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Project Name: Eight LLC
Project Manager Name: Richard Schneider

Project Team Member Names: Jason Reeves, Anthony Miller, Joan Mbithi,
Rosie McGhee
Date: 7 July 2010
Prepared by: Richard Schneider

Team Operating Agreement

Mission Statement
Using technological research to allow our clients to establish a pattern of
informed decision-making.

Objective Statement

Compiling usable and relevant background information and data regarding social
networking, which will allow our client to make better financial decisions about its
potential application.

Team Communications

          The group will communicate mainly through the discussion page on the
           class website on GerogiaView.
          Meeting agendas will be posted on the discussion board at least 24
           hours prior to meetings. Meeting minutes will be posted on the
           discussion board within 48 hours after meetings.
          All communication will be open and courteous.
          Team members will keep each other informed.

Decision Making

   1. When a decision concerning the overall project is being considered, the
      group will take a vote from every member. If a person is missing, their vote
      will be abstained unless they notify the project manager (Austin) before
      the meeting. In the case of a tie, the project manager will have final say in
      the matter.
   2. When a decision concerning a specific portion of the project is being
      considered, the group will be presented their options by the group member
      in charge of that specific portion of the project. The group will then vote on
      each option with the same rules applying as above. However, in the event
      of a tie, the group member in charge of that portion will have final say, not
      the project manager.

      EIGHT LLC CONFIDENTIAL             PAGE 2                      7 JULY 2010


            Project coordinators will report status at each team meeting.
            Project team members will meet after every class, and as necessary
             when deadlines are coming up.
            The Project Manager will be responsible for facilitating and keeping
             meetings on track. Team members will accept the project manager’s
             decision to table a discussion topic.
            If a member cannot make a meeting, that member must notify the
             project manager before the meeting. Notification after the start of the
             meeting will be considered an absence.
            It is the responsibility of each team member to stay current on the
             project team activities, even when he or she has missed a meeting.

Project Schedule

Date                    Meeting Time         Meeting Agenda               What is due
July 5                  5:00pm                      Review the                 Operating
                                                     operating                   Agreement (First
                                                     agreement.                  Draft)
                                                    Go over

July 7                  7:00pm                      Assign writing             Op. Agreement
                                                     topics for paper.           (Final Draft)
                                                    Turn in                    5 References
                                                     References to              Final Member
                                                     Rosie.                      WebPages
                                                    Review Final Op             (word format)
July 12                 8:00pm                      References                 Final reference
                                                     compiled and                page
                                                     reference page             Website
                                                     of final paper              template.
                                                     complete.                  Film shooting
                                                    Website                     schedule.
                                                     Template due.
                                                    Details about
                                                     filming finalized.
July 14                 8:00pm                      First paper draft          Final Paper (first
                                                     due for review.             draft)
July 19                 5:00 pm                     Submit Final               Final paper (final
                                                     Paper                       draft)
                                                    Edit Video (after          All video of
                                                     class)                      presentation.
July 21                 5:00pm                      Video                      Video
                                                     submission                  presentation
                                                    Team party                  (final draft)

      EIGHT LLC CONFIDENTIAL               PAGE 3                           7 JULY 2010

Preparation and Quality

The expected quality for this group is easily laid out in the grading rubrics of the specific
parts of the project provided by Professor Perry. Our team will be completing A work.
This means that all of the necessary components, completed in full, will be the starting
point for each assignment. Each individual is expected to exceed the standards set forth
by the rubric. In other words, above and beyond will be expected at all times. Each
member is responsible for their own work. There will be no official review of the work
scheduled, but each member is highly encouraged to bring their assignment and a
progress report to every meeting. A member can always ask others to review material,
and each member is also encouraged to make at least one trip to the writing lab on
campus before final submission. Because of the little amount of time available before the
final due date, all due dates outlined below will be followed strictly, without exception.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

Formal Report Coordinator (RC): Anthony Miller
The Formal Report requires input from all team members. Each member must sign off on
the report prior to submission. The Formal Report Coordinator is the structural leader of
the report. This individual will take the research provided from the Research Coordinator
and create an outline of the formal report. The FRC will integrate portions of the written
report from each team member and will communicate frequently with the PM and RC for
additional references. This individual should possess strong time management, business
writing, MS Word skills, and will be spending some time in the writing lab. Every team
member must submit a copy of the finished formal report through their WebCT
assignment icon, so time for review and team feedback must be built into the schedule.
The RC will focus on Title Page, Prefatory Parts, Supplemental Parts, Headings, TOC,
and all required elements of the sample report in Chapter 9.

