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                                                           NFLD         PEI       NS         NB       PQ        ONT         MAN           SASK         ALB       BC          NWT        YUKON       NUNAVUT
 SECTION A: Within Province Mutual Aid
 1. Are fire departments within your
province/territory required to have a formal Mutual
Aid plan?                                                  No           No        No         No       No        Yes         No            No           No        No          No         Yes         No
2. Do fire departments in your province/territory
participate voluntarily in an intra provincial/territorial
Mutual Aid program?                                        Yes          Yes       Yes        Yes      No        Yes         Yes           Yes          Yes       Yes         No         Yes         No
3. Approximately how many fire departments within
your province/territory have Mutual Aid Agreements
with their neighbouring fire departments?                  Unknown      50-75%    75-100%*   Unknown 75-100%    75-100%     75-100%       50-75%*      75-100%* 0-25%        n/a *      Unknown     0-25%
4. Please rate the overall usage of the Within
Province Mutual Aid System on a monthly basis in
your province/territory.
                                                           Infrequent   Rarely    Frequent** Infrequent Unknown Frequent    Frequent      Infrequent** Frequent Infrequent   n/a        Rarely      Never
5. Please rate the overall effectiveness of the
Within Province mutual aid system in your
province/territory.                                        Somewhat     Highly*   Highly^    Unknown Highly #   Highly      Highly        Somewhat^ Highly       Somewhat    n/a        Somewhat* Not Effective
SECTION B: Inter Province/Territory Mutual Aid
1. Do the bordering fire departments within your
province/territory participate in an inter
provincial/territorial Mutual Aid program?                 No           No        Yes        Yes      Yes       No          Yes           Yes          Yes       Yes         No         Yes         No
2. Are there formal fire department Mutual Aid
Agreements between provinces/territories? If yes,
approx. what percentage?                                 No             n/a       n/a        Yes      0-25%     n/a         No            0-25%        0-25%     No          n/a        Unknown     0-25%
3. Please rate the overall usage of the Inter-
Province Mutual Aid system on a monthly basis in
your province/territory.                                 Infrequent n/a           n/a        Infrequent Unknown n/a         Infrequent* Infrequent     Rarely    n/a         n/a        Rarely **   No
4. Please rate the overall effectiveness of the Inter-
Province Mutual Aid system in your
province/territory.                                      Somewhat n/a             #          Unknown Unknown n/a            Highly**      Somewhat     Unknown n/a           n/a        Somewhat ^ Not Effective
SECTION C: International Mutual Aid
1. Do you have border municipality fire departments
within your province/territory? If yes, approx. how
many municipalities?                                     No             No        No         Unknown Yes        Yes         10-25         <10          <10       10-25       No         Unknown     No
2. Do your border municipal fire departments have
formal Mutual Aid Agreements/Plans with their U.S.
counterparts? If yes, approx. how many?               n/a        n/a       n/a               <10      <10       <10         <10           <10          <10       No          n/a        Unknown^^ No
3. Please rate the overall usage of the International
Mutual Aid system on a monthly basis in your
province/territory.                                   n/a        n/a       n/a               Unknown Unknown Unknown        Rarely        Infrequent   Rarely    n/a         n/a        Unknown     Never
4. Please rate the overall effectiveness of the
International Mutual Aid system in your
province/territory.                                   n/a        n/a       n/a               Unknown Unknown Unknown        Highly ^      Somewhat     Unknown n/a           n/a        Unknown     Not Effective
SECTION D: Mutual Aid Program Oversight
1. Does your provincial/territorial Fire Marshal/Fire
Commissioner's Office play a role in ensuring that
each fire department have/participates in a Mutual
Aid program?                                          No         No        Yes^^             Yes      Yes       Yes         Yes ^^        Yes          Yes**     No          No         Yes         No
2. What role does the CAFC provincial
representative play in the leadership of your Mutual No role -
Aid system?                                           Liason     Liaison** No role           Liason   Liaison   No role     Promotion# Promotion       No role   No role     Other **   Liaison     No Role
3. What additional information are you able to
provide that would give a greater understanding of
the Mutual Aid system in your province/territory?           See Comments Below

     11/13/2010                                                                                                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\aeb4b56b-a225-4131-be1d-3fb7049b7804.xls]
SUMMARY                                                                  Rating         Number Percent
Number of surveys issued                                                                  13        100%
Number returned                                                                           13        100%

