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					                                           Writing Approvable Perkins Local Plan, Funded Project, Action Steps:
Note: A Funded Project is composed of action steps designed to address at least one of your Perkins Performance Metrics, THE OBJECTIVE OF THE
PROJECT. Each Action Step describes a planned activity and the expected grant expenses associated with that activity. Action Step descriptions need to be
very specific and need to be defined through the format of "Do X to accomplish outcome Y." It is also important to address how the action step serves the
overall Performance Metric objective(s) of the project. The best approach to writing quality Perkins Local Plan Funded Project action step descriptions is to
engage key stakeholders in a Perkins strategic planning process.

More information is available at Technical steps to completing your Perkins Local plan are also
available. Scroll down the Administrators' Handbook web page until you see a bar entitled "CTE Online Technical Guides." Click on the left side of that bar. It
will unroll, revealing several guides.

PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S1- Academic             Purchase Wall Vault System                                               Purchase wall vault system (a teaching and learning tool) to perform
Attainment      software demonstrations, deliver instruction and allow students to
(Reading/Language         , an audio/video wall system that allows software demonstrations        actively participate in demonstrations
Arts); S3-Technical      and web demonstrations on a large, slim wall screen. This allows all
Skill Attainment;        students to visualize specific content available electronically rather
PS1-Technical            than crowded around one lab item. The system uses less energy and
Skill Attainment         takes up less space providing efficient, fast, reliable access to visual
                         materials. Students will also use this equipment for presentations,
                         encouraging communications that are both auditory and visual.
                         More competencies can be illustrated to more students due to the
                         efficiency and size of this teaching/learning tool.

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PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                  CURRENT
S1-Aademic               Upgrade AutoCAD software for use in construction tech program           Upgrade AutoCAD software for construction tech program to
Attainment               drafting and architecture courses. This upgrade duplicates software enhance curriculum in drafting/architecture courses resulting in
(Reading/                currently used for blueprints so students can better read blueprints by increased student proficiency with industry standard resources.
Language Arts)           having experience preparing blueprints. This also introduces
                         students to another construction technology career pathway. The
                         construction industry often tests a job applicant's blueprint reading
                         acumen and these skills align with postsecondary construction
                         management needs. Blueprint reading requires reading skills and this
                         demonstrates to students that reading is a required competency for
                         construction related careers. The CTE instructors will share their
                         reading processes with Language Arts instructors to see if lessons
                         can be collaborated.

S1-Aademic               Provide professional development dollars and subs for each program       Provide professional development dollars and subs for each program
Attainment               instructor to attend learning related to academic integration, special   instructor to attend learning related to academic integration, special
(Reading/                populations, leadership and program enhancement. This will allow         populations, leadership and program enhancement. This will allow
Language Arts); S4-      CTE instructors to stay relevant with current research in pedagogy       CTE instructors to stay relevant in their field.
Secondary School         and andragogy. Funded teachers will provide follow-up action plans
Completion; S5-          for what and how they intend to implement the new ideas they
Graduation Rates;        learned. We will focus this year's professional development on
S6-Placement; PS2-       seeking better ideas to help poor readers improve learning skills
Certificate or           because, through our data analyses and strategic planning, we have
Degree; PS3-             found poor reading skills as a root cause of attrition. Successful
Student Retention        learning processes help students remain in school and complete

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PROJECT'S                                           ENHANCED                                                                 CURRENT
S1-Academic              Provide compensation to instructors for extra-duty hours when they      Provide compensation to instructors to attend professional
Attainment               attend professional development oriented around CSAP data dialogs       development, data dialogue & update curriculum to maintain
(Reading/                with academic teachers and full data analysis, followed by needed       programs that provide students with the necessary technical, reading,
Language Arts); S2-      curriculum updates in collaboration with the academic teachers, in      writing, and math skills,
Academic                 order to increase the rigor in CTE program curricula, specifically in
Attainment               the areas of technical, reading, writing, and math skills. We will
(Mathematics); S3-       monitor CTE student academic achievement to determine if this
Technical Skill          process is contributing to students' achievement of the PWR
Attainment               standards.
S1-Academic              An essential element of Business Education in the 21st Century is       Provide Flash and Dreamweaver training to the business instructors
Attainment               understanding how to provide an internet presence for Businesses.       in the consortium to effectively learn how to implementing the
(Reading/Language        Business instructors will be trained on both Flash and Dreamweaver      software into their programs.
Arts); PS1-              software to allow the addition of webpage designing to the Business
Technical Skill          Ed. curricula competencies. When the new software is implemented
Attainment.              in the program, students can build Business web pages, discover new
                         career opportunities, and learn how to best communicate
                         electronically via electronic media. These activities will be
                         coordinated with our Language Arts instructors (or Communications
                         remediation faculty) to develop students understanding of and
                         interest in language usage and the impact of language within the
                         continually expanding information and communications technologies.

