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East Brunswick Nj Divorce Attorney document sample

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									Computer Forensics
  Sara Jones CSC 105:05
The Field of Computer Forensics
History of Computer Forensics
Collecting Evidence
Advantages of Computer Forensics
Disadvantages of Computer Forensics
How Computer Forensics is used by
government, corporate America, and the public
Computer Forensic Companies in New Jersey
         The Field of
    Computer Forensics
What is Computer Forensics?

           process of preserving,
 Scientific
 identifying, extracting, documenting,
 and interpreting data on computer

 Used   to obtain potential legal evidence
History of Computer Forensics
 Michael Anderson
  “Father  of computer forensics”
  special agent with IRS

 Meeting in 1988 (Portland, Oregon)
  creation  of IACIS, the International Association of
   Computer Investigative Specialists
  the first Seized Computer Evidence Recovery
   Specialists (SCERS) classes held
  Certification for Computer
   Investigative Specialists

CEECS (Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist Certification)
  Awarded to individuals who complete the CEECS regional certification
  Also awarded to individuals in the Certified Forensic Computer Examiner
   course that successfully pass the written test
    Certification for Forensic
      Computer Examiner
Internal Certification Training Program
   Must successfully complete two week training course offered by IACIS
    and correspondence proficiency problems

External Certification Testing Process
   Not a training course
   Testing process
        Active Law Enforcement
        Individuals qualified for IACIS membership

   Every three years must complete recertification process
        Must be in good standing with IACIS
        Complete proficiency test
 Questions to ask Computer
    Forensic Specialists
What are their daily, weekend, after-hours rates?
Do they charge for machine time?
Ask how many forensic cases they have worked on
Ask how long they have been in the forensic business
How many cases have they done similar to yours?
Ask to see their training and certifications
Ask they if they ever testified as an expert witness
Ask them for references from previous clients
          Collecting Evidence
Make Exact copies of all hard             Reveal all contents of hidden
drives & disks using                      files used by application and
computer software                         operating system
   Date and Time stamped on each file;
    used for timeline
                                          Access contents of password
                                          protected files if legally able
Protect the Computer system
   Avoid deletion, damage, viruses
                                          to do so
    and corruption                        Analyze data
Discover files                            Print out analysis
   Normal Files                              Computer System
   Deleted Files                             All Files and data
   Password Protected Files                  Overall opinion
   Hidden Files
                                          Provide expert
   Encrypted Files
How Evidence is Protected
A Computer Forensic Specialist promises to:
Not delete, damage or alter any evidence
Protect the computer and files against a virus
Handle all evidence properly to prevent any
future damage
Keep a log of all work done and by whom
Keep any Client-Attorney information that is
gained confidential
Advantages of Computer Forensics

 Ability to search
 through a massive
 amount of data

  Quickly
  Thoroughly
  In   any language
 Disadvantages of
Computer Forensics
          Digital evidence accepted
          into court
              must prove that there is no
              all evidence must be fully
               accounted for
              computer forensic specialists
               must have complete knowledge
               of legal requirements, evidence
               handling and storage and
               documentation procedures
         Disadvantages of
        Computer Forensics
 producing electronic records & preserving them is
  extremely costly
    Sattar vs. Motorola Inc
Presents the potential for exposing privileged
Legal practitioners must have extensive
computer knowledge
How Computer Forensics are Used
Criminal Prosecutors                Large Corporations
    Child Pornography cases            Embezzlement
         Michael Jackson Case           Insider Trading
    Homicides                               Martha Stewart Case
         Scott Peterson Trial       Law Enforcement
    Embezzlement                   Any Individual
         John Gotti, Bugsy Siegal
                                        Claims
    Financial Fraud                         Sexual harassment
         ENRON                               Age discrimination
Civil Litigations                            Wrongful termination from job
    Fraud                                   Background checks
    Divorce
    Breach of Contract
    Copy right
Insurance Companies
    False Accident Reports
    Workman’s Compensation Cases
Computer Forensic Services in
        New Jersey
                Services, LLC
                All State
   Other Computer Forensic
Services Locations in New Jersey
Middlesex County   Union County       Ocean County
      Avenel       Berkeley Heights      Barnegat
     Carteret         Cranford           Bayville
     Cranbury         Elizabeth        Beach Haven
      Dayton          Fanwood           Beachwood
     Dunellen         Garwood             Brick
  East Brunswick     Kenilworth        Forked River

      Edison           Linden            Jackson
      Fords           Plainfield        Lakehurst
   Highland Park       Rahway           Toms River
With computers becoming more and more
involved in our everyday lives, both
professionally and socially, there is a need for
computer forensics. This field will enable crucial
electronic evidence to be found, whether it was
lost, deleted, damaged, or hidden, and used to
prosecute individuals that believe they have
successfully beaten the system.

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