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					Welcome to oregon College of Art and
Craft and the Portland metropolitan area.
OCAC’s Student Services offers this                          The college has on-campus housing
guide as part of their housing referral                      available for up to eight (8) students.
service, providing Portland housing
information and roommate listing to                          For the art student, Portland offers a
degree students, workshop attend-                            supportive art community in which to
ees and visiting artists. The Student                        work and study. We hope that this guide
Resource Center collects data about                          will be useful in helping you locate
available housing, neighborhood safety,                      housing. The guide contains information
and landlord/tenant laws and responsi-                       about the following topics:
bilities and has a questionnaire to help
                                                             • Overview of the city and transportation
students find a compatible roommate.
                                                             • Resources for finding rentals
Living off-campus is an exciting pros-                       • Tips for students new to the
pect for many students. Learning to                            rental world
manage living on your own is a maturing                      • Short-term lodging
experience and helps to prepare stu-
dents for life after graduation.

If living on-campus is your preference,
you may be eligible to apply for resi-
dence in OCAC student housing.

2     on-Campus Housing
3     overview of the City
3     Campus Location
4     Portland Area neighborhoods
6     transportation
7     Housing Costs
7     Resources for Finding Rentals
8     tips for students new to the Rental World
12    short-term Lodging

Disclaimer: OCAC does not inspect, endorse, or in any way assume responsibility for listings referred to in this
housing guide. The Student Services office is not a referral agency, but an office of the College that disperses
housing information.

                                                                    HOUSING GUIDE           Oregon College of Art and Craft 1
           on-CAMPUs HoUsInG

            To fully experience campus life, nothing   Housing assignments will be deter-
            compares to living on campus.              mined on a first come, first served
                                                       basis in order of these priorities:
            eLIGIbILIty:                               • Physical disabilities
            To be eligible for on-campus housing, a    • Under 21
            student must have been accepted by the     • First college experience
            Oregon College of Art and Craft into the   • First time to OCAC
            BFA or certificate programs and paid
                                                       • Returning student
            the tuition deposit. On-capmpus housing
            placements are for one acaddemic your      • Mobility students from other AICAD
            only (Sept.-May). To remain in student       colleges
            housing a student must be enrolled in      Housing is currently available in two
            a College certificate or degree program    adjacent, co-ed residences on the
            and registered for at least 12 credits     Oregon College of Art and Craft cam-
            per semester.                              pus. Both houses are nestled in the
                                                       corner of campus near the orchard and
                                                       provide convenient access to classrooms
                                                       and studios. Each residence includes
                                                       a full kitchen, dining room, living room,
                                                       shared or single bedrooms and bath-
                                                       rooms, laundry room, covered porch and
                                                       parking. The main area of these houses
                                                       is used for student housing and the
                                                       basement and garage are reserved for
                                                       College storage.

                                                       Students living in the on-campus hous-
                                                       ing must abide by all Campus rules and
                                                       regulations as well as those outlined
                                                       in their Housing Contract. A Resident
                                                       Advisor (R.A.) lives with students in one
                                                       of the houses and provides information,
                                                       assistance, supervision and referrals
                                                       to student residents. Students who are
                                                       eligible and interested in on-campus
                                                       housing are encouraged to fill-out the
                                                       “On-Campus Housing Application” pro-
                                                       vided in their admissions acceptance
                                                       packet and return it as soon as possible,
                                                       as housing spaces are limited.

2 Oregon College of Art and Craft   HOUSING GUIDE
oveRvIeW oF tHe CIty

Oregon College of Art and Craft is located on SW Barnes Road, an extension of
West Burnside, 5 miles west from downtown. See the following map for details.

DIReCtIons by CAR
From downtown Portland: drive west on Burnside Street.
From downtown by way of Highway 26 West: take the Cedar Hills/Barnes Road
Exit #69B.
From the south by way of Highway 217: take the Barnes Road East exit.

                                                HOUSING GUIDE    Oregon College of Art and Craft   3
           PoRtLAnD AReA neIGHboRHooDs

           PoRtLAnD AReA neIGHboRHooDs
           Portland is divided East/West by the Willamette River and North/South by Burnside
           Street. Going through the neighborhoods and looking for “for rent” signs in the win-
           dows is the best way to get to know a neighborhood’s characteristics. Most locations
           require a car, a bike, or public transportation to get to the College.

