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									                                  LETTING AGREEMENT
MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                     [NAME OF LANDLORD]
          (hereinafter called “the Landlord”, which expression includes the Landlord’s
                                        authorised agent)

                                                                                     OF THE FIRST PART
                                                - and -

                                       [NAME OF TENANT]
                                 (hereinafter called “the Tenant”)

                                                                                 OF THE SECOND PART

                                                - and -

                                    [NAME OF GUARANTOR]
                               (hereinafter called “the Guarantor”)
                          Relationship to Tenant: ____________________

                                                                                   OF THE THIRD PART

NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSES that in consideration of the mutual
covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement, the parties hereby agree as follows:

In consideration of the Rent payable hereunder, and subject to the covenants and conditions herein
contained, the Landlord hereby agrees to let and the Tenant hereby agrees to take up the premises
hereinafter described.

1.1    Premises. The property described as:

       [give description of premises being rented]

       together with all landlord’s fixtures and fittings therein and the use in common with other
       tenants of the common areas of the living accommodation, kitchen facilities, toilet facilities
       and all other shared areas within the living accommodation and the use in common with all
       other authorised persons of all common areas of the _________________ [insert name of
       building or facility housing the living space] (collectively, the “Premises”).

1.2    Term. The term (“Term”) of the tenancy shall run from                           __________________
       (“Commencement Date”) until ______________ (“Termination Date”).

1.3    Rent & Manner of Payment. The rent under this Agreement is ________, payable in ______
       equal instalments of _____________ by cheque, credit card, banker’s draft or postal order

               [Name of Landlord or Agent]
               [address to which payment is be sent]

               Due date(s): [set out the dates on which each instalment is due to be paid]

1.4    Security / Damage Deposit. Upon signing this Agreement, the Tenant shall pay to the
       Landlord a security / damage deposit in the sum of ________, as security for the payment
       of the Rent and the Tenant’s compliance with the terms and provisions of this Agreement.

1.5    Breach by Tenant. Should the Tenant be in material breach of any of the covenants or
       conditions herein contained, the Landlord shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement on
       the provision of fourteen (14) days prior written notice, without prejudice to any other rights
       accruing in favour of the Landlord or the Tenant hereunder.

1.6    Electricity Cards. The Tenant shall be responsible for the payment of all electricity cards
       consumed on the Premises, which is credited to the meters by meter cards which may be
       purchased locally.

1.7    Internet Access. The Tenant must pay an additional deposit of ________ if s/he wishes to
       utilise the Internet Access network. Any unpaid amounts will be deducted from the Security
       / Damage Deposit.

Wherever used throughout this Agreement:

2.1    Campus     [if housing   is  on   campus,     include   this  definition:]        means     the
       __________________________ Campus, in the City of _____________.

2.2    Interest means _____%.

2.3    Landlord includes the Landlord’s successors and assigns and its duly appointed agents.

2.4    Right to enter the Premises given to the Landlord extends to anyone authorised by the
       Landlord in writing to enter, and includes the right to bring workmen and appliances into the
       Premises for the stated purpose.


3.1    To pay the Rent promptly at the times and in the manner specified in this Agreement.

3.2    To pay Interest on any Rent outstanding for more than seven (7) days after it falls due.

3.3    Upon execution of this Agreement, to pay to the Landlord the Security / Damage Deposit to
       protect the Landlord against the Tenant’s failure to pay the Rent or comply with any of the
       terms of this Agreement.

3.4    To pay the stamp duty charged on the original and counterpart of this Agreement (if any).

3.5    Not to reduce any payment of Rent by making deductions from it or by setting off any sum
       against it.

3.6    To take good care of the Premises and the furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment therein
       and to keep them all clean, tidy and in good repair, and not to do or allow anyone else to do
       any damage to them, and to replace such of the furniture and equipment as may be
       destroyed, broken or damaged beyond repair with other articles of equal value which have
       been approved by the Landlord.

3.7    To notify the Landlord of any broken glass in the windows of the Premises and to pay the
       cost of such replacement if so required by the Landlord.

3.8    To report promptly in writing to the Landlord all defects in the Premises which it is the
       Landlord’s duty to repair.

3.9    Upon receipt of reasonable notice in writing, to permit the Landlord at all reasonable times to
       enter the Premises to inspect its condition or to carry out such repairs, decoration or
       renovations to the Premises as the Landlord, at its sole discretion, deems appropriate or
       necessary to keep the Premises in good order.

3.10   Upon receipt of notice in writing from the Landlord, to allow anyone who reasonably needs
       access in order to inspect, repair or clean neighbouring property, or any sewers, drains, pipes,
       wires or cables serving other parts of the Campus.

3.11   Not to alter or modify the Premises in any way, including any wiring or cabling, nor to allow
       anyone else to do so, nor to erect any television or radio aerial or satellite dish.

3.12   Not to act, nor to allow anyone else on the Premises to act, in any manner which would or
       could result in the insurance on the Premises or the building in which the Premises are situate
       being rendered void or voidable, or in the premium for such insurance being increased.

3.13   To use the Premises solely as a residence and only for the named Tenant and no other

3.14   Not to use the Premises, nor allow anyone else to use the Premises, for activities which are
       dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisome, illegal, or which are or may become a nuisance or
       annoyance to the Landlord or to other tenants or to the occupier of any neighbouring

3.15   To keep the hallways, passages, and staircases leading to the Premises free from obstruction
       and, in particular, not to place any bicycles or other items therein. Bicycles are not permitted
       inside the buildings.

3.16   Not to keep any pets in the Premises.

3.17   Not to hang from any window any clothes or other articles for drying or for any other
       purpose, or expose the same therein, and not to exhibit any signboard, poster or advertising
       material or any flag or banner outside the Premises or in the windows or doors thereof.

3.18   Not to allow anything to obstruct the drainage system.

3.19   [if applicable: To comply with all regulations made from time to time by the Landlord for
       regulation of the Campus, a copy of which current regulations [is attached hereto / has been
       furnished to the Tenant]. The Tenant is deemed specifically aware of the content of such

3.20   To promptly give to the Landlord a copy of any notice received concerning the Premises.

3.21   Not to assign, sublet, share or part with the possession of the whole or any part of the

3.22   On the expiration or earlier termination of the tenancy, to return possession of the Premises
       to the Landlord, leaving the Premises in good order, clean and free from rubbish, having
       removed all personal belongings therefrom, not later than 12 noon on the day of departure.

3.23   To pay all expenses which the Landlord reasonably incurs with respect to:

       i)      the recovery or attempted recovery of arrears of Rent or other sums payable under
               this Agreement;

       ii)     procuring that any failure by the Tenant to comply with this Agreement is remedied.

3.24   Not to do or omit to do anything which may cause any services to the Premises to be

3.25   To be bound by the rules and regulations and, in particular, all Fire Safety Regulations for the
       safe and orderly management of the Premises [and the Campus] as may from time to time be
       made, such rules and regulations being at all times available on request from the Housing

THIS IS AN 11-PAGE DOCUMENT, including attached report

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