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Georgia Fraternal Order Police Charitable Donation


Georgia Fraternal Order Police Charitable Donation document sample

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  • pg 1
									                                             Fulton County Lodge #64
                                          Fraternal Order of Police
                                                       Newsletter                                     June 2010
                         A Message from the President’s Desk
Howard Billingslea         U. S. Supreme Court Miranda
                         Supreme Court Justices rule 5-4 that suspects can’t claim
                         right by being silent. In a split decision, the Supreme Court’s
 Jimmy Atkinson          conservative majority expanded its limits on the famous
 1st Vice President      Miranda rights for criminal suspects, over the dissent of                  Howard Billingslea
                         new Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who said the ruling turned
  Sherry Grant           American’ rights of protection from police abuse “upside down”.
2nd Vice President                                                                  Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the
                                                                          majority opinion, said a suspect who goes ahead
                                                                          and talks to police after being informed he doesn’t
Cynthia D. DuHart                                                         have to has waived his right to remain silent. Elena
    Secretary                                                             Kagan, President Barack Obama’s nominee to join
                                                                          the court, sided with the police as U.S. Solicitor
   Greg Lauth                                                             General when the case came before the court. She
    Treasurer                                                             would replace Justice John Paul Stevens, one of
                                                                          the dissenters.
                                                                              This decision means police can keep shooting
   Ron Burgess                                                            questions at a suspect who refuses to talk, in hopes
   Sgt-At-Arms                                                            that the person will crack and give them some in-
                                                                          formation. The ruling comes in a case in which a
    Oz Armour            suspect, Van Chester Thompkins remained                               Inside This Issue
     Chaplain            mostly silent for three-hour police interrogation Calendar of Events ..............2
                         before implicating himself in a January 10, 2000, Chaplain’s Corner ................2
                         murder in Southfield Michigan. He appealed his Community News.................7
   Greg Winds            conviction, saying he had invoked his Maranda DeKalb Co Job Info ..............4
   State Trustee         right to remain silent by remaining silent.                FOP Legal Defense Plan
                                  Justice Kennedy, writing the decision for             (Attorney Listings) ...........6
   Derek Jones           the court’s conservatives, said that wasn’t enough. FOP Lodge #64 Exec. Board....6
  Lodge Attorney         “Thompkins did not say that he wanted to re- FOP News
                         main silent or that he did not want to talk to po-             National & State ..............3
                         lice, “Kennedy said. “ Had he made either of Ful Co. Labor Minutes ...........5
 Lodge Office Ph#        these simple, unambiguous statements, he would Secretary Notes ..................4
  (404) 767-0501         have invoked (see MIRANDA pg. 3)

      Address:                              FOP Lodge #64 Monthly Lodge Meeting
2896 East Point Street                       Thursday, June 24, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
East Point, GA 30344                              Make plans to attend this meeting.
                                        Monthly Training Class - Financial Planning
                                 The Class will be held at 17:00 hours (an hour BEFORE) our Meeting
MIRANDA (cont’d from pg. 1) his right to cut off ques-                     Deceiving Ourselves
tioning.” Here he did neither, so he did not invoke his
                                                                                         by Billy Graham
right to remain silent.”
          He was joined in the 5-4 opinion by Chief Justice          The flight away from God and into self-suffi-
John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Tho-              ciency is as old as the human race. It finds
mas and Samuel Alito. This is the third time this session        C   expression today in the words Believe in your-
the Supreme Court has put limits on suspects’ Miranda                self and in admonitions to self-confidence. But
rights to remain silent and to have a lawyer even if they            the Bible says, “For if anyone thinks himself
can’t afford one, which officers are required to tell them.      H   to be something, when he is nothing, he de-
Earlier this term, the court ruled that a suspect’s request          ceives himself” (Galatians 6:3).““God did not
for lawyer is good for only 14 days after the person is              intend that we should be self-sufficient. Life
released from police custody, and that police do not have        A   on the highest level is a life that leans on the
to explicitly tell suspects they have a right to a lawyer dur-       everlasting arms. “In You, O Lord, I put my
ing an interrogation. n                                              trust,” said David (Psalm 31:1).““Many people
                                                                 P   boast of their own virtues. The Bible says that
      Let’s Keep Our Members in the                                  our good works are like filthy rags in the sight
                                                                     of God (Isaiah 64:6). We cannot save ourselves.
               U. S. Armed Forces                                L   We cannot get ourselves to Heaven by our own
                                                                     good deeds. Only by the grace of God, through
         in Our Thoughts & Prayers                               A
                                                                     the finished work of Christ, will any person
                                                                     get to Heaven.
                                                                            You can read the rest of the story at:

                                                                 I   Copy and paste this link to your browser:
                                                                 N   This Month’s Prayer

                                                                     Lord, forgive us for
                                                                 ‘   thinking that we can
                                                                     manage our lives on
  We pray that you be covered in the blood
                                                                     our own strength. Re-
                  of Jesus.                      S                   veal to us the times
  We appreciate all that you do to keep our
                                                                     when we rely on our-
                shores safe.
                                                                     selves instead of You,
  We thank you for making it possible for us
                                                                     and teach us how to
             to enjoy freedom.
                                                                     live in reliance on
   We do not take anything that you do for
                                                                     Christ. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.
               We love you!!!                           C O R N E R
                          Georgia FOP State Conference June 24-27, 2010, Columbus FOP Lodge
                          FOP Lodge Meeting, Thursday, June 24, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
                          FOP Lodge Meeting, Thursday, July 22, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
                          James “Jim” Stephens, Fulton County Retirement Board Representative
                          will be our special guest speaker.
                          FOP Lodge Meeting, Thursday, August 26, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
                          FOP Lodge Meeting, Thursday, September 23, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
                          FOP Lodge Meeting, Thursday, October 28, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                Pg. 2
                             News from Our State Lodge and National Headquarters
                                 We continue to grow! As of this date, we have a total of
                                    327,847 active FOP Members in 2,162 lodges!
                                              We would like to welcome:
                      AR #078 - Rick Pressley Memorial Lodge           ID #149 - Palouse Lodge
                      WA #031 - Jefferson Area Lodge                   AL #070 - Willie Q. Pettway Lodge
                           UT #031 - Utah County Lodge

Badges to Books: The Transition from Police Officer to Professor -- by Michael J Kane, Ph.D.
          A career in law enforcement has long been both rewarding and meaningful. However, any career law enforcement
officer has witnessed changes over the decades with expectations of greater professionalism and more education. Many
officers nearing retirement, or those in current practice, often consider transitioning from a practitioner of the field into a
college level instructor. This only makes sense considering the wealth of experience a career law enforcement officer can
bring to a university classroom and university department heads often prefer properly educated and experienced instruc-
tors over non-experienced instructors. But, how does a police officer transition to a professor of
criminal justice, or what is the journey from badges to books?
The Right Education
    The first step obviously is a college education. The NFOPU program has successfully aided in
this endeavor. In a recent Journal article, the importance of selecting a regionally accredited program
was explained. The six regional accrediting bodies require, at minimum, a Master's degree in the field
with substantial graduate hours in the topic taught for accredited four-year universities. Some of
these accrediting bodies specifically require eighteen graduate hours in the field taught.
 The Right Major
          But what about the degree's major? The major or title of your degree is also important. The standards of the
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) address this issue. The ACJS is the criminal justice discipline's academic
and professional organization who functionally set the standard for criminal justice college and university programs. Similar
to the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA.), the ACJS promotes voluntary certifica-
tion standard for both professors and programs. The purpose of accreditation or certification is to promote a quality
assurance process and gives programs a high standard of recognition. Most university criminal justice programs strive to
meet these standards. When future professors plan their degrees, they are well advised to find programs that fit these
standards. The ACJS requires a Master's degree or
Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Criminal Jus-                 Georgia FOP Foundation
tice or Criminology to teach in various levels of criminal            The Georgia FOP Foundation needs your help. Your
justice programs. Although some allowance is made for tax deductible contribution will go a
a closely related field, an applicant must show substan- long way to help fund our projects. Our
tial work or a clear commitment to criminal justice. Re- major focus at this time is to assist the
gardless of past years of experience, some officers are survivors of law enforcement officers
turned away because they hold degrees in law, political killed in the line of duty. Through the
science, or education to name a few. To teach criminal foundation, we are able to receive tax-
justice, one should have a graduate level criminal justice deductible donations from individuals,
degree.                                                      organizations and businesses. The dis-
          About the Author: Dr. Michael Kane is a Pro- bursement of these funds is strictly
fessor of Criminal Justice and Graduate Academic Di- regulated and must be used for the
rector at Mountain State University. He is a former po- foundation's stated charitable purposes.
lice officer of Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.), U. S. Ma-               Your tax-deductible donation
rine, Medicolegal Investigator, and was a reserve of- would be vital to our efforts and is greatly appreciated. I en-
ficer for the DeRidder Police Department (Louisiana) courage you to contribute any amount you consider appropri-
and reserve deputy for Montgomery County Sheriff's ate. Please go to the Georgia FOP website to make a donation
Department (Tn,) He holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. via PayPal and to read our brochure:

                                                                                                                         Pg. 3
        DeKalb County Government News                          Fulton County Fraternal Order of
                                                                       Police Lodge #64
                                                                             Newsletter Editor:
                                                                         Sec. Cynthia Dunn-DuHart
                                                                          Phone: (404) 310-5475
                                                               Notes from the Secretary
                                                                         by Secretary Cynthia Dunn-DuHart
 Job Listings For the Week of June 7, 2010                        If
                                                               you have an article or information that you would
*Detention Officer                                            like to share, please submit the information to me by the
  Director Library - Merit Exempt                             10th day of the month.
 Electronic Technician
  Emergency 911 Operator                                        If
                                                               you need any membership
  Fire Medic I (Revised)                                      information, please feel free to
  Heavy Equipment Truck Mechanic                              contact me.
  Inventory Warehouse Supervisor
  **Police Officer                                            If your residence or email
 Water Production Pollution Control Branch Super-             address changes, please furnish our office with the new
     intendent                                                one.
  WQC Foreman (Revised)
  WQC Operator Principal                                      Please contact the secretary to ensure that your
  WQC Plant Supervisor                                        beneficiary information is current.

*You can apply using the online application form                If
                                                               you would like a membership application, I can
at:                 mail one to your residence upon request.
Employment%20Application.pdf                                            The membership process:

Please send your preapplication form to the ad-                Once you have submitted a membership applica-
dress below: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office Human             tion, the membership must vote you in, as a member, at
Resources 4415 Memorial Dr. Decatur, GA. 30032                the Lodge meeting.