S1-Academic              Funds to allow the attendance of two full-time and two part-time     Requesting funds to allow the attendance of two full-time and two
Attainment               CTE faculty from AgriBusiness, Nursing, Family and Consumer          part-time faculty members at the ABCD of Colorado conference in
(Reading/Language        Sciences, and Project Lead the Way at the ABCD of Colorado           Keystone.
Arts); S2-               conference in Keystone. This conference emphasizes academic rigor
Academic                 and integrated curricula and each attendee will select sessions that
Attainment               best apply to their program needs to integrate skills for students.
(Mathematics);           Implementation action plans will follow and faculty will share
PS1-Technical            results with other CTE teachers and staff.
Skill Attainment;

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PROJECT'S                                             ENHANCED                                                                    CURRENT
S1-Academic              Provide funds to cover the lease cost of a facility in which to hold a     Support local career fair conducted by Colorado Workforce Center.
Attainment               CTE local career fair open to current CTE students and the general         This is open to both College CTE students and the general public.
(Reading/Language        public. Every effort will be made to provide business and industry         This will likely be used to help cover the cost to use a facility for the
Arts); S3-               role models who represent special populations, encouraging special         career fair.
Technical Skill          population students to visualize themselves in that career field.
Attainment; S7-          ICAPS and Plans of Study will be provided to help attendees plan
Non-Traditional          their education map. Hands on activities will allow job-seekers to
Participation; S8-       explore actual job site conditions. Current CTE students will help
Non-Traditioanl          plan and implement the event so that they learn and practice: reading
Completion; PS1-         and language communications skills; project planning skills;
Technical Skill          presentation skills; and organizational skills. CTE students who are
Attainment; PS3-         special populations will be asked to serve as career skill
Student Retention;       demonstrators and to be ambassadors to job/education seekers.
PS5-Non-                 Notifications of the career fair will indicate that the fair is about
Traditional              CTE programs.
Participation; PS6-
S1-Academic              Careers in the Agricultural Education-Plant Systems include                Purchase floral cooler to support expansion of program
Attainment               horticulture and nurseries as well as the flower delivery industry.
(Reading/Language        Adding a floral cooler to our lab supports curriculum enhancement
Arts); S7-Non-           to integrate more career awareness and choices for our students.
Traditional              Other programs have found this addition also increases females'
Participation; PS5-      interest in agriculture studies. The cooler operations manual will
Non-Traditional          also be used to introduce technical reading/language arts and
Participation            students will learn scientific principles related to plants reactions to
                         varying temperatures.

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PROJECT'S                                           ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S2-Academic              The use of the accounting software "Quickbooks" dominates              To purchase "Quickbooks" as part of business CTE course, resulting
Attainment               business, especially small businesses or emerging businesses.          in students gaining skills required in the workplace environment
(Mathematics);           Students can connect business principles to the mathematics of
PS1-Technical            business management by using Quickbooks to record business
Skill Attainment         activities as dollar/profit impacts. Students are also introduced to
                         the accounting industry. The software will also be studied regarding
                         the formulas programmed into the software to allow the reports
                         Quickbooks can produce. Students will analyze reports and apply
                         accounting formulas to practice evaluation of the health of
S2-Academic              Auto scan tools are continuously evolving as automotive engineering    Purchase auto scan tool and dedicated laptop to update out-of-date
Attainment               mandates continue to increase in response to energy policies. The      scan tool for auto tech program.
(Mathematics);           purchase of a new auto scan tool with dedicated laptop introduces
PS1-Technical            students to diagnostic methods for newest developed engine system
Skill Attainment         electronics. It also demonstrates to students the rapid technical
                         changes that exist in the auto repair industry and helps them
                         understand the importance of lifelong learning and frequent tool
                         evaluation. Additionally the tool can be used to introduce science
                         and math concepts related to electronics and electronic diagnosis.

