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					Continuing Education Course #025                                        3. Rob Stanton, P.E. earned 24-hours (PDHs) of “Area of
Online Laws & Rules                                                     Practice” continuing education credits which was more than he
Test Worksheet                                                          needed for his license renewal. How many PDHs may he
This course will help you know and understand the laws and rules        carryover to the next licensing period?
that affect you as a licensed professional engineer. You are            (keyword: carryover)
already licensed so we will NOT cover any of the rules on               a. 20
qualifying for, applying for or taking the PE exam. Nor will we         b. 10
test you on the organization and administrative functioning of the      c. 8
Florida Board of Professional Engineers or the Florida                  d. 4
Engineering Management Corporation. Instead, we will                    e. 0
concentrate on the topics that are relevant to the everyday practice
of engineering. If the topics not covered by this course are of         4. Don Duckworth, P.E. is the owner/operator and only engineer
interest to you, we encourage you to read about those subjects on       at “Duckworth’s Quality Ducts”, a fabricator and supplier of sheet
the link listed below.                                                  metal ducts for heating and air-conditioning. Mr. Duckworth
                                                                        created a sophisticated software package that produces all of the
There are two resource documents that you will need for this            shop drawings that he submits to contractors. Is he required to
course:                                                                 sign and seal his mechanical shop drawings?
Florida Statutes Chapter 471and Chapter 61G15 Florida                   (keyword: shop drawings)
Administrative Code. We have combined these documents into              a. Yes
one convenient searchable file at:                                      b. No
                                                                        5. Betty Que, P.E. has a small consulting engineering practice that
The cases and questions used in this course will be updated             produces Record Documents (also known as “as-built drawings”)
periodically to reflect changes in Florida Law, changes in the          for high-rise buildings. She uses her own survey crews to gather
rules of the board and changes brought about by case law from the       much of the data and relies on contractor notes for features that
courts. All of the cases and names used in this course are fictitious   are concealed or not visible to the surveyors. Which of the
but the questions are taken directly from the Laws and Rules that       following are NOT required elements on her final Record
govern our profession.                                                  Documents?
                                                                        (keyword: Record Documents)
1. Angelica Tinkerham, P.E. owns and operates a company that            a. A statement that the Record Documents are a compiled
specializes in construction staking for highway and railroad            representation of the constructed project
construction projects. In the normal course of doing the work, her      b. A listing of the sources and basis of information used in the
crews are frequently required to enter private property to setup        preparation of the Record Documents
survey equipment or take measurements. Does Florida law allow           c. Statement that the Documents are believed to be correct to the
this entry onto private property without permission?                    best of the engineer’s knowledge, and that the accuracy of the
(HINT: Search for the keyword "trespass" in the look-up                 information cannot be guaranteed
document)                                                               d. The signature date and seal of the engineer
a. No, it is trespassing
b. Yes, for her but not her unlicensed crew members                     6. Sara Ogden inherited a successful 1,200-acre orange grove
c. Yes, but not if the property is posted with “No Trespassing”         from her parents who were both licensed structural engineers.
signs                                                                   Sara knows a lot about structural engineering because she worked
d. Yes, but only when accompanied by a law enforcement officer          afternoons and summers in her parent’s engineering office
e. Yes                                                                  through her teen years and right up to the time that she went away
                                                                        to study agriculture at the University of Florida. She decided to
2. Madeline Deets, P.E. resigned her job in government and              build a bridge across a private canal that bisected the grove in
decided to practice engineering as a sole proprietor consultant.        order to shorten the travel time for the grove maintenance
She decided to practice under her own name in order to avoid the        employees and equipment. She designed the bridge herself
requirement to obtain a “Certificate of Authorization” from the         because she knew that State law exempts a property owner from
Florida Board of Professional Engineers. Which of the following         engineering licensure laws for improvements to their own
names could she choose?                                                 property but the Building Official refused to issue the permit
(keyword: sole proprietor)                                              without an engineer’s signature and seal. Who was right?
