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					                                                                          CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                        Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: The Lodging Industry              PACING: 1 week
                                                             Unit Number: 1
  ESSENTIAL         1. What are career opportunities within the lodging industry?
   CONCEPTS              LEARNING
   /CONTENT         TARGETS/SKILLS                              BENCHMARKS                                    KEY                   ACTIVITIES/                 ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)     (Performance Tasks)                                                                 TERMINOLOGY                  RESOURCES
24.0 IDENTIFY    K- Trace & explain the         24.01 Demonstrate an understanding of             Administrative Department    PROJECT:                         Formative
CAREER & JOB     earliest types of lodging in   entrepreneurship.                                 Lodging Property                                              Assessments
OPPORTUNITIE     America.                       24.02 Analyze current career trends.              Service Department           Lodging Careers:                    Written
S                                               24.03 Identify professional associations in the   All-Suite Property           Individuals or small groups      research
                 K – Give an example of a       food service and hospitality industry.            Amenity                      will research & present a                report
                 career in the lodging                                                            Bed & Breakfast              written & oral report on a          Oral
                 industry.                                                                        Business Travelers           specific position in the         Presentation
                 K – Describe the difference                                                      Economy Lodging              lodging industry.
                 between leisure & business     25.01 Use computer technology to perform          Full-Service Property                                         Summative
25.0 APPLY       travelers.                     occupational tasks.                               Hotelier                                                      Assessments
BASIC SKILLS                                                                                      Leisure Travels                                                  Vocabulary
                 K – List the characteristics                                                     Luxury Property              Guest Speaker:                   Quiz
                 of types of lodging.                                                             Meeting & Convention Hotel   Guest presenters will speak         Chapter Test
                                                                                                  Mid-Priced Facility          to students regarding                 Written
                 K – List & describe the                                                          Resort                       opportunities in the industry.   Response
                 activities associated with                                                       Bell Captain; Concierge                                            Reading
                 front office operations.                                                         Controller                                                         Multiple
                 K – List & describe the                                                          Convention Manager                                            Choice
                 tasks performed by the                                                           Executive Housekeeper        SUGGESTED                               True &
                 housekeeping the                                                                 Human Resources; MIS         RESOURCES                              False
                 department.                                                                      Night Auditor                 Culinary Library
                                                                                                  Block; CRS                    Media Center
                 K – List & describe the                                                          Hubbart Formula               Computers
                 tasks performed by the                                                           Overbook; PMS
                 engineering & facilities                                                         Rack Rate
                 maintenance departments.                                                         Rooms Forecast
                                                                          CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                           Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Tourism and the Retail             PACING: 1 week
Industry.                                                     Unit Number: 2
   ESSENTIAL       1. What are the similarities & differences between ecotourism, themed tourism, business tourism, & personal travel?
   /CONTENT         LEARNING TARGETS/SKILLS                    BENCHMARKS                     KEY                           ACTIVITIES/                       ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)             (Performance Tasks)                                          TERMINOLOGY                         RESOURCES
24.0 IDENTIFY  K – Explain the role of tourism in the         24.02 Analyze         Business Tourism          PROJECT:                                     Formative Assessments
CAREERS &      hospitality industry                           current career        Cultural Tourism                                                          Written Research
JOBS                                                          trends.               Historic Tourism          Tourism Careers:                                Oral Presentation
OPPORTUNITIE K – Categorize the types of businesses that      24.03 Identify        Environmental Tourism     Individuals or small groups will
S              make up the tourism industry                   professional          Recreational Tourism      research & present a written & oral          Summative Assessments
                                                              associations in the   Entertainment             report on a specific position in the           Vocabulary. Quiz
               K – List reason that people travel             food service and      Transportation            tourism industry.                              Chapter Test
                                                              hospitality industry. Convention                                                                Written Response
               K – List services of state & national parks                          Currency                                                                   Reading
                                                                                    Currency Exchange                                                          Multiple Choice
               K – List reasons why theme parks are                                 Exposition                                                                    True & False
               important for the tourism industry                                   Jet Lag; Passport         Guest presentation:
                                                                                    Primitive Camping         A representative from the local of state
               K - Outline the process & certain                                    Theme Park                office of tourism will present
               circumstances that pertain to international                          Time Zones                information on the responsibilities of the
               travel                                                               Trade Show                office.
