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Old Car Council of Colorado                        FIRST CLASS MAIL                              |            |
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                                              Council’s Oct-2007 NL mailing to:
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            supporting Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts since 1965
      The Council is an organization comprised of many of Colorado’s motor vehicle clubs, our Associate
      [business] Members and our Individual Members too. The Council acts to be a watchdog over and
      guardian of the Rights of Colorado’s Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts, no matter what type, brand or vintage
      Motor Vehicles their interests embrace. The Council works to guard the Rights of you - the Colorado
      Motor Vehicle Enthusiast to own, operate and enjoy the use of your Motor Vehicles, against any
      adverse legislation, regulations, or ordinances whether pending or proposed.

      Join one of our Member Clubs. Or join us. Help us support you. Look us up at

                                 OLD CAR COUNCIL of Colorado, Inc.
                                 P.O. Box 280042
                                 Lakewood, Colorado 80228-0042

                    Supporting Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts since 1965

2007 Officers.
                                                           President:    Keith Hall             303.940.7958
                                                           1st Vice-President: Dick Thompson    303.699.4819
                                                           2nd Vice-President:                  Gary Canady
                                                           Secretary:    Bill Colburn           303.650.4663
                                                           Treasurer Pro Tem: Roger Zaner       303.426.8843

2007 Committee Chairs, Appointed Positions & Related Contacts.
                                                    Governmental Relations:             Don Whissen
                                                    SEMA Rep.: Joe Baker [ filling-in ] 303.637.0765
                                                    Swap Meet Chair: Shirley Zaner      303.426.8843
                                                    Car Show Chair: tbd                        303.>
                                                    Colfax Cruise-In Chair:           Dick Thompson
                                                    Membership Comm:                    Harold Naber
                                                    Web Master: Keith Hall              303.940.7958
                                                    Historian:   Shirley Zaner          303.426.8843
                                                    OCCC Lobbyist: Mr. Leo Boyle        303.321.6611
                                                    Forney Museum: Mrs. Amy Newman303.297.1113

                                                           Oct 21, 2007

Remember boys & girls... Halloween is coming. As good citizens we should remind everyone to drive slow
and safe when all the little goodie grabbers are out on their rounds - and making their dentists grin from ear to ear.
[.and you wondered how dentists afford having V-16 Cads, Duseys, etc... wbc]

Who’s New...
 - Sid Arkley is the new Council Rep for Model T Club, Mile High Chapter, h: 303.561.0489. Sid is taking over
        so decades long stalwart Don Whissen can take a break. Please welcome Sid. Please thank Don for his
        many years of dedicated service to the Council.

    - Jim Brookie is a retired USAF officer, has moved to Littleton from New Mexico, has toys too. [small world,
           he and I were in the same squadron in the Air Force - but separated by a couple of years, both spent time in
           the same RB-47 Recon planes, based near beautiful suburban Topeka..] Gave his name to couple of you
           club reps - he‟s still waiting to hear from you..? Jim sent me a neat bit of on-line car-type entertainment to
 pass on, share with all of you. I will, but NO boys and girls! You can‟t get it till you have finished your
 homework here. So keep on reading. Then,- if you‟re good..? HA...

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Colfax Cruise & Car Festivals...

 - Recap of 2007's Inaugural Annual Colfax Avenue Cruise & Car Festivals by Dick Thompson.

        If you missed the 1st Annual Colfax Avenue Cruise & Car Festivals on Saturday Sept. 22nd you missed
        one of the best car events ever in Colorado. It is estimated that some 3,000 cars, trucks and neat rides of
        all types took part in the event. Pretty darn good for an inaugural event.

        I think the best way to picture it is to remember how much fun you had in the 50's, 60's, 70's when you
        cruised on Saturday Night, whether you were in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction or
        Laramie or wherever else you might have been. It was then and is again a chance to drive and enjoy and
        show your neat ride while also getting to see everyone else out cruising in theirs. It is so cool to not only
        see these great rides but also to hear them cruisin on past. Smiles were in great supply everywhere on
        Colfax Avenue. You made them, you wore them.

        The event was conceived and organized by the Council‟s President, Keith Hall and Vice-Presidents Dick
        Thompson and Gary Canady. This event was the result of over two years of planning and work by these
        dedicated, hard working car guys. Holding an event spread over much of the 26+ miles of U.S. Hwy 40
        that is runs along Colfax Avenue, one of the longest such Avenues in America and the longest Business
        Loop on te Interstate Highway System. It passes through three adjacent major metropolitan cities. Though
        it all took more work than one could have imagined, it was well worth it.

        The idea was well received by the cities after the Colfax Marathon started 2 years ago. KOOL 105
        [KXXL] agreed to be Media sponsor. NAPA Colorado Select Auto Care Centers joined to be the
        Presenting Sponsor and put their full efforts into helping the Council host it all. We brought D.A.R.E. on
        board as our planned charitable beneficiary, and once on board they gave us lots and lots of support. Other
        great sponsors who we could not have lived without include American National Gear Heads - AM 760,
        Thompson Financial Services, the Pontiac-Oakland Club and the Latest Scoop.

        There were three Festival Sites for this year. Festival Plaza on West Colfax, East High School and the
        Super K-Mart at Chambers Road on East Colfax. The 3 sites were hosted and manned by 7 of the
        Council‟s Member Clubs. The ColoRODans and Denver Roadster Club covered the Festival Plaza Site.
        The Pontiac-Oakland Club, Mile High Cobra Club and Rky. Mtn. Packard Club were at East High School.
        While the Denver Sabers and Colo AMC Clubs were in charge at Chambers Road.

        These clubs handled the setup of the Sites, directed traffic flow during the event and took care of any
        required cleanup afterwards. The clubs also sold vendor spaces and our official Event T-Shirts. These
        clubs and their members all made this really come together.