a. Madeline Deets, P.E.                                                 (keyword: property)
b. Madeline Deets, P.E., Engineering                                    a. Sara Ogden, the owner of the property
c. Madeline Deets, P.E., and Associates                                 b. The Building Official
d. Madeline Deets, P.E., and Company
e. Any of the above
7. Emily Jones, P.E. resigned from her engineering job and placed      11. John Davidson, P.E., a Texas licensed engineer achieves
her license on inactive status to become a professional golfer.        licensure in Florida by application. Is he exempt from the Florida
During that period, she was not active in engineering. She retired     requirement for continuing education for his first license renewal
from golf and returned to engineering several years later and          period.
wanted to reactivate her license. How many hours of engineering        (keyword: exemptions)
related (area of practice) continuing education must she complete      a. Yes
for each inactive year or portion thereof in excess of 1-year?         b. No
(keyword: inactive year)
a. 0                                                                   12. Marian Biltmore is the Building official for a large city in
b. 4                                                                   North Florida. In the normal course of processing plans for a
c. 8                                                                   building permit, she always checks the license status of the
d. 12                                                                  professionals who sign and seal the permit documents. When she
e. 15                                                                  finds an engineer who has not completed a core curriculum course
                                                                       in the Florida Building Code, she notifies the Florida Board of
8. (Continuing on with the previous question) If Ms. Jones had         Engineers (FBPE). The City Mayor feels that the disciplinary
allowed her license to lapse and become null and void instead of       actions handed down by the FBPE are always too harsh for this
placing it on inactive status, she would have to reapply for her       violation and orders the Building Official to discontinue the FBPE
license in order to return to engineering. How many hours of           notifications. He reasons that simply turning down the permit
engineering related (area of practice) continuing education would      application in those circumstances would provide adequate
she be required to complete when she reapplies?                        protection for the public health and safety. Ms. Biltmore agrees
(keyword: null)                                                        with the Mayor’s reasoning but argues that State law does not
a. 0                                                                   give her that latitude. Based solely on Chapter 471, Florida
b. 8                                                                   Statutes, who is right?
c. 16                                                                  (keywords: "violations" & "building code training")
d. 24                                                                  a. Marian Biltmore, the Building official
e. 48                                                                  b. The City Mayor

9. Windel Straud is a delegated engineer who specializes in the        13. John Edland, P.E. was a structural engineer and a vice
design of space-frame structures. After many years of doing            president in a Florida engineering firm when he purchased a
manual engineering calculations, he plans to switch to using           winning ticket in the Florida Lottery and collected $38-million in
software for the design and computer printouts as a substitute for     after tax cash. After a week of celebrating and deliberating John
manual engineering calculations. The responsibility rules require      decided that he would not resign from the job that he loved. John
that he:                                                               was very careful about his work but he wanted to protect his
(keyword: computer printouts)                                          fortune from any personal professional liability claim that might
a. Only use software that he personally produced or was produced       result from any of his own negligent acts. What must he do?
his responsible supervision                                            (keyword: liability)
b. Use only software that was produced by a Florida licensed           a. Nothing, as an employee of a corporation he is not personally
engineer.                                                              liable for his acts.
c. Verify the computer calculations with manual calculations           b. Resign as an officer and become an ordinary employee.
d. Accompany the computer printouts with design assumptions            c. He cannot avoid liability for his own acts of negligence
and identify the input and output information and sign and seal the    regardless of where and how he practices engineering.
printouts as an indication that he accepts responsibility for the
results.                                                            14. Hong Wu is a video game designer who works in the Florida
e. Verify results through field-testing using test loads and strain-offices of an international video game manufacturer. He attended
gages to measure deflection.                                        college in an engineering program but he did not graduate. His
                                                                    title is “Software Engineer”. Does Florida law permit Mr. Wu to
10. Henry Smedling is the Director of Public Works for the town use that title?
of Tooterville, Florida. Henry has an electrical engineering degree (keyword: software engineer)
but he needs 2-more years of qualified experience before he can     a. Yes
apply for licensure. Henry designed a new lighting system for the b. No
town maintenance shop and got a low bid of $8,000.00 for the
work but the Building Official, relying on state law, refuses to    15. Donna Lettfield graduated from MIT with a degree in
issue the permit without a licensed engineer’s signature and seal. engineering and accepted an employment offer from a large
Henry argues that he is a public officer employed by the            consulting engineering firm. She is not a licensed engineer but she
municipality so he is exempt from that requirement. Who was         is a subordinate of a licensed professional engineer. She would
right?                                                              like to use the title “Engineer” on her business card. Does Florida
(keyword: public officer)                                           law permit that?
