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Williston Real Estate Vermont


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									                                      Visiting Nurse Association, Inc.
                                              1110 Prim Road
                                           Colchester, VT 05446

                                           VNA Board of Directors

          Jessica Comai Brumsted                             Samuel McDowell, Treasurer
          217 Heather Lane                                   263 Golf Course Road
          Shelburne, VT 05482                                South Burlington, VT 05403

          Charles Bunting, Chair                             James Miller
          190 Southview Drive                                The Merchants Trust Company
          Shelburne, VT 05482                                P.O. Box 8490
                                                             Burlington, VT 05402
          Donna Burke
          255 South Prospect Street                          Patricia Myette
          Burlington, VT 05401                               85 Lilac Lane
                                                             South Burlington, VT 05403
          Janice Clements, Vice Chair
          63 Northshore Drive                                Mark Pitcher, M.D.
          Burlington, Vermont 05408                          99 Stonegate Lane
                                                             Shelburne, VT 05482
          Hal Colston, Secretary
          84 Saybrook Drive                                  Ernest Pomerleau
          Essex Junction, VT 05452                           Pomerleau Real Estate
                                                             69 College Street
          Elizabeth Davis                                    Burlington, VT 05401
          61 Fairmount Street
          Burlington, VT 05401                               Faith Post
                                                             Morgan Stanley, Inc.
          Molly Dillon, Chair Emerita                        P.O. Box 1062
          Banknorth Wealth Management                        Burlington, VT 05402
          P.O. Box 409
          Burlington, VT 05402                               Janet Stackpole
                                                             68 Case Parkway
          Arnold Golodetz, M.D.                              Burlington, VT 05401
          41 Kingsland Terrace
          Burlington, VT 05401                               Kerin Stackpole
                                                             78 Bayview Lane
          J. Churchill Hindes, President                     Shelburne, VT 05482
          Visiting Nurse Association
          1110 Prim Road                                     Nancy Wright
          Colchester, VT 05446                               Cheese Traders and Wine Sellers
                                                             1186 Williston Road
          Mitzi Johnson                                      South Burlington, VT 05403
          P.O. Box 144
          South Hero, VT 05486

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