        The amazing turnout of exceptional examples of every type and variety of motor vehicle a part of the
        Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiast community was enough to give you an ear-to-ear smile to last the
        night through. Every type enthusiasts vehicle represented by the Council could be seen somewhere along
        US 40 during the Colfax Avenue Cruise & Car Festivals. Even a couple of newlyweds still in gown and
        tux had their chauffeur driven 1937 Rolls-Royce drive through to check out the show,- obviously, a car
        guy. Meanwhile, even „Elvis‟ came by to see what was going on. KOOL 105 provided music at all 3
        Sites. And the food vendors were great. Genuine Denver Nostalgia came back to life as Carl S. of the

       page 4 of
        original “Scotchman Drive-In” from Federal Boulevard had his 2nd „reunion‟ at the Aurora Site. Even the
        Hershey “Kiss Mobile” stopped by the Festival Plaza site to pass out samples.

      Well, now - as Red Sox fans used to say for countless decades, “Just wait til next year.”
 - KOOL pix... Dick T says check out - to see pix of cars that passed through the Colfax
      Cruise there. Dick asks to send any digipix you have to him at . Keith says given
      time he‟ll build up things on the Council‟s web site.

Council Elections...

 - 2008 Approaches, at the General Meeting in November the election will take place for Directors / Officers for
        2008, who will assume office January 1st. To be a Director / Officer of the Council you must be a
        member in good standing of a member club that is in good standing. Anyone wishing to run for office
        should be at the November meeting, though not mandatory. Nominations can be made from the floor for
        those interested,- if not present the candidate should provide written acceptance for office.

        It is up to you Club Presidents and Reps to look through your rosters, think about what talents, skills,
        experience is present amongst your membership with thought in mind of who might be able to help out in
        whatever capacity, committee, or function. Visit with them, help us flesh out the Council again. When
        the Council needs help, input, guidance on some event or committee don‟t just crawl under a rock if you
        personally don‟t have time to pitch in, just please do try to ID and bring in any who can.

        The more people who are involved the more ideas, suggestions and such will be brought up, the better
        things can get. Plus, can maybe have five people do 1 hour on something vs one person doing five?
        Remember, what you contribute to now - will be there for your pleasure later.

Club Views & News...

 - Buick Club, Mile High Chap and the Pikes Peak Chap were surprised and [we think] happy to learn that their
        National is offering them to host the 2009 National Convention, tentatively in Colorado Springs. Stay

        At the inaugural Rocky Mountain Concours d’Elegance - at the Broadmoor Resort over Labor Day
        weekend, Ernest Rose of Colo Sprgs „62 Electra convertible won Best in Class. Congrats...

 - So Colo Mopars came North for Colorado Mopar Club Show in Arvada. Their season is slowing, but not over.
       Next sojourn will be to “Dragon Man‟s Museum of Vehicles, Military Vehicles and Memorabilia. [.have
       heard this is a great tour for any club..?]

 - Colo Springs R&C Club are on top of things already planning for their Dec Mtg / Christmas Party. They‟re
        suggesting everyone bring two presents, one for “:Toys For Tots Who Might Not Have A Christmas” and
        one to raffle off. Sounds like a great idea, you think so? OK, bring it to your club too.

       page 5 of
        Some guys are planning to go to the Detroit Autorama in March, get together with some Mich. types and
        go to - a Hockey Bar..!? [.gonna walk in wearing Av‟s jerseys guys..?]

- Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club do something neat that you might consider for your NLs? They have pix of
      officers, etc. in NL. [.a reasonably nice looking group - but they really need to have their NL Ed at least
      shave off that 5 o‟clock shadow for his next pix...] Anyway, they‟re touring again; the Colo Railroad
      Museum and another to Estes Park. Lotsa‟ smiling faces in their tour pix...

 - Stude Pikes Peak Chapter hosted a Regional Meet at LaJunta, and are planning a Halloween Party.
- Stude Conestoga Chapter reports that their Car Show at Westminster Mall went well, all had fun, etc. Dunno
        if it has anything to do with Halloween, but they are planning their annual “Looney Luncheon.” [.Hey.
        You can go ask them about that one, I‟m not...]

- Pontiac-Oakland Club hosted the All GM Picnic at Castlewood State Park a ways South of Franktown. Had a
       good turnout, good time picnicking and of course enjoyed socializing while checking out all the neat toys.
       They were set up at East-High School for the Colfax Cruise adding another fun event to the clubs month.

- Mile High Model T Club chugged off to Wheat Ridge to take part in the Carnation Day Parade, then headed to
       a club member held BBQ. They also rounded up some T‟s to take to the Retreat at Church Ranch, a
       Senior‟s Home. Say that spending time there, visiting, giving rides and visiting over the T‟s with folks
       was something where both resident Seniors and T members both enjoyed and left the T folks with good
       feelings knowing they‟d made someone else happy. [,the Joy of Giving...]

- Cad-LaSalle Club folks had a great time on their tour to Durango, one of the club members even put together a
      guide book for folks to have along the way. [.neat idea! Must‟ve made things much more interesting...]
      They partook of the Louisville Labor Day Parade, and had a good turnout and good time. So, the club is
      also going to participate in Denver‟s Veterans Day Parade. Gathering at the Albertson‟s at Broadway and
      Alameda where they will meet with women Marine veterans who will ride with them in parade. [Semper
      Fi - Ma‟am. An‟ you Cad guys - get your K-Bars clean, shiny and sharp too...]

        They too made time to bring their rides to a Seniors home, sharing time and giving pleasure to the folks at
        the Village At Lowry. They will keep on giving as they work to get and provide Christmas gifts and such
        for the less fortunate. [.is your club doing anything like this..?]

- High Country Model A folks went touring - to Yellowstone National Park. They got „em - they drive „em!
       Said while at Yellowstone they went to check out all the Bison - now there is a lot of Bull. HA... But post
       Yellowstone their tour to Branson, Mo. to be entertained and to play - they chartered a bus. [..what was
       that old ad line,- “..leave the driving to us.” Well, they did...] These guys too, went off to give rides to
       others, to create and spread some joy and sunshine, at the Little Sister‟s of the Poor on W. 29th Ave. The
       residents there and the Sisters as well enjoyed being visited and the rides.