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PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S2-Academic              This needs to be two action steps:                                     Purchase resources (gas pressure sensors, light sensors, light detector
Attainment                                                                                      units, scales, T-squares) for CTE programs that provide academic
(Mathematics);           1. Purchase items for Business, Construction, Process Science (an      integration to assist with an increase in rigor and contextual learning
PS1-Technical            approved CTE program), and CAD to support academic integration:        for students (Business, Construction, Process Science, CAD)
Skill Attainment         Gas pressure sensors-math, gauge reading, formulas, estimating,        Supplies for applied math and PRO classes
                         logic diagnosis; Light sensors-physics, math, logic diagnosis; light
                         detector units-physics, estimating, logic; measuring devices-math,
                         math functions, formulas, math standards. These items allow the
                         curricula to include more rigorous math lessons and activities and
                         support better understanding of math concepts.

                         2. Applied Math and ?PRO (explain what PRO is) classes are linking
                         their learning objectives with the CTE program objectives and
                         matching educational materials such as workbooks, supplemental
                         textbooks, manipulative kits, DVDs, industry magazines, and
                         industry measuring tools to introduce math concepts that are then
                         reinforced in the CTE curricula and to illustrate how these math
                         concepts are applied in CTE programs.

S2-Academic              Three geometry teachers who are partnering with two CTE              Geometry in Construction training June 2011
Attainment               Construction Tech teachers to help remap the construction tech
(Mathematics);           curriculum so that it has more math rigor will be attending a
PS1-Technical            Geometry in Construction training in June, 2011. We will pre-test
Skill Attainment         new students who enroll in the construction tech CTE program using
                         a standardized math test and compare to post-tests of the same
                         students when they complete the program to determine if this type of
                         process should be continued in other CTE program areas. We
                         hypothesize that student test scores will increase significantly.

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PROJECT'S                                           ENHANCED                                                                 CURRENT
S2-Academic              Purchase workbooks, blueprint samples, supplemental math in            Purchase instructional materials for Construction Technology
Attainment               construction textbooks, calculators, tape measures, plumb lines, T-    teachers and math teachers in the Geometry in Construction
(Mathematics);           squares, protractors and compasses for the CTE Construction            curriculum so that students can learn real-world applications of math
PS1-Technical            Technology program. These allow students to apply geometry             within the construction trades and consequently increase their math
Skill Attainment         concepts and see how they relate to the construction industry. This    proficiency
                         will reinforce their comprehension of and appreciation for geometry.

S3-Technical Skill       Each CTE program at ABC School frequently needs laptop                  In order to incorporate technology into the classrooms, CTE needs a
Attainment; PS1-         computers to teach on-site technology use. Construction can process computer lab (laptop cards) [sic-laptop carts]
Technical Skill          building costs at the building site. Agriculture can research crop
Attainment               management techniques while in the field. Business can use the
                         laptop when they are involved in team break-out meetings in various
                         sections of the classroom. Students become accustomed to instant
                         computing and aware of the convenience of access to multiple
                         resources at critical times of decision-making. Students learn to save
                         and organize information so that it is accessible beyond the office
                         setting. The laptop cart stores and secures these sensitive purchases
                         to better allow for check-in/check-out policies and the carts allow for
                         easy mobility of laptop sets when particular needs arise per CTE
                         program. Use of laptops increase student efficiency of completing
                         their plans of study and thus increases CTE program completion

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PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                  CURRENT
S3-Technical Skill       Today's students expect rapid content coverage and active or             Purchase projector and document camera for business program to
Attainment; PS1-         entertaining learning processes. Purchase of a projector and             enhance the technology in teaching.
Technical Skill          document camera for the Business Program provides teaching
Attainment               technology that can quickly demonstrate essential concepts and add
                         visual reinforcement to audio content. Students will be asked to use
                         the equipment for student developed presentations, serving as
                         research-based mechanisms that reinforce learning that has been
                         described by our advisory committee as a desired industry skill.

