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									Presentation Name
  ProCard Program

      Tanisha Hackett
     ProCard Manager
  Department of Purchasing

Contract between PNC Bank and the University of Louisville
to establish a Visa ProCard Program
                 Advantages of the ProCard

• Acquisition of low dollar purchases, conveniently and quickly;

• Elimination of additional paperwork;

• Cost savings using ProCard as opposed to the requisition process,
  time savings because items are not received on-line;

• Prompt payment to vendors;

• Replaces most petty cash transactions;

• The University will make one payment per month to PNC Bank
  (by wire transfer), rather than one per vendor;

• Facilitates internet purchasing.
Responsibilities of the Department of Purchasing

 • ProCard policies and procedures
 • Customer service support

 • Training

 • Processing of ProCard applications/agreements

 • Random audits

 • Reconciler/Approver setup in PeopleSoft

 • Maintain Data in Visa Card Management

 • Monthly payment to PNC Bank

 • Electronic receipt of charges

 • Limit number of cards issued per individual

 • Cancel cards with no activity for a 12 month period
  Responsibilities of Department Chair/Department Head

• Review and approve applications for ProCards

• Review and approve monthly reconciliations of cardholder transactions

• Approve requests for spending limit modifications

• Understand ProCard policies and procedures

• Ensure proper destruction and documentation of cancelled cards

• Report misuse of card - see ProCard Violations (slide 13)

• Card Surrender - The ProCard must be temporarily surrendered
  to the employee's supervisor or the Unit Business Manager at the
  beginning of a leave of absence
                         PeopleSoft Security Roles
Reviewer: This is the role name given to the cardholder. Cardholder/reviewer may view
the ProCard transactions in the Review Bank Statement, but cannot make changes. To be a
cardholder/reviewer, an employee must take and pass the ProCard Test on Blackboard.

Reconciler: The employee assigned this role will have access to view, reconcile and
reallocate ProCard transactions. To be a reconciler, an employee must take and pass the
ProCard Test on Blackboard and attend Reconciler/Approver Training conducted by a
ProCard Program staff member.

Approver: The employee assigned this role has the highest level of security offered to
ProCard users. The approver will have access to view, reconcile, reallocate and approve
ProCard transactions. To be an approver, an employee must take and pass the ProCard
Test on Blackboard and attend Reconciler/Approver Training conducted by a ProCard
Program staff member.

Rules: The cardholder can also be the reconciler, but the cardholder can never be the
approver of their own ProCard. The participant must score 25 or 100% when completing the
Blackboard test and complete the “classroom” certification training before receiving a
ProCard and/or gaining access to the PeopleSoft system.
                      Cardholder Responsibilities

 Complete and sign the ProCard Application/Cardholder agreement found at:
 Submit forms, signed by Director or Department Chair and the Vice President or Dean,
  to the Department of Purchasing.
 All cardholders, reconcilers and approvers must complete the Blackboard Terms of
  Agreement and Test as well as the classroom reallocator/reconciliation training.
 Card Security; same security measures should be used as those used for a personal
  credit card. Since all work spaces are not equipped the same, it is left to the discretion of
  the cardholder to determine whether the card will be kept on their person or locked in their
  work space…cardholder must specify where the card is to be kept when applying for the
  card. The card cannot be held by the approver for safekeeping.
 Verification of purchases
      • Verify receipt of goods and services
      • Maintain transaction log of all purchases on a monthly basis
      • Business lunch/dinner
        Record: who, what, where, why (context of meeting)
      • Attach receipts from purchases to monthly transaction log
      • Attach PNC Bank statements to monthly transaction log
           Cardholder Responsibilities (continued)

 Verify the name on the card before signing the pick-up release form;
 pick up times for cards Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:30am
 and 1:30 to 3:30pm. Pick-up time at HSC is from 2:00-4:00 on Tuesdays

 Completing the ProCard Receipt Form when a receipt cannot
  be obtained

 Report lost or stolen cards immediately to PNC and then notify the
  ProCard Department

 Verify receipt of goods or services

 Work with vendor and/or PNC Bank to handle returns, replacements, and
  disputed transactions

 Retain appropriate documentation for a period of 3 years
           Cardholder Responsibilities (continued)

   Adhere to limits of a maximum of $2500 per transaction and a
    maximum of $10,000 per month

   Ensure destruction of card upon cancellation

   Maintain proper records of components and equipment purchased with
    the ProCard
   Laboratory Chemicals Departmental Responsibilities

• Each department is responsible for obtaining a Material Safety Data
 Sheet for every chemical ordered.