**Police candidates cannot apply using the online               Your application information is inputted into the com-
application form. Please contact Human Resources              puter and forwarded to the State and National Lodges.
at (404) 371-2332 or Police Background and Re-
cruiting Unit at (770) 724-7445 to obtain a test               Upon approval of your application, a membership
date and a Police Officer packet.                             card will be generated from the National Lodge and
                                                              mailed to the secretary.
                            Protection you
                            need -- at a                       Please note, if you need your membership number,
                                                              it will be available once the National Lodge has approved
                             Discounted                       the application.
                            Rate!                              The secretary will mail your membership card, along
Liberty Mutual is committed to community safety and law       with the Fulton County Lodge #64’s membership infor-
enforcement officials who support it. We offer high-quality   mation, to the address listed on the application.
auto and home insurance at discounted rates through Group
                                                               This entire process may take up to four (4) weeks,
Savings Plus. They also donate to our State FOP’s Schol-
                                                              however we are trying to reduce the time. If you have
arship Fund. For additional details or a free, non-obliga-
                                                              not received your information within 4-week time pe-
tion quote, please call: (888) 443-8115 or email:
                                                              riod, please notify the secretary.
                                                                                                                    Pg. 4
Ms. Colon: The Office of Professional Standards was created by the County Manager’s Office to provide employees a
mechanism to file complaints of fraud, waste and abuse without fear of any retaliation. The way it works through the whistle
blower concept, employees are able to file a complaint with the office and because of the “Joseph” statue the employee
identity is kept confidential. There are several ways that an employee can file a complaint.
* They can send an anonymous letter, as long as the letter contains the necessary information to begin an investigation. We
have to have specifics – name, what, where and when, if the anonymous person has that information. Also, certain
* Basically, we do anything that has to do with waste, time and attendance.
* We also do drug testing, misuse of county property and any type of conflict of interest. If someone has suspicion, he/she
can send an anonymous letter. Employees have gotten very crafty. They have a whistle blower email, so what she gets is
a lot of employees go to yahoo, create a false email and they are able to send this email without anyone knowing who they
are. Once an investigation is completed, the document is submitted to the County Manager’s Office. Then the County
Manager shares the document with the appointing authority of the department in question. The appointing authority
handles the matter at this point in terms of disciplinary action. My office investigates any suspicion a supervisor may have
regarding an employee engaging in fraud or abuse. If the supervisor is not sure of his/her suspicion they can come to my
office, discuss what their suspicions are. The training is mandatory. Mr. Billingslea: How many people do you have on staff
and what type of investigation skills do they have. Ms. Colon: I am the only one with investigation skills. However, I have
two (2) support staff, they do the research. I have over twenty (20) years of experience in investigation services and
compliance, all of it has been in the public sector. She has a Bachelors Degree and a Master Degree and a certificate in
internal investigations. Mr. Billingslea: Have you worked in any law enforcement agencies doing investigations? Ms.
Colon: No, I have worked for other counties and community colleges, all in internal investigations. The investigations they
conduct here are not criminal, they are administrative in nature. Mr. Billingslea: When you deal with fraud that is criminal.
Ms. Colon: It is criminal, but there is an administrative component and you do not have to be a law enforcement officer to
belong to a certified establishment. There are certain techniques you learn as internal investigators with a certificate that
prepares you for qualifications. When we locate fraud, we investigate the administrative component and the report is
submitted to the law enforcement for the criminal persecution. Mr. Fann: In your investigations, if someone made an
alleged allegation against someone and you began to conduct an investigation which proves to be unfounded, however, in
your investigation something else is discovered. What do you do? Ms. Colon: I am not in the witch hunting business or
reporting petty things. If you are using email account to do business, of your eight (8) hours you spend six (6) of them
conducting your personal business that would be a different issue. It is not just using an email account, you are wasting
resources. You can get a degree online and if you are getting your education during work hours you are stealing county
resources. Mr. Fann: Your office has begun an investigation and it leaked out... I filed a grievance, my grievance was
upheld. Now, my supervisor is retaliating against me, can this same whistle blower program be used in the matter? Ms.
Colon: I am under the impression that the grievance procedures has a retaliation policy. Ms. Avato: As a union represen-
tative, we are the ones who would do the investigation to prove what it is. In some cases it is a he-said/she-said situation.
Mr. Fann: You can turn a good employee into a bad employee because they really want to do a good job, but when you
start retaliating against them by giving them a bad performance evaluation, not giving them promotional opportunities or
letting them go to certain kind of training and other things that are available to them. Ms. Wilson: An employee has a
manager that he/she has complained about for years. Would you be interested in documentation from years back? Ms.
Colon: It has to be ninety (90) days from the date. Mr. Wildy: If you receive a complaint against sworn personnel for a
violation, will you notify the department, their OPS or Internal Affairs. Ms. Colon: If I contact the Chief Police or the
department, there are some instances where there has to be joint investigation. If something happens with EEO, there is an
investigation between abuse of power and issues of discrimination. These have to be done jointly. Mr. Billingslea: If you
receive a complaint from a citizen on sworn personnel. The citizen feels like the department is not doing anything about it.
Ms. Colon: I would go to the individuals. I am not going to tell the person step-by-step what I am doing because I would
jeopardize the investigation. Mr. Billingslea: I know of a lot of cases where an officer may be investigated and disciplined.
If reported to you would you publicize the violation? Ms. Colon: Absolutely not. The same would apply to an administra-
tive investigation. (For the entire minutes, go to
                                                                                                                     Pg. 5
                                                                        Our 2010 Executive Board :
                                                                President - Bro. Howard Billingslea (770) 861-0912
                                                                1st Vice President - Bro. Jimmy Atkinson (770) 778-1726
                                                                2nd Vice President - Sis. Sherry Grant (770) 861-1649
                                                                Secretary - Sis. Cynthia Dunn-DuHart (404) 310-5475
  The FOP Legal Defense Plan                                    Treasurer - Bro. Gregory Lauth (404) 314-9997
You have limited legal coverage by the Lodge. This cover-       Sgt.-at-Arms - Bro. Ron Burgess (404) 713-6685
age is limited to representation in administrative actions.     Chaplain - Bro. Oz Armour (770) 949-5694
The amount allocated for the purpose shall consist of the       State Trustee - Bro. Gregory Winds (404)276-2787
cost of legal representation of initial consultation with FOP
Lodge #64 attorney, Atty. Derek H. Jones.
                                                                On our Lodge meeting nights, a one (1) hour block
However, the FOP Legal Defense Plan Inc. is owned and
operated by the National FOP and designed exclusively for       of training will be offered an hour BEFORE our
the legal defense protection of its law enforcement profes-     regular meetings. This training will be starting at
sionals. The plan coverage includes:                            1700 hours. Please be advised, you must sign
         • Administrative                                       in on the C-12, at or before 1700 hours to
         • Civil                                                get credit for two hours of POST training.
         • Criminal actions (arising within the scope of law
            enforcement employment whether on or off duty.)     Our regular Lodge meeting will continue to start
         • Unrestricted choice of your own defense attorney.                    at 1800 hours.
                                                                Please feel free to invite potential members to
              For further information, contact :                             our Lodge meetings.
     Sis. Cynthia Dunn-Duhart at (404) 310-5475 or
          Atty. Derrick Jones at (404) 373-4562
Atlanta:    Lance LoRusso                                         Roswell:     Valerie Sherman
            LoRusso Law Firm, PC                                               1560 Warsaw Rd. Suite 100
            1827 Powers Ferry Rd. Bldg 8, Ste 300                              Roswell, Ga. 30076
            Atlanta, Ga. 30339                                                 (678) 215-4106
            (770) 644-2378/(409) 313-5163                            
                                                                 Statesboro: W. Keith Barber, P.C.
            Scott M. Williamson                                              18 South Main St.
            Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers                                    Statesboro, Ga. 30458
            1355 Peachtree St. Suite 300                                     (912) 764-2623/Fax:(912) 764-9902
            Atlanta, Ga. 30309                                     
            (404) 874-8800/Fax: (404) 888-6199
                                       Tucker     James W. Howard
                                                                               1479 Brockett Rd. Suite 200
Decatur: Derek H. Jones                                                        Tucker, Ga. 30084
         309 Sycamore St.                                                      (770) 270-5080
         Decatur, Ga. 30331                                          
         (770) 716-1306/Fax: (770) 460-6728

