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					                                                                 Independent Contractor Payment Request
                                             All independent contractors must be approved by legal counsel. Attach legal counsel approval.
                                                             Invoices and Contracts must accompany all payment requests.
                                                                     This form cannot be used for Pace employees.

 Social Security No:

 Name:                                                                                                        Shaded areas to be completed by Financial Services
 Address:                                                                                           Date:                               DocID:

 City:                                                                                      Vender Code:                             Check No.:
 State:                                                    Zip Code:

1 Payment Amount:                                  Rate:                    Per:*         2 Payment Amount:                               Rate:                    Per:*

 Date:                                                                                   Date:
 Hours:                                                                                  Hours:
 Total Hours:                                                                            Total Hours:
 Service Provided                                                                        Service Provided
 (35 Character limit):                                                                   (35 Character Limit):

                               Index                                    Account                                        Index                                 Account

 Requested By:                                               Date:                          Requested By:                                          Date:

 Authorized By:                                              Date:                          Authorized By:                                         Date:

 * Indicate basis of rate (H=Hourly, D=Daily, W=Weekly and M=Monthly)

 FINANCIAL DIVISION USE:                                                                            This form is to be utilized for payment of personal services
                                                                                                    provided by a non-Pace employee. Reimbursement of business
 Accounting Approval:                                        Date:                                  expenses for non-Pace employees is to be done through the Travel
                                                                                                    / Expense Reimbursement Form.
 A/P Reviewer:                                               Date:

 A/P Key Puncher:                                            Date:

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