• Each department is responsible for updating their file of Material Safety
  Data Sheets when a new chemical is ordered.

• Each department or lab must maintain a chemical inventory.
  Chemical inventories must be updated when a new chemical is ordered.

• Departments must make their chemical inventories available to the
  Dept. of Environmental Health & Safety and emergency response
  agencies during a fire or other emergency.
                            ProCard Restrictions
• Alcoholic Beverages are restricted        • Office supplies except from University contract
  unless authorized and documented as         vendor (relates to compliance with Kentucky
  a legitimate entertainment expense as       recycled material content law)
  defined in the Procurement Card Policy    • Parking Permits
• Contracted Mail Services                  • Payments to Individuals (1099)
• Contributions/Donations                   • Personal Use
• Controlled Substances                     • PERSONAL USE
• Faculty, Staff and Student Travel:        • Phone Cards
  lodging, meals, gasoline, airfare and     • Printing
  other transportation (Employees must      • Products available through University
  continue to follow the Controller's         Stockroom (this includes xerographic paper,
  Office procedures and request               napkins, cups & plates)
  reimbursement using a travel voucher)     • Purchases requiring a contract:
• Firearms/Ammunition                           Entertainment contract, i.e. bands, speakers
• Furniture or furnishings with fabric                Equipment maintenance service contracts
  (flame retardant standard)                          Educational Training contracts
• Insurance (property, liability, workers   • Radioactive Material
  compensation)                             • Services subject to Personal Services
• Legal Services (University Counsel)         Contracts; i.e. consultants, etc.
• Movement of Household Goods               • Student Payments (payments to or on behalf of
                                              students must be paid through the Student
                                              Financial Aid Office)
                                            • Temporary Help (Human Resources)
                             ProCard Field Audit
•   What is a field audit?
    Review of transaction activity by analyzing all required documentation
    pertaining to ProCard purchases made by the cardholder/responsible party. The
    focus of the audit is to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures.

•   Where will the audit take place?
    Cardholder/responsible party’s lab or office. A quiet space/office for the auditor
    to perform their review should be designated upon arrival.

•   How can I prepare for the audit?
    The auditor will email for an appointment 2 weeks in advance and will indicate
    the time period that is subject for review. The cardholder should have
    transaction summary logs, transaction receipts, reconciliation records and bank
    statements grouped together by month for the specified time period.

•   What happens after the audit?
    The cardholder and their supervisor will receive a audit summary letter stating
    findings and recommendations, which will assist the cardholder with compliance
    of the ProCard policies and procedures.
                        ProCard Violations

In the event that violations of any kind are alleged, all allegations will
be forwarded to Tanisha Hackett in the Department of Purchasing at
852-8214. Purchasing will notify Audit Services first, in accordance
with the Fiscal Misconduct Policy. Purchasing will contact Public
Safety and Human Resources in addition to Audit Services. Human
Resources will maintain a database of all ProCard violations,
including the final dispositions, both administrative and judicial. The
database will be available to all of the above parties to ensure that
violations are being adjudicated in accordance with University of
Louisville policies and procedures.
        Consequences of ProCard Misuse/Fraud

Possible sanctions when misuse or fraud have been detected include, but
are not limited to the following:

• Surrender ProCard - privileges revoked

• Unauthorized or non-business charges on ProCard may be
  deducted from employee’s pay

• Improper or fraudulent use of ProCard will result in disciplinary
  action, up to and including prosecution and/or termination of employment

A version of today’s PowerPoint training presentation can be found on the
Department of Purchasing website:

PeopleSoft Reconciler and Approver Training:
To register go to: Ulink/Faculty & Staff/Training and click on “PeopleSoft
Registration”. After you are registered contact Charlotte Numann,, to schedule a date and time .

 Note: This training is mandatory for cardholders, reconcilers, and
approvers. Cardholders who have the “Reviewer” status are exempt
from this training.
            ProCard Team Contact Information

•   Tanisha Hackett    852-8214

•   Alma Brandon       852-4433

•   Charlotte Numann   852-8218

 Website:

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