-S Championship on November 8 at Southern New Hampshire University.
First Home Boys Basketball Game             Check the NHIAA website for specific times. The volleyball team made the NHIAA
will be on December 14                      Division III tournament for the third straight year and finished the season with the
First Home Girls Basketball Game            most wins in the history of FHS volleyball. They played the first round of the tourna-
will be on December 11                      ment on Thursday, October 29. Check the NHIAA website for the opponent and
 For specific times and locations, go to:   outcome, as well as the final regular season record for all teams.              Winter sports are fast approaching. Tryouts for boys and girls basketball will be
                                            held during the week of November 23 at the middle school. Students should listen
                                            to announcements for exact dates and times. Wrestling will start on November 16
  Youth Baseball Clinic for                 and Spirit will begin their winter season on November 23, both at FHS.
   Fred’s Fund for CHAD
Fred’s Fund, a non-profit organi-
zation for CHAD (Children’s Hos-
pital at Dartmouth Hitchcock) is
                                            Sports and Comedy Meet in Franklin- With Some New
hosting their 1st Annual Youth                                  Twists!
Baseball Pitching and Hitting               The FHS Booster Club will be hosting the masters of comedy basketball, the Har-
Clinic on Saturday, November 21             lem Superstars, on Tuesday, November 17 at the Franklin Middle School gym.
from 9 AM to 1 PM. The clinic will          Game time is 7 PM and their opponents will be the Franklin Dream Team (made up
be held at Concord Sports Center.           of local coaches, sports and radio personalities and local celebrities).
John Bly, Asssistant Coach at               The Harlem Superstars are a group of extremely talented basketball players whose
Colby-Sawyer College, is the Clinic         main mission in life is to entertain kids and their families through the game of excit-
Coordinator/Director.        Special        ing show time basketball. The Superstars not only put on a fun filled evening of
guest instructors will be Ken               comedy basketball, but will do school visitations to interact with the students and
Joyce, current hitting                      offer encouragement in a number of areas, realizing that kids are our future.
coach/instructor for the Toronto
                                            The show itself consists of a great deal of fan to player interaction, slam dunks,
Blue Jays Organization, Mike Mac-
                                            dancing, music and a wonderful halftime show. The team features Kevin
Donald, pitcher for the LA Angels
                                            “Showboat” Jackson, a seasoned veteran of comedy basketball for 10 years, along
organization, and Simon Williams,
                                            with the hilarious Chris “Super Chicken” Turnquest (a natural born comedian) and
outfielder for the Frontier League,
                                            12 year veteran Ricky “7 Footer” Lopes making his 5th trip to Franklin to entertain
Kalamazoo Kings and prior mem-
                                            fans. Lopes has made appearances on the NBC hit series Law and Order and per-
ber of the St. Louis Cardinals or-
                                            formed skits on the Conan O’Brien & David Letterman Shows. Other team mem-
ganization. There will also be one
                                            bers are Ron “Rock It” Christy, one of the best “6-0” dunkers in the world, and point
or two more special guests.
                                            guard Mark “Hollywood” Jones with his amazing ball handling skills. Tickets are
A raffle will be conducted at the           available in advance for $7 each at the main offices of both Franklin High School
clinic for a pair of Red Sox tickets        and Franklin Middle School. Admission at the door will be $8 each.
as well as other great prizes.              For further information contact Skip DuBois at 934-4206 (evenings).
The clinic is open to boys and girls
ages 7 to 16. The registration fee
is $30 with all proceeds from the
clinic going to Fred’s Fund for
CHAD.                                                   2010 Choose Franklin Community
To register for the clinic, please                                      Saturday, May 8, 2010
contact Coach John Bly at 603-               If you would like to be part of this fun event — join the Planning Committee on
558-1320 or email him at                    Tuesday, December 8 at 3:30 PM in the SAU 18 Office. This year’s event will be To access the            bigger and better — look for activities in Odell Park and an “Arts in the Park” fair
clinic webs it e, go t o :                             in Trestle View Park. Please come and share your ideas.

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