a. Henry Smedling, the Director of Public Works                     (keywords: "subordinate" & "exemption")
b. The Building Official                                            a. Yes
                                                                    b. No
16. A small town in Santa Rosa County Florida retained, as a         20. Alice March, is a Florida licensed structural engineer who
contract employee, Edward Vandam, P.E., an employee of a large       designs warehouses and industrial buildings. She is also a 50%
statewide consulting firm, to provide building code inspection       owner of the Loc-Joist Corporation, a manufacturer of steel bar
services for the town. When a permit application arrived for a       joists which are used to make a composite structural steel and
supermarket that had been designed by the architects in the Miami    concrete floor system for buildings. She designed and developed
office of his firm, he notified the Town Manager of the possible     the Loc-Joist system and utilizes it extensively in her design
conflict of interest. After discussion, the Manager concluded that   projects. She acknowledges that this is a conflict of interest so she
there was no conflict because Edward was not an officer or           discloses the details of her conflict to all potential clients in a
shareholder of the firm and he had no involvement in the design      disclosure letter that accompanies her proposals and in a contract
of the supermarket. Does Florida Law allow him to review the         provision that she inserts into every contract. Does Ms. March’s
plans and process the permit?                                        conflict of interest constitute misconduct under the Laws &
(keyword: plans review)                                              Rules?
a. Yes                                                               (keyword: conflict of interest)
b. No                                                                a. Yes
                                                                     b. No
17. Mario Raton, P.E., is a licensed engineer in both Florida and
Alabama. The Alabama State Board of Licensure for Professional       21. Andy Woodley, a Florida licensed electrical engineer
Engineers and Surveyors disciplined Mr. Raton for deceptive          completed a medical laboratory project. At the conclusion of the
advertising. Could he also be disciplined in Florida even though     job the architect called for the design professionals to assemble at
the deceptive advertising took place only in Alabama.                the site where they would all be asked to sign, date and rubber
(keyword: another state)                                             stamp the reproducible mylar cover sheet with their professional
a. Yes                                                               seal. Is Mr. Woodley allowed by the Laws & Rules to do this?
b. No                                                                (keyword: mylar)
                                                                     a. No, rubber stamp seals are not permitted
18. Abigail Hawthorne is a licensed structural engineer employed     b. No, he is only allowed to sign, seal and date non reproducible
as the chief engineer for H-I-C Steel. She is responsible for        prints
producing all drawings for the company. Which of the following       c. Yes, but he must also deliver a signed and sealed letter making
require her signature and seal?                                      the client aware that he has retained copies of the original
(keyword: erection drawings)                                         document and that he will not be responsible for any subsequent
a. Reinforcing steel shop drawings                                   changes to the reproducible original documents
b. Structural steel erection drawings                                d. Both a. and b.
c. Steel joist erection drawings
d. Joist girder erection drawings                                    22. Marsha Kane is a Florida P.E. with a consulting engineering
e. Catalog information on standard products not fabricated for a     practice in mechanical engineering. She has a “Miscellaneous
specific project.                                                    Mechanical Engineering Services” contract with a local utility
f. None of the above                                                 company to provide “on-call” engineering services on an as
g. All of the above                                                  needed basis. For each assignment, the client issues a work-order
                                                                     detailing the scope of work. One such assignment was for revising
19. Daugherty Architecture and Engineering, Inc. is owned and        the drawings and specifications for a pump station that was
operated by Oran Daugherty, a Florida licensed architect and the     designed by another professional engineer. The documents were
only professional employee of the company. Daugherty designs         legally owned by the utility company. The job had been fully
small one and two story office buildings and strip shopping          completed by the original engineer who signed and sealed and
centers. He is not a licensed engineer but he always does the        dated a record set of documents. Her job would be to increase the
structural, site civil and utility drawings for his own projects     capacity of the station by increasing the diameter of the discharge
which he classifies as “incidental” to the architecture. Is Mr.      pipes and the horsepower of the pump motors. What actions are
Daugherty violating engineering laws and rules in his practice or    required of her by Florida laws and rules?