- American Truck Historical Soc. guys and gals were amongst those who drove over to Lakewood‟s Belmar
      Farm Cider Days. Now are ready to head on over to Ken Kafka‟s vast estate for his annual open house out
      in Pierce, Colo. Requests drive one of your toys of whatever type to make it more fun and more
      interesting. Can check out vintage trucks, tractors, autos, owners.. Oops! They‟re also on top of the
      planning for their Christmas party in Dec.
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 - Early Ford V-8 Club is another group that likes to drive their toys on tours. Recently been to Chama, NM,
        then on a Fall Colors Tour, another to a zoo - followed by lunch? [.the zoo is asking who brought the
        „exotic meat‟ to the chef for his lunch after the zoo tour..?] Putting some distance on the zoo guy, they
        toured up through Grand County, and had a great time at their “Rambler Ranch” tour.

         Last but not least, this year‟s well publicized All Ford Day held at Clement Park drew some 330± cars!
         Congrats from us all..!

 - VMCCA Royal Gorge had a full day in Penrose beginning with meeting for breakfast, joining in for the
      Penrose Parade and then placing their rides on display at the downtown show that followed.

         The Glidden Tour is a prominent event of long standing. But is one of those events that for whatever
         reasons doesn‟t get the publicity or recognition it deserves. Royal Gorge‟s Jim and Judy Sargent took their
         „64 Mercury Parklane Convertible to the recent Glidden event in GJ. They were winners, but in an
         unusual way. For the first time ever there was a two-way tie for the VMCCA Gold Award! That means
         they were at the top of the pile of the 101 cars shown there.

         And, Royal Gorge‟s Glen Davis was a BIO exhibitor at the inaugural Rocky Mountain Concours
         d‟Elegance at the Broadmoor Resort. It was Glen‟s 1930 Stutz that was invited to be exhibited.

         They say good things come in threes? Well, after driving it in the Florence Parade, Royal Gorge‟s Ron
         Dorn put his 1926 Dodge Business Coupe into the car show that followed. Yep, you guessed it, he took
         home the gold for 1st place in the Original Car category. Congrats to your club and your individual

Just Misc Bits of...

 - Dodge? Request from the N.M. Council. A movie company is looking for a 1961 Dodge Polara to use in
         a movie, they say body style [color?] unimportant. Know of one, get in touch with Joyce Clements
         [NMCCC] at 505.884.7912 or via e-m: “Joyce C” <>

 - National No Call List Being Flushed Clean... you need to re-register. Try ?

 - General Safety Info... Live in the mountains or a wooded area? If so grass, brush and forest fires can be a
       great threat to everything around you - and maybe your lives. If there is any wind it happens quicker yet.
       The tragedy now taking place in California should be evidence enough for anyone. If you‟re gonna live
       near any forest or treed area, as a builder, consider using metal roofing; it‟s lightweight, fireproof, and
       available at reasonable cost in several attractive styles and colors. Look at fireproof siding too.

         Otherwise, there is good news for fire stoppage, retardant. A new polymer based fire-retardant gel is in
         test that is super-absorbent of water. Several times it‟s own weight? Clings to vertical surfaces, etc. It
         can protect a structure for several hours vs current foams [as at airports] only being good for 15 mins.
         Learn more by going to and/or
       page 7 of
 - Good Things Can Happen to Good People... Looking for more info for the Calendar I went to a web site for
       info and ran across a story of someone looking for a car like one his parents once had. Well, go find out
       for yourselves what happened to Steve Tebo while looking for a Willys 4 door... Go look into then look for “the Willy‟s article.” A „good read.‟

Other Matters...

 - Something Wrong With This Picture..? Colo Sprgs R&C Club member, Wayne [& Sue] Saunders, a
       professional, here from England legally, whose Visa is expiring this month. Has spent some $30,000± on
       lawyers and such to get his Visa extended - to no avail at last report from CSR&C.

         He followed suggestion contact be made to U.S. Sen. Salazar, for assistance. Have any info of if the Sen
         has been able to help the Saunders family? [.is it true the Senator favors providing Social Security,
         Healthcare, Schooling, AMNESTY, etc. to the millions of Illegal Aliens now here..?]

         Is it time to show who and what you are here folks? Here is a car guy, one of our own. He might be done
         in by who knows what, slanted policies, others‟ agendas and priorities? Will you stand up for him and his
         family? If not - then why should anyone stand up for you?

         CSR&C Club asks, please call Sen. Salazar‟s office, ask for Josh and politely, but assertively, state your
         position on supporting an employed professional who is here legally. The Colo Sprgs office is
         719.328.1100 and in Washington, DC at 202.224.5852.

 - Jim Nielsen, Early Ford V-8 Club has gathered up some info, the forms, etc. for special plates and registrations
        for us. Harold Naber, VMCCA Pikes Peak says he‟ll type up some info on related matters too. When I
        have both in hand I‟ll make a file for it all with application form copies, abstract and include their
        instructions in NL, etc. So if any club or member wants them we‟ll have them on hand for you. Please
        thank Jim and Harold for their time and efforts - a contribution for all of our benefits.

 - Joe Baker relays News about American Vet... who cut the rope on which a Mexican Flag was illegally flying
        ABOVE an American Flag in L.A. The ex-GI then properly folded the US Flag and took it with him.
        This was done openly, in front of the Mexican Store Owner who just stood and watched. Go to: God Bless this ex-GI...

 - What Ever Happened to Government FOR the People you ask..? You say you want the U.S.A. to remain
       it‟s sovereignty, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, your Individual Rights and Freedom? Better look into
       Law of the Seas Treaty [LOST] Learn quick - or lose em... Will be coming up for
       a vote in the Senate again. Before end of the year...

 - DREAM = Shamnesty. The Senate has been slapped down three times now by citizen response on the so-
      called DREAM Amendment, which gives AMNESTY, Open Borders, Free Medical, Social Security
      Benefits, Public School Entitlement, etc. etc. for Illegal Aliens - all 12-15 million of them. Guess what?
      Now your Congress is breaking DREAM up into separate pieces they can attach to other legislation -
      thumb their noses at you and do what they want. Sen. Diane Feinstein is reportedly now planning to add
       page 8 of
         AgJOBS to the Farm Bill Extension Act JR 2419, this would create Amnesty for some 1.5 million Illegal
         Aliens. A non-partisan news source [as evidenced by both parties always trying to discredit them] is found
         at For yourself and your family look for and into NAU, SPP, DREAM, etc...