S3-Technical Skill       The Perkins funds (less than $5,000) will be combined with general       Pay for a portion (total = $12,269 school will cover the additional
Attainment; PS1-         funds to purchase a 3D printer for the Engineering Technology            cost) of a 3D printer for the Engineering Technology program
Technical Skill          program. This allows students to test their drawings for accuracy;
Attainment               self-evaluate their work; improve designing skills; and relate design
                         to dimensional output. We understand that even though the Perkins
                         contribution to this capital equipment is less than $5,000, Perkins
                         rules and policies for disposal of capital equipment still apply.

S3-Technical Skill       The agriculture education program will provide students with laptops     purchase laptop computers for the agriculture program to promote
Attainment; PS1-         during career awareness activities and teach them how to map an          and expand program opportunities that will help with the
Technical Skill          ICAP relative to particular career pathways of interest. This allows     implementation of ICAPS with the ultimate goal to help students
Attainment               students to set career goals; feel in control of goal achievement; and   complete high school.
                         change their ICAP as their interests expand. Students will see goal-
                         setting as a continuous, interactive process and learn how to save and
                         evaluate plans. These skills support the base skills of project
                         management desired by industry.

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PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                  CURRENT
S3-Technical Skill       Salary for new culinary arts instructor to start mid-year. 100% of     Salary for new culinary arts instructor to start mid-year. 100% of
Attainment; PS1-         salary/benefits. Enrollments in existing program have increased        salary/benefits.
Technical Skill          enough to need another instructor. Business and industries in our
Attainment               community are encouraging growth of this program and are hiring
                         graduates. This also allows the infusion of new ideas, improving
                         curricula, and bringing a recent specialist in to update techniques or
                         competencies taught to students. We expect to move this salary cost
                         off of Perkins funding completely by FY2013.

S3-Technical Skill       This action step includes resources that enhance student skill sets      This action includes resources that enhance student skill sets and
Attainment; PS1-         and items required to accomplish student learning objectives and         items required to accomplish student objectives. (3) Assistant's
Technical Skill          competencies. (3) Assistant's 'Alabama' Mobile Cabinets $1335-           'Alabama' Mobile Cabinets $1335; (6) Dentoform Simulation
Attainment               student is familiar with storage systems; (6) Dentoform Simulation       Mannequins $1300; Dental cutting & finishing instruments $464;
                         Mannequins $1300-allows clinical practice of all procedures; Dental      assorted dental restorative instruments $1090; assorted instructional
                         cutting & finishing instruments $464-provides industry tools             models and Production Kit supplies $15,000.
                         essential to work-Perkins funded because . . .; assorted dental
                         restorative instruments $1090- allows students to use advanced level
                         instruments ; assorted instructional models and Production Kit
                         supplies - $15,000. The instructional models and Production Kit
                         supplies are used. . . Examples of production kit supplies include:. .
                         . These are not basic program supplies (funded by general fund);
                         these are enhancements to the program because. . . No one item in
                         this list has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more. These items
                         provide highest level curriculum and lab practices, assuring student
                         knowledge and skills with the related processes.

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PROJECT'S                                             ENHANCED                                                                  CURRENT
S3-Technical Skill       ABCD High School will be starting a ProStart program.                      ABCD High School will be starting a ProStart program. There is
Attainment; PS1-         Instructional materials including ...(list them)... will be added to the   already a ProStart program at EFGH High School. Instructional
Technical Skill          basic materials needed for this program so that students will learn        materials will be purchased so that students at ABCD High School
Attainment               the following additional skills and knowledge needed to be                 will learn the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the
                         successful in the food service management career pathway: (list            culinary arts and foodservice management career fields.
                         skills acquired.)
S3-Technical Skill       This would be better as two action steps!                                  Purchase additional classroom resource materials including printer,
Attainment; PS1-                                                                                    Bamboo fun pens, clickers, computers, software, books, hand tools,
Technical Skill          1. Purchase additional classroom resource materials to enhance the         safety equipment, battery charger and locker/cabinet.
Attainment PS4-          teaching/learning processes as follows: Business-Printer-students are
Student Placement        touring businesses and preparing thank you letters; Bamboo fun pens-
                         ???; clickers-to allow quick formative assessments and thus quick
                         adjustments to learning processes; computers/software-new editions
                         of program software require more RAM for proper operation;
                         supplemental books- math in business, basic accounting; basic
                         business law - allow a more rigorous curriculum. These additional
                         skills better prepare students for advanced education or work.

