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This year’s new exhibitors:
                                                                          Join us at the rogue Valley
                                                                           Business resource Fair
                                                                                                                           Rogue Valley
• The Office of Private Health Partnerships - a state
  agency whose programs help businesses and their
  employees afford health insurance
                                                                    This is the fourth Rogue Valley Business             Business Resource
                                                                    Resource Fair, a free information event for
• La Clinica - a local clinic that offers affordable health         small-business owners and those thinking
  care to entrepreneurs, businesses, and employees                  about becoming entrepreneurs. This is a
Also:                                                               special opportunity to get free consulta-
The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County                               tions and attend seminars on topics critical
Ashland Chamber of Commerce
                                                                    to small businesses. Information booths
                                                                    will be staffed by business and government
Heart of Medford Association
Oregon Employer Council (OEC)
                                                                    Business Fair steering committee consists
Southern Oregon Telecommunications & Technology
Council (SOTTC)                                                     of representatives from Oregon Employer
                                                                    Council, SOTTC, Heart of Medford As-
Rogue Community College Small Business
Development Center                                                  sociation, RCC, SOU, Small Business
Rogue Community College Workforce Training Center
                                                                    Development Centers, Oregon Employment
                                                                    Department, The Job Council, SOWAC
Southern Oregon University School of Business
                                                                    Microenterprise Development Center, and
Southern Oregon University Small Business                           others.
Development Center
SOWAC Microenterprise Development Center
The Job Council
Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)
                                                                Questions about the fair?
Small Business Ombudsman
Corporation Division, Secretary of State Office                    Contact: Ainoura, (541) 776-6060, ext. 233
Department of Revenue (DOR)
Small Business Administration
                                                                                                                          "Valuable seminars, free consultations,
                                                                 You can pre-register for the Business                           key resources for success"
Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division                            Resource Fair: RCC Course 9.253-S22,
Oregon OSHA                                                            Phone: (541) 245-7619.
                                                                          Registration is free.
                                                                                                                             Oct. 14, 2006
Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS)
Oregon State Employment Department (OED)
                                                                Rogue Community College recognizes its respon-
Rogue Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (RAIFA)
Rogue Federal Credit Union, Business Services Department
                                                                sibility to provide equal access to educational                Saturday
                                                                opportunities for all individuals with disabilities,
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)               as defined by state and federal legislation. RCC          9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon (WESO)                                          also provides physical access
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)                                            to its buildings and facilities        Rogue Community College
Southern Oregon Economic Development Inc. (SOREDI)                                     in compliance with federal           Medford Campus, Building G
Jackson County Bar Association                                                         standards. To request accom-      117 South Central, Medford, Oregon
                                                                                       modations, please contact
                                                                                       Assistive Support Services
Local banks, members of Oregon Bankers’ Association                                                                        Sponsored by your local business and
… and others
                                                                                       at (541) 245-7537 at least 48
                                                                                       hours prior to the event.                government organizations
                                                                440-3528 (7/06/COM)                                        Free Admission
                                                 schedule oF eVenTs*
9:30 a.m.                                               10:45 a.m.                                             1 p.m.
Business on the Internet (Part I)                       Business on the Internet (Part II, a                   Prizes and awards ceremony in the
One of our most popular seminars!                       continuation of Part I)                                Exhibitors’ Hall
Tips on effective Web site design and essential         Tips on effective Web site design and essential        1:30 p.m.
Internet marketing techniques.                          Internet marketing techniques.
Jim Teece, from Southern Oregon Telecommu-              Jim Teece, from Southern Oregon Telecommu-             How to get money for your business
nications and Technology Council                        nications and Technology Council                       Learn about various resources for business loans
                                                                                                               and other sources of business financing. Discover
Business 101                                            Taxes and such                                         the main points that lenders consider when making
This is your opportunity to get the facts about busi-   It’s inevitable! A panel of experts will give you      loan decisions.
ness licensing and ask questions of representatives     basic information about taxes, workers’ compen-        Rogue Federal Credit Union and SOWAC
from city and county governments and the state of       sation, and the difference between employers and       Microenterprise Development Center
Oregon.                                                 independent contractors.
Representatives from local, city, and county            Department of Revenue, Oregon Employment               Media
governments, and the state of Oregon                    Department, and other agency representatives           Where should you advertise your business to get
                                                                                                               the most bang for your buck? Radio? Newspaper?
Business bookkeeping — tips from                        Local success stories                                  TV? Learn what different media options offer to
the pros                                                How do you take a business idea from being a           help you reach your market.
To be successful, business owners must know             dream to being a success? Come hear the stories        Representatives from the Mail Tribune, KTVL
their numbers. Come learn from a business book-         of several successful local entrepreneurs!             Channel 10, Clear Channel radio
keeper, a successful small-business owner, and an       Panel of local businesses
accounting instructor who will share their wealth                                                              Are you ready to be in business?
of knowledge and direct experience regarding one        Marketing and sales                                    Do you have everything in place to open your
of the most important topics for both start-up and      Tips on how to successfully market your product        doors? This seminar provides a checklist of the
established business owners.                            or service, including sales techniques that work.      essentials!
Local bookkeeper, business owner, and                   Joan McBee, SOU-School of Business, Jack Vitacco,      David Tally of SOWAC Microenterprise
accounting instructor                                   SOU-SBDC, and Mona Kool-Harrington, SOWAC              Development Center

Are you ready to be in business?                        Forms of ownership                                     Approaches to pricing your product
Do you have everything in place to open your            Should you be a sole proprietor? A limited liability   The price that a company charges often is too high
doors? This seminar provides a checklist of the         company? A corporation? Learn the advantages and       to create a demand or too low to make a profit.
essentials!                                             disadvantages of different ownership options.          Learn about different approaches to pricing to
David Tally, from SOWAC Microenterprise                 Local legal expert                                     maximize your profit, compete effectively in the
Development Center                                                                                             marketplace, and provide value to customers.
                                                        10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.                                   Southern Oregon University School of Business
                                                                                                               faculty representatives
Customer service — customer                             Exhibitors are available for individual
obsession                                               consultations in the Exhibitors’ Hall
In today’s business world, great customer service,
not just good customer service, is what sets you        noon-1:30 p.m.                                         What are the pros and cons of franchising? Our
apart from your competition. This class combines        Lunch break with light refreshments for                panel of franchise owners will share their wisdom
Travel Oregon’s “Q (Quality) Training Program”          attendees and guests                                   and answer your questions.
with fun interactive customer service techniques.                                                              Local franchise owners
Sue Price, Southern Oregon marketing consultant
                                                                                                               *Schedule is subject to change

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