                                                                                    Traveler’s Checks
               K - List the advantages & disadvantage or                            Vacation Camping
               travel by car, train, plane, cruise ship, bus                        Visa;
                                                                                    World Health Org.
               K - Identify the career opportunities in the                         Charter; Coach            SUGGESTED RESOURCES
               travel & tourism industry                                            Commuter                    Culinary Library
                                                                                    Corporate Travel            Media Center
               K - Outline the work done by a concierge,                            Itinerary                   Computers
               state & local tourism office, corporate travel                       Niche Market
               office, and convention & meeting planners.                           Travel Agent; Empathy
                                                                              CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                                  Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Safety and Sanitation; Math and                    PACING: 2 weeks
Measurement (review from CULINARY OPERATIONS I – Reference                    Unit Number: 3
Curriculum Map for Unit 3).
  ESSENTIAL             1. What is a food-safety system?
   /CONTENT                    LEARNING TARGETS/SKILLS                         BENCHMARKS                     KEY                    ACTIVITIES/                     ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)                       (Performance Tasks)                                              TERMINOLOGY                    RESOURCES
27.0 EXHIBIT        R – Explain why the seven steps of the HACCP food         27.01 Use acquired      Bacteria            PROJECTS:                             Formative Assessments
SAFE, SECURE,       safety system are necessary.                              knowledge to            Cross-              1. In teams, create a pamphlet of        Project Essay
AND SANITARY                                                                  prepare for the          contamination      basic safety guidelines to prevent       Project Presentation
WORK                K – Describe the difference between direct                ServSafe®               Direct              accidents and injuries.
PROCEDURES          contamination and cross-contamination of food.            Certified                contamination      2. With partners, describe a recent   Summative Assessments
                    K – Describe what FAT TOM is and explain what each        Professional            Foodborne illness   outbreak of a foodborne illness at      Vocab. Quiz
28.0 UTILIZE        letter stands for.                                        Food Service            Temperature         a food establishment. Describe the      Chapter Test
OPERATIONAL                                                                   Manager                   danger zone       specific cause, how many people          Written Response
SYSTEMS             K – What is a foodborne illness?                          Certification.          Flow of food        were affected, and their symptoms.        Reading
                                                                                                      HACCP               Discuss how the establishment             Multiple Choice
30.0 USE            K – List at least seven knife safety points.              28.01 Practice          Critical control    could have avoided the outbreak.               True & False
RECIPES             S – Demonstrate the three basic cutting techniques.       environmentally           point             3. If your school has a cafeteria,
                                                                              sound procedures.       Hood systems        research its HACCP program.
                    P – Create a pamphlet of basic safety guidelines to       28.02 Demonstrate       Microorganism       Ask about each step in the
                    prevent accidents and injuries.                           and follow              Mise en place       program. If possible, watch a
                                                                              operational             Work flow           food-service worker who is
                    K – List reasons why it is important to keep food safe.   procedures between      Honing              responsible for monitoring a
                                                                              the front-of-the-       Mandolin            critical control point. Pay
                    K – Describe good personal hygiene and how it affects     house and back-of-                          attention to the control point for
                    food safety.                                              the-house.                                  the previous worker’s monitoring
                                                                                                                          procedures and ask to review the
                    R – Categorize and describe the micro-organisms that      30.02 Apply math                            logs for that particular critical
                    cause foodborne illnesses.                                skills as required in                       week. Report on your findings.
                                                                              culinary operations.                        SUGGESTED RESOURCES
                                                                                                                            Cul. Library; Media; Computers
                                                                              CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                        Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Fish and Shellfish                    PACING: 3 weeks
                                                                 Unit Number: 4
  ESSENTIAL          1. What are the five categories of fish?
  QUESTIONS:         2. What is a crustacean?
