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       The Lee County Commission convened in regular adjourned session at the Courthouse in
Opelika, Alabama, Monday, June 30, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited,
followed by an invocation by Commissioner Holt.

         The Chairman recognized the Commissioners in attendance, declared a quorum and
officially opened the meeting with the following members recorded as being present: Bill
English, Chairman, and Commissioners Mathan Holt, Harry Ennis and Annell Smith and John
Andrew Harris. Absent: Commissioner Johnny Lawrence who was attending the Alabama
City/County Management Conference in Point Clear, Alabama.

       Copies of the items on the Consent Agenda sent to the Commissioners in their packets
included: minutes of the June 6 and June 9 meetings, two listings of claims, first reading of the
opening on the Lee County Recreation Board and the announcement of three openings on the
East Alabama Health Care Authority Board. Judge English stated he had received a letter from
EAMC which stated that two individuals on the Health Care Authority Board are eligible for
reappointment. First reading on the appointment for the Lee County Recreation Board was given
by Commissioner Harris of LaTarsha Buckhonon Billingsley, since the opening is in his district.
The Chairman asked if there were any questions about the consent agenda items. Commissioner
Holt made a motion to approve the consent agenda items, seconded by Commissioner Ennis and
passed on a vote of 3-0-1, with Commissioner Smith abstaining since she was not present at the
meetings for which minutes were being voted.

        As stated in the pre-meeting, Judge English reported that the Attorney General’s office
had given an oral response to the question of whether the appointments to the Planning
Commission had to live in the respective Commission districts or not. Judge English reported
that they stated that their review showed no residence requirement in the bill for the appointees.
Therefore, the appointee is not required to live in the Commissioner’s district to be appointed.

        After discussion in the pre- meeting, Commissioner Holt during the meeting stated that no
action should be taken on the Chairmanship legislation at this time. Commissioner Holt stated
that he wanted to wait and see what happens during the Special Session. Additionally, he stated
he would like to include this for future discussion with the legislative delegation.

        During the pre- meeting, Mr. Rendleman discussed the proposed Policy, Procedure, and
Regulation Manual. During the meeting, Commissioner Smith made a motion to set a work
session on the proposed manual for Monday, July 21 at 4:00 p.m. in the Commission chambers,
seconded by Commissioner Harris and unanimously carried. Commissioner Smith questioned if
any staff member could attend the work session. Mr. Rendleman stated in the affirmative, that
any staff member who wanted to could attend.

         Mr. Robert Sawyer questioned the reason that cats could no longer be picked up for him
after he had trapped the animals with his cage. He stated that in the past the cats were picked up
and his cage returned. Mr. Sawyer questioned why Lee County could not get a law passed to
pick-up cats. During the pre- meeting, Environmental Services Director Jack Marshall stated that
Alabama Code §3-1-5 only addresses dogs and farm animals, but not cats. Mr. Marshall stated
that in addition to lacking statutory authority, his department does not have the manpower to pick
up cats in the county nor does the Lee County Humane Society have space for additional cats.
Upon further discussion, Commissioner Ennis stated he would like to ask County Attorney Stan
Martin to look into the law and determine whether Lee County can or cannot pick-up cats.
Commissioner Ennis additionally stated that the Commission could look at local legislation
which would allow Lee County to pick-up cats. Judge English questioned Mr. Sawyer if the City
of Smiths Station had passed an ordinance on cats. Mr. Sawyer stated no. Mr. Sawyer said he
felt that the county is responsible for picking up animals in the county, not Smiths Station.


