Essential Management Skills

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					Essential Management Roles,
     Processes, Skills

       Steir - Chapter 4

        (20 February 2007)
            Class Reminders
• Article Analysis #2 – due today
  – Clearly identify/number 5 key learning points
  – Please share with class

• WebCT #2 – graded
  - Answer questions in detail, author at least 2
  postings per chapter discussion

• Today’s Topic: – Roles, Processes, and
  Competencies of Managers
Common Sport/Fitness Manager Roles
           Roles that you will have
                to “magnify”?

•   Leader               •   Risk-taker
•   Problem-solver       •   Decision-maker
•   Motivator            •   Teacher/educator
•   Communicator         •   Counselor/confidant
•   Disciplinarian       •   Delegator
“Essential” Skills and Competencies of
          the Sport Manager
• The “essentials” for sport managers differ from
  position-to-position within the sport industry
• Job postings can provide insights to essential
  abilities, skills, and experiences

  Partner Discussion – “essentials” for each job

Comparison #1 – Assistant A.D.
Comparison #2 – Sports Information Director
Comparison #3 – YMCA director
   “Essentials” for HS Athletic Directors
                  (Steir & Schneider, 2000)

What accomplishments did HS principals look for in
               Athletic Director candidates?
1) Evidence of success working with staff
2) Evidence of success working with parents
3) Evidence of positive working relationships with
4) High visibility at athletic events
5) Record of problem prevention & solution
6) Positive relationship with the media
7) Success in working with booster clubs
8) Success in developing department handbook
9) Success with promotions and fundraising activities
10) Possessing a winning record as a coach
    11 Essential Processes of Sport
         Management (Steir, p. 74)
(1) - PLANNING       (7) - REPORTING
(4) - STAFFING       (10) - EVALUATING
(5) - DIRECTING      (11) – BUDGETING
                     (13) - FUNDRAISING
      Planning – Essential Process
                    Small Group Activity
•   Assume the role of EIU Campus Recreation Director
•   Develop a “sketch” of a 5-year plan to upgrade current
    EIU Campus Recreation facilities?
•   What are your overall enhancement objectives?
•   What are your priorities?
•   Where will the project funding come from for the
    proposed enhancements?
•   Will you propose/seek any partnerships with EIU
    Athletics or PED to achieve your priorities
•   What is your long-term “vision” for EIU Campus
    Recreation (beyond 5 years)
    Essential Administrative Skills
• Basic Skills– logic (common sense), writing,
  speaking, listening, well read in sport managmt.
• Technical Skills– computer competency-literacy
• Interpersonal Skills– communicating/dealing
  with people and public speaking (individually,
  small groups, large groups)
• Conceptual Skills– “broad vision and
  perspective” – avoid “tunnel vision”
• Adaptability Skills– flexible, adaptable, ability to
  “change with the times”, visionary (future)
  Evaluating – Essential Process
              Small Group Activity

• Assume the role of EIU Athletics director
• Develop a “sketch” of a coaching evaluation
  form that you will use to evaluate the
  performance of your men’s basketball coach
• What criteria will you use in the process?
• Which criteria are most important?
• What factors will determine retention?
  termination? Contract extension?
     Computer Tech Competencies
What computer competencies do you think will be
  important and useful on the job?
What computer competencies do you currently
  possess? Those you need to acquire?
• Word processing
• Database
• Spreadsheet
• Presentations
• Photo editing
• Communications (email, www, fax, etc)
• Web page publishing
Factors Determining Your Job Success?

                   Situation     Extra

                 Factors in       Prior
  The                           Knowledge
                 Managerial         &
                  Success       Experience

 Willingness                     Other
  To Learn         The Type
                    of Job
Weekly Article #4
  (managerial skills)

Who would like to share?
• Every sport manager needs to develop a set of
  specialized skills, abilities, and competencies

• “Essential” skills, competencies, and
  qualifications differ from position to position in
  the sport and fitness industry

• Accumulating experience will help you to
  develop the necessary skills and abilities to
  help your program or organization succeed
          Next Week

        Leadership in Sport

Article Analysis #3 due on March 1st

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