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									Legal Aid and Assistance            Help's On The Way Resources               Posting Date 3/16/2007

Attorney-Schoolcraft Women's
                                 McDowell Center, Room 225, Schoolcraft
Resource Center, Third Monday of                                               734 462-4443
Month, 5-7 p.m. free
Child Support-Kids Now           Help in obtaining child support.              800-901-7410
                                 Help for Detroit residents in danger of
HOPE-Detroit Home Ownership
                                 defaulting on their mortgages and to          888-995-4673
Preservation Enterprise
                                 avioid foreclosure.
Home Business-Online Help,
Legal Forms
Legal Forms-Free Online         
Legal Forms
Home Business-Free Online Help

Senior Citizens(age 60 or older)  Telephone consultations from Michigan
Free Statewide Legal Hotline      Bar Association for Seniors with limited     800-347-5297
Call during normal business hours access to a lawyer.

Wayne County Friend of Court    Call main number or check front of
324 Penobscot Bldg,645 Griswold phone directory under Government,
                                                                               Main Number
Detroit, MI                     Wayne County,for Department listings.

Wayne County Probate Court
Detroit Mi                                        313-224-5706
forms,hours,information, location
William Booth Legal Aid Clinic
3737 Lawton                          Legal Aid Clinic of the Salvation Army    313-963-5604
Detroit, MI 48208
Legal Forms-Free Online          
                                                          Macomb County        888-783-8190
Legal Assistance                                          Oakland County       248-569-9658
                                                           Wayne County        313-964-4700
Legal Assistance-HUD
Housing Discrimination
Legal Assistance                      Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan      313-963-1274
Housing Discrimination                               Detroit                  9am-5pm Mon-Fri
Legal Assistance                    Can investigate complaints or direct you   800-910-7315
National Fair Housing Alliance           to nearby fair housing center.       9am-5pm Mon-Fri
Accounting Aid Society                                                         313-647-9620
Free income tax preparation, free       30 sites, some by
e-filing for low income                                                       appointment only
I.R.S. Free File-Can use to file
taxes and determine if eligible for                     English and Spanish
Earned Income Credit

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