 - Polls... Couple weeks back CNN reported Bush down to 38% approval - Congress was down at 28%! Couple
         of days ago it was Bush 28% - Congress18% ! ? Where is D.C. taking us..? Wherever it is, it is clearly
         not where We the People want things to go, and Congress and the Administrative Branches don‟t seem to
         listen or care? Think we all have lots of good questions - who‟s got answers..?

 - Who SHOULD BE your candidate in 2008..? Hard to tell sometimes eh? It is most important to find out
       ASAP what all candidates believe so you can support the right ones before the primaries. Work and
       contribute to help them survive and make it onto the final ballot. Or not? Your choice. You‟ll get what
       you deserve... The primaries are going to be more important this time than ever before. Do your
       homework. Then support and work for them.

         To help us all, was pointed to a „match-making‟ quiz link by Jeanne Kreps. It is from a PBS station so
         has leanings, but it covers what the parties are letting be the major points. May be worth your going to
         check it out? See and decide for yourself? Take the quiz, then point & click somewhere off to the side of
         the [Find Your Candidate] button at the bottom of the questions, then go click on the print[er] icon on
         your web-hosts uppermost tool bar to get a printed copy of the questionnaire - with your answers / choices.
         THEN, after printing finishes, go ahead and click on the [F..Y..C..] button itself and a report will come up
         to show you by columnar comparison, how candidates match up to your personal positions on the subject
         areas. Suggest you print this too as a reference. This one site is:

 - Question was asked, is “One World Government” a fixation of the paranoid..? Dunno? But if it‟s not a
       major agenda - tell us why campaign signs or political ads don‟t list candidates party anymore? Could it
       be to begin conditioning you for a „no = one-party‟ government?

 - Want Factual, Science-Based Environmental Info vs. Radical’s Hidden Political Agendas..? Well, these
       groups mostly, kinda‟ work for government and/or ongoing political funding, but at least we get some
       apparently fact based info from such as: and and
       So take a break from other stuf‟ and you can find out about such things as ocean floor volcano‟s warming
       the ocean and therefore the atmosphere [Global Warming] more than all of our vehicles put together... Be

Some Known Bills / Actions of Interest in Colo. are...

 - The way they work things - go where they know „it‟ will pass, including chosen courts and judges and these will
        come here. Things are still going on in several states re “Inoperable Vehicles” - which seems to include
        parts vehicles, vehicles awaiting restoration, those in restoration and not completed, etc.

         SEMA has model legislation for us to use to prevent vs having to fight things. Who is it up to getting us a
         copy of that? And everything else possible..? Shouldn‟t we get it, have one of us who „knows somebody

       page 9 of
         on the hill,‟ and/or Leo B. get us a sponsor for it? What better time, issue and way for the Council to
         get proactive..? Now. Before „they‟ start to introduce things...

 - Who are the people that are proposing „a new way to set our vehicle registration fees?‟ [Leo B. please fill us in
       here, keep us informed - in advance...]

 - The Colorado Legislature is not in session. But this is the time when much proposed legislation is generated.
        Be a watchman on the wall.

Updates and Items from SEMA...
This is info received by Joe Baker, who may paraphrase to send to the Council. Where for space sake it might [with
regrets] then be compressed a tad more. Joe does a real service for us in doing this. More complete info can be
obtained from Stuart Gosswein at SEMA, on specific issues.

 - SEMA eNews, Vol 10, No. 38.
       GREENHOUSE GAS REGULATION STANDARDS. An “Activist Judge” at Work...? Wonder
       who appointed him...
    - Focused primarily on reducing CO2 emissions from Carbon-Based Fuels [coal, oil, gas, natural gas, wood,
           etc.] this totally unscientifically based or justified bi-partisan push is spreading. The EPA and the
           NHTSA have some potential to curb this - it‟s currently their turf.

        This continues to grow momentum in spite of solid scientific evidence that it has any effect at all on our
        environment. Again, carbon dioxide is a desirable component of natural decay and fuel combustion.
        Plants “breathe” in carbon dioxide and “exhale”Oxygen. That all of us in the animal kingdom, our many
        chemical processes and our engines need to produce the things we manufacture, need. [..just have to send
        all those manufacturing plants and jobs to Mexico, China, India too...] The only oxygen-crbon dioxide
        free electrical energy production of any scale is either nuclear power of hydro-electric. [..and the Anti-
        US Radicals in some Green Groups want us to take apart all the dams with hydro plants..?]
    Joe L. Baker *

       [..NOTE - heard it said this is one of Governor Ritter‟s current pet projects! So brace yourself for new
            controls & restrictions - and of course new taxes on any / all of the above fuels... How could it be we
            were all taught in pre-JHS classes that CO2 is “food” for plants, which in turn gobble up Carbon and
            release Oxygen, i.e. less CO2 = less plant growth = less Oxygen into the atmosphere and fewer plants
            = more heat absorbed by the dirt beneath = global warming... wbc]

Items from SAN Newsletter...
Info from SEMA Action Network‟s monthly NL, passed on to keep you and your Club Members informed.

SEMASAN has expanded into the Parliament of Canada and it‟s provincial governments. With so much overlap
from our American brands, and many of our vehicles being made in Canada, it can only help our common interests
and goals.

       page 10 of
SEMA has been working to identify those members of each states Assembly/ House/ Senate and to form a bi-
partisan caucus within each state around these Automotive Enthusiasts. They have recruited membership in all 50
states! [..our most populous state, THE car craziest state of all - California, only has 14 members while Kansas
has 12 members! New York has 37..? ]

This takes place under the umbrella organization of the “State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.”
[..please note that - SEMA does not call it‟s groups “State Old Car Hobbyist Leade...”]