                         2. Automotive Tech-Hand tools such as pliers, wrenches, and plastic
                         mallets reduces tool usage wait times- allowing more students to
                         have more lab/simulation practice time; additional safety equipment
                         including two more fire extinguishers, machine guards, reflective
                         tape, fire-proof locker/cabinet as required by fire dept. to store
                         assorted chemicals and new technology parts cleaner with automatic
                         shutting lid to reinforce safety competencies and instill a culture of
                         safety; battery charger-provides more students more time practicing
                         starting/charging system diagnosis and repair. Students will also
                         learn to read and refer to substance safety sheets (MSDS sheets) and

M:Conferences-Workshps /2011/ActionStepSamples                                                                                                                            10
PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S3-Technical Skill       Send Bill Smith, Business Ed. Instructor to National FBLA              FBLA Leadership conference
Attainment; PS1-         Leadership Conference to interact with other Business Education
Technical Skill          teachers; to learn national trends in Business Education; to obtain
Attainment.              techniques for integrating personal finance skills in the Business Ed.
                         curriculum; and to gain new information regarding business required
                         skill sets from a national perspective. An action plan will follow
                         with Bill indicating what and how he can implement new ideas

                         (And of course, since this is out-of-state travel, details must be
                         provided and approved before the out-of-state travel is taken.)
S3-Technical Skill       Salary LPN instructor. 3rd & final year. 30% of salary/benefits.        Salary LPN instructor. 3rd & final year. 30% of salary/benefits.
Attainment; S6-          Funding of this position has allowed the program to grow to
Placement; PS1-          enrollment levels that will allow transferring these costs to general
Technical Skill          fund costs. This position has also freed all program faculty for time
Attainment PS4-          to evaluate program outcomes; remap courses and curricula per
Student Placement        analysis; interact with hiring institutions; and attend professional
                         development events that support better teaching/learning

M:Conferences-Workshps /2011/ActionStepSamples                                                                                                                      11
PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                  CURRENT
S3-Technical Skill       Construction Trades program is adding tools to be used by students        Construction Trades program is supplementing needed tools used by
Attainment; S6-          to accomplish additional skill sets including construction wiring, tile   students to accomplish various construction projects. By providing a
Placement; PS1-          setting, roofing, plumbing, and masonry. By providing this new            variety of tools in sufficient quantities it allows ample time on
Technical Skill          variety of tools in sufficient quantities students are allowed ample      projects. Projects that challenge students increasing student
Attainment PS4-          time on different aspects of construction projects. This introduces       participation and retention.
Student Placement        students to more career pathway choices; teaches students how to
                         manage subcontractors and constructability issues; and provides a
                         broad understanding of all aspects of construction. This variety of
                         projects makes the program more interesting because it challenges
                         students to broaden their skill sets and research indicates this serves
                         to increase student participation and retention. Students will have
                         more skill sets to offer employers.

S3-Technical Skill       All of our CTE programs are experimenting with problem-based           There is a need to supplement the cost for consumables in order to
Attainment; S6-          learning and out-of-the-ordinary consumables are needed for this       provide ample material for student projects.
Placement; PS1-          pilot processes. Examples include: student notebooks; more paper
Technical Skill          and ink for student printing and planning purposes; more magazine
Attainment PS4-          subscriptions for student research purposes; more lab supplies for
Student Placement        increased lab experiment purposes (such as welding rod, culinary
                         food staples, plastics and metals for machining projects; and syringes
                         for health program scenarios.) Students will present their
                         problem/solutions to the program's business and industry advisory
                         committee and receive industry feedback regarding their outcomes.

M:Conferences-Workshps /2011/ActionStepSamples                                                                                                                        12
PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S4-Secondary             Support a portion of the costs for materials/supplies & resources for   Support a portion of the costs for materials/supplies & resources for
School                   the CTE career center. These items support Counselors, Special          the CTE career center. These items support Counselors, Special
Completion; S5-          Education Teachers, Employability Coordinators and other                Education Teachers, Employability Coordinators and other education
Graduation Rates;        education professionals in their work with CTE students towards         professionals in their work with CTE students towards increasing
PS2-Certificate or       career information and opportunities. Career guides, ACT study          secondary school completion rates for CTE students.
Degree; PS3-             guides, parent guides, postage and assorted copying supplies allow
Student Retention        students to research; do critical thinking and analysis; practice
                         academic skills; and align their goals with relevant postsecondary
                         programs. These practices encourage students to stay in school
                         because of motivation and clarity of purpose.

