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									                       DOLPHIN STADIUM/MIAMI DOLPHINS
                              JOB DESCRIPTION

            POSITION:      Sr. Director, Marketing and Brand Development

DEPARTMENT:          Sales & Marketing
REPORTS TO:          Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
STATUS:              Exempt

   The Senior Director (SD) is responsible for all marketing, brand and fan
    development functions on behalf of the Miami Dolphin, Dolphin Stadium and
    Dolphins Enterprises. The SD will work in conjunction with Senior Management
    to refine and implement the brand strategy, the brand strategy execution and the
    on-going brand management for the three entities.
   The SD will be accountable for maximizing strategic brand awareness on an
    external basis with a focus on creating brand consistency across all internal
    departments and leveraging and integrating the resources throughout the
   The SD will work closely with all sales departments to assist in developing
    programs and materials to support organizational sales and revenue goals.
   The SD will drive the conceptual and strategic thinking and planning behind the
    approach of the team’s off-field marketing efforts.
   The SD will work with corporate communications on the development and
    implementation of all communications designed to increase the market identity of
    the team and support organizational initiatives. This includes all sales, “brand”
    related activities, promotional functions, and community events.
   The SD is responsible for creating value/content and will work with other
    departments, including marketing partnerships, to drive revenues by monetizing
    the content, creating awareness, loyalty, partnerships, merchandising and will
    assist in developing other new revenue streams.
   The SD will further the Team and Stadium as year-round, international brands
    and ensure dominant position across multiple demographic segments (age,
    geography, ethnicity, gender, etc.).
   The SD will research and develop additional fan and brand development
    initiatives to grow the Dolphins business, including Hispanic, Outer Market,
    Female, Youth, etc. targeted programs.
   The SD is responsible for establishing baseline measures and developing a
    tracking system by which to best measure results.

   The SD will work in conjunction with the team, stadium and enterprises
     members, as well as any company appointed consultants/agencies (i.e.
     advertising, market research, etc.), to oversee the development of all printed and
     electronic marketing materials to ensure brand consistency and that position the
     team and its products for high visibility with customers, partners and media
   The SD will maintain and set benchmarks for the look and consistency of all
    internal and external materials. This will include development and management
    of Visual Identity Manuals for internal and partner use that will ensure brand
   Oversee all advertising and collateral materials in support of brand development,
    ticket sales, sponsorships, community relations, etc. SD will liaison with
    advertising agency and evaluate agency performance on an annual basis.
   Work with sponsors, media and broadcast partners to leverage and activate
    those relationships in support of team marketing initiatives. Also seek and
    develop additional strategic alliances.
   Act as the primary contact for all strategic marketing and creative content and will
    require cross-functional department work to insure maximum integration in
    particular with football operations, community relations, sponsorship sales, in-
    game entertainment, special events, cheerleaders, media relations,
    merchandise, publications, broadcast and internet areas.
   Responsible for development and placement of unique club assets
    (cheerleaders, mascot, etc.) with an emphasis on consistency with brand
    objectives and revenue generation.
   Consider and develop programs oriented toward driving popularity and value of
    both the brand itself and marquee players.
   Work in conjunction with SVP, Sales & Marketing on the development of the
    annual sales and marketing plan.
   Develop annual marketing and promotional calendar, in conjunction with
    Consumer Marketing Group, that focuses on key periods and develops valuable
    sub-brands for the team (i.e. Kickoff Week, Draft, etc.).
   Responsible for market research and monitor competitive trends in consumer
    marketing across the sports and entertainment industry; to initiate and implement
    marketing strategies that capitalize on market opportunities. Develop a regular
    trend-reporting tool for the organization to understand and benefit from insights.
    Advise and counsel on how these trends can be interpreted into action plans for
    the team.
   Identify and monitor relevant consumer segments for increased marketing and
    brand outreach programs.
   Work with the NFL to localize any league initiatives and use league research that
    would help strengthen the position of the Dolphins brand locally, regionally and
   Work with the Sales Department and IT to further develop the customer
    relationship management (CRM) program that optimizes the current database,
    increases the registered fan base, garners new registered fans, and explore
    programs and offerings that increase their Dolphins involvement year-round.
    Consideration should be given to other NFL franchise websites and use of
    relationship programs, developing online panels for fan feedback, input on new
    concepts, and ongoing dialog.
   Work with the stadium staff on formulating all new stadium marketing efforts
    pertaining to club seats, suites, corporate partners as well as new business
    development programs.
   Responsible for directing and managing a staff of (XXX) and developing and
    overseeing the Departmental budget.

      Established record of success at an advertising agency, marketing, or an
       entertainment based marketing company; strong marketing, branding and
       analytical skills; able to work with, and manage people to get projects completed;
       understanding of consumer and market research.
      Strong organizational and administrative skill
      Advanced strategic planning skills
      Excellent verbal, written and communications skills
      Bachelors or Masters Degree with business or sports management emphasis
      Other related duties as assigned

Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable individuals with disabilities to
perform the essential functions of the job.

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