Our Colorado Automotive Enthusiast Caucus currently has four members listed: Sen. Ken Kester, Rep. Debbie
Benefield, Rep. Larry Lyons and Rep. Nancy Todd. Anyone know what vehicles they have? Are any of these four
members of your club? If not in your club, would adding them to your club newsletter mailings as a “Courtesy
Member” be a good idea? [Leo, please advise us, your thoughts here... wbc]

 - No new news from SEMA this month - refer back to the Sep NL for now.

 - Ditto...

New Stuf’...

 - It’s getting thicker... In case anyone hasn‟t noticed, the level of all things political is coming at us ever more
         by the day? Better get off the Decaf and back onto the high octane stuff, cause it may just be a steady
         drizzle now, but it‟ll be ramping up from here on out. Be kind to your dentist. If it gets too bad maybe
         he‟ll give you a shot of Novocaine up thru the roof of the mouth..?

       But hey, some of the best humor we get comes from politics, especially cartoons. The majority of it is in
       jest and not meant to be malicious - so take it all in that vein. One cute line just came from Fred
       Thompson, “I think my wife can be a better „first lady‟ than Bill Clinton.” [was reported Mr. Clinton
       laughed when he heard it. No word on Mrs. Clinton‟s reaction..?]
 - Frankfurt Motor Show 2007.. Lamborghini displayed a sample of it‟s 2008 Reventón. Exotic looking as
       Lambo‟s do tend to be, look closely when you see one - „cause they‟re only going to make twenty of them.
       Think you‟ll stock up? Good idea. By the way, they‟ll „sticker out‟ at $1,400,000 U.S. each. And be how
       much faster than Shelby‟s $5.5 Mil Cobra..? Yep, all in the eye of the beholder...

 - Six Ways to Save on Auto Insurance..? Back to cyberspace...

 - GENTLEMEN, Start Your Engines, check Your Brakes - and your Arrestor Hook..? Did you see where
      several muscle and pony cars were hoisted onto the deck of an aircraft carrier and they ran „em on the
      deck!? [.can you imagine calling your insurance agent; „..see I was stopping just fine until I hit a spill of
      hydraulic fluid and then I kinda,‟ you see, well - I just slid off the deck into the harbor...]

 - told ya so... Remember the microwave [radar-like] guns that were sold to law enforcement that would
         scramble newer, engine control computers to stop high-speed chases - BUT would also scramle the anti-
        page 11 of
           lock brake computer. Well, on some news piece recently, On-Star is bringing out speed sensing
           communications of some sort, send info off via satellite..? Could be for good - initially..

    - My sincere regrets at running late getting all this done and out. End of Summer out of state company
          again. Followed couple days later by the aroma of burning phenolic [circuit board] drifting out of one of
          my somewhat hi-po computers. They, like hi-po engines produce more heat to make more power. No
          problem, just put Motherboard in box, overnight it. Then wait two+ weeks turnaround on repair! But hey!
          No big deal with a backup machine right? Until turning it on - and finding that it wouldn‟t boot! What is
          that thing about „the best laid plan[ning]s of mice and men..‟ or whatever it is..?

           When times like this occur I always wonder if Momma‟s dad being from Ireland, maybe, somehow has me
           higher on Murphy‟s list of people to visit? HA...

    - Showtime... Dang! Crystal ball is all fogged up again. So since I can‟t see whose been good we‟ll run on
          honor system. Here‟s the treat from Jim Brookie. When you meet him be sure to tell him thanks.

Words From The Wise...

              Politicians and diapers have one thing in common.
             They should both be changed regularly - and for the same reason.

                                                                                                 Author Unknown.



          page 12 of
Held at Forney Transportation Museum 4303 Brighton Boulevard Denver, Colo. 80216.

The Meeting was called to order by President Keith Hall at 7:31 PM.
 - President Hall greeted, welcomed everyone and requested that any guests please stand to introduce themselves
         and inform of their affiliations and/or purpose for attending.

Guests & Guest Speakers.
 - Sgt. Brad Saupe of the Aurora P.D. who is the Colorado D.A.R.E. Program Coordinator was here to thank the
         Council for including D.A.R.E. in the Cruise.
 - Mr. John Stucky, 303.772.0708 with Rocky Mtn Nova Club, they‟ll discuss rejoining the Council
 - Mr. Bob Baron, 970.535.6142 and Mr. John Toomey, 970.535.0437 of the Mead Motorheads Club were also
         here to attend a Council meeting to look into possibility of membership.
 - there were no guest speakers tonight.
 - Don Whissen introduced Sid Arkley who will be the new Rep for the MH Model T Club.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting.
At the September meeting Dick Fritz, MG Club Rep, questioned the Financial report of the August Meeting as
shown in the Minutes included in the Aug NL. Treasurer Zaner was not present at the Sep. meeting to clarify, so
Pres. Hall had tabled voting on accepting the Aug Minutes until the Oct. meeting expecting that Treas. Zaner could
clear things up at that time.

Roger clarifies that the Council has one checking account, and a CD.

President Hall asked for clarification at this time. Brief discussion ensued, but seeing a few confused faces
Secretary Colburn suggested that Treas. Zaner can provide him financials of form as Roger wants them reported.
That Bill will then enter the correction as part of the minutes of this meeting.

President Hall suggested a motion to accept the August minutes as read, conditional on clarification being made and
provided. Motion made, seconded, was no further discussion, was voted affirmatively to accept the Aug. Minutes
on these terms.

President Hall asked if there any corrections to or omissions from the Sept, minutes. There being none raised, it was
moved, seconded and voted affirmatively to accept them as submitted.

Secretary’s Report.
 - 38 clubs were represented tonight.
 - to date, 56 clubs have renewed; there is 1 new club; there were 50 clubs in the Council in 2006.
 - to date, 0 Associate Members have renewed; there were 0 in the Council in 2006.
 - to date, 3 Individual have renewed; there were 2 in the Council in 2006.

 - Newsletters. The Sep-2007 NL-Min was distributed via 132 e-m‟s and 73 hard copies. And we‟re still missing
       info for some who should be receiving them.

        page 13 of
 - Club Newsletters. There has been an unofficial policy of member clubs mailing their Newsletter to the
        Council. This is not a policing or big-brother action, it allows the Council to catch changes of officers or
        phone numbers not announced during meetings. We also get information from your calendar for listing
        them in the Council‟s calendar both to help your club and for others planning.

