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									                                                 THE NEWS AND INFORMATION QUARTERLY FOR OWNERS AND AGENTS

    The CA Quarterly Review

                                                  Welcome to the Fall 2007 edition of the
                                                  quarterly newsletter.    The purpose of the
                                                  newsletter is to provide useful information in
                                                  regards to compliance and policy changes as
                                                  well as provide recent HUD news.
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     4350.3 REV-1 Change 2 Update                              4350.3 REV-1 Change 2 Update
2                                               3              continued….
     HUD Changes Funding and HAP
     Contracts                                                 ANNOUNCEMENT: Budget-based
                                                3&4            Rent Adjustme nt Training for Owne rs…
                                                                                HUD Changes Funding and
     HUD Releases Change 2 to Handbook                                          HAP Contracts…..
Shortly after releasing Change 2 of 4350.3, REV-1 in early July, HUD            HUD is in the process of changing
conducted a series of Conference Calls to review the major changes to the       the method of funding for Section 8
                                                                                Properties. HUD will no longer set
handbook. Many of the changes incorporated provisions of Limited English
                                                                                aside funding on an annual basis,
Proficiency (LEP) guidance and the Final Student Eligibility Rule
                                                                                instead each site will be given a
provisions. The table below identifies some of the changes that have an
                                                                                specific amount and an estimated
impact on CGI processing of tasks. For a complete listing of the changes to     number of months that amount
the handbook, please go to,                                    should cover. HAP contracts have
                                                                                been updated to reflect this new
  Citation          Topic                             Issue                     funding process.
Chap. 2-9      LEP                Lists activities required by owners
Chap. 3-       Verification of    1.) Owners may not delay the family’s         The amount HUD funds for each site
12.K.1         Eligible           assistance if the family submitted its        will vary, but HUD will continually
               Immigrant          immigration documentation in a timely         update the PBCA and property with
               Status             manner but the DHS verification or            incremental funding throughout the
                                  appeals process has not been completed.       year. When a site is close to
                                  2.) As long as one family member is           expending all funds, HUD will,
                                  eligible, the owner can admit the family      through the PBCA, send the site a
                                  while waiting for other household             notification letter state the new
                                  members to provide documentation.             budget authority and estimated
Chap. 3-13     Student            A very long explanation was added             months of funding.
               Eligibility Rule   detailing the provisions of the Student
                                  Eligibility Rule and what owners must do      This change in the funding process
                                                                                requires replacement of contracts
                                  to comply.
                                                                                which have been submitted renewal
                                                                                but not executed and funded. To
Chap. 3-       515 Underage       NEW: Waivers will no longer be granted;       facilitate the replacement of your
18.A.12        Waivers            if an owner is experiencing vacancies, he     contract CGI will be sending new
                                  must apply to RHS to re-classify the          HAP contracts for the signature once
                                  project from elderly to family.               HUD provides budget authority.
Paragraph 3-   Serving            If an owner wishes to change the
20.H.5         Disabled           population being served, he must request      Upon receipt, owners should
               Populations.       the change from HUD and                       immediately sign and return the
                                  show….sufficient subsidized units             contract so funds can begin
                                  available in the area to house current        flowing to the property.
                                  tenants willing to move, and individuals
                                  who no longer qualify for the housing         For more information on the funding
                                  because of the changed category.              change please visit

                                                                              CA Quarterly Review Fall 2007   2
                                                                             Budget-based Rent
   4350.3 REV-1 Change 2 continued:                                          Adjustment Training

