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					                                                                                                                     Summer 2008 Volume 2, Issue 2

                           NAR Meeting Minutes, Las Vegas Nevada
                           Terriann McGowan attended the National Association of Realtors Las Vegas, Nevada meeting. Topics of discussion
                           ranged from Federal Issues to Housing. The workshops by Carla Cross and Jack O’Connor energized the
                           participants. As a voting delegate for NorBAR,

                           Terriann voted on the following issues which were passed at that time:
                           The Code of Ethics:
                           REALTORS shall be honest and truthful in their real estate communications and shall present a true picture in their
                           advertising, marketing and other representations. REALTORS shall ensure that their status as real estate
In This Issue              professionals is readily apparent in their advertising, marketing and other representations and that the recipients of
                           all real estate communications are, or have been notified that those communications are from a real estate
   Presidents Message
   Mayor’s Panel          Article V
                           There shall be 2 members from the real estate services
   2008 Committees        advisory Board. The president shall appoint, each                   Governing Board Meetings
                           year, a member from the Real Estate Services              4th Tuesday of Every Month 11:30-1:00 PM
   The Next Level         Advisory Board established by the Board of Directors         First American Title, 3333 Mendocino
                           to serve a two year term, to succeed the member                                   Ave
   Chapter Leaders
                           whose term is expiring.                                        Santa Rosa CA 95403, 707-544-1560
   PMN Highlight          Article IV
                           The member mobilization chair who is not a director                Business Resource Meetings
   You Decide Article     at large or otherwise a director ex officio, provided the
                           member mobilization \chair has not resigned a
                                                                                             2nd Wednesday of each month
   State & Nat Meetings   directorship the term of which would have coincided              Doubletree Hotel, Rohnert Park
                           in whole of in part with the term as the member                Contact Lois:
                           mobilization chair.
                                                                                                      2008 Calendar
  Mission Statement        Section 3 was deleted: Each member board shall
 “We are a network of
                           mediate in good faith any dispute with another
successful REALTORS                                                                                    Sept 19
empowering women to        member board arising out of the National
                           Association’s statement of unacceptable business             Wine Country Chapter Annual Fashion
exercise their potential
 as entrepreneurs and      practices which dispute can not be resolved by the         Show Flamingo Conference Resort and
   industry leaders.”      affected member board. such mediation shall be                               Spa
                           conducted in accordance with the mediation                                   Oct 8
                           procedures approved by the board of directors of            "Lender Changes and Real Estate News"
                           NAR. The failure of any member board to mediate in
                           good faith shall be treated as a violation of the                     Speaker: Ken Jones
                           membership duties of that Member board.                                     Nov 12
                                                                                      "Find $100 a Minute" - Tax Strategies for
                           WCR has a new website. Please update your profile.                the Real Estate Professional
                           WCR also announced the dates for the Mega-
                           Networking in St. Charles, MO on April 4-6, 2009                    Speaker: Maine Chaifer
                           and the Women of Influence in Boston, MA July 11-                           Dec 10
                           13, 2009. Plan your trips now!                            2009 Installation of Officers and Christmas
                           Margo Willis from out Region won the election to be
                           the next recording secretary.
                                                                                    State & National meetings see our website
              Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
                                                            Wine Country WCR’s Education Committee,
Denise Paup
                                                            co-sponsoring with NorBAR, held a Mayor’s
                                                            Panel on July 23, 2008. Mayors and city offi-
                                                            cials from Windsor, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol
Kim Smith
                                                            and Petaluma made presentations. We were                                    very fortunate to have Lois Fisher, Fisher
Ways & Means                                                Town Designs, as the moderator.
PJ Crockett
                                                            Lois was Director of the team that designed
                                                            the Central Petaluma Specific Plan and
Finance & Budget
                                                            SmartCode; the first adopted Smart Code in
(open Board position)
                                                            the U.S. She is currently working for Codding
Bylaws                                                      Enterprises on a SmartCode for the 200 acre
Shirley Mallin                                              mixed-use, walkable re-use design of the for-                                   mer Agilent campus in Rohnert Park. Lois
Newsletter & Web Site                                       served on the Windsor Planning Commission
Karla Osmun                                                 for 7 years.
                                                            The two hour briefing included discussion and
Julie Smith                                                 Q&A on economic snapshots of the four cities,                                       as well as future land use/zoning projects and
707-544-1771                                                affordable housing plans. Also discussed was
Nominating                                                  each area’s demographics and diversity im-
Carol Shields                                               pact on current and future housing demands.
707-239-0330                                                City officials in attendance were Deborah
Parliamentarian                                             Fudge, Mayor/Windsor; David Rabbitt, Vice
Sally Crain                                                 Mayor/Petaluma; Larry Robinson, City Coun-                                      cil/Sebastopol and Susan Gorin, Vice Mayor/
707-539-7443                                                Santa Rosa.
Committee Chairs
Programs & Sponsors
Denise Horner
Denise Paup
Kim Smith
Dean Mitchell/Steven Peritore
Fashion Show
PJ Crockett
Kim Smith/Suzanne Drace
Special Event/Fundraiser
Julie Smith
Phone Tree