         So, Presidents and Reps, please check, have your newsletter editor add the Council to your NL mailing list
         - so we can do a better job for you all.

Treasurer’s Report.
Treasurer Roger Zaner reported the following for balances as of October Mtg.:

 - Deposit Account Balances:
      Operating Account                             $ 1,735.16
      Governmental Relations Account                 - 1,907.00
      Swap Meet Pre-Registration deposits                245.00
      Swap Meet                                      25,366.63
      Colfax Cruise-In                                 2,989.40
      Car Show                                          + 0.00
    Total - Deposit Accounts . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 28,429.19

 - [ in CD Acct. - from Jun thru Current:                      $ 13,854.28 ]

 - Amounts Owed / Liabilities:
     Lobbyist [pd 1/4 amt in Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec]                    $ 0.00
     other - none at this time                                     + 0.00
    Total                                                           $ 0.00

PREVIOUS MONTHS FINANCIALS - as provided, are included below by Secy. Colburn:
The following review and summary of financials for Jun, Jul, Aug and Sep were forwarded to me by Dick Fritz
[.has previously served as both a Secretary and a Treasurer of the Council] and is both well and long recognized as
being accurate and to the point. They are listed as provided.

. - Deposit Account Balances:                Sep                Aug          Jul              Jun
       Operating Account                   $ 2,603.66         $ 2,967.67 $ 3,017.64         $ 3,267.43
       Governmental Relations Account        1,843.00           1,843.00    1,843.00          4,723.00
       Swap Meet Pre-Registration deposits     245.00               0.00         0.00             0.00
       Swap Meet                            25,522.74          14,461.89   14,526.37         15,625.83
       Colfax Cruise-In                        770.00               0.00         0.00             0.00
       Car Show + 0.00                        + 0.00             + 0.00      + 0.00
     Total - Deposit Accounts . . . . $ 30,984.40            $ 19,272.56 $ 19,387.01       $ 23,616.26

        page 14 of

Roger informs that checks going out from the Cruise are: D.A.R.E. $2,832, Denver Saber‟s $227.17, Colo AMC
$87.17, MH Cobra $337.25, Pontiac-Oakland $395.89, Rky Mtn Packard $40.56, ColoRODans$118.64 and Denver
Roadsters $104.32. Keith notes that the books and financials for the event are complete and done and he will
publish the information on the web site - under secured Council Member password access. [.if you don‟t know the
password, call Keith, but keep it private within your club, i.e. don‟t print it in anything likely to be passed around
or get outside your club...]

Governmental Relations Committee / Lobbyist’s Report. 2007 Chair; Don Whissen.
This committee exists to pro-actively seek to identify and acquire copies of statutes, regulations, ordinances, rules,
etc. that will affect any aspect of your ownership, taxes, insuring, maintaining, repairing, or uses of your vehicles.
To study them, make recommendations to the Council as to nature and/or actions to take.

Don reports:
 - There is nothing to report on this month.

Lobbyist Leo Boyle reports:
 - Don informs us Leo is “traveling somewhere in Asia” so there is no report tonight from Leo. [we hope it‟s a
        pleasant trip for you Leo. Oh, if you run across any Yeti there be sure to take a pix for us...]

SEMA Report. 2007 Contact and Reporter; Joe Baker, filling in as contact.
SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association is a trade group whose members are the people who
manufacture all the aftermarket products used to maintain, repair, upgrade, improve or modify your Motor Vehicles.
This group has done more to inform and guard against harmful acts than any other.

Joe reports:
 - There was no last minute news or major issues since info came in during month, as listed in NL.
 - [Joe has forwarded information for you throughout the month, not being part of the meeting, it is provided to
         you in the Newsletter. wbc]

WebMaster Report.        Keith Hall, webmaster.

Keith reports:
 - He will be adding Colfax Cruise coverage to the web site. Being pretty busy at present it will be done
        incrementally. Be patient, keep an eye open.
 - The site is pretty good now and will continue to evolve, be improved over time.

Car Show Committee.       2007 Chair; open.
The Car Show Committee is responsible for studying, proposing, then organizing and conducting an Annual Car
Show event to bring to prominent display, some quality, representative vehicles from all of our member clubs for

        page 15 of
the purpose of exhibiting and evidencing to the general public that our Collectible, Special Interest and Historic
Motor Vehicles are of positive areas of interests. Objective, to educate and gain public support.

Committee presently inactive.

Swap Meet Committee.          2007 Chair; Mrs. Shirley Zaner.
The Swap Meet Committee is responsible for studying, proposing, then organizing and conducting an Annual Swap
Meet at which the Council has vendors come in to present for sale their variety of NOS, NORS, repro or vintage
original parts to all our Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts and the general public. Objective is to support the needs of our
Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts and to help create operating funds for the Council - as it has for 39 years now,
since 1968.

Shirley reports:
 - that all the bills have not come in yet, so they have not been able to close out the books, nor determine the
         financial outcome at this time.
 - This is Shirley‟s last year as Committee Chair, if you are interested in chairing this committee call Keith. There
         is a lot of experience available to guide and support. [.hey you can get to see all the parts before anybody
         else too... wbc]

Colfax Avenue Cruise & Festivals.        2007 Chair; Dick Thompson.
This proposes and organizes an annual event to be held in Metro Denver [to be of similar nature to the annual cruise
held in Detroit on Woodward Avenue]. Objective is to hold a largish event for Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts
to bring out, drive and have an „adult show & tell.‟ Meant to be an enjoyable event for all, and as another
opportunity to exhibit ourselves to the public as responsible and respectable and to gain public and legislative

Dick reports:
 - If you weren‟t there, you missed a fantastic event! We don‟t for sure have a count of how many cars were
         there they just came through so fast. Estimates run up to 3,000. I know at each of the sites we had parking
         for 250-300 cars. And each one of those lots turned over, rotated, at least three times.