Chap. 4        Tenant            Must be updated to include Student          The New York State Housing Trust
               Selection Plans   Eligibility Rule provisions                 Fund Corporation (HTFC) and our
               Screening         NEW: The same screening requirements        contractor, CGI, are pleased to extend
               Requirements      must be performed for live-in aides and     an invitation to owners or their
                                 new family members as for all other         representatives of contracts in the
                                 applicants.                                 Performance       Based       Contract
Paragraph 4-   New language      Added that the applicant rejection notice   Administration (PBCA) portfolio to
9.C.2.c        for applicant     must state that persons with disabilities   attend a full day workshop on
                                                                             preparing     Budget    Based     Rent
               rejection notice. have the right to request reasonable
                                 accommodations to participate in the
                                 informal hearing process.                   Topics to be covered include:
Paragraph 4-   Meeting Income If a 236 person becomes eligible and an         Preparing for a budget submission
25.C           Targeting         IC is processed….this will qualify as        Description of a complete budget
               Requirements      Income Targeting                               package
Paragraph 4-   Income of         Decision is up to the family to determine    Documentation needed to support
25.C           permanently       if income of this individual counts.           the budget
               confined family                                                Information on the PBCA internal
               members                                                          review process
Paragraph 4-   Meeting Income If a 236 person becomes eligible and an         Purpose and calculation of an
25.C           Targeting         IC is processed….this will qualify as          Appendix 5
               Requirements      Income Targeting                             Appeals for Rent Adjustments
Paragraph 5-   Counting          Clearly defines what counts when the         Submission       of     the  Utility
6.D            Financial         Student Eligibility Rule Applies               Allowance Analysis
               Assistance in                                                  Other items such as Reserve for
               Income                                                           Replacement        and     Service
Paragraph 5-   Added             NEW section. A Federal employee                Coordinators
6.K .4 and     information on    (divorced) who gives an amount of a fed.     Tips for submitting Special Claims
Paragraph 5-   the treatment of Pension to former spouse…this
                                                                             Continued on the next page….
7.G.5-         Federal           amount is NOT included as income.
               pension funds     MORE detail is included in the
               paid to a former chapter. Only applies to Federal pension.

                                                                              CA Quarterly Review Fall 2007   3
 4350.3 REV-1, CHG 2 continued…..                                                   Training continued….
Paragraph 5-    Past, one-time      Added past one-time nonrecurring
                                                                                    Sessions are planned for the
10.D.6          medical             medical expenses that have been paid in
                                                                                    following dates and locations:
                expenses            full are not applicable when calculating
                                    anticipated medical expenses at MOVE
                                                                                    October 24:     New York City
                                                                                    October 25:     Ne w York City
Chapter 5       New Medical         See Exhibits….added nutritional
                                                                                    October 31:     Buffalo
                deductions          supplements and non-prescription                November 1:     Utica
                                    medications that can now be claimed as
                                    medical deductions.
                                                                                    Owners must register to attend
Paragraph 6-    Model Lease         Added RHS Section 515/8 projects must
                                                                                    this seminar. The registration
5.F.2                               use the HUD Model Lease for Subsidized          form can be found on the home
                                    Programs. Also added that the owner must
                                                                                    page of the PBCANY website
                                    prepare and have approved a lease               under Features or you may call
                                    addendum containing the additional
                                                                                    (518) 486-5147 to register. The
                                    requirements required by RHS.
                                                                                    deadline for registration is
Paragraph 7-    Background          Actual language reads,
                                                                                    October 10th. HTFC will be
4.A.5           checks on in-       **Owners have the authority to require a        sending more information to
                place tenants.      criminal background check on current
                                                                                    owners along with registration
                                    tenants at recertification. If owners so        materials.
                                    choose, the requirement must be applied
                                    uniformly.                                      Confirmation, workshop
Paragraph 9-    Added the           If the utility reimbursement is not             location and directions will be
13.B.1          requirement to      disbursed to the tenant or utility provider     sent to owners in advance of the
                return              or tenant moves-out), the funds must be         workshop.
                undisbursed         returned to HUD. The check should be
                utility             voided and the funds returned to HUD as
                reimbursements      an adjustment on the voucher. - The
                to HUD.             tenant should be given sufficient
                                    opportunity to cash the checks. Owners
                                    must meet any requirements under state or
                                    local law.**
Paragraph 9-    Added the           Undisbursed funds must be returned to
13.B.1          requirement to      HUD. The funds are returned as an
                return              adjustment on the voucher. Tenants
                undisbursed         should be given sufficient opportunity to
                utility checks to   cash the checks. Owners must meet any
                HUD.                requirements under state or local law.**

In addition, changes have been made to Appendices and to some Model
Leases. Please review the changes in detail at the website listed above.

                                                                                  CA Quarterly Review Fall 2007

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