; Guardian Power of Attorney
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Guardian Power of Attorney


Guardian Power of Attorney document sample

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									                                                                     E-Signature Availability
The following application scenarios are not eligible for e-signature; however, the completion of these applications on iGO will significantly reduce the
time it takes to get the case placed. The goal of this chart is to better communicate e-signature scenarios and work with carriers to increase e-
signature applicability.
E-Sign Not Available When…                              Genworth       ING       Prudential    Assurity     Nationwide      AXA         Phoenix Pacific Life Transamerica Mutual of Omaha              Banner     John Hancock
                                                                                                                                                           Term, UL,
                                                                                                         CI, DI,   Term, UL, WL,   Term, UL,   Term, UL,   VUL, IUL,
                Products Available > > >                              Term       Term   Term, UL, VUL   Term, WL       SPUL           VUL         VUL         WL            Term        Term          AppAssist     LifeCare
Insurance Company does not yet support e-signature                                                                                                            
E-Signature is NOT available on the insurance company's
portal, but is available a distributor's portal
                                                                                            
E-Signature is not available in New York or Florida at this time                                                                                                             
E-Signature is not available in Florida                            Cannot do                                                                                                       app not approved
                                                                   full app in                                                                                                           in FL
                                                                    FL so no
Initial payment by cash or check (TIAA)                                                                                                                                    
Proposed Insured and Policy Owner are not the same                     
The Premium Payor is not the Proposed Insured/Owner                                         
On the 'Representations' screen the answer to 'Is Application
being signed by a legal guardian, power of attorney or a person
                                                                                                                                                                      NA
authorized to act on behalf of minor children?' is 'Yes'

There are multiple owners of the policy                                                     
Primary insured is a minor (less than 15 years of age)                                                                                                               NA
More than one trustee's signature is required                                    
If the Proposed Insured or the Owner’s SSN or TIN is not
                                                                    Need PI                                                                                                  
                                                                   SSN to be
                                                                    in good
                                                                                            
The Owner is a Trustee, Corporate, Estate or Institution.
E-Signature is allowed under all scenarios                                                                             
If they are doing a montly bank withdrawal (BSP or Bank                                                                                                                                   
Service Plan in UPP verbiage) and the Payor is someone
other than the Insured or the owner.
Only agent e-Signs, no client e-Signature is required for Drop

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