2 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
Professional designations have value and uses in your real estate agent business. Here's the reasons you should work toward obtaining those
that are of interest to you.
1. They just make you a better professional-Real estate is a complicated business and the rules and paperwork change on a regular basis.
The change in the ways real estate is marketed, with the internet and online search engines, also require that we remain current in our job

By searching out the professional designations that appeal to you and fit into your business plan, you increase your knowledge in the spe-
cific subject matter that will help you to perform more professionally.

2. They indicate your expertise to your prospects and clients.
A great example of this is the SRES designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) and indicates special education in working with those of
retirement age. Their differing housing requirements and financial considerations are better served by someone who's been trained in those
areas. Prospective clients know that you are a specialist in these areas. You also are featured on their web site where this segment of the
market can find you because they want your specialized knowledge.

3. They bring you referral business.
Real estate professionals who value their designations want to refer clients to those with the same level of knowledge. A large percentage of
agent-to-agent referrals are made via the professional designation lists.

          3 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
                                   Professional training so powerful, it'll keep your competition up
                                   at night.

                                   The Performance Management Network is a REALTOR®
                                   designation built from the ground up to bring you the real-world
                                   skills, the know-how and the tools that will keep your business
                                   out front and on top of an evolving market. The Performance
                                   Management Network's suite of professional performance
                                   training courses is taught by recognized experts who dig deep
                                   into the hot topics that are driving the marketplace and shaping
                                   your business.

Why Earn the Performance Management Network Designation?
Your customers are savvier and more demanding. There's more and more information, but
less time to process it. The competition is fiercer and faster than ever. By becoming a PMN
Designee, you'll show your clients that you are committed to ongoing education and
professional excellence, and you'll show your colleagues that you understand and value the
importance of a powerful network of business connections.
Enhance your career. Grow your business. Expand your sphere of influence. Apply to
become a candidate of the Performance Management Network today! PMN Designation
requirements include a combination of coursework and referral transactions.

Bring a Performance Management Network Course to your Area

Any WCR chapter, REALTOR® association or real estate school can host a PMN course. If
you would like more information on how to bring a course to your area, please review the
Guide to Course Delivery.

Apply your PMN to other REALTOR® Designations

You can earn credit toward the CRB and CIPS designations for being a current PMN
designee. For specific requirements, please refer to the respective association.

4 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
In case you missed the June 20th Sonoma Spectacular,
you’ll be able to purchase a DVD soon, thanks to our good
friend and excellent man-on-camera, Bryan Buchanan!
Stay tuned for DVD sales!

A fun and hilarious evening – the 85 folks who attended
this first annual Talent Show not only witnessed some crazy
talent, but heard some uproariously funny comments made
by Talent judges, Dean Mitchell, Coralee Barkela and John
Styles, after each act!

Gold Oscars were awarded to:
Kandi Webb, won First Prize, singing a beautiful rendition
of “Crazy”.
Second Prize went to comedienne, Catherine Bickel
Third Place was tied by “The Extremes” and soloist Maria
Rock band extraordinaire Hard Travelin’ entertained us
throughout the Show.

The Show was engineered this year by WCR’s Hospitality
Chair, Julie Smith as well as Denise Horner, Julie Drady,
Kim Smith and Brenda Alarcon.

Congratulations to all the contestants who created this
event for us to enjoy!