RESULTS: Based on 13 participating provinces/territories

Section A: Within Province/Territory Mutual Aid
                                                                                 Yes      2          15%
1. Required to have a formal provincial mutual aid plan
                                                                                  No      11         85%
                                                                                 Yes      10         77%
2. Voluntarily participating in an intra provincial mutual aid program
                                                                                  No      3          23%
                                                                              0-25%       3          23%
                                                                             50-75%       2          15%
3. Number of dept who have agreements with neighbouring departments
                                                                           75-100%        5          39%
                                                                           Unknown        3          23%
                                                                           Frequent       4          31%
                                                                          Infrequent      4          31%
4. Overall usage rating                                                       Rarely      2          15%
                                                                               Never      2          15%
                                                                           Unknown        1           8%
                                                                                High      6          46%
                                                                          Somewhat        4          31%
5. Overall effectiveness rating
                                                                           Unknown        1           8%
                                                                                 N/A      2          15%

Section B: Inter Province/Territory Mutual Aid
                                                                                 Yes       8         62%
1. Bordering FD participate in inter provincial/territorial program
                                                                                  No       5         38%
                                                                              0-25%        5         38%
2. Percentage with formal agreements between prov/terr                            No       7         54%
                                                                           Unknown         1          8%
                                                                              Rarely       2         15%
                                                                          Infrequent       4         31%
3. Overall usage rating
                                                                                None       6         46%
                                                                           Unknown         1          8%
                                                                               Highly      1          8%
                                                                          Somewhat         3         23%
4. Overall effectiveness rating
                                                                           Unknown         2         15%
                                                                                 N/A       7         54%

Section C: International Mutual Aid
                                                                                 <10       4         32%
                                                                               10-25       2         15%
1. Number of municipal Fire Departments with borders
                                                                                None       5         38%
                                                                           Unknown         2         15%
                                                                                 <10       5         38%
2. Border municipal FD have formal Mutual Aid agreement with US                 None       6         47%
                                                                           Unknown         2         15%
                                                                                Rare       2         15%
                                                                          Infrequent       1          8%
3. Overall useage rating                                                       Never       1          8%
                                                                           Unknown         4         32%
                                                                                 N/A       5         37%
                                                                               Highly      1          8%
                                                                          Somewhat         1          8%
4. Overall effectiveness rating
                                                                           Unknown         5         38%
                                                                                 N/A       6         46%

