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					                          WORK-FOR-RENT/EXPENSES AGREEMENT

       This agreement is entered into this             day of                    ,       between ~Lawyer 1, and
~Lawyer 2.


          ~Lawyer 1 agrees to provide ~Lawyer 2 with a place to practice law and all the necessary support
staff, supplies and equipment, except that ~Lawyer 2 is to be responsible for his/her own Bar dues. Also
~Lawyer 2 shall be responsible for the professional liability premiums to the Oregon State Bar Professional
Liability Fund, covering the period until

         Thereafter the payments for the PLF malpractice coverage shall be treated as overhead to be paid
by ~Lawyer 1, but will be prorated between the parties at the date of the termination of this agreement.
~Lawyer 1 may place additional malpractice coverage on ~Lawyer 2 at his/her own expense and may
cancel it at any time. Payment for law seminars and CLE programs shall be at ~Lawyer 2’s expense unless
approved specifically by ~Lawyer 1.


         ~Lawyer 2 agrees that all of his/her time devoted to the practice of law and all income resulting from
that practice during the life of this agreement, regardless of its form or where the work is done, shall be
subject to this agreement except for                        .


          The handling of money and the distribution of the proceeds shall be as follows:

        1.      All monies received as a result of ~Lawyer 2’s efforts shall go in ~Lawyer 1’s general
account to which he/she shall be the sole signator.

          2.          All money received in trust shall go into ~Lawyer 1’s Trust Account.

        3.        The first monies received shall be disbursed to ~Lawyer 1 for the actual out-of-pocket costs
for which client has or should be billed.

         4.      Of the remainder, 50% shall go to ~Lawyer 1 in lieu of overhead. The remainder shall go to
the attorney or attorneys who do the work, according to the time spent by each attorney, charges made and
the formula set out hereafter.

               a.       On hourly rate cases, the distribution shall be based on the fees actually billed,
approved and collected. Payments shall be applied on a pro-rate basis.

                b.      On all other cases, the hourly rate shall be based on the time spent by each
attorney and the rating factor. For the purpose of this agreement, ~Lawyer 1’s time shall be rated at
$150/hour and ~Lawyer 2’s time at $90/hour.

                 c.      Paralegal and secretary’s fees shall be distributed on the same basis as attorney’s
fees, i.e., where the work is done for ~Lawyer 2 on one of his/her cases, their fees charged shall be
considered as ~Lawyer 2’s fees earned. However, where a paralegal other than the staff secretary is used
for paralegal work, the fee paid the paralegal shall be paid or repaid from ~Lawyer 2’s share of the fees

[13Nov10 Rev 11/97]                                       -1-PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY FUND (WORK FOR RENT AGREEMENT.DOC)
                      d.     Payment to ~Lawyer 2 shall be made by the 10th of the month following the month
of receipt.

       5.     Losses resulting from unrecovered advances shall be set off against net fees collected by
~Lawyer 2 when they become uncollectible.


        Either party may terminate this agreement on 30 days’ notice, without cause or sooner with cause.
~Lawyer 1 agrees to advise callers of ~Lawyer 2’s new phone number, to advise ~Lawyer 2 of all letters
addressed to him/her and forward to him/her all correspondence addressed to him/her. Monies received by
~Lawyer 1 for services rendered by ~Lawyer 2 during the life of this contract may be deposited in ~Lawyer
1’s account for work done during the life of this agreement and he/she may keep copies of correspondence
received on active accounts at time of termination.

       Bar Referral fees paid and phone ads inserted for the benefit of ~Lawyer 2 shall be prorated
between the parties as of the date of termination of this agreement.


          ~Lawyer 2 shall be bound by the terms and conditions of ~Lawyer 1’s excess liability insurance


          It is understood that this is not a partnership agreement and that ~Lawyer 2 shall have no vested
interest in the physical properties used in said business.


        Should there be a disagreement regarding the interpretation of this agreement, both parties agree
to submit to arbitration according to the laws of the State of Oregon.

                      SIGNED this           day of                            ,       .

~Lawyer 1                                            ~Lawyer 2

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