                                                                                 THE EXTREMES!
Special mention and thanks to: Tracy Cunha, Master of
                                                                  (Laura Larracou, Carol Shields, Rosie Rodriguez)
Ceremonies and Bryan Buchanan, Cameraman

5 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
                       2008 PRESIDENT
                       Terriann McGowan, Broker Manager
                       Avalar Real Estate & Mortgage Network
                       1040 San Francisco Way
                       Rohnert Park, CA 94928
                       Fax: 707-585-6261

                       2009 PRESIDENT ELECT
                       Denise Horner, Realtor
                       Hurd Real Estate
                       1401 4th Street
                       Santa Rosa, CA 95404
                       707.523.4489 (fax)

                     VICE PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP
                     Kimberly Smith, Realtor
                     Keller Williams Realty
                     120 Stony Point Road, Suite 140
                     Santa Rosa, CA 95401

                     Suzanne Drace, Realtor
                     Pacific Union GMAC Realty
                     Branch Manager, Santa Rosa
                     900 College Avenue
                     Santa Rosa, CA 95404

                     Julie Drady
                     Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
                     Home Mortgage Consultant                     Strategic Planning Meeting for 2009
                     Office: (707) 535-2651                       October 22, 2008
                     Fax: (707) 540-6067                          9:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M.
                     Mobile: (707) 849-8090                       New NorBAR Offices
                     Toll Free: (866) 679-208

6 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
                                                                                By Tom Ferry

Are you In- you’ve found your place in the market            client or target
and you’re doing business
                                                             Over prepare for appointments
Are you Out- no deals, the circumstances of the
market have killed your business                             It’s never too late to become what you might have
Figuring it out- you’re trying to find your place in
the market                                                   Have peace with where you are and be eager for
In life you have but two choices;
                                                             Realize that your business and income are a
Endure the deprivation of failure                            reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time
Or adjust to the sacrifices of success
                                                             18 STEPS TO MARKET DOMINANCE
The number of appointments on your schedule
indicates how successful you are                             1. Set appointments
You may need to have an Epic meltdown                        2. Have someone else take applications/listings
Accept the worst case scenario                               3. Have a buyer’s specialist
Don’t be afraid to lose it all                               4. Have a magnificent person that can convert
                                                                leads, holding your open houses
Have a vision for your life
                                                             5. Have someone run your marketing projects
Don’t allow the circumstances of your environment
                                                             6. Have someone handle your online presence/
to dictate how you choose to spend your time.                   marketing. Blogs, youtube etc.
Stay focused.                                                7. Have a listing service manager
To begin;                                                    8. Have an escrow coordinator that contacts all
·Rebuild your entire business by design. How                    parties M,W and F
would you do it right with a specific end result in
mind?                                                        9. Have someone handle contact/lead follow up
                                                             10. Have someone manage the money
·Upgrade your ability to be influential. How is the
market experiencing you 5 years from now?                    11. Have someone manage your schedule

·Make a declaration- this is who I am and what I             12. Have someone manage and build your
want.                                                            database

Daily                                                        13. It’s now about the choices you make by design
                                                                 NOT by default
Create a powerful morning routine
                                                             14. What are 10 things you can do everyday that
10 things to be grateful for                                     ensure you have the power to control your
10 things to attract
                                                             15. Ex; set appointments
Set intentions for the day
                                                             16. Stay focused
Determine the highest and best use of your time
                                                             17. Practice
Schedule at least 1 appointment a day with a past
                                                             18. Control time management etc.
     7 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter
“WCR      Wine    Country
received the highest award
for 2007
The Gold Chapter of
Excellence     Award   –
accepted during the May
2008 Mid-Year Meeting in
Washington DC.

                                                     Chapter Officers received the award on
                                                     behalf of past-president, Carol Shields.
                                                     L to R: Julie Drady, Denise Horner,
                                                     Terriann McGowan and PJ Crockett.
                                                     The Officers enjoyed interactions with
                                                     other WCR Members from around the
                                                     country, as well as attending educational
                                                     classes and events during the meeting.
                                                     One highlight was a tour of the Capitol
                                                     building arranged by Lynn Woolsey.

2008 WCR State and National Meetings
Oct 11 WCR State Officers/Committee Chairs, Long Beach, Ca.
October 12-13 WCR State Chapter Meeting, Long Beach, Ca
October 14 CAR Tech. Tuesday, Long Beach, Ca.
Oct 15-18 CAR Meetings and Expo
Leadership Academy 2008 (For Local and State Presidents Elects ONLY)
August 1-3 2008 Leadership Academy , Chicago, IL.
Summit Meetings
April 4-6 Mega-Networking Summit II-St. Charles, MO, (St. Louis area)
July 11-13 Influential Women Summit, Boston, Mass.
National Meetings:
May 14-18 Mid-Year National WCR Meeting: Washington D.C.
May 12-17 NAR Mid-Year Meeting
November 5-9 WCR National Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida

8 Women’s Council of Realtors ~ Wine Country Chapter Newsletter

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