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					                                               Department of Commerce and Insurance

                                      TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE
                                       An Official Publication of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission

VOLUME: 13                                       SPRING 2004                                              NUMBER: 2

Situations to Avoid Dur- Commission Approves                                      In This Issue:

ing License Renewal Distance Learning                                             Disciplinary Action              P. 3

       All affiliate broker licenses, Format for TREC
                                                                                  CORE COURSE Providers            P. 5

                                                                                  Frequently Asked Questions       P. 5
broker licenses, principal broker CORE 03/04 Course
licenses, and firm licenses expire                                                Candidates for Broker Licenses   P. 6

December 31, 2004 and all                  The Tennessee Real Estate              TREC Seminar Schedule            P. 7

requirements for renewing these       Commission at its February 2004             UpdatedCommissioner
                                                                                           Contact Information P. 8
licenses must be completed on         meeting voted to add distance
or before November 1, 2004.           learning formats to the previously
Over the years, the Commission        approved classroom only presen-              Topics to be discussed in-
has noted some simple mistakes        tation for the TREC CORE 03/04          clude Commission updates con-
have made the renewal process         Course. The distance learning           cerning licensure, education and
difficult and cumbersome and          formats currently approved for          discipline and risk management.
have delayed the issuing of           other continuing education              There will be ample time for ques-
renewed licenses. Listed below        courses include Paper and Pen-          tions from attendees.
are several of the more common        cil Courses (correspondence),                The seminar will provide 2
mistakes which cause these            Disk Based and Internet presen-         hours of TREC approved Con-
delays.                               tations. The list of schools offer-     tinuing Education for all individu-
     COMBINING       MORE             ing the TREC CORE 03/04                 als who attend 100% of the semi-
THAN    ONE     RENEWAL               Course are listed on page 5 of          nar. To receive this credit the
APPLICATION AND FEE IN ONE            this edition of the News-Journal.       licensee must provide his/her li-
ENVELOPE: The automated               An asterisk preceding the               cense number on the date of the
process for collecting the fees       school's name indicates both            seminar attended. Reservations
and initiating the renewal process    classroom and distance learning         are not required.
was designed to scan one              courses are available.
renewal application then one
check in order to properly credit                                                ERRATUM
the money to a licensee’s file.
                                      TREC to Provide CE
Multiple applications and multiple    Seminars Across the                        In the Winter 2004 edition of
checks in one envelope or multiple                                               the TREC News-Journal,
applications and one check to
                                      State in May and June                      Commissioner Bob Clement
cover all applications in one               The Tennessee Real Estate            was incorrectly named as
envelope can cause delays and         Commission along with Rice In-             Frank Clement under the
significantly slow the license        surance Services Company, LLC              picture which appeared on
renewal process.          Renewal     will provide continuing education          the front page. This error is
applications are mailed               seminars at eleven sites across            sincerely regretted by the
individually to each licensee along   the state in May and June of 2004.         TREC editorial staff.
with a return envelope to be used     The sites, dates, and times of the
                                      seminars are listed on page 6 of
Continued on Page 2, Column 1         this News-Journal.
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL                           SPRING 2004                                      PAGE 2
Continued from page 1
by that licensee. That envelope is     Renewal applications contain           application and fees are received
addressed so that it will be           coded information that is scanned      the Commission’s computer
delivered to the site where the        and pertinent to only one licensee.    scans the licensee’s file to
first step of the renewal process      If you were to: (1) make a copy of     determine if other required
begins. Renewal applications           another licensee’s application; (2)    information has been received. If
sent to other addresses will result    erase or white out their name and      the computer can verify that
in processing delay.                   license number; (3) replace their      required education has been
     COMBINING RENEWAL                 information with yours; and (4)        completed, there is proof of E&O
APPLICATION WITH ANOTHER               send that application along with       Insurance beyond January 1,
APPLICATION(S) IN THE SAME             your check for the renewal fee,        2005 and both the affiliate
ENVELOPE:    The renewal               there is a good chance that fee        licensee’s firm and principal
process is separate from the other     will not be credited to your license   broker have renewed their
licensing processes (such as           but to the licensee for whom the       licenses,         the       computer
name changes, transfers, change        original renewal application was       automatically renews the affiliate
of firm address, etc.) and different   printed.                               broker’s license and generates a
applications should be sent to             EVEN ONE LICENSING                 new wall license which is printed
TREC under separate cover.             REQUIREMENT         NOT                and mailed to the affiliate broker.
Combining a non-renewal                COMPLETED: The Tennessee               If any one of these requirements
application and non-renewal            real estate law requires all           (education, E&O insurance,
payment in the same envelope           documentation and fees                 renewal of principal broker and/
with the renewal application and       required to renew a real estate        or firm) has not been met, the
its fee will result in the delay of    license must be delivered to the       affiliate broker’s license cannot
both processes.                        Commission no later than 60 days       be renewed. Post broker
     INCOMPLETE       OR               prior to the expiration of the         education for both brokers and
INACCURATE      RENEWAL                license. All licenses expire           principal brokers is not discussed
APPLICATION/FEE: Unsigned              December 31, 2004, therefore,          in this article, since it is not directly
renewal applications, unsigned         all documentation (renewal form,       associated with license renewal.
checks, checks written for the         fees, education and proof of E&O       However, a principal broker’s
incorrect amount and checks            Insurance) must be in the              license will not be renewed if s/he
without renewal applications or        Commission’s administrative            does not have E&O Insurance as
renewal applications without           office or postmarked (not              described below. A frim license
checks will also slow or halt the      metered) by November 1, 2004.          cannot be renewed unless the
renewal process.            The        While some affiliate brokers are       principal broker has renewed. A
Commission makes every effort          not required to complete               broker (who is not principal broker)
to contact licensees who submit        continuing education to renew          cannot have his/her license
incomplete/inaccurate renewal          their licenses (those originally       renewed if s/he does not have
applications/fees but sometimes        licensed prior to July 1, 1980 have    E&O Insurance as described
it is difficult to reach busy          no continuing education                below or if the principal broker or
licensees.                             requirements), the majority of         firm where affiliated has not
        LOST            RENEWAL        current affiliate broker licensees     renewed.
MATERIALS:               Renewal       must have completed the TREC                ERRORS           and
applications are mailed to the firm    CORE 03/04 course for 4 hours          OMISSIONS INSURANCE: If the
of record for those licensees who      and 12 additional hours of             renewing licensee uses the state
hold an active real estate license     education electives. The schools       contracted vendor’s E&O
and to the home address of record      which provide the education must       Insurance, that policy must be
for those licensees who hold an        send education completion              renewed to cover 2005-2006 on
inactive or retired license. In the    information directly to TREC. That     or prior to November 1, 2004.
event that you misplace the            education completion information       That vendor will provide TREC
renewal application, please            is then added to each licensee’s       renewed policy information which
contact TREC for another one.          licensure file. When the renewal       Continued on Page 4, Column 3
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL              SPRING 2004                                     PAGE 3