   CONCEPTS                LEARNING
   /CONTENT            TARGETS/SKILLS                    BENCHMARKS                                 KEY                    ACTIVITIES/                         ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)         (Performance Tasks)                                                   TERMINOLOGY                   RESOURCES
27.0 EXHIBIT     K - Identify basic types of fish   27.01 Use acquired                Anadromous fish        PROJECTS:                                      Formative Assessments
SAFE, SECURE,                                       knowledge to prepare for          Belly Bones                                                              Written Research
& SANITARY       K - Select & store fish properly   the ServSafe® Certified           Cross cuts             Student Research Project:                         Project Presentation
WORK                                                Professional                      Deep Poaching          “Get to know a fish” – students will select
PROCEEDURE       S - Match cooking methods to       Food Service Manager              Drawn Fish             a fish to research. Students will gather       Summative
                 fish                               Certification.                    En Papillote           information on habitat, lifestyle, size,       Assessments
28.0 UTLIZE                                                                           Farm Raised Fish       texture, flavor, appearance, and any other        Vocabulary. Quiz
OPERATIONAL      K – Identify the basic types of      28.01 Practice                  Fillet                 areas of interest. Students will present a        Chapter Test
SYSTEMS          shellfish                            environmentally sound           Flat Fish              brief oral report with a presentation. Then,       Written Response
                                                      procedures                      Freshwater Fish        students will prepare a recipe featuring the        Reading
29.0 APPLY       K – Identify proper receiving &                                      Glazed Fish            fish.                                               Multiple Choice
PRINCIPLES OF    storing of shellfish                                                 Headed & Gutted Fish                                                         True & False
FOOD SCIENCE                                          29.07 Analyze the               Lox; Pin Bones         Demonstration:
                 K – List preparations of shellfish   nutritional impact of           PUFI Mark              The steps of filleting a fish (performed by
32.0 PREPARE                                          lipids (fats and oils) in the   Quarter Filets         instructor or fish expert)
FOOD &           S - Match cooking methods to         diet.                           Round Fish
BEVERAGE         shellfish                                                            Saltwater Fish         Guest Speaker:
ITEMS                                                 32.03 Prepare fry station       Steaks                 Expert fisherman/woman or a
                                                      items.                          Tranche                representative from the Florida Fish &
                                                                                      Whole Fish             Wildlife Commission will speak about
                                                      32.07 Perform food              Wild Fish; Calamari    local seafood, legal issues, and
                                                      presentation and display        Count                  environmental issues.
                                                      techniques.                     Estation; Deveining
                                                                                      Drawn Butter           SUGGESTED RESOURCES
                                                       32.08 Recognize                Mollusk; Shellfish      Culinary Library; Media Center
                                                      standards of quality.           Shocked Shellfish       Computers
                                                                          CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                          Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: The Wonderful              PACING: 2 weeks
World of Cheese.                                      Unit Number: 5
  ESSENTIAL          1. What is the difference between ripened & unripened cheese?
  QUESTIONS:         2. Can you identify five cheese and complimentary foods?
   CONCEPTS                 LEARNING
   /CONTENT             TARGETS/SKILLS                       BENCHMARKS                           KEY                      ACTIVITIES/                         ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)         (Performance Tasks)                                                 TERMINOLOGY                     RESOURCES
26.0             K – Understanding types of           26.03 Practice profitable          Blue-Veined        PROJECTS:                                        Formative Assessments
DEMONSTRATE cheeses                                   procedures.                        Fresh Cheese                                                           Cheese tasting
PERSONAL                                                                                 Grating Cheese     Cheese Making:                                      assumption results
PRODUCTIVITY K – List the proper buying,              30.02 Apply math skills as         Hard Cheese        Students will perform a cheese- making lab
                 handling, & storing of cheeses       required in culinary operations.   Processed Cheese   (turn milk into cottage cheese). Reference the   Summative
30.0 USE                                                                                 Semi-soft Cheese   following websites for information:              Assessments
RECIPES          K - Make a list of cheeses and                                          Soft Cheese                    Vocabulary Quiz
                 appropriate foods to serve with      32.04 Prepare cold station         Rind               http://biology                                      Chapter Test
32.0 PREPARE                                          items.                                                 Written Response
FOOD &           S - Demonstrate the proper           32.05 Prepare hot station                             e/cheese_course.htm                                   Reading
BEVERAGE         cooking techniques with different    items.                                                                                                      Multiple Choice
ITEMS            types of cheeses.                    32.06 Prepare beverage items.                         Cheese tasting and demonstration: Students              True & False
                                                      32.07 Perform food                                    do a sampling of various cheeses. Using their
                                                      presentation and display                              knowledge, students will make assumptions
                                                      techniques.                                           about each cheese (type of milk, fresh or
                                                      32.08 Recognize standards of                          aged, and additional ingredients used)
                                                                                                            Cheese Fondue Lab:
                                                                                                            instructors may choose to incorporate other
                                                                                                            types of fondue as well.