            West sIDe                                     southwest: 15 minutes from downtown;
            northwest: Downtown; 4 miles from             5 miles from the College.
            the College.                                  transportation: On main bus line,
            transportation: On main bus line.             requires one transfer.

            neighborhood Characteristics:                 neighborhood Characteristics:
            This is a densely populated, lively inner     This area covers many different types
            city neighborhood. The area has many          of neighborhoods: newer developments,
            shops and good restaurants. Parts of the      many rental homes, and lots of single
            Northwest district are a 15-to 30-minute      family houses. Due to the hilly terrain of
            walk to downtown while simultane-             the SW neighborhoods and the lack of
            ously being close to Forest Park and          commercial zoning it isn'ts as easy to
            Washington Park Arboretum. It is an           get around on foot as in the Northwest.
            ideal area to live without a car since it     Apartments are available in quiet areas
            is difficult to find parking yet has excel-   such as the Multnomah, Hillsdale, and
            lent bus service. Many artists live in this   Corbett/Lair Hill neighborhoods
            area. This neighborhood has many large        where you will find older houses and
            houses which have been converted to           divided houses. They also have
            multi-family units, and there are many        commercial centers.
            apartment buildings. Rentals are hardly
            ever advertised so we suggest that you        the following apartment complexes
            walk or drive through the neighborhood        offer discounted rental rates to
            looking for rental signs.                     oCAC students:

                                                          breckenridge is a newer apartment
                                                          community directly across Barnes Road
                                                          from OCAC. Many students have chosen
                                                          Breckenridge for its convenience and
                                                          modern amenities. Phone 866-267-
                                                          0015 or 503-297-5482.

                                                          Golf Creek Apartment Homes are
                                                          located behind Breckenridge. Golf Creek
                                                          is also convenient and provides great
                                                          amenities and services.
                                                          Phone 503-292-1411 or email

4 Oregon College of Art and Craft   HOUSING GUIDE

eAst sIDe
northeast: 8 miles from OCAC (across
Willamette River)
transportation: On main bus line, requires
at least one transfer.

neighborhood Characteristics:
This area covers a large residential por-
tion of the Portland area and has the
greatest contrast between living stan-
dards. you can find low rents and some
very nice large houses at reasonable
prices. For the most part it is a neighbor-
hood community-oriented area with active
crime prevention programs, an increas-         north: 6 miles from OCAC.
ingly hip shopping/restaurant corridor         transportation: On main bus line,
(NE Broadway), and cultural diversity.         requires one transfer, and on the yellow
                                               Line MAX train line.
southeast: 8 miles from OCAC (across           neighborhood Characteristics:
Willamette River).                             you can find the lowest rent in Portland in
transportation: On main bus line, requires     this area. There is a wide range of hous-
at least one transfer.                         ing types including single and multiple
                                               family homes, apartments, industrial pock-
neighborhood Characteristics:                  ets; active crime-prevention program.
This area covers a much broader area
than the Southwest side. Centrally
located in the SE is the Hawthorne             sUbURbs AnD sURRoUnDInG
district which has many antique shops,         AReAs
book stores and coffee shops, more             The suburbs are good areas for single
houses and duplexes/quadplexes than            family housing but a car is essential.
apartments. Many artists and students
live in this area. It has good public trans-   West of Portland:
portation, many community garden areas,
                                               • Beaverton, 1 to 2 miles from OCAC
some light industry, community oriented
                                               (public transportation to the College
neighborhood, and culturally diverse
demographics. It is also a very bike
friendly part of town.                         • Aloha, 8 miles from OCAC
                                               • Hillsboro, 6 miles from OCAC.

                                               south of Portland:
                                               • Lake oswego, 10 miles from OCAC.
                                               • Tigard, 6 miles from OCAC.
                                               • Tualatin, 15 miles from OCAC.