        Mrs. Susan May appeared before the Commission asking that the Commission repay her
for damages incurred to her vehicle when her daughter ran off Lee Road 82. Mrs. May requested
that the county repay her $769.11 for the replacement of two tires and two rims. Mrs. May
stated that she had talked to County Engineer Neal Hall and had filed a claim with Meadowbrook
Insurance Company which had been denied. Mrs. May stated that the road was deficient because
it snatched her daughter off the roadway. In addition, Mrs. May said she had talked to the City
of Auburn about the road. Mrs. May said that she wants folks to do the right thing and repay her
for her damages and to fix the road. Mrs. May stated that the Lee County Highway Department
had attempted to fill the potholes and repair the shoulders after she reported it, but she felt this
was a temporary fix, the situation needed a permanent fix before someone is killed on Lee Road
82. Assistant County Engineer Justin Hardee stated that the Highway Department had sent the
claim to Meadowbrook which is standard procedure. Mr. Hardee stated that the road was
inspected once the report was made and the highway department took care of the necessary
repairs as deemed necessary. Commissioner Ennis questioned if Mrs. May had filed a police
report. Mrs. May stated she had not since it was a one vehicle accident. Commissioner Ennis
then questioned the reason her daughter had run off the road. Mrs. May stated that a car was
following her daughter too close and her daughter went to adjust her rearview mirror and then
she stated “she got too close to the edge of the road and ran off the edge.” Commissioner Harris
stated that he worked at Yarbrough School and that a lot of people travel the road and safety is
the number one concern of the Commission. Commissioner Harris stated that Mrs. May had a
valid complaint. Judge English explained that the roads are inspected every year and that a grade
is given to each road from worst to best and that the highway department spends the available
road repair funds in that priority order. Mrs. May questioned what is her next step from here.
County Attorney Stan Martin stated that she could file a verifie d claim with the Lee County
Commission. Commissioner Harris stated that when she asked to be placed on the agenda, that
makes it a claim. Mr. Martin stated that a verified claim is a statement which is notarized.
County Administrator stated that he would talk with Meadowbrook and look into the matter
further. Mrs. May stated that she called the county the day after the incident. Mr. Rendleman
stated that Mrs. May had followed the necessary procedures and the decision would be up to the
Commission to override the denial of the claim. Commissioner Harris stated that he would ask
Mr. Rendleman to follow-up with Meadowbrook and report back at the next meeting.

         During the pre- meeting, Mrs. Margaret Chadwick presented her case concerning a ticket
for a public nuisance violation. Mrs. Chadwick stated that there she was not the only one in the
county who had cars and other stuff in their yard and she felt that it was unfair that they had not
been given a violation. Commissioner Harris stated that he felt the fine, which was over $1,100,
was excessive. Commissioner Harris stated that Mrs. Chadwick had been sick and her sons lived
out of state. Mr. Marshall stated that the case was closed since the property had been sold.
Additionally, he stated that there was a default judgment, not a fine, and that a lien had been
placed on her property. Mrs. Chadwick stated that the fine was $800 plus court fees.
Commissioner Holt questioned Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin explained the history and stated that at
one point he told Mrs. Chadwick that she could make payments to the Lee County Commission.
Mrs. Chadwick again stated that if she should clean- up her property, then everyone should have
to clean- up their property. Mr. Martin said that the closing attorney who handled the sale of Mrs.
Chadwick’s property was holding a check to Lee County for $1,067.62. Upon discussion in the
meeting, Commissioner Harris made a motion to waive ½ of the amount being held by the
attorney for payment to the Commission, and the default judgment would be satisfied upon
payment of $533.50. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Ennis and unanimously

        Mr. David Williams again appeared before the Commission to make a statement about
the Planning Commission makeup. He asked if there were any limit on real estate agents
appointed. He also stated that the Commission should hold public hearings on each issue. He
stated that Shelby County’s Planning Commission was limited to one real estate agent and that
Baldwin County’s Planning Commission was limited that only 25% of the Commission could be
real estate agents. Additionally, he questioned the tax referendum local bill and stated that the
Resolution the Commission passed was different from the legislation that was introduced.
Again, no comment was made nor action taken on Mr. Williams’ comments.


        Commissioner Harris moved the NACo Prescription Drug Plan to a future agenda for
discussion and a possible work session on the matter. Mr. Rendleman presented a report during
the pre- meeting that upon County Attorney Stan Martin’s review of the 30 page contract, he had
found that it contained two potential problems which were: administrative fees (if certain things
occurred) and an exclusive agreement clause. Mr. Rendleman stated that if a contract contained
an exclusive agreement then it would have to bid under Alabama law. Additionally, he stated
that Governmental Relations Coordinator Wendy Swann had since received two other proposals
from other companies on prescription drug plans.

         County Administrator Roger Rendleman presented the bid results on the Auburn Satellite
Office which were received on Wednesday, June 25. Mr. Rendleman stated that seven bids were
received and the low bid was received from Whatley Construction of Opelika for $1,655,964
which includes all four alternates, but is $265,000 over budget. Mr. Rendleman stated that he
would look at ways to reduce the cost of the project or to look at potential funding of the
additional costs. One possible option would be to delete Alternate #1 which is for site work and
let the highway department prepare the site. The item was moved to the next agenda.

       With no further business to come before the Commission, Commissioner Smith made a
motion at approximately 6:50 p.m., seconded by Commissioner Holt, that the meeting be

                                     Minutes approved:


                                     Commissioner, District 1

                                     Commissioner, District 2

                                     Commissioner, District 3

                                     Commissioner, District 4

                                     Commissioner, District 5


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