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									NCLB Title I Cycle Monitoring
    Update 2007-2008
    Brenda Martz and Linda Ricketts
 Monitoring Process
Four-Tiered Monitoring System
1. Application/Amendment review

2. Telephone monitoring

3. On-site monitoring

4. Three-year cycle monitoring
Application Review
   All districts are monitored via the
   Applications are due in our office on July 1st
   Amendment period is between November 1st
    and April 1st
Telephone Monitoring
   Approximately 95% of all LEAs are called for
    more detailed information regarding the
   Calls may be made for issues that arise during
    the year
 On-Site Monitoring
Risk-Based System to Determine On-Site Visits:
 Volume of money
 Fiscal concerns
 Performance of schools/LEA
 School improvement issues
 Late application (after July 1st)
 Late amendment (after April 1st)
 Late cycle documentation
 Program concerns
 NCLB complaint filed on an LEA
Three-Year Cycle Monitoring
   Each LEA is assigned one of three cycles per
    year (cycle assignment on Title I website)
   LEAs will complete the monitoring cycle
    every 3 years
   Each cycle has a due date
   Statement of Assurance must be signed with
    cycle information and returned to IDOE
Cycle 1
   Cycle 1 Components - Due November 30, 2007

    1. Fiscal expenditures from 2006-2007
    2. Equipment/Technology Inventory

    3. NCLB School Improvement Plan

    4. Schoolwide Plan
Fiscal Expenditures from 2006-2007
Claims showing fund number and account,
  appropriations report, and invoices for-
 Choice

 Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

 10% School Improvement

 10% LEA Improvement

 1% Parental Involvement
    Equipment/Technology Inventory
    A description of the property
    A serial number or other identification number
    The source of the property
    Who holds title
    The acquisition date
    The cost of the property
    The percentage of Federal participation in the cost of the
    Where the property is located
    The use and condition of the property
    The ultimate disposition data including the date of disposal and
     sale price of the property
Resources on Title I Website
   Schoolwide Plan components with checklist
   NCLB School Improvement Plan components
    with checklist
   Equipment/Technology Inventory with
    required components
Common Problems with Cycle 1
   Inventory list does not include all the required
   NCLB School Improvement Plan is mistaken
    for the PL 221 Plan
   Schoolwide Plans do not contain all the
    required components
   Components of plans are not clearly identified
    by checklist or table of contents
 Cycle 2
    Cycle 2 Components - Due February 1, 2008
LEA Level
    1.    LEA Parent Involvement Policy
    2.    Evidence of Parents’-Right-to-Know letters being mailed
            Teacher/Paraprofessional Qualifications
            Four or more weeks with a teacher who is not highly qualified
School Level
    3.   Parent Involvement Policy
    4.   School-Parent Compact
    5.   Evidence of the Title I Annual Meeting having been held early in the
Resources on Title I Website

   Sample Parents’-Right-to-Know letter
   Components of LEA Parent Involvement Policy
   Sample LEA Parent Involvement Policy
   Components of School Parent Involvement Policy
   Sample School Parent Involvement Policy
   Components of School-Parent Compact
   Sample School-Parent Compact
Common Problems with Cycle 2
   Policies and compacts do not include all the
    required components
   School policies are not unique for each
    individual school
   No evidence of annual Title I parent meeting
   No evidence that the Parents’-Right-to-Know
    letters were mailed
Cycle 3
    Cycle 3 – Due October 5, 2007
    1.   Time & Effort Logs from August & September
         2007 for any split-funded staff
    2.   Semi-Annual Certification from second semester
         2006-2007 for single cost objective staff paid
         100% from Title I
    3.   Criteria for Student Selection and Student
         Participation Lists for 2007-2008
    4.   Summary of Selection
Resources on Title I Website
   Time and Effort Logs
   Semi-Annual Certification Forms
   Semi-Annual & Time and Effort PowerPoint
   Student Selection Sample Form
   Student Selection PowerPoint
Common Problems with Cycle 3
   Not sending in Time and Effort logs and Semi-
    Annual Certifications for all staff paid with Title I
   Student Selection
       No explanation when not serving special education and
        LEP students
       Not ranking by grade level
       Not using two types of criteria to rank
       Not including summary of how students are selected
 Division of Compensatory Education
Title I Website

Templates/Resources for Compliance


Division of Compensatory Education
          Program Consultants
       Laura Cope
       Cindy Hurst
      Brenda Martz
      Teresa Neely
        Sarah Pies
      Lenee Reedus
            Fiscal Consultant
      Linda Ricketts

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