Anthony will also be writing and speaking about the Conclusion of the Final Paper,
where he will summarize the ideas and main points of the other members.

Research Coordinator (RC): Rosie McGhee
The Researchers job requires early project participation. This individual will be one of
the first team members to execute their roles. The Lead Researcher is a critical evaluator
of resources used in the final project. This individual should be well versed in Internet
and library database searches. They will be responsible for coordinating academic
articles, white papers, and corporate resources. The RC will also be responsible for
checking the authenticity of the final report, including appropriate attributions, citations,
and references. This individual should possess attention to detail and will be spending
some time in the library.

      EIGHT LLC CONFIDENTIAL                  PAGE 4                         7 JULY 2010

Rosie will be writing and speaking about the section of the paper that discusses the three
areas of business where social networking can be or already are being applied.

Presentation Coordinator (PC): Jason Reeves
The Presentation is an integrated project in which all team members must participate.
Everyone must assume attend presentation rehearsals and accept equal time in a
presentation role. The Presentation Technologist is the technical lead on the digital video
(if DV is used) and the presentation organizer. The individual will choose an
organizational pattern for the presentation, will assign roles to team members based on
their areas of expertise (corresponds with section of the report written), will structure the
introduction and conclusion, and set rehearsal times. Presentation slides ARE NOT used
during in class presentations. For video classes, this individual will choose a setting for
the presentation – schedule camera checkout, coordinate production schedules with team
members, shoot the video footage, and edit the digital video file. The PC is responsible
for submission and publication via WebCT VISTA. No previous experience with digital
video is needed. KSU campus supports iMovie. This individual should good leadership
abilities and if using DV, will be spending some time in the Presentation Technology

Jason will be writing and speaking about the portion of the paper where we address any
problems or concerns that have arisen due to social networking, and how different
companies are addressing them.

Project Manager (PM): Richard Schneider
The Project Manager will be the primary team communicator and coordinator. This
Individual will participate in each of the three team deliverables (Web page, report, and
Presentation) while simultaneously coordinating meeting times, communication, and
assignment submission procedures. This individual will coordinate all activities of the
team. This individual should have strong communication and planning skills. They will
construct a timetable for the project, manage all team communications, and submit the
formal report to with time for revisions if necessary. The PM will take
ultimate responsibility for the timely completion of each related project. This includes
monitoring of the discussion board, reminder emails to team members, and participation
in projects as needed by other members.

Richard will be writing and speaking about three different social networking sites: who
they are, who uses them and how they generate revenue.

Web Site Coordinator – Web Master (WM): Joan Mbithi
The webpage is an integrated project, combining pages from all team members into one
final web page layout, with navigational capabilities to each team member’s page.
The Web Master will coordinate with team members on page layout, design, and style. A
common theme will be chosen that must be used on each team members page. The Web
Master will work with team members to create, edit, link, and upload the final page. This
individual choosing to accept the role of Web Master should be acutely aware of the Web
Page assignment requirements. No previous web design experience is required. This

      EIGHT LLC CONFIDENTIAL                 PAGE 5                          7 JULY 2010

individual should possess attention to detail and will be spending some time in the
computer lab. Knowledge of Web composing software or HTML a plus. All students will
post the ENTIRE website. It is like having 5 identical houses with 5 individual addresses.

Joan will be writing and speaking about the introduction to social networking, she will
cover the basics of social networking, what is it, how is it used, what is the history, and
possibly the future of social networking.


If a group member misses three (3) meetings, turn in dates, etc., without any prior
notification, that group member’s name and credit will be removed from the project. The
group member will be notified after the first offense, and be required to turn the
assignment and/or material at a newly agreed upon date. If the group member fails to turn
in the second assignment, misses a different assignment, or misses an additional meeting,
that group member will be notified that we have contacted Professor Perry. Professor
Perry will simply receive a notice signed by all other members of the group alerting him
to the failure of participation of one member. That delinquent member will not have their
name taken off the project, but the end of project individual grade will be affected. A
thirst offense of any listed above will result in an immediate removal of the members
name from the project and a zero on the paper.

Reviewed and approved by:

Project Manager                            Date:
Website Coordinator                        Date:
Research Coordinator                       Date:
Formal Report Coordinator                  Date:
Presentation Coordinator                   Date:

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