Section D: Mutual Aid Program Oversight
                                                                                  Yes      8         62%
1. FMO/FCO plays role in ensuring participation in Mutual Aid program
                                                                                   No      5         38%
                                                                           Promotion       2         15%
                                                                              Liaison      4         31%
2. Role CAFC provincial representative plays in leadership of MAP
                                                                                None       6         46%
                                                                                Other      1          8%
          The mutual aid system that we use is one where any department that borders our fire district receives and provides mutual aid to and from us. Also if we
          require further assistance we can call on any department and they will respond, but we call on our neighbours first. In our mutual aid group we have a
  PEI     copy of all resources within each department. * We have a good relationship with our neighbouring Departments and among us we have unlimited
          resources and training in all areas, we also train together a few times per year. ** It is in his mandate to insure that every department has a mutual aid
          agreement with their neighbouring departments.
          There is a real need for standardization and formalization of both systems. Work from the BC Fire Commissioner will begin to improve this. Discussions
  BC      and work between BC and Alberta will also contribute. And in the Lower Mainland there is a somewhat formalized Border exchange agreement that needs
          to be aggressively shared and expanded.
          As noted,due to the remote location of the majority of communities within the NWT, mutual aid has never been an option. * Due to the remote location of
 NWT      communities within the Beaufort Delta Region, mutual aid is not an option. However it would be if we had the resources within a reasonable distance. The
          communities surrounding Inuvik could not respond as it would leave that community without fire protection. Beyond Inuvik, each community has only one
          pumper truck. ** Mutual Aid is not a feasible option in our region/Territory.
          Nova Scotians have a long history of relying upon each other in times of crisis. As long as there have been fire services in the province there have been
          mutual aid agreements between neighbours, however, many have never been formalized on paper. Since the regionalization of Halifax and Cape Breton in
          1996 a large number of previously independent departments have merged at the regional level and are part of centrally managed services. The success of
          multi-station responses in these areas, involving previously independent entities, has sparked an interest throughout the rest of the province in similar
          systems. Mutual aid associations are likely to be the vehicle for expansion of these systems in rural areas. * Nova Scotia is covered by regional mutual aid
          associations. Members frequently provide or use mutual aid from neighbours. Some departments may not be formal members of their regional association,
          but access to resources when requested is seldom, if ever, denied. Some small departments have simple "handshake" agreements with nothing
  NS      ** Usage of mutual aid is primarily on a "when requested basis" and is used for large events. A growing number of departments are going into automatic
          mutual aid on certain types of calls due to reliance on tanker shuttles or the need to ensure adequate manpower during certain periods of the day. Some
          areas that rely heavily on seasonal employment (lobster fisher, for example) use automatic mutual aid on a seasonal basis to ensure response and/or
          staffing levels.
          ^ The system has grown from the grassroots, not by provincial mandate. It therefore is responsive to local needs and conditions, and is managed locally.
          The Fire Marshall's office has encouraged and support these associations but ahs no mandated involvement with them. ^^ There is no mandated
          involvement in mutual aid associations/groups. The Office of the Fire Marshal does support the existence of these groups in informal ways. #
          Departments in close proximity to the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border do provide mutual aid to each other. I have not been personally involved with
          these departments and cannot comment on the formality of these arrangements, or their effectiveness.
          * 50% are one-way fire Protection Agreements and 50% are reciprocal mutual aid agreements. ** Where formal "mutual aid agreements" are in place the
          mutual aid is highly effective, Saskatchewan-Manitoba border. ^ The Office of the Fire Commissioner is responsible for maintenance and administration of
          the Provincial Mutual Aid System. Strong emphasis is put towards maintaining this highly successful provincial mutual aid. ^^ Fire Cheifat member Dept.
          active supporter of the Provincial Mutual Aid System. # The Province of Manitoba has a very strong and successful Intra-Provincial Mutual Aid System
          consisting of 17 Mutual Aid Districts in Southern Manitoba and 3 Northern training Districts. Over 200 Municipal and industrial fire departments participate
  Man     within the Provincial system. Individual Municipal Agreements are also in place within various locations with neighbouring departments along the
          Saskatchewan and U.S. borders, however no formal agreement between the Provinces or the U.S. presently exists. The Office of the Fire Commissioner
          plays a key role in the administration, training and operation of the Provincial Mutual Aid System.

          During large scale emergencies that are deemed to be "Provincial" in nature, the Mutal Aid Districts are prepared to extend their support beyond normal
          district boundaries in support of each other. Additional information available at

          * It would be more like 50-60% have agreements. Of these there would be 50% which do not have such agreements in writing. ** Most of the jurisdictions
 Sask     are capable of handling the situation they are faced with. ^ Response times could be quite long.

Alberta   * There has been a concerted effort from the Fire Commissioner's Office over the past 30 years to see this done. ** Advisors
          *Rating falls between not effective and somewhat effective. The effectiveness of any system is dependent on communication and knowing one's roles and
 Yukon    responsibilities. That is an area that we need to focus heavily on. ** Work in progress. ^ In place, however requires fine tuning. ^^ Yukon-Alaska

Newf'lnd Newfoundland and Labrador are signed participants in the IEMA (International Emergency Mutual Aid) compact which is an agreement established
         between the eastern Canadian provinces and the New England States
         # Response time and strike force have been improved throughout the Province following the implementation of the recent risk analysis which requires all
         municipalities to ensure adequate coverage. This is obtained through mutual aid system. Although mutual aid system is not mandatory, it is reuired to
         obtain maximum efficiency in response time and strike force to ensure and provide adequate protection in rural areas. This is achieved with the risk
         analysis which is in progress within the Province of Quebec.
         Geographic reality in the arctic regions means that each community is an 'isolated' community, only accessible by air for the vast majority of the year and
         by water for a very limited time, never by road access, which prevents 'mutual aid' being put in place in Nunavut. The Government of Nunavut (Emergency
         Management) would become involved in disaster response if a major fire were to occur in any of our communities, especially if it were to involve any
         critical infastructure.

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