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									                                       Pledge Agreement

                  The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Foundation, Inc.



                                           Name of Donor(s)


This Pledge Agreement (“Pledge”) is executed and effective as of __________.

I, _________________________________________ (“Donor”) hereby pledges and agrees to

pay to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Foundation (“Charity”) the aggregate sum of

_____________________Dollars, ($_____________).

Donor agrees to make payments to establish the fund to be paid in _____ even installments, as follows:

_____Monthly, _____Quarterly, ______Annually, _____Other as scheduled below:

Date: ___________________, Amount: __________________

Date: ___________________, Amount: __________________

Date: ____________________, Amount: __________________

Date: ____________________, Amount: __________________

Date: ____________________, Amount: __________________

Donor agrees that the final Pledge payment is due and payable not later than the following due date:

At the Donor’s discretion, the Pledge may be paid in cash or in marketable securities or partly in each;
provided, however, that if any portion of the Pledge is paid in marketable securities, the value shall be
the average between the high and low price in the United States of each security on the legal date of
each contribution thereof to the Charity.

Charity agrees to use the Pledge as described herein and only for charitable purposes as defined from
time to time by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and equivalent provisions of the laws of
the State of Louisiana.

The funds are to be used to establish an endowment to benefit the

_______________________________________________ (Department) in the College

of __________________________________________________________________and

will be used to support_________________________________________ (scholarship,

professorship, chair, faculty development fund, or other).

The parties may enter into a more detailed written agreement outlining the purpose(s) for the use of the
fund and additional terms and provisions, as agreed by the donor and the University of Louisiana
Lafayette Foundation. It is understood that a nominal fee will be assessed related to the management of
the endowment. This Pledge Agreement is intended to be a legally binding and enforceable obligation,
and in the event of any conflict between this Agreement and a later written agreement the latter will

Donor would like a reminder sent to his/her preferred address in the month(s) of __________of each

___________________________________                          ________________
Donor                                                        Date

__________________________________                           ________________
Donor                                                        Date

____________________________________                         ________________
Executive Director                                           Date
University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation

ULLF: 2010-11-1306-01


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