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									                      S TEVE H OFFACKER
Hoffacker Associates LLC, headed by Steve
MIRM, is a real estate sales and marketing
consultancy based in West Palm Beach, Florida,
that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial
builders, Realtors, on-site salespeople, suppliers,
vendors, and professionals improve their market
position,   profitability,  sales   process,    and
effectiveness    through    coaching,    strategies,
planning, and techniques.

Steve is a consultant, coach, sales strategist, salesman,
marketer, real estate broker, entrepreneur, author,
blogger, podcaster, speaker, instructor, and mentor.

We want you to be professional, to enjoy what you
are doing, and to be successful at it. You take pride
in what you do, and we take pride in any
association that we have with you and your
business. In fact, one of the characteristics that
sets us apart from other consultants is that we are
willing to take ownership of your issues to work
through them and help you resolve them.

One of the keys to increased production and profitability is our innovative customer
connection program of lead generation, customer rating, social networking, and post -visit
contact that lets you reach out to potential customers, attract new leads, identify those
people who are ready to make a decision, and maintain appropriate contact with others who
need more time. As a result, you will be making sales that otherwise might not have
happened, and we can help you eliminate unnecessary expenditures of time, money, and
energy in the process.

Steve is a regular speaker at the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) International
Builders Show (IBS) and the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC). He is a featured
columnist for Bonded Builder News and Agent Direct News. He frequently is consulted for his
expertise by magazine and newspaper writers.

Steve has practical blogging experience, writing and publishing two daily blogs: “ Steve
Hoffacker’s Home Sales Insights” ( and “Steve
Hoffacker’s Sales Quips” ( and publishing periodic podcasts on
“Steve Hoffacker’s Happenings” ( They contain
motivational tips and strategies on selling, marketing, and customer relations.

Steve is active on many NAHB national committees and is a National Director. He also is a
State Director for the Florida Home Builders Association and Trustee and Education Chair for
the Florida Sales & Marketing Council. He is a Charter Member of the Gold Coast Builders
Association (GCBA) in South Florida and a Life Director. He is past VP of Councils, a Royal
Spike, and Founder of the GCBA Remodelers Council.

Steve received the 2007 IRM President’s Award and the 2008 Trina Ripley Award for
Excellence in Education from IRM.

Steve’s newest project is his “Selling For Today” workshop series of half-day programs on
various important aspects of the sales process for new home salespeople, Realtors, builders,
independent sales reps, small business owners, and others in the selling field.

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