                                                                                                            SUGGESTED RESOURCES
                                                                                                             Culinary Library
                                                                                                             Media Center

                                                                           CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                           Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Herbs, Spices and Seasonings                   PACING: 2 weeks
                                                                          Unit Number: 6
  ESSENTIAL         1. What are some of the latest trends affected by herbs & spices?
  QUESTIONS:        2. What are the differences between an herb & a spice?
   /CONTENT       LEARNING TARGETS/SKILLS                         BENCHMARKS                           KEY         ACTIVITIES/ RESOURCES                       ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)           (Performance Tasks)                                                   TERMINOLOGY
26.0             K - Explain role of the five senses in   26.02 Develop leadership skills.    Aromatic; Flavor    PROJECT:                                Formative Assessments
DEMONSTRATE      tasting food                                                                 Opaque              Blind Challenge:                           Blind Challenge response
PERSONAL                                                  27.01 Use acquired knowledge to     Savory              Students will try to identify                    Essay
PRODUCTIVITY     K - Identify the ways a food’s flavor    prepare for a Food Manager          Taste               common spices and herbs by using           Tomato Soup Project
                 can be changed                           Certification.                      Translucent         taste, smell, & touch.                     Project Essay
27.0 EXHIBIT                                                                                  Umani               Jazz up Tomato Soup:                       Project Presentation
SAFE, SECURE,    S - Describe the flavor of foods         30.01 Use standardized recipes in   Iodized Salt        Working in groups, students will
& SANITARY                                                the development of menus.           Kosher Salt         add spices, herbs, and seasonings
WORK             K - Understand why foods are                                                 MSG                 to create an original version of the    Summative Assessments
PROCEEDURES      seasoned                                 30.02 Apply math skills as          Rock Salt           soup. Students will be judged on          Vocabulary Quiz
                                                          required in culinary operations.    Sea Salt            the flavor & originality of the final     Chapter Test
30.0 USE         S - Identify & use common                                                    Seasonings          product.                                   Written Response
RECIPES          seasoning ingredients                    31.02 Analyze industry trends.      Sodium Chloride     Know Your Spices Project:                   Reading
                                                                                              Table Salt          Individuals or small groups will            Multiple Choice
31.0 PERFORM     S - Differentiate between seasonings     32.07 Perform food presentation     White Pepper        research a specific herb or spice.               True & False
FRONT OF THE     & flavorings                             and display techniques.             Battuto             The following information should
HOUSE DUTIES                                                                                  Bouquet Garni       be presented: origin, plant
                 S - Identifying and using herbs,         32.08 Recognize standards of        Cajun Trinity       characteristics, history,
32.0 PREPARE     spices, seasonings, and aromatics        quality.                            Cured Foods         appearance, regional usage, and
FOOD &                                                                                        Herbs               common dishes. Each group will
BEVERAGE                                                                                      Mirepoix            then prepare and present a popular
ITEMS                                                                                         Sachet D’spices     dish that highlights the particular
                                                                                              Spice Blends        herb or spice.
