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					                    RELEASE AND AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE

      I,___________________________________, am a volunteer for Christian
Medical Ministry to Cambodia/Jeremiah’s Hope, a Colorado not for profit corporation. (I
am scheduled to travel to Cambodia on the following dates:_______________________

       By signing this Release and Agreement, I agree to the following:

       1.     I agree to release CMMC/JH, its officers, directors, and employees, and
              agree to not sue any such person for any claims that I may have arising
              from, or in connection with, any physical or property damage that I may
              suffer from any cause whatsoever, other than the actual negligence of the
              foregoing persons. I release such persons from, and agree not to sue such
              persons for, any physical or property damage that I may suffer resulting
              from acts of God, war, strikes or government restrictions, terrorist
              activities, or the acts or omissions of any other agents over which such
              persons have no direct control, including, but not limited to, airlines,
              railways, shipping companies, hotels, guides, and subcontracted agents or
              tour operators.

       2.     I understand that the air carrier’s liability for loss of or damage to baggage
              or property, or for death or injury to person, is limited by their tariffs, or
              the Warsaw Convention, or both.

       3.     I agree to abide by the regulations and directions of my Group Leader on
              the trip. Failure to do so may result in terminating me from the trip

       4.     I agree to abide by all local laws when abroad, including those concerning
              drugs, tobacco and alcohol. I also understand that should local authorities
              be involved, I will be subject to the laws of the country I am visiting.

       5.     If I become ill or incapacitated, CMMC/JH or the Group Leader may take
              any action he deems necessary for my safety and well-being, including
              securing medical treatment (at my own expense) and transporting me

       6.     I understand that it is my responsibility to secure the necessary travel
              documents (passports, visas, etc.) and immunizations before my trip.

       7.     This agreement constitutes the entire agreement with CMMC/JH regarding
              the subject matter herein. I do not rely and am not relying upon any
              promises, inducements, or arrangements not stated herein, including but
              not limited to any oral statements made to me by the Group Leader or any
              officer, director or agent of CMMC/JH. This agreement may be amended
              or modified only in writing, signed by both parties.
8.   This agreement shall be governed in all respects, and performance
     hereunder shall be judged, by the laws of the State of Colorado. Any claim
     or dispute arising from or related to this agreement or between me and
     CMMC/JH or any of its officers, directors or agents shall be settled by
     mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with
     the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for
     Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker® Ministries. Judgment
     upon an arbitration decision may be entered in any court otherwise having

            I have read and fully understand this Release and Agreement and
            agree to be bound hereby, and to comply therewith.

            Print name: ________________________
            Date of Birth: ______________________
            Address: __________________________

            Date: _____________________________

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