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									Lesson 7
pages 34-38

                      The Dreadful Paul
       “Therefore if thine                     hunger,              him”
          (Romans 12:20).

      A.   Using the glossary, write the definitions of these glossary

 1. dreadful
 2. conquers

       The words “Paul” and “pall” are homophones. They sound alike
    but have two different meanings.

      B.   Each of the words in all capitals below has a homophone.
           Read all the sentences and find the homophone for each word in
           all capitals.Then write the homophone on the line.

    A. Laura brought home a sad TALE of the mean         3.
       things the dreadful Paul had done to her, but
       she was not ALLOWED to be mean to him.            4.
    B. My four friends came here to visit, but they
       stayed only one HOUR.                             5.
    C. When you read aloud TO others, they should        6.
       HEAR you pause after every comma.                 7.
    D. Our dog is black except FOR two white paws        8.
       and a white tail.

      C.   Box Yes if the sentence is correct or No if the sentence is not correct.

 9. Yes    No    Laura got Paul and pall mixed up.

10. Yes    No    Pall means “happiness”.

11. Yes    No    Laura laughed when she saw the possum tail.

12. Yes    No    Paul did act dreadful.

13. Yes    No    Mama suggested giving the candy bar.

 Lesson 7

           D.   Below are some sentences taken out of this lesson’s story. Answer the
                questions about them.

         Ÿ Mother looked questioningly at Big Sister Sharon.
     14. Who was older––Sharon or Laura?
     15. How can you tell Mama was confused? (Answer with a complete sentence.)

         Ÿ “And today he put in a possum’s tail—a nasty old possum tail in my lunch, Mama!”
     16. Which words tell you Laura was not fond of possum tails?

         Ÿ “But how can I make him stop?” asked Laura, almost in tears.
     17. How can you tell Laura was not smiling when she asked this? (Answer with a complete

         Ÿ Laura’s face turned pink. “I did,” she admitted in a small voice. “I gave it to you.”
     18. How can you tell Laura was feeling a little shy? (Answer with a complete sentence.)

         Ÿ “Therefore, if thine enemy hunger, feed him” (Romans 12:20).
     19. Did Laura think Paul was her enemy?
     20. Why?
     21. What changes did Paul make when Laura was nice to him?

Lesson 8
pages 39-44

                     The Last Pumpkin Seed
       “O give                          unto the                        ;
         for he is                        ” (1 Chronicles 16:34).

      A.   Write the correct glossary word in the blank.

                     forenoon     cloak       chuckle       spied

 1.                               saw, spotted
 2.                               to laugh
 3.                               a loose, warm garment, usually without sleeves
 4.                               morning

      B.   Use glossary words from the list above to complete these sentences.

 5. Dad wore a                            when the weather became cold.
 6. The young child                          his mother in the crowd.
 7. Dad had to                             when Abe surprised him.
 8. These cookies were baked this                             .

      C.   Write yes if the sentence is correct or no if the sentence is not correct.

 9.           Would the Chase family have enough to eat without any pumpkins?
10.           Would one pumpkin make more pies than the Chases could eat?
11.           Are homophones words that sound the same?
12.           He, it, and we are pronouns.

      D.   Fill in the blanks with rhyming words that complete this poem.

13.                   It Is God
       We plant and water and weed and hoe
       But it is God who makes things                               .
       He sends the rain, makes the sun to                              ,
       I am so glad that God is mine.

 Lesson 8

             E.   From the list choose the person each sentence is talking about.
                  Some names will be used twice.

            Mr. Chase   Mrs. Chase     Ben     Betsy   Zeke      Mr. Frost       Mrs. Frost   Sally

     14.                               He planted a pumpkin seed, watered it, and prayed that it
                                       might grow.
     15.                               Mother made her a new cloak.
     16.                               He found a pumpkin seed in the button bag.
     17.                               Her apron pockets sometimes hold buttons and other odd
     18.                               He opened the door when Jim Frost knocked.
     19.                               He is Ben and Betsy’s uncle.
     20.                               He traveled with his wife and daughter to a new area.
     21.                               Jim Frost is my father.
     22.                               She thanked Mrs. Chase for inviting them to dinner.
     23.                               He often let people stay at his house.

             F.   Write something from the story that shows it happened long ago.


             G.   Read these sentences from the story. Look at the words in bold print.
                  Think of other words that mean the same thing. Write them in the blanks.

     25. Ben and his father worked from sunup to sundown.
           Ben and his father worked                               .

     26. The pumpkins grew until they were very large.
           The pumpkins grew until they were                                 .

Lesson 9
pages 45-50

                        A Strange Visitor
       “I was a                    , and ye
                                      ” (Matthew 25:35).

      A.   Match each glossary word with its meaning.

 1.           churned       a. made from the wood of an oak tree
 2.           announced     b. told something publicly for all to hear
 3.           hearth         c. moved or swirled violently
 4.           oaken         d. the brick or stone floor in front of a fireplace

                            How to Treat Strangers
     Jesus spoke the words of the story verse. He promised a blessing to those who
  are kind to strangers.
     Ben and Betsy invited the little Indian boy into their cabin because they could
  see he was lost.
     A new child in school might need someone to be friendly and help him know
  where to go or how you do things. God will bless you for helping strangers in
  this way.
     The verse does not mean children should invite a stranger into their house.
  You must never do that. Also you should not talk to strangers away from home
  unless your parents are with you.

      B.   Answer these questions with complete sentences.

 5. This story was during what time of the year?

 6. Why did Father take his gun along?

 7. Why didn’t the Indian boy talk with Ben and Betsy?

 8. Why had the Indian boy come to the Chase home?

 Lesson 9

      9. Why did Ben and Betsy need to feed the Indian boy?

     10. Write what you think would be a good name for the little Indian boy.


             C.     Look at these pairs of words from the story. Tell how they are alike, and how
                    they are different.

     11. ham – vegetables

     12. Ben – Indian child

 page 51

                                      Indian Children
             D.     Find words from the poem that rhyme with these words.

     13.            people              stand              round

     14. What did Indian children do “where we walk to school each day”?


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