                                                                                                                  SUGGESTED RESOURCES
                                                                                              Standard Mirepoix    Culinary Library; Media Center
                                                                                              White Mirepoix       Computers
                                                                           CURRICULUM MAP
Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                            Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Vegetables and Fruit                        PACING: 2 weeks
                                                                       Unit Number: 7
  ESSENTIAL          1. What are five vegetable and their appropriate methods of cookery?
  QUESTION:          2. What are five fruits that are popular trends in the food service today?
  /CONTENT        LEARNING TARGETS/SKILLS                         BENCHMARKS                              KEY                 ACTIVITIES/                     ASSESSMENTS
   (Outcomes)         (Performance Tasks)                                                          TERMINOLOGY                RESOURCES
                                                          27.01 Use acquired knowledge to         Capsaicin
27.0 EXHIBIT      K - Identify different types of         prepare for a Food Manager              Heirloom Plant    PROJECT:                              Formative Assessments
SAFE, SECURE,     vegetables & fruit                      Certification.                          Tomato Concasse   Vegetable & fruit identification         Veggie & Fruit
& SANITARY                                                                                        Tuber             exercise: Students will examine            Identification
WORK              K - Describe the proper selecting &                                             Clingstone        and attempt to identify fresh fruit   Challenge
PROCEEDURES       storing of vegetables & fruit.          28.01 Practice environmentally          Compote           & vegetables. A variety of less             Response Essay
                                                          sound procedures.                       Essential Oils    common fruit & vegetables will be        Vegetarian Project
28.0 UTILIZE      S – Choose the proper cooking and                                               Ethylene          displayed around the classroom.
OPERATIONAL       usage of various vegetables. & fruit.                                           Freestone         Students will use their knowledge
SYSTEM                                                    29.04 Apply basic principles of         IQF               to determine the name for each        Summative Assessments
                                                          the chemistry of food preparation       Maturation        fruit.                                  Vocabulary Quiz
29.0 APPLY                                                to fruits and vegetables.               Pith                                                      Chapter Test
PRINCIPLES OF                                                                                     Ripening          Vegetarian Challenge: Students           Written Response
FOOD SCIENCE                                              30.02 Apply math skills as              Stone             will plan and prepare a vegetarian        Reading
                                                          required in culinary operations.        Drupe             dinner to be presented and                Multiple Choice
30. USE RECIPES                                                                                                     critiqued.                                    True & False
                                                          32.01 Prepare bake station items.
32.0 PREPARE                                              32.04 Prepare cold station items.
FOOD &                                                    32.05 Prepare hot station items.
BEVERAGE                                                  32.07 Perform food presentation                           SUGGESTED RESOURCES
ITEMS                                                     and display techniques.                                    Culinary Library
                                                          32.08 Recognize standards of                               Media Center
                                                          quality.                                                   Computers

                                                                        CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                       Course Number 8513230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Pastry and Frozen               PACING: 3 weeks
Desserts.                                                  Unit Number: 8
    ESSENTIAL        1. What are two method of preparation for a “rich” dough?
   QUESTIONS:        2. What are the basic differences between ice cream & sorbet?
     CONCEPTS               LEARNING
     /CONTENT          TARGETS/SKILLS                         BENCHMARKS                             KEY                ACTIVITIES/                    ASSESSMENTS
      (Outcomes)       (Performance Tasks)                                                   TERMINOLOGY                RESOURCES
25.0 APPLY BASIC K - Explain how crème Anglaise, 25.02 Maintain accurate records.           Pate a choux
SKILLS           Bavarian cream, and pastry          26.03 Practice profitable              Phyllo            PROJECTS:                            Formative Assessments
                 creams are different.               procedures.                            Profiterole                                               Ice Food Project
26.0                                                 27.01 Use acquired knowledge to        Soufflé           Ice Food Lab:                           Custard Response Essay
DEMONSTRATE      K - List the characteristics of ice prepare for the ServSafe®              Steamed Pudding   Students will create a frozen
PERSONAL         cream                               Certified Professional Food            Two-Stage         dessert of their choice. Students
PRODUCTIVITY                                         Service Manager Certification.         Puff Pastry       will be critiqued based on flavor,   Summative Assessments
27.0 EXHIBIT     Explain the differences between     28.01 Practice environmentally         Éclairs           texture, and originality.              Vocabulary Quiz
SAFE, SECURE, &  the major types of pastry dough     sound procedures.                      Choux Paste                                              Chapter Test
SANITARY WORK    (phyllo, profiterole, puff pastry)  29.01 Demonstrate and analyze the      Cream Puff        Custard Food Lab:                       Written Response
PROCEEDURES                                          different functions of sugar in food   Aerated           Each lab group will create a             Reading
                                                     preparation 29.07 Analyze the          Bavarian Cream    different type of custard, then          Multiple Choice
28.0 UTILIZE                                         nutritional impact of lipids (fats     Crème Anglaise    students will share with the class           True & False
OPERATIONAL                                          and oils) in the diet.                 Frozen Soufflé    and compare & contrast the
SYSTEMS                                              30.01 Use standardized recipes in      Granite           variations.