in the naming of his firm?                                           (keyword: successor)
(keyword: incidental)                                                a. She must redraw the plans for the pump station entirely
a. Yes                                                               b. She must create all calculations for all aspects of the pump
b. No                                                                station
                                                                     c. She must redo all site visits and research
                                                                     d. Both a and b
                                                                     e. Both b and c
                                                                     f. All of the above
                                                                     g. None of the above
23. (Continuing on with the previous question) Who will be            28. The town council of Ruby Springs, Florida adopted an
legally and professionally responsible for the work?                  ordinance amending their town charter that required their building
a. The client                                                         official to reject any permit for any improvement to private or
b. The original engineer                                              public property that would be visible to the public unless the plans
c. Marsha Kane                                                        were signed and sealed by both an architect and an engineer. The
d. The responsibility is shared between the original engineer and     amendment listed: buildings, walls, fences, signs, roads or paving
Marsha Kane                                                           of any kind, bridges, poles, towers and landscaping. Does this
e. The responsibility is shared between the original engineer,        restriction violate Chapter 471.037 Florida Statutes?
Marsha Kane and the client                                            (keyword: ordinance)
                                                                      a. Yes
24. (Continuing on with the previous question) Who’s title block      b. No
must be shown on the revised plans?
a. The original engineer                                              29. David Livingston, a Florida P.E. uses a computer software
b. Marsha Kane                                                        package called “BridgeDrawMatic” to design and automatically
c. Both                                                               draw the plans for fixed span railroad bridges. The software was
d. The client’s title block only                                      designed by Avi Olt, an engineer who is licensed to practice in all
                                                                      50 states. Each sheet of the finished plans produced by the
25. (Continuing on with the previous question) What                   software includes a small title block which reads; “This bridge
responsibility does Marsha Kane have to the original engineer?        was designed and drawn using BridgeDrawMatic software which
a. She must obtain permission from the original engineer before       was developed by Avi Olt, P.E.”. Who is professionally
she can reuse his plans.                                              responsible for the results produced by this software package?
b. She must notify him of her intention to reuse the plans            (keyword: computer software)
c. None because the client is the legal owner of the documents        a. David Livingston
                                                                      b. Avi Olt
26. Douglas Metz a Florida general contractor and licensed            c. Both
structural engineer was known as a fierce competitor when it
came to winning “design/build” contracts. In a competition for a      30. Ophelia Westheimer is a licensed electrical contractor and
fire station contract he gave the Fire Chief, who was also the        owner of Westheimer Electric but she is not a professional
chairman of the selection committee, a gift of a very fine antique    engineer. She installs residential electrical systems of 250-500
fire bell displayed in a handmade mahogany box. Although Metz         amps and 240 volts and with a value of $60,000 or less. Is she
won the contract, one of his competitors filed a complaint with the   allowed to design the systems herself or is she required to use a
Florida Board of Professional Engineers who found that Metz had       licensed professional engineer for the design?
committed misconduct by offering a gift or bribe to win a             (keyword: volts)
selection. Under the Board’s disciplinary guidelines, what is the     a. She is allowed to design the systems herself.
MAXIMUM penalty that the Board could impose?                          b. She must use a licensed professional engineer to do the system
(keyword: gift)                                                       design.
a. A reprimand
b. A reprimand and $1,000 fine.
c. License suspension
d. License revocation
e. Criminal prosecution

27. Jean McDowell, Ph.D., P.E. is a mechanical engineer and full
time faculty member at a major Florida engineering school. She
began her teaching career during the current licensing biennium
and taught 3 different college courses for a total of 9 semester
hours. In addition to teaching college courses she authored an
article which was published in an engineering journal. How many
“area of practice” continuing education credits can she claim?
(keyword: area of practice)
a. 4
b. 10
c. 145
d. 280

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