Lawrenceville: Kimberly Seymore
               P.O. Box 163
                Lawrenceville, Ga.
               (770) 876-5702
                                                                                                                pg. 6
  Our Deepest Sympathy Goes Out to
                                                                   Get Well Wishes Go Out to:
   the families of ::
  ~The late Maj. Joseph Booker

  ~The late Lt. Dudley Brooks
  The late Lt. Betty J. Smith

  BUT THE MEMORIES OF ALL OF YOU,                                  Bro. Cecil Pace, FC Sol
  ARE ALWAYS HERE TO STAY.                                         Bro. John T. Youngblood, FCSO
                                                                   Col. Arthur Reid, FCSO
  WE GUESS FRIENDS, ARE FRIENDS, FOREVER                           Maj. Robert King, FCSO
  REGARDLESS OF HOW WE PART.                                       Capt. Maudell Phillips, FCSO
  THE JOY OF KNOWING YOU, OUR FRIENDS                              Lt. Raymond Johnson, FCSO
                                        Community News
                       Freebies                                          Fun in the Sun
With money being as tight as it is, the following are some
FREE FUN events:

Centennial Olympic Park FREE concert series every
Wednesday, through September, from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
in the Park’s Southern Company Amphitheater. Enjoy ev-
erything from jazz to contemporary music performed by your
favorite local and national touring acts. Pack a picnic or
enjoy savory options from food vendors. Alcoholic bever-
ages may not be brought into the Park, but are available for
purchase on-site.Please leave all high-back chairs (taller than   Clayton County International Park, a 200-plus acre
24 inches), glass, pets and grills at home.                       facility located at 2300 Highway 138 SE, Jonesboro, GA
High Museum FREE admission on the first Saturday of              Phone: (770) 603-4000
the month to the first 600 residents of Fulton County be-
tween 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Location: 1280 Peachtree           Admission: $11 (adults 13-54)        $9 (seniors 55+)
St., N. E. Call (404) 733-5000.                                                $9 (children 3-12)
South Fulton Arts Center FREE admission to the Inde-             Park Hours: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
pendent Filmmaker Series of Film Screenings. Every 4th                                   Amenities:
Saturday through Oct. 30 at 3:00 p.m. Location: 4645              Beautiful beach water park           Tennis Complex
Butner Road. Call (770) 306-3087.                                 Muscle Beach Fitness Center          Picnic Pavillions
                                                                  Soccer/Softball Fields               Water Slides
                                                                                                                       Pg. 7
               Fulton County Lodge #64
               Fraternal Order of Police   Place
               2896 East Point Street
               East Point, Georgia 30344


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