                                                     the development of menus.              Meringue
29.0 APPLY                                           30.02 Apply math skills as             Mousse            SUGGESTED RESOURCES
PRINCIPLES OF                                        required in culinary operations.       Parfait            Culinary Library
FOOD SCIENCE                                         32.01 Prepare bake station items.      Sabayon            Media Center
30.0 USE RECIPES                                     32.07 Perform food presentation        Sherbet            Computers
                                                     and display techniques.                Sorbet
32.0 PREPARE                                         32.08 Recognize quality.               Simple Syrup
FOOD &                                                                                      Trifle
BEVERAGE ITEMS                                                                              Cream Brulee

                                                                              CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                                  Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Marketing and the                     PACING: 4 weeks
Menu                                                             Unit Number: 9
   ESSENTIAL         1. How do demographics effect the development of a menu?
  QUESTIONS:         2. What are the factors that can effect menu production?
   /CONTENT       LEARNING TARGETS/SKILLS                           BENCHMARKS                       KEY                          ACTIVITIES/                       ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)            (Performance Tasks)                                                    TERMINOLOGY                      RESOURCES
24.0 IDENTIFY    K - Describe the differences between á    24.01 Demonstrate an                 À La Carte Menu        PROJECTS:                                Formative Assessments
CAREERS & JOB    la carte, California, d’hôte, and limited understanding of entrepreneurship.   California Menu                                                    Business Plan Proposal
OPPORTUNITIES    menus                                     24.02 Analyze current career         Cyclical Menu          Design a Business Concept:                  Menu Proposal
                                                           trends.                              De Jour Menu           Students will create a plan for a
25.0 APPLY BASIC K - Be able to break down a menu by                                            Limited Menu           successful business within the           Summative Assessments
SKILLS           category
                                                           25.01 Use computer technology        Commercial             foodservice industry. Students will        Vocab. Quiz
                                                           to perform occupational tasks.       Noncommercial          submit a business plan proposal with       Chapter Test
26.0             S – Effectively design & layout a menu 26.02 Develop leadership skills.        Table D’hôte           the following information:                  Written Response
DEMONSTRATE                                                28.01 Practice environmentally       Contribution Margin      Type of Food                               Reading
PERSONAL         S – Be able to use sales data to analyze  sound procedures.                    Menu Analysis            Location                                   Multiple Choice
PRODUCTIVITY     the success of menu items                 30.01 Use standardized recipes in    Menu Mix                 Name                                       True & False
                                                           the development of menus.            Menu Mix Percentage      Color Scheme
28.0 UTILIZE     S - Be able to make predictions of        30.02 Apply math skills as           Plow Horse               Theme
OPERATIONAL      market demand by forecasting              required in culinary operations.     Dog                      Style of Service
SYETEMS                                                    32.01 Prepare bake station items.    Star                     Staff Attire
                                                           32.02 Prepare pantry station         Font                     Logo
30.0 USE RECIPES                                                                                Laminated
                                                                                                Demographic            Create a “Concept Menu:”
                                                           32.03 Prepare fry station items.     Experimental Method
                                                           32.04 Prepare cold station items.                           Students will create a core recipe for
FRONT OF THE                                                                                    Focus Group            their restaurant. The menu should
HOUSE DUTIES                                               32.05 Prepare hot station items.     Market Research        consist of a minimum of five core
                                                           32.06 Prepare beverage items.        Marketing Plan         items. Recipes must be provided for
32.0 PREPARE                                               32.07 Perform food presentation      Observational Method   each menu item.