                                                      HOUSING GUIDE     Oregon College of Art and Craft 5

            triMet                                       Cab service
            your student fees provide you with an all-   Portland has many cab companies. Here
            zone TriMet public transportation pass.      are a few:
            you can reach the campus by TriMet as        • Broadway Cab: 503-227-1234
            follows:                                     • New Rose City Cab Co:
            • Take MAX (light rail) to the Sunset          503-282-7707
              Transit Center, and catch a #20 bus to     • Sassy’s Cab Co: 503-656-7065
              the College.
                                                         • Radio Cab: 503-227-1212
            • Take the #20 bus from downtown
              (Burnside Street) or Beaverton.
            Get details from Tri-Met schedules,          If you plan to bicycle around the city,
            which are available at the OCAC front        be aware that the College resides in
            desk, in the Student Resource Center,        a hilly terrain with no bike lane on the
            Student Lounge, on buses, at Transit         Burnside/Barnes route. However, the
            Centers, and by phone or online through      TriMet buses and MAX train accommo-
            TriMet: 503-238-RIDE (7433) or www.          date bicycles.
                           To get acquainted with downtown
                                                         Portland, you can pick up a good walk-
                                                         ing-tour map free at Powell’s Bookstore
                                                         (10th and W. Burnside).

6 Oregon College of Art and Craft   HOUSING GUIDE
HoUsInG Costs AnD RentAL ResoURCes

HoUsInG Costs                               Property Managers
Housing costs differ by neighborhood. In    Portland Rental service
general, a two-bedroom apartment plus       (pet friendly rentals 503-292-4451)
utilities runs from $700 and up; a one-
bedroom apartment plus utilities is $525
and up; and a studio is $400 and up.        benchmark Properties
                                            (Southwest only) 503-244-5702
ResoURCes FoR FInDInG RentALs
                                            bristol equities
                                            (many in the Northwest area)
The best classified ad sources are two
local newspapers:                           2078 NW Everett 503-228-0645
• The weekend editions of The               Capital Property Management
Oregonian carry extensive apartment         (some units allow cats, no dogs)
listings. you can get an early edition of
the Sunday paper on Saturday to get a       503-287-4346
jump on your housing search. Also avail-    College Housing northwest
able online at in
                                            (geared towards College students)
the Real Estate section, Find your New
Home section, and For Rent section.         503-725-4340

• Willamette Week, Portland’s free          KbC Management
alternative newspaper, is available         (Rentals in NW Portland)
on Wednesdays.                              503-227-0305

online Listings
                                            Roommate Matching service
There are many rental listings on the
                                            If you would like to live with a fel-
web. Here are a few to get you started:
                                            low student. request the “Roommate
                                            Preferences Form” from the Director
                                            of Student and Alumni Services. When
•          you return the form, we will send you a
                                            list of names of other students looking
Apartment Finders                           for roommates. The Director of Student
In the yellow Pages, look under             Services maintains a list of current rent-
“Apartment Finding & Rentals” for busi-     als and roommate ads for your conve-
nesses that list apartments for rent.       nience and is available to assist you with
Some of these businesses charge a fee       your housing search.
for their service.
                                            The Student Resource Center
Centrum bulletin board                      has a useful list of discussion
OCAC receives information about hous-       questions for use when interviewing
ing available and roommates needed.         prospective roommates.
Notices for apartments in the area and
students seeking roommates appear on
the bulletin board in the OCAC Centrum
at the entrance to the Hand’s On Café.

                                                   HOUSING GUIDE     Oregon College of Art and Craft 7
            tIPs FoR stUDents neW to tHe RentAL WoRLD

                                                          • It is essential that you have a tele-
                                                             phone number for landlords to leave
                                                             you messages. If you do not have a cell
                                                             phone or have access to a phone at the
                                                             place you are staying, you can rent a
                                                             voice-mail box on a short-term basis.
                                                             This service is private and not tied to a
                                                             phone like an answering machine. The
                                                             yellow Pages list companies that pro-
                                                             vide this service under “Voice Mail.”

                                                          • Approach the search systematically.
                                                            Allow enough time to walk around
                                                            neighborhoods and as you go, take
                                                            down numbers of contacts for apart-
                                                            ments you want to look into renting.
                                                            Stop and call them all at one time to
                                                            set up appointments to see the places.

