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									      Mercy Medical Center
     Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Barco’s high-standard service program
               provides peace of mind
                                    Situated in beautiful southwest Oregon, Mercy Medical Center
                                    is a vital 153-bed acute-care center that treats some 40,000
                                    patients annually, admitting more than one fourth of them. The
                                    facility includes state-of-the-art trauma and heart centers, a
                                    thriving labor and delivery unit, and a behavioral health clinic
                                    that treats patients ranging from children to senior adults.
                                    Ongoing construction will facilitate expanded cardiology, PACS
                                    and imaging capabilities, enabling the hospital to serve the
                                    community in new and better ways.

   “Barco was very
responsive and had
   excellent follow-                In a general sense, reputation and            that changed quickly. Today, Mercy’s

          through”.                 product dependability are two of the          diagnostic reading stations are equipped
                                    best and least expensive warranties           with a mixture of CORONIS 5MP and 2MP
   John Nikom, PACS Administrator   available. Still, with any medical imaging    displays; three radiologists were so
                                    product there can be glitches.                impressed that they purchased CORONIS
                                                                                  5MP systems for teleradiology use from
                                    That’s when a high-end warranty, such         home. Mercy also uses the 5MP Barco
                                    as the Extended Warranty Plus (EWP)           mammography display.
                                    that Barco offered Mercy Medical Center
                                    of Roseburg, OR, comes into play. Mercy,      While   CORONIS   displays   are   highly
                                    which is delighted with the CORONIS 2MP       versatile, Nikom is particularly impressed
                                    and 5MP medical display systems that          with their impeccable display of chest x-
                                    it began installing in April 2004, is also    rays. “Our radiologists really like them
                                    delighted that the advanced warranty          for that,” he said. “Image quality is
                                    was offered.                                  not always as critical with CT and MR
                                                                                  images, but it is with chest x-rays. We
                                    “I had used Barco CRT displays at previous    went with the 5MP mostly because of
                                    jobs, and based on the company’s              the chest x-rays’ excellent resolution
                                    reputation and the quality of its products,   and image quality.”
                                    I recommended the CORONIS at Mercy,”
                                    said John Nikom, PACS administrator. “I       According to Nikom, each CORONIS system
                                    knew that the company and its products        is utilized a minimum of eight hours per
                                    were reliable.”                               day, some even longer. With that kind of
                                                                                  use, uptime performance is crucial.
                                    While Mercy itself had no previous            Mercy has experienced only one instance
                                    experience     using    Barco    products,    when it had to call into play the EWP,
which provides for express delivery of a      Barco is definitely at the high end with       With that protection in place, Mercy
loaner display or swap display controller     regard to support and responsiveness.”        has also benefited from another line
and express display repair. That occurred                                                   of defense: the MEDICAL PRO software
when a CORONIS graphics card in a system      Extended Warranty Plus protects               for intervention-free quality assurance
that had not yet been put into regular         the investment, provides peace               (QA).
use prevented a network card from               of mind and is “hassle-free”.
connecting with an Internet protocol                                                        Mercy      does     not     have     remote
address. Nikom called Barco, and the          While Mercy hasn’t had to invoke the          administration, so MEDICAL PRO - the
card was swapped in the next day.             warranty for anything other than that         cornerstone of Mercy’s medical imaging
                                              minor problem - and Nikom believes            QA effort - runs automatically, calibrating
“They sent me a new card before I had         that with Barco’s record of reliability       the displays when needed. MEDICAL PRO
to remove the old one,” he said. “That’s      he won’t have to - he nonetheless             works with Barco’s I-GUARD technology,
important. I didn’t want to be left           recommends the EWP to any purchaser of        continuously stabilizing each CORONIS
without a card altogether.”                   a Barco display solution. His reasoning is    system.
                                              threefold: EWP protects the investment,       “MEDICAL PRO has made things much
“Barco’s   service   and      support   are   provides peace of mind, and is “hassle-       easier,” Nikom said. “I don’t have
excellent. They’re very available. And,       free” when needed.                            to worry about whether the docs
they’re competent. They fixed the                                                            are     experiencing     optimum    reading
problem very quickly and professionally.      “I really think it’s a wise investment,” he   conditions    and      therefore   achieving
I’ve dealt with a lot of vendors, and         said of the EWP.                              maximum diagnostic accuracy. I can
concentrate on other aspects of our      will continue with this approach, using
PACS.”                                   Barco for both continuity and quality,”
Barco is likely to remain a fixture at    Nikom said. “If the radiologists want a
the Roseburg facility for some time to   high-resolution monitor for use at home,
come. “If we install more workstations   I’d encourage them to go with Barco
as we recruit more radiologists, we      displays.”

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