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Military General Power of Attorney - Excel


Military General Power of Attorney document sample

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									                             Pre-Deployment Checklist For Single Soldiers
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                 Is your emergency data card up top date with the names and telephone numbers of parents, other Family
                 members, and/or friends?
                 Have you generated a Power of Attorney for trusted Family member or friend to handle your personal
                 affairs while you are deployed? Who has it?

                 If you have pets, have you made arrangements for their care and have you provided that person with
                 medication, shot records, appointments, and veterinarian's telephone numbers? Who has the pets?

                 Do you have addresses for Family and friends you intend to stay in touch with and do they know how to
                 reach you?
                 Do you have enough uniforms to last for the time you are gone?
                 Do you have an AKO account? Do you know how to access it?
                 Does your Family:
                      Have your complete mailing and e-mail address?
                      Know your unit information?
                      Know the name and telephone number of the rear detachment commander?
                      Know how to use the Red Cross in case of an emergency?
                 Is your Family/Fiancée enrolled with your unit's vFRG?
                 Have you thought about your homecoming/return and do you know who you want to meet you when you
                 get back?
                 What kind of support information will your "parent, sibling, friend" need in your absence?
                 Is you military ID card valid until after you return from deployment?
                 Will any promotion or other military boards take place during your deployment that you will be eligible
                 for? Have you updated your ERB/ORB, DA Photo, OMPF and other important files in anticipation?

                 Do you have a MyPay Account and do you know how to access it?
                 Do you know how you are going to pay your bills?
                 Have you made plans to save money while you are deployed? (ex. SAVINGS DEPOSIT PROGRAM)
                 Have you set up any electronic bank transfers, automatic bill payments, or allotments to pay your bills or
                 provide money to others during your deployment?
                 Are all you credit cards accounted for? Are numbers logged and kept in a safe place? Do you have the
                 addresses to notify them in case of loss and do you know how to contact them if you have any billing
                 Do you have all of your bank account information in one location for easy reference? Location: Who has
                 the information on your estate?
                 If you have a vehicle, have you arranged for continued payments, safekeeping of keys and paperwork, and
                 vehicle storage? Location of vehicle.
                 Is you car registered and inspected for the duration of the deployment?
                 Did you check to see if you could save on car insurance if your car is in storage?
                 Did you contact your insurance company to notify them if someone will be driving your vehicle while you
                 are deployed or that it will be stored in your absence?
                 Is your civilian driver's license current through the end of your deployment?
                 Have you removed all high value items from your automobile?
                 Are you taking your civilian driver's license with you to use on R & R or for reference purposes during your

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                             Pre-Deployment Checklist For Single Soldiers
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                 Have you notified your landlord of your absence during your deployment?
                 Is your house/apartment/condominium secure?
                 Is your phone disconnected?
                 Have you turned off the utilities or had the accounts suspended until your return (internet provider, cable
                 company and cell phone)?
                 Is your stereo equipment, computer, and bicycle secure and is it insured? Location of these items.
                 Have you done high dollar have value inventory documenting your household goods during your absence
                 to include serial numbers? Who has this documentation?
                 Have you photographed or video taped the contents of your home? Where are the pictures/video?
                 Do you need a general or special Power of Attorney to give permission to someone (parent, sibling, or
                 friend) to handle your bills or any issues that arise? (Recommend Special POA)
                 Does the monetary distributions specified in your SGLI match the wishes in your Will?
                 Do you need a special medical directive regarding organ donation or the use of heroic measures?
                 Do you have a Living Will?
                 Do you own property or other assets that would need to be covered in a Will or would a Will by-law
                 disposition be adequate for dissolving you estate?
                 Do you have adequate life insurance coverage? Have you stored the insurance papers in a safe location
                 where your next-of-kin can find them? Location
                 Will you need a valid passport for R & R?
                 Do you have copies of your Federal and State tax records?
                 Do you know how to get tax assistance while deployed?
                 Have you registered to vote in your State of residence?
                 Have you collected all of your important documents into a secure, safe and fireproof location? Does your
                 Family know how to access them? Location?

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