                                                          • Keep in mind that a furnished apart-
                                                            ment will be more expensive than one
            Finding a place to live in a metropolitan       you furnish yourself. Portland has a
            area can seem overwhelming. If you              number of thrift stores and second-
            have never rented a place to live before,       hand furniture stores with modestly
            consider the following suggestions for          priced items.
            approaching your search.
                                                          • The first apartment you look at is not
                                                            necessarily the best or even a good
            PRePARInG FoR tHe seARCH                        representation of what is available. The
            • Define the ideal place to live. From this     more you look, the better the chance
              ideal, decide which items you can or          you will be satisfied with what you
              cannot do without. By identifying what        eventually rent.
              is most important to you and what is
                                                          • Realize that you are possibly chang-
              not essential, you will be more pre-
                                                            ing your lifestyle in a significant way
              pared to compromise and find a place
                                                            and give yourself the opportunity to try
              that is suitable. For example, if size is
                                                            something different. Nevertheless, try
              important to you, you may want to con-
                                                            to be careful not to put yourself in an
              sider compromising on the location of
                                                            environment that will be too much of
              the apartment.
                                                            a shock. If small town living appeals to
            • Get organized! Make a search journal          you, know that there are areas around
              to carry with you. Remember to cross-         Portland that are more rural in character
              reference your potential locations with       than others. If you like living in a large
              your list of requirements.                    house, you may be comfortable shar-
                                                            ing a house with other students rather
                                                            than living on your own in a potentially
                                                            impersonal apartment building.

8 Oregon College of Art and Craft   HOUSING GUIDE
tIPs FoR stUDents neW to tHe RentAL WoRLD

stARtInG tHe seARCH                            • Check the security of the apartment
start your search by identifying                 building or house. Can you open the
location:                                        windows? Do the windows have locks?
                                                 Where are the fire escapes? In an
• Visit at least two or three neighbor-
                                                 apartment, what are the procedures for
  hoods before deciding where you will
                                                 letting people into the building?
  be most comfortable. Visit the area at
  various times during the day and night.      • Does the landlord or manager live in
                                                 the building or near by? It can be to
• Check on lighting and noise from
                                                 your advantage or disadvantage if the
  other tenants.
                                                 landlord lives in the same building.
• Check the convenience of the location          yOU decide.
  to groceries and other shopping, trans-
                                               • Are there noise rules for late at night?
  portation, parking, and entertainment.
                                                 What can you do to decorate? Can you
• Test the form of transportation you will       put nails in the wall?
  be using to get to and from school and
                                               • What is the garbage removal proce-
  MAkE SURE you will be comfortable
                                                 dure? Are there laundry facilities? If
  with the situation. If you plan to com-
                                                 not, where is the closest laundromat?
  mute by bike, remember that Portland
                                                 Is parking provided?
  does get quite a bit of rain!

                                               Do not compromise your most
When you do find an appealing place,
                                               important issues. yet if you are flex-
ask questions and inspect the premises.
                                               ible, you can get what you want!
• Ask about the cleaning and security
  deposits: how much do you pay up
  front, and how much is non-refundable.
  If there is a cleaning deposit, make
  sure that you and the manager do a
  documented inspection before you
  move in. Open the cupboards to look
  for cleanliness and pests.

• Does the rent cover all utilities, or will
  you be responsible for heat, electricity,
  water, trash removal, etc.? Is the heat
  gas or electric?

• Is the apartment sprayed regularly
  for pests?

• Run the tap water, flush the toilet, and
  look for leaks.

• Is the refrigerator clean, and is it cold?
  Is the stove clean, and does it work?

                                                      HOUSING GUIDE     Oregon College of Art and Craft 9
           tIPs FoR stUDents neW to tHe RentAL WoRLD

            RentInG WItH Pets                             UtILItIes
            While many of us can't live without pets,     Pacific Power
            it's important to recognize that many         888-221-7070
            people can. Finding an apartment if you       Portland General electric
            have one or more pets may be difficult,       503-228-6322
            particularly in a tight market.               northwest natural Gas
            Humane Societies often keep lists of          503-226-4210
            complexes that allow animals. Apartment       Qwest (phone service)
            listings in the newspaper or a listing ser-   1-800-244-1111
            vice that don't specifically say No Pets      Comcast (phone service)
            may allow some, such as cats or birds.        1-800-824-8264
            Just as you need to make a favorable
            impression on a prospective landlord,
            you need to try to have your pet do the
            same. Bring letters of reference from
            past landlords, as well as a veterinarian's
            certificate of immunization and a letter
            stating that the animal has a good dispo-
            sition and is in good health. Have some
            photographs with you.

            If you have a dog, make sure that you
            explain to your landlord that it will be
            thoroughly exercised and properly cared
            for; landlords know that a bored, under-
            exercised dog can be a destructive dog.

            Be prepared to pay a larger security
            deposit if you want to rent with a pet.