         I had three objectives. One was just to pull it off, we were able to achieve that. The second one was that
         everyone just enjoy it. Have cruisers come out and enjoy what the night was, and enjoy the experience.
         That happened. And the third one was to at least break even on the money. We did two out of three.

         We pulled it off, the people that came out really enjoyed it, and I‟ve got pix here to see, there are pix on
         the KOOL105 web site, and we‟ll be putting pix up on the Council web site soon. What we achieved with
         this is we didn‟t just have Street Rods and Muscle-Cars out, we got a great variety of cars to come out.
         We had Model As, we had - I don‟t know what that „space ship car‟ was up at East High and Volkswagons
         out. We had somebody pull up in I think it was a 1937 Rolls-Royce, chauffeur driven, and there was an
         actual bride and a groom in it. They got married Saturday and they had the chauffeur to take them up and
         down Colfax so they could see all the cars. Great selection of cars and I thank everybody for that.

        page 16 of
         It was a great time and everybody said they‟d be back next year, we‟ll bring friends. We achieved what we
         wanted to for the first year. I especially thank the Clubs that brought out cars and hosted the sites. The
         Sabers, the AMC Clubs, Denver Roadsters, ColoRODans, Mile High Cobra Club, Pontiac-Oakland Club,
         Packard Club, and AACA. That‟s two out of three.

         Third thing is we wanted to break even for the year. We didn‟t achieve it. I have to apologize. We didn‟t
         break even - we made money! So we‟ll have money available for the Council and we‟ll also have money
         to distribute to D.A.R.E. cause they were our charity and we agreed to split the money with them. The
         total income for the event $20,106 total expenses were $14,464. We have checks tonight for the clubs to
         reimburse their participation and T-Shirt and vendor sales.

         T-Shirts. We ordered a few extra T-Shirts. If you want some, they‟re $5 ea. see Gary after the meeting.
         Gary added, they‟re a quality shirt and priced at only $5 all of which goes to the Council.

         Question asked Dick about media coverage: No TV, got great coverage by the Rocky Mountain News &
         Post. For the four Saturdays before the Cruise there was an article in the Post. Jim Nielsen adds that there
         was good radio coverage. Dick notes that KOOL provided us with some $25,000 of promotional support.
         We got some real good publicity. Also had contact from the Havana Business Improvement District to run
         a cruise too. It‟d run from Colfax to Iliff. [More on this later..] Dick notes that the manager of the Super
         K-Mart at Chambers road only had one complaint, his employees didn‟t want to work - they want to go
         look at the cars.
         There were general comments from several reps about the event, all positive, all in support of next year
         and future events. Everyone who commented was positive. Keith added, there is one thing everyone can
         do. Take some T-Shirts back to your clubs to sell there. Just take what you think you need and let us
         know how many you take. We have plenty.

Old Business.
 - No old business items tonight.

New Business.
 - Pres. Hall opened the floor to the reminder that the Council will hold it‟s Annual Election for Director/ Officers
         for 2008 at the November meeting. [those elected assume office effective January 1st] Keith polled the
         present Board and are willing to serve another term with the exception of Treasurer pro tem Zaner. All
         agreed to serve. Keith then asked Bill Hunter if he would consider filling the Treasurer‟s office. Bill
         indicated he would consider it. Marge Bennett inquired as to the time required.

        Keith restated that the floor is open for nominations from the floor and will be next month prior to any
        voting taking place. He also asked Reps to try to identify candidates from amongst their clubs.
 - no other new business discussed tonight.

Next General Meeting.
 - Wednesday November 07th at 7:30 PM, at the Forney Museum.

        page 17 of
Possible Agenda Items for Next Months Mtg.
 - All costs and expenses are up - budgeting has not been, needs to be looked at..?
 - Where is the Council? What should it be doing? Where should we be taking it..?
 - Any thoughts you and/or your club may have may be brought up under New Business.

Announcements, Reminders & Miscellanea.
Keith noted the following:
 - Elections of the Council‟s Director / Officers for 2008, open to nominations from the floor...
 - Fred Clarke has a “National Service Data Book” 1937-1950; if interested, call Keith.
 - Keith had a call from a film producer looking for 1920s autos; call Keith.
 - The search is on for anyone with pix of the 1947 Rolls with newlyweds that went thru the Cruise site; call Keith
         if you know of or have info on any.
 - Bev Little announces the Museum is doing a special event related to the Titanic. And they will host a
         Halloween event. And they are accepting members again for the first time in several years.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM by President Hall.


Respectfully Submitted, William B. Colburn, Secretary - 2007

        page 18 of
  OLD CAR COUNCIL of Colorado, Inc.               .
                Supporting Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts since 1965
Calendar of Events - 2007.
The Council maintains and provides this list to publicize events your club is holding and other events
that may be of general interest to everyone. Information below is what has been provided by Club
Reps. For this list to be useful, provide us a written note - with complete basic info, as per below.

.HELD ON:         EVENT:                          HELD BY, for MTR VEH’S, LOC’N and CONTACT:

 - Hey? What is this? What’s going on? Are all you guys and gals out gathering, stashing acorns for Winter or
something? Nobody’s calling or sending in the usual notes for any events..?