S4-Secondary             CTE is a complex educational delivery system that must be carefully Hire CTE coordinator for 20/week @ $20/hour for 50 weeks to
School                   monitored and reported to assure return on investment for the extra coordinate credentialing, VE-135 data, and Perkins tracking.
Completion; S5-          costs associated with CTE program instruction. CTE must add value
Graduation Rates;        to student outcomes. Research supports that well-managed CTE
PS2-Certificate or       programs increase student graduation rates by helping students
Degree; PS3-             understand the application potentials of their education. A CTE
Student Retention        coordinator for 20hours/week (@ $20/hour/50 weeks will coordinate
                         CTE teacher credentialing, CTE data reporting and federal fund
                         oversight to assure efficiency and accountability of CTE programs
                         which will help retain CTE students and see them through successful
                         completion of their CTE programs.

S4-Secondary             We are implementing a student/family awareness campaign to help Improve awareness of learning support services among CTE students.
School                   CTE students know how to access support services such as… Often
Completion; S5-          students struggle without knowing that more support can be
Graduation Rates;        requested. By doing a …(what)… we can alert students and their
PS2-Certificate or       families about how to obtain these services. We will also train
Degree; PS3-             faculty about these services. Research indicates that information
Student Retention        activities regarding student support availability increases student

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PROJECT'S                                            ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S4-Secondary             The purpose of the project is to provide tutoring services to students   Tutoring
School                   enrolled in CTE programs who need the additional academic support
Completion; S5-          to successfully complete program coursework. The project will
Graduation Rates;        provide direct student support for academic attainment and
PS2-Certificate or       improvement within various CTE programs. 70% of CTE students
Degree; PS3-             require remediation. In 2010 86% of CTE students who received
Student Retention        support services passed their courses, demonstrating the value of the
                         services provided to them in their academic and technical skill
S4-Secondary             Continue lease of computers and printers for CTE program computer        Continue lease of computers and printers for CTE program computer
School                   labs to allow students to use technology to complete assignments,        labs to allow students to use technology to complete assignments,
Completion; S5-          create presentations, and allow internet activities. Leasing the lab     create presentations, and allow internet activities
Graduation Rates;        allows for highest functioning items with least workflow barriers.
PS3-Student              Only CTE students use this lab, thus the full cost of the lease if
Retention                Perkins funded. This lab allows low income students to have access
                         to high quality technology. And this lab allows students to have
                         access to immediate professional guidance, teaching or technical
                         assistance. Our research indicates that student access to consistently
                         functioning equipment reduces frustrations and helps support student
                         retention, completion and graduation.

M:Conferences-Workshps /2011/ActionStepSamples                                                                                                                    14
PROJECT'S                                           ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
S4-Secondary             Create College Ready Pathway brochures, letters and direct mailings Create College Ready Pathway brochures, letter and direct mailing to
School                   to retain high school CTE concurrent-enrolled students in programs. retain high school CTE concurrent-enrolled students in programs.
Completion; S5-          Concurrently enrolled students will also be surveyed for their
Graduation Rates;        thoughts about the quality of the programs. The brochures will
S6-Placement; PS2-       emphasize career opportunities for special populations
Certificate or           demonstrating persons with disabilities, the program area's
Degree; PS3-             underrepresented gender, and ELL persons engaged in the career.
Student Retention        The non-discrimination statement will be included. Counselors and
                         teachers will be provided copies and training about how to provide
                         career advising. We will also research methods for how to reach out
                         to parents, especially parents who usually do not attend school
                         functions. These strategies will be employed to help students engage
                         in and complete their CTE degree programs.