10 Oregon College of Art and Craft   HOUSING GUIDE
tIPs FoR stUDents neW to tHe RentAL WoRLD

RentInG WItH A LeAse                           • What utilities are you responsible for,
A lease is a written agreement between           i.e. heating (these may be a part of your
a tenant and property owner describing           responsibility over and above the
the rights and responsibilities of each. It      rental fee).
is a binding legal document that, among
                                               • If you make any special agreements
other things, makes the tenant respon-
                                                 with the landlord concerning repairs or
sible for minimal care of the rented
                                                 alterations, make sure those agreements
property and for the monthly rent during
                                                 are written into the lease, signed and
a specific period of time. It also specifies
                                                 dated. (It is important to have these
the landlord’s responsibilities for mainte-
                                                 types of agreements written down,
nance and repair of the housing unit. A
                                                 signed and dated).
lease may or may not contain provisions
concerning early termination.                  • Lastly, a lease may have
                                                 restrictions, i.e. no children or pets
Students who are unsure about how                allowed – make sure you know what
long they plan to stay in an apart-              these restrictions are.
ment should avoid signing a lease that
                                               Please keep in mind that it is very impor-
binds them for too long. you should
                                               tant to choose your roommates carefully.
look for a month-to- month rental if
                                               If you have a roommate (or have more
possible. When you sign a lease, you
                                               than one) and he/she (they) fail to pay
usually have to pay a "damage deposit"
                                               their share of the rent, you will be held
or a "security deposit" that may amount
                                               liable for the whole amount.
to as much as two months rent. If you
have any pets an additional deposit is
usually required. The landlord is sup-
posed to return the deposit to you after
you leave the apartment if you have paid
your rent and left the apartment clean
and undamaged, and have not been
evicted. If the landlord does not return
all of your deposit, then he or she should
give you a written statement explain-
ing why some or all of the deposit was
withheld. Some things to look for in a
lease are:

• Duration – make sure you can keep
  the apartment for as long as you
  need it.

• Is the lease renewable? Is it a month to
  month or for a full year?

• If you need to break the lease make
  sure you note how far in advance you
  need to give notice.

                                                     HOUSING GUIDE      Oregon College of Art and Craft 11
           sHoRt-teRM LoDGInG

           sHoRt-teRM LoDGInG                           DoRMItoRIes AnD HosteLs
           If you come for a visit or arrive early to   Loveridge Hall
           look for a place to live, you have many      (dormitory accommodations)
           options for lodging.
                                                        Good Samaritan Hospital
                                                        2215 NW Northrup / 503-413-7210
           oCAC b&b Referral service
                                                        June 13 to August 14 only
           Contact the OCAC Student Resource            $25 per night/Single; $20 each/Double
           Center for a list of short term accom-
           modations. The places on the list include    Discount for 5 days or more; one night
           fellow students’ homes and B&Bs well         deposit in advance
           known to OCAC.                               4 miles from school on TriMet busline

           northwest bed & breakfast                    yWCA (women only)
           Reservation service                          111 SW 10th / 503-294-7400
           610 SW Broadway / 503-243-7616               $35 Single
           Reservation service for homestays            $30 Single (semi-private bath)
           and inns                                     $25 shared
           Daily, weekly or monthly rates               $5 key deposit (refundable)
                                                        18 or over; photo ID required
           HoteLs                                       5 miles from OCAC on TriMet busline
           Mallory Hotel
           729 SW 15th Ave / 503-223-6311               Portland International AyH Hostel
           Outside Portland: 800-228-8657               3031 Hawthorne Blvd. / 503-236-3380
           Single rooms start at $70                    (call before 10 am or after 5 pm)
           4 miles from OCAC on TriMet busline          Members: $15/summer rate;
           Mark spencer Hotel                           Non-members: $25/summer rate;
           409 SW 11th / 503-224-3293                   $15/Oct.-May
           Outside Portland: 800-548-3934               Dorm style with kitchen facilities
           Studios start at $69                         5 miles from OCAC on TriMet busline
           kitchens in every room
           Mention OCAC and request the college         GooD LUCK!!
           rate when reserving a room.                  Please don’t hesitate to call
           4 miles from OCAC on the bus                 student services or Admissions
                                                        if you have any further questions
                                                        at 503-297-5544.

12 Oregon College of Art and Craft   HOUSING GUIDE
Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland OR 97225
503. 297. 5544 800. 390. 0632

                                         Artwork by Ana smith

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