  Fr 05       “Chariots of the Gods” Concours d’Elegance,,,
                                           by SanB. Rotary Club; Concours Quality, approved MVs. At the
                                           San Bernadino Golf Club, SanB., Calif. Details & info via
                                           888.575.0505 or just soiré on over - can do on-line at
  Fr-Su 05-07 New Mexico AACA Antique Auto Tour - the 35th Annual
                                           by Roadrunner Antique Car Club; MVs 25 or more years old,
                                           $75±/ veh; 08-1X:00, at Hobbs, NM.. Call Darvin Mack at
  Sa 06       Cool Colors of Autumn Show & So. Broadway Cruise.
                                           by Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders; All MVs, $>/ veh; 08-1X:00, at
                                           Home Depot at Lucent & Highlands Ranch Pkwy. Call & let
                                           George do it - at 303.870.3999 or look into
  Su 07       Annual All GM Picnic.        by Pontiac-Oakland Club; Any GM MVs, $0/ veh; 09-14:00, at
                                           Castlewood Canyon State Park, Franktown. Directions and Info,
                                           call Gary Canady at 303.886.7923
  Sat 13      Searchlight Rallye & Benefit by MG Club; all MVs, $>/ veh; a rallye in the foothills to locate a
                                           distant searchlight. Leave Christ on the Mountain Church at 13922
                                           W. Utah Ave, Lkwd at 19:30. Info - call Dick Fritz at 303.774.9710
              Su 14                            Low-Speed Autocross at CSP Trk
                                               by Colo Sprgs Corvette Club; ?> MVs, $30-60/ veh; reg at
                                           07:30, at CSP Track at Camp Geo West, Golden, Fr I-70 W on
                                           Colfax, Rt on Quail Call Shawn or Ashley Mess at 719.268.6926
  Su 14     Boulder County Rev It Up! Fund Raising Event to benefit Special Transit [a non-profit aid group...]
                                           by Bldr Cty Special Transit; tour Tebo collection & retro happy
                                           hour 4-7 PM ff by silent auction fund raiser; at Stephen Tebo;s
                                           Private MV Collection in Bldr. Call 303.477.2848 or
  Su 14       Durango Fall Poker Run.      by Durango Car Club; All MVs, $>/ veh; meet at JP Tire Store in
                                           Durango. Call Steve Wylie at 970.247.8761
  Th 18       Eaton A&W Car Show.          by A&W Family Restaurant; All MVs, $>/ veh; A&W at 680 Oak
                                           St, in Eaton. Call at 970.454,2959 for details.
  Sa 27       NSRA - All Club Meeting.     by area clubs; at Saber‟s Clubhouse, 6110 Huron, Denver. Call
                                           Pat Shaw at 303.776.8659 or Fred Williams 307.632.1045
  Su 28     Colorado Avalanche Car Show.
                                           by Bandimere & Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club; All MVs, $>/
                                           veh; 09-1X:00, at Pepsi Center. Call Bandimere‟s at 303.697.6001

  Th 31         Halloween.                       by.. don’t ask! I stopped asking after hearing it‟s the highest
holy day on the Satanic Church‟s calender? So - enjoy..? Well, whatever you do or don‟t do - remember to be
   page 19 of
careful and watchful if out driving in the evening. Little ones are looking for candy - not oncoming traffic..!

                                               page 20 of                                rev 02-Feb-2011
 Sa 03       Open House & Show at Kafka‟s by Ken Kafka, American Truck Hist Soc; drive what ya‟ got!
                                         Come ck out the trucks tractors, cars, etc gathering at the Kafka‟s.
                                         Call Ken for directions and details at 970.834.2416
 - NOTE: Veterans Day is actually on Sunday 11-Nov - thus some events being held Saturday, the day
  Sa 10        Veterans              Parade - Longmont.
                                               by American Legion Post 32; ALL MVs, $0/ veh; Meet at 09:45,
                                               at Post 32, 315 So. Bowen, Longmont; from I-25 take Colo 119
                                               West, go No on Bowen. Call John Baker at the Post -
  Sa 10        Veterans              Parade - Denver.
                                              Women Marines Assn & Cad-LaSalle Club; Any make „39 thru
                                              early 50s MVs, $0/ veh; Meet at 09:00 at SW Cor Alameda &
                                              Broadway in Denver. More info; call John Evans at 303.425.9515
  Sa 10        Rail Fan Historical Presentation. by Forney Museum; “Ski Train,” $0, presenter is Mr. Richard
                                              Luckin. For info call museum 303.297.1113
  Sa 17        Colo Railroad Museum - Free Day
                                              by CRM; no admission charges to tour the museum, located at
                                              17155 W. 44th Ave, Golden. More info, 303.279.4591

  Th 22        Thanksgiving Day ! A day to be with family & friends - to give
            In 1621 the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony first gathered together with the Wampanoag Indians to
            feast, celebrate and to give thanks to God for the blessings of their new life in this, their new land.
            Let us also gather our families and friends to share friendship, pleasant times - and especially, to
            give our thanks...

  Fr 23                       Christmas Parade
                                         by Estes Park Merchants; All MVs, in downtown Estes Park. For
                                         details call them days at 800.443.7837
  Fr-Su 23-25 Rocky Mtn Rod & Custom Show by Greybeard Promotions; all MVs, $>/ veh; 09-2x:00, at
                                         National Western Complex I-70 & Brighton Blvd, Denver. Call
                                         303.> or
  Sa 24       Pueblo Parade of Lights    by Pueblo C of C; All MVs, $>/ veh; for details and full info call the
                                         Chamber, days at 719.542.1704.

Dec 2007
 Sa 01         Greeley Lights the Nights Parade
                                             by Greeley Convn & Visitors Bureau; All MVs, in dntn Greeley,
                                             gather at >, at > PM, Call 970.352.3567 or

 - 07          Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Our Union‟s first tragic reminder that evil never rests - nor

  Tu 25        Hanukkah begins at Sundown.                    Best wishes for your holy days and seasons.

  Sa 08       Hope Memorial Toys for Tots Cruise.
                                           by No Colo Mopars; All MVs, $>/ veh; 1x:00 fr Sonic Drive-In at
                                           1301 W. Elizabeth, Ft Collins; fr I-25 W on > Call Gary Wright at
                                           970.226.5822 for more info.
  Sa-Su 15-16 Houston Vintage & Collector Car Auction.
                                           by Kruse Intnl; Collectible MVs , at Houston Texas‟ Reliant
                                           Center. For info call Dean Kruse at 800.968.4444 or
                                             page 21 of                                rev 02-Feb-2011
Tu 25   Christmas Day !            A day the Christian 80%+ of the population of our great and Free Union
        celebrate in many ways, in many family and ancestral traditions. And celebrate the birth of one come
        to bring us Peace and life everlasting. May Peace and Joy be with you - and for us all. Bless our
        troops wherever they may be serving...

                                       page 22 of                             rev 02-Feb-2011
        troops wherever they may be serving...

                                       page 22 of                             rev 13-Nov-2010

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