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									   FEBRUARY 2010                                                                           VOL # 1 ISSUE #1

A Message From Our Company President                    A Message From Our Broker

As anyone who owns real estate knows, 2009 was          Welcome to a New Year from Brasher Real Estate,
a tough year. However, there is a silver lining be-     independently owned since 1982. My partners, Gary
ginning to emerge. Even with the real estate trou-      Brasher, Zach Freeland and Carl Bosse are proud to
bles in Arizona, Southern Arizona continues to be       say that we are “still standing”!
the place to be.
                                                        Having come through a year of unprecedented eco-
In the October, 2009, issue of AARP Magazine            nomic times, we are proud to emerge stronger than
Tucson was ranked the NUMBER ONE place to live          ever. Our sales staff had an outstanding last quarter
in the entire country. Following that, a recent         of 2009 selling approx. $3 million in resale real es-
travel magazine rated Tubac as one of “America’s        tate, contradicting the doom and gloom of national
coolest small towns.” Further, in the September         news forecasts. And January sales have been fast
issue of Business Week Magazine, Arizona was            and furious as buyers are taking advantage of the
picked as one of the “Bright Spots” being pre-          fantastic deals to be had!
dicted for growth in 2010.
                                                        We have worked strategically to lower our overhead
We still have a ways to go to be sure, but histori-     including consolidation of our resale offices into our
cally people have continued to move to Arizona to       original “Flagship” office located at #2 Tubac Road.
pursue something different, something the rest of       Our sales team and administrative staff have done a
the country can’t provide; whether that is lifestyle,   superb job in streaming our operation to weather
open spaces, climate, or our states natural             these economic times.
beauty, we think they will continue to do so.
                                    Gary Brasher        I am very proud that our sales team in both Green
                                                        Valley and Tubac is comprised of some of the most
                                                        experienced and top producing agents in the area.
                                                        They each bring their own special expertise to our
                                                        company as well as extreme loyalty and profession-
                                                        alism to our customers and clients.

                                                             Let our esteemed sales team of real estate
                                                          specialists assist you with your real estate needs!
                                                                                             Jacque Brasher

                            Phone: 520.398.2506 / 800.700.2506

     FEBRUARY 2010                                                                             VOL # 1 ISSUE # 1

                        JACQUE BRASHER
                       Designated Broker
                                                      BRASHER GIVES BACK
                       Brasher Real Estate

                                                    We are proud to present our seasoned team of real estate
Jacque has been the designated broker since         professionals. Each brings a wealth of experience to serve
          2004. She is currently the                you and additionally, each is committed to our communities
 vice-president of the Green Valley/Sahuarita
                                                    through various activities and community service. We believe
            Association of Realtors,
           has formerly served as a                 one of the best ways to serve you is to serve our community.
   member of the Santa Cruz Association of          Some of the many organizations and non-profits that our
   Realtors Board of Directors, a director for      agents love and serve are:
 Green Valley Assistance Services and is cur-
rently on the Board of Directors of the Tubac              •   Tubac Center for the Arts
            Chamber of Commerce.
                                                           •   Service Dogs for Children’s Reading program–
  We are proud to showcase our New Home Sales                  Montessori School in Tubac
    Division led by Zachery Freeland, partner in
Brasher Real Estate and current designated broker          •   Santa Cruz Humane Society
for Anza Management, and Penny Bernal, Assistant
             Director of New Home Sales.                   •   American Legion Post 131
 Zach and Penny have over 55 years of experience
         collectively in new home site sales.              •   Santa Cruz Board of Realtors
  We currently represent The Sanctuary in the
     Tubac Golf Resort, Barrio de Tubac and
                                                           •   Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority
     The Estates at Alamos in Green Valley.
                                                           •   Community Advisory Board of AZ Public Media
         GOLF TOURNAMENT                                   •   Santa Cruz Citizens Council

 BRE agent, Carey Daniel, along with other                 •   AZ Tourism Alliance & Border Alliance
    community leaders, organized the 7th
                                                           •   Director and VP, GV/SAH Association of Realtors
  Annual New Year’s Day Golf Tournament
 at Tubac Golf Resort. This year’s recipient               •   St. Andrews Children’s Clinic, Nogales
 of the proceeds was the Southern Arizona
 Veterans Association Health Care System.                  •   Tubac Valley CC Homeowners Association
  Ninety players participated and a total of
                                                           •   Tubac Chamber of Commerce
    $2,433 was donated to the SAVAHCS.
  Veterans and several active military were                •   Cerro Pelon HOA, Architectural Committee
 among the participants. Congratulations
      to Carey for such a worthy event!

                             Phone: 520.398.2506 / 800.700.2506

     FEBRUARY 2010                                                                           VOL # 1 ISSUE #1

                                                                                 ABOUT GARY BRASHER
 IT TAKES A VILLAGE...                                                            Associate Broker and
                                                                                      President of
                                                                                   Brasher Real Estate

Brasher Real Estate, with its partner Jokake Real Estate,
hosted the Tubac Historical Society fundraiser at their       Gary has been appointed by the Governor as
Tres Alamos Ranch. The Tubac Historical Society is an         Co-Chair, along with Real Estate Commissioner
all-volunteer, member-supported organization with a           Judy Lowe of the Real Estate Committee for the
staff that's passionate about the region's distinctive his-   Arizona/ Mexico Commission. He is immediate
tory. The Tubac Historical Society described the event as     past Chairman of the Board for the Governor’s
the most well attended and most successful fundraiser in      Real Estate Advisory Board, former member of
their history.
                                                              the Governor’s Water Commission and Past
                           ***                                President of the Santa Cruz Valley Citizen’s
                                                              Council of which he is still a member. He is
Brasher Real Estate also hosted a fundraiser for former       President of the Coalition for a Safe and Secure
Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wersinski in his bid to          Border and served on Congresswoman Gabrielle
become Arizona's next Secretary of State."I have always       Giffords’ workgroup regarding Checkpoints in
felt it is important to support candidates that I believe
                                                              the I-19 corridor.
will help move our state in the right direction and candi-
dates who have visited Tubac and have listened to resi-
dents concerns and thoughts on a variety of issues.”
Gary Brasher said "By inviting the staff, we got a great
deal of their time and they went back to DC and
reported first hand the impacts of the checkpoint
on I-19."                                                       BRASHER REAL ESTATE IS PROUD
                                                                  TO EMBRACE CUTTING EDGE
                           ***                                TECHNOLOGY TO PROVIDE YOU WITH
                                                                THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE
Gary Brasher participated in the FCA/Triple Ironman              ALONG WITH THE WEALTH OF
Event to raise funds for kids all over Arizona to attend           EXPERIENCE OUR TEAM OF
camp. “My goal was to race 422 miles and get 422 kids            REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS
to camp this year who may otherwise not be able to go                   CAN PROVIDE.
because of the economy," Gary said. "As of right now, I
believe we have raised just over $30,000 toward this             WHETHER YOUR’E THINKING OF
goal. In addition, the event raised a lot of awareness of           BUYING OR SELLING . . .
the ministry of FCA, which promotes Faith and Character
through athletics.” Notable supporters of FCA are for-
mer Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry and Arizona
                                                                   LET BRASHER BE YOUR
Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner, among many more.                       GUIDE!

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