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Arizona Real Estate Agents


Arizona Real Estate Agents document sample

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									                         ARIZONA RANCH REAL ESTATE

                                                         Main Office
                                                40070 W. Hwy 84/P.O. Box 1
                                                    Stanfield, AZ 85172
                                                   Phone: 520-424-3839
                                                    Fax: 520-424-3843
                                                  Toll-Free: 866-424-9173

    ♦ Are you interested in joining one of the most successful winning teams of
                             Rural Property Specialists?

    ♦ Arizona Ranch Real Estate is looking for a few qualified Agents/Associate Brokers to join our                 successful
                                              winning team of Property Specialist

        ♦ Arizona Ranch Real Estate specializes in Farm, Ranch, Acreage, Commercial & Residential Properties

    ♦ Jim Olson, Designated Broker of Arizona Ranch Real Estate is here to help the Agents of Arizona Ranch Real
     Estate. Jim Olson has a Brokers License in Arizona and New Mexico, is a Certified Land Sales Specialist, has over
        16 successful years of experience in the real estate business, and will use that multitude of experience to help
                                      Agents of Arizona Ranch Real Estate to succeed

     ♦ Arizona Ranch Real Estate has a successful yet friendly atmosphere and our Agents/Brokers are all “Country
                  Folk”! (Mostly Ex-Rodeo people, Horse people, Ropers, and Ranchers) Think you’d fit in?

                               Benefits of Being an Agent at Arizona Ranch Real Estate

                                            Lucrative Commission Splits
                                 ∗ Full Service Broker Helping You to Succeed
                                          ∗ Exposure to Bigger Deals
                         ∗ Long Established Professional Firm with a Good Reputation
                        ∗ Personal Interaction and Access to your Broker / Office Manager
                                  ∗ Full Service Website with Lots of Traffic
                                        ∗ No Monthly Minimum Quotas
                   ∗ We are a Specialized “Niche Market” Office That Thrives on Professionalism
                    ∗ Semi Protected Areas or Territory with Regards to “Farming” for Business
∗     You won’t Compete Against Your Broker for Business. Your Broker is Promoting & Helping You to Get Business
                       ∗ Family Atmosphere-More Personalized, Friendly Place to Belong
                  ∗ No Mandatory Floor Time or Office Duty. It is Available on a Voluntary Basis

♦ Are you looking to succeed in the field of Rural Real Estate? If so, please contact Jim
                           Olson @ 520-424-3839 for your private interview today!

    Receiving this flyer does not constitute a job offer, but it is merely intended as a general solicitation for Rural property
                     agents. If you are satisfied with your current situation, then please disregard this flyer.

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