S4-Secondary             Provide tutoring, sign language interpreting, note taking, assistive   Provide tutoring, sign language interpreting, note taking, assistive
School                   technology tutorial support and assistance with assistive technology   technology tutorial support and assistance with assistive technology
Completion; S5-          equipment and software for students meeting the definition of          equipment and software for students meeting the definition of
Graduation Rates;        CTE/Special Populations in CTE programs/classes. These activities      CTE/Special Populations in CTE programs/classes.
S6-Placement; S8-        provide relevant support systems for students with disabilities and
Non-Traditional          we expect our Placement data for disabled student completers to
Completion; PS2-         increase. These services are accompanied with mentoring,
Certificate or           career/worksite familiarity, employer workshops about hiring the
Degree; PS3-             disabled, and self-efficacy improvement trainings.
Student Retention;
Placement; PS6-

M:Conferences-Workshps /2011/ActionStepSamples                                                                                                                         15
PROJECT'S                                           ENHANCED                                                               CURRENT
S6-Placement; PS2-       Purchase of Triage/MCI instructional DVD's and videos support        EMS - Funds are being requested to allow for the purchase of
certificate or           student attainment of technical skills because they provide visual   Triage/MCI instructional DVD's and videos. This request will allow
Degree; PS4-             reinforcement of audio and written content; allow students to see    for updating of essential training materials and will allow students to
Student Placement        real situations in action; allow students to review and memorize     maintain currency with workplace practice and presentation.
                         processes; and provide a mechanism to allow absent students to
                         make up missed content. New ones are needed to demonstrate new
                         techniques now recommended by the industry including. . .

S6-Placement; PS4 Construction in theatre is usually conducted under very tight               Purchase small hand tools for students to utilize in technical theater
Student Placement timeframes. Students will learn time management principles and
                  how to use correct tools efficiently and adeptly as time savers.
                  Safety with tools is also in the curriculum. Tool care, maintenance,
                  and purchasing concepts will be taught, preparing students to
                  demonstrate management skills after they are employed. These
                  supplemental skills will make our program completers highly desired
                  by the industry.
S6-Placement; PS4 Requesting funding for a Student Hourly Position. This position will        Employer Relations - Requested funding for a Student Hourly
Student Placement conduct web research to ID employers who align with CTE                     Position. This position will conduct web research to ID employers
                  programs and will invite employers to post jobs and internships on          who align with CTE programs and will invite employers to post jobs
                  online job posting system. The employers will also be invited to            and internships on online job posting system.
                  attend career fairs, program tours, advisory committee meetings and
                  will be surveyed about their satisfaction with our graduates.

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PROJECT'S                                        ENHANCED                                                                 CURRENT
S6-Placement; PS4 Supplement instruction and evaluation of technical skills by               Supplement instruction and evaluation of technical skills by
Student Placement identifying and hiring qualified part-time contracted personnel with identifying and hiring qualified part-time contracted personnel with
                  additional expertise in the areas of. . . and applicable certifications or additional expertise and applicable certifications or qualifications.
                  qualifications in these supplemental areas. Business and industry
                  has advised that our graduates need these extra skill sets in order to
                  be hired and to be successful within the industry. Assessing technical
                  skills provides continuous improvement data to encourage better
                  training methods. Also, supplemental instruction allows students
                  who do not meet assessment levels satisfactory to business and
                  industry needs, the opportunity to receive additional instructional
                  support until the student can meet the industry standard skills levels.

S6-Placement; PS4 An onsite tour of the Agriculture Education lab by community           Plasma cutter update + approximately $1500 for the new ag teacher
Student Placement business and industry leaders determined that the following items      to replace tools and so on as needed
                  will better prepare students with currently needed skills: Plasma
                  cutter with new technology gauges and controls; assorted hand tools
                  for safer use than worn tools and made of improved metals and die-
                  cuts; stronger tool boxes to better protect new tools; safety marking
                  tapes; tool guides; and small hand tools needed to work with new
                  technology machinery or facilities repair. Students will learn tool
                  safety, tool selection, tool care and maintenance procedures, and tool
                  security processes. These skills enhances the students tool use
                  competencies with management level skills, skills desired by

