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					                                               University of Missouri System
                                          Division of Finance & Administration - B

      Administrative/Technical/Professional Staff Performance Evaluation
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  Performance factors are rated at one of the four performance levels.
  4. Exceeds Expectations: Performance exceeds requirements and expectations of the performance factors in all key areas.
  Performance at this level demonstrates a degree of accomplishment that goes beyond reasonable and demanding standards.

  3. Achieves Expectations: Performance at this level demonstrates a degree of accomplishment that clearly fulfills the requirements and
  expectations of the performance factors. It reflects good, solid and consistent achievement.

  2. Needs Improvement: Performance at this level is inconsistent with expectations and requirements of the performance factors are
  frequently not met in several areas.
  1. Fails to Meet Expectations: Performance at this level is consistently below the expectations for the performance factors. Individual
  performance fails to meet requirements in most, if not all areas.

  Evaluate the employee's performance on each of the six performance factors listed below. Read the attribute statements associated with
  the performance factor carefully before making your assessment. Assign the appropriate performance rating level (4 to 1) to the
  performance factor. Refer to the performance level descriptions above as a guide to your assessment. In the comments section provide
  supporting narrative describing aspects of the employee's performance that is noteworthy or that may require special attention.

                                                      Core Performance Factors

    1. Customer Focus - the extent to which the employee
     ● Is responsive, courteous, and accessible to customers; listens effectively to the voice of the customer; translates customer
        requirements into deliverable products or services
     ● Fosters a positive customer relationship inside and outside the unit; creates a lasting positive impression with customers; builds a
        trusted client relationship
     ● Monitors customer satisfaction through appropriate feedback mechanisms; takes steps to improve deliverable products or services
        based on customer input; follows-up to insure changes meet customer needs
     ● Takes the initiative to continuously improve customer service, uses benchmarking and best practices as a tool to gauge
        effectiveness and improve service; consistently maintains a focus on providing customers the highest quality product or service

                                                                                        Performance Rating
    Supporting Comments:

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   2. Job Knowledge and Technical Proficiency - the extent to which the employee
    ● Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of position functions; mastery of work processes, methods, systems and procedures; frequently
        a source of information for others in the unit
    ●   Demonstrates effective analytical ability; synthesizes information and understands interrelationships; translates analysis into
        actionable recommendations
    ●   Is proficient and creative in solving problems; weighs cost/benefits of many solutions to problems; able to anticipate and discover
        problems in advance and recommends remedial solutions
    ●   Employs the tools and technology for the position in an effective and efficient manner; stays current with productivity enhancement
        tools and technology; mastery of automatic work systems and supporting technology
    ●   Keeps up with advances outside the University in his/her field of specialization; serves as a knowledge source of new ideas; takes
        initiative in creating new processes to enhance the unit's performance

                                                                                            Performance Rating
   Supporting Comments:

   3. Productivity - the extent to which the employee
    ● Produces quality work; work is accurate, thorough, reliable, error free, and delivered in a timely manner; work positively impacts the
       effectiveness of others in the unit and outside the unit; frequently praised for delivering quality service to others
    ● Delivers expected production targets or service volume consistently; diagnoses barriers to production or outcome targets; fixes
       problems and eliminates barriers to achieve desired productivity goals and targets
    ● Sets specific, measurable, achievable,. Relevant, time based goals; effectively prioritizes goals and achieves goals; manages
       project deadlines in a timely manner; consistently meets project milestones and deadlines
    ● Looks for ways to improve processes that enhance productivity; documents processes and monitors work system performance;
       conscientiously practices continuous improvement; shares information and resources to help others be more productive and to
    ● Manages own time effectively; utilizes effective work methods to achieve results; organizes work effectively; minimizes rework and
       waste of time and materials
    ● Exercises good judgment in handling both normal and unusual situations; makes difficult decisions when appropriate and accepts
       responsibility for them; obtains and evaluates pertinent information and presents sound ideas and constructive suggestions

                                                                                        Performance Rating
   Supporting Comments:

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   4. Communications/Interpersonal Skills - the extent to which the employee
    ● Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills necessary for the position
    ● Encourages open exchange of ideas and opinions; develops effective channels of communication up and down the organization;
       communicates important information in a timely manner; follows-up in a timely fashion to clarify any misunderstandings or
    ● Listens and interacts effectively with others in a helpful and informative manner; assesses and takes steps to improve ability to
       communicate so that ideas and consultations are conveyed with clarity and efficiency
    ● Works harmoniously with subordinates, peers and superiors; exercises tact and diplomacy in dealing with others; is able to
       constructively handle conflict; understands when comprise is needed to achieve the larger purpose of the unit; is an effective
    ● Offers feedback in a constructive manner; delivers feedback in a sensitive and caring way; consistently receives feedback with a
       positive attitude; seeks to understand rather than defend against negative feedback; uses feedback to improve personal
                                                                                        Performance Rating
   Supporting Comments:

 5. Professionalism/Approach to Work - the extent to which the employee
    ● Demonstrates commitment, dedication, cooperation and a positive attitude; direct, straight forward and authentic; enthusiastic,
       energetic and dependable
    ● Knows and complies with University policies and procedures; effectively interprets University policies and procedures and
       communicates those to affected constituents and clients
    ● Is flexible and adaptable to changing work demands, priorities and circumstances; is receptive to new ideas and change;
       innovative and creative in approaching work assignments
    ● Demonstrates respect for diversity in all its multi-facets; is tolerant of differing cultures, world views and perspectives, honors the
       humanity and dignity of all individuals
        Demonstrates integrity and honesty; establishes and nurtures trusting relationships; deals fairly and forthrightly with others
    ● Assumes accountability for actions and mistakes; accepts and/or seeks additional responsibility appropriate to the position; takes
        reasonable and responsible risk in making decisions
    ● Assumes responsibility for own professional and personal growth and development; seeks out educational and training
        opportunities to advance career; effectively uses personal coaching and mentoring as a tool for improvement

                                                                                          Performance Rating
   Supporting Comments:

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   6. Cooperation/Collaboration - the extent to which the employee
    ● Develops effective working relationships inside and outside the immediate work unit; leads efforts to help others develop effective
        working relationships throughout the organization
    ● Contributes ideas and shares information within and across work groups; shares lessons learned, conveys a positive manner and
        influence in a team environment; volunteers to lead team initiatives
    ● Works effectively with others to achieve common goals; willing to invest extra time and energy to achieve team goals; recognizes
        when a team approach is the better way of solving a problem
    ● Acknowledges success of others in accomplishing team goals; conveys a community spirit of "we" vs. "me"; promotes the welfare
        of team members

                                                                                            Performance Rating
   Supporting Comments:

   Achievement of personal objectives is to be rated at one of four performance levels:

   4. Exceeds Expectations: Performance at this level signifies achievement of objectives beyond indicated outcomes within the time
   frame specified and with measurable results.

   3. Meets Expectations: Performance at this level indicates achievement of objectives and desired outcomes within the time frame
   specified and with measurable results.

   2. Needs Improvement: Performance at this level indicates the individual did not consistently achieve all objectives and desired
   outcomes within the time frame specified and with measurable results.

   1. Unacceptable: Failed to accomplish most, if not all, objectives.

                                                               Individual Objective Achievement Rating

                                             Reviewer's Overall Evaluation Comments

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