FOOD &                                                     and display techniques.              Sampling
BEVERAGE                                                   32.08 Recognize standards of         Survey                 SUGGESTED RESOURCES
ITEMS                                                      quality.                             Forecasting             Culinary Library
                                                           32.01, 32.02, 32.03, 32.04, 32.05,   Market Segmentation     Media Center; Computers
                                                           32.06, 32.07, 32.08                  Unique Selling
                                                                             CURRICULUM MAP

Course Title: Culinary Operations 3                                                                                                                 Course Number: 8515230
UNIT/ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE: Standard                          PACING: 10 weeks
Accounting Procedures,                                       Unit Number: 10
  ESSENTIAL            1. What are the fixed costs relating to a restaurant’s Profit & Loss Statement?
  QUESTIONS:           2. What are the variable costs relating to the Profit & Loss Statement?
   CONCEPTS                   LEARNING
   /CONTENT               TARGETS/SKILLS                         BENCHMARKS                             KEY                         ACTIVITIES/                    ASSESSMENTS
    (Outcomes)            (Performance Tasks)                                                    TERMINOLOGY                        RESOURCES
24.O IDENTIFY      S – Given a set of figures, apply      24.01 Demonstrate an               Cost & Cost of Sales        PROJECTS:                             Formative Assessments
CAREERS & JOB standard accounting principles to          understanding of                    Direct Cost                 Cost a Menu:                             Menu Costing Project
OPPORTUNITIES common restaurant scenarios                entrepreneurship.                   Indirect Cost               Students will calculate the food         Operation Costing
                                                         24.02 Analyze current career        Profit & Loss               cost of each of the approved menu     Project
25.0 APPLY         S - Calculate the cost of sales       trends.                             Revenue                     items from “Unit 9.” After the           Signature Item
BASIC SKILLS       using the opening inventory and       25.01 Use computer                  Transaction                 costs are calculated, students will          Presentation
                   closing inventory figures             technology to perform               Credit & Debit              use standard mark- up to decide on
30.0 USE                                                 occupational tasks.                 Double-entry Accounting     the menu prices.                      Summative Assessments
RECIPES            S - Given a set of figures, practice 25.02 Maintain accurate              T-account                                                           Vocabulary Quiz
                   double-entry accounting               records.                            Trial balance               Determine the basic cost of an          Chapter Test
                                                         26.01 Explore the opportunities Contributory Income             Operation:                               Written Response
                   S – Be able to read & explain         and value of community service. Net Income & Expenses                                                     Reading
                                                                                                                         Students will use the proposed
                   concepts on an income statement       26.02 Develop leadership            Income Statement            restaurant concept to determine the       Multiple Choice
                                                         skills.                             Accounts Payable            major expenses of operation.              True & False
                                                         26.03 Practice profitable           Accounts Receivable
                                                         procedures.                         Asset & Liability           Prepare a Signature Item: Students
                                                         28.01 Practice                      Balance Sheet               will prepare the “signature item”
                                                         environmentally sound               Capital Item                from the proposed menu in “unit
                                                         procedures                          Current Asset & Liability   9.” Students will be judged on
                                                         30.02 Apply math skills as          Depreciation                flavor, execution, and
                                                         required in culinary operations     Fixed Asset                 presentation.
                                                         32.01 Prepare bake station          Long-term Liability
                                                                                                                         SUGGESTED RESOURCES
                                                         items.                              Owner’s Equity
                                                         32.02 Prepare pantry station        Physical & Paper Asset       Culinary Library; Media Center
                                                         items.                              Retained earnings


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