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PROJECT'S                                        ENHANCED                                                              CURRENT
S6-Placement; PS4 Automotive Technology continues to provide high skilled                  The Automotive industry is rapidly advancing into a high tech repair
Student Placement technicians for a very high tech repair industry. This requires          industry. This requires constant upgrades to the equipment used in
                  constant upgrades to the equipment used in the shop. With the input      the shop. With the input of their advisory board the program
                  of their advisory board the program continues to evaluate equipment      continues to evaluate equipment needs that provide state-of-the-art
                  needs that provide state-of-the-art instruction. Industry equipment      instruction.
                  that has enhanced functions beyond the program's current materials
                  and thus need to be purchased include: . . . Equipment needed that
                  have an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more are listed in separate
                  action step(s). Students will graduate with the enhanced skills,
                  familiar with currently used auto repair items and thus be highly
                  desired by industry. Students will also learn that working in a
                  rapidly changing field does require continuous training and updating
                  of skills.
S6-Placement; PS4 In order to expand the EMT curriculum to include Advanced EMT            Expand EMT curriculum to include Advanced EMT and Paramedic
Student Placement and Paramedic Prep courses we need to purchase. . . (what). . . So       Prep courses to prepare graduates to enter the work force.
                  that additional competencies can be taught and practiced by
                  continuing students. Examples of more advanced skill sets are: . . .
                  This encourages students to continue a higher skill, higher wage
                  pathway and helps address shortages of paramedics. This new
                  curriculum will be articulated with . . . allowing students a seamless
                  transition to more advanced education.

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PROJECT'S                                        ENHANCED                                                               CURRENT
S6-Placement; PS4 Upgrade software as advised by business and industry and program Upgrade software required per curriculum specifications and
Student Placement certification standards to train students on new functions included in industry standards in engineering programs to increase student
                  the upgrade, i.e., 3-D modeling, file storage systems, and keystroke achievement, retention, & completion.
                  changes existing in the upgrade. Also students will experience
                  adapting to software changes and discover methods for managing
                  their comfort with software upgrades, experiencing an aspect of
                  lifelong learning that will exist in this industry. This will enhance
                  the students' placement opportunities since they can discuss the
                  various versions of this software in which they have operated.

All Performance      In-state travel for professional development will also be supported   In-state travel for professional development will also be supported
Metrics could be     through the Perkins grant and may include attendance at CMEA,         through the Perkins grant.
addressed with this. CBE, CATFACS, CVATA, CACTA, and other meetings or
                     conferences. Based on our evaluation of comparing our CTE vision
                     to our current CTE statuses, conferences selected for Perkins
                     funding will be those that best address: recruitment and retention of
                     underrepresented genders in non-traditional career fields; retention
                     of remedial students; secondary and postsecondary articulations; and
                     business and industry partnerships. Funded attendees will submit an
                     action plan about what and how they will implement new ideas
                     learned at the events.

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PROJECT'S                                          ENHANCED                                                                CURRENT
All Performance      Fund travel costs for Amy Jones, Family and Consumer Sciences            National Leadership Conference in Nashville. Adviser's registration,
Metrics could be     teacher, to attend the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in           travel, and food.
addressed with this. June, 2011. Key skill sets that Amy will be seeking include: FACS
                     Core curricula that interests male students; Impact of human
                     relations on families during a recession; Meeting nutritional needs
                     for low-income households; and recent sociology research about
                     American households. After the conference, Amy will remap her
                     curriculum as needed to introduce students to new skill sets needed
                     for American households.

All Performance      (Perkins cannot be used to fund competition related events.)             Provide travel, registration and lodging for CTE instructors to
Metrics could be                                                                              participate in district, and state conferences/competitions or
addressed with this. Provide travel, registration and lodging for CTE instructors to          professional development opportunities.
                     participate in district, and state conferences that represent
                     professional development opportunities in their specific content
                     areas. Examples of these events include: . . . Based on our strategic
                     plan, we are especially seeking professional development events that
                     provide tools and techniques to . . . No student costs are included in
                     this amount.
N/A                  If this stand were purchased at the same time as the plotter, the        Purchase 3D plotter stand to hold and secure the new plotter ordered
                     action step accomplishments would relate to the 3D plotter. As a         through Perkins in FY10.
                     stand alone purchase a year later, it is difficult to show how the
                     purchase of a stand supports achievement of any Perkins
                     performance metrics. Therefore, this purchase should be covered by
                     general funds or should have been purchased with the 3D plotter.

N/A                      This is using Perkins funds to support competitive events, which is CDs and DVDs in categories that match National and state level
                         not an allowable use of Perkins. See the Grant Recipient Agreement DECA events.
                         letter that is part of the Award Packet.

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