                           DISCIPLINARY ACTION
JANUARY 2004                                                              and failure to notify TREC of a
                                          MARSHA A. BARR                  change in business location.
       ARROWHEAD REALTY                   Lic. No. AF284097
       CORP.                              Maryville, TN                           PARKSIDE REALTY
       Lic. No. FM245795           Ms. Barr agreed to pay a civil                 ADVISORS, INC.
       Nashville, TN               penalty of $250.00 for failing                 FM256449
Principal Broker Lois Elliott within a reasonable time to                         Nashville, TN
agreed to pay a civil penalty of complete the administrative              Principal Broker Cason
$250.00 after a TREC inspection measures necessary in order to            Dickinson agreed to pay a civil
revealed failure to timely deposit transfer her license.                  penalty of $250.00 after a TREC
earnest money.                                                            inspection revealed failure to
                                          GERALD P. SAKURA                document agency disclosure in a
       JUDY SPILLER                       Lic. No. BR278160               real estate transaction.
       PROPERTY                           Nashville, TN
       MANAGEMENT                  Mr. Sakura agreed to pay a civil               CENTURY 21
       Unlicensed                  penalty of $250.00 for failing                 HENDERSHOT
       La Follette, TN             within a reasonable time to                    REALTY
Judy Spiller agreed to pay a civil complete the administrative                    Lic. No. FM244950
penalty of $1,685.00 for engaging measures necessary in order to                  Madisonville, TN
in vacation lodging activities inactivate his license.                    Principal Broker Thomas K.
requiring a license without being                                         Hendershot agreed to pay a civil
properly licensed to do so. Ms.            DEERFIELD RESORT               penalty of $250.00 after a TREC
Spiller has since applied for and          RENTALS, LLC                   inspection revealed failure to
been granted a Vacation Lodging            Unlicensed                     document default to facilitator
Services license (No. 133).                La Follette, TN                status.
                                   Georgia L. Sergent consented to
        CENTURY 21                 pay a civil penalty of $10,000.00              PHYLLIS P. OWENS
        PROPERTY PLACE             for engaging in vacation lodging               Lic. No. AF282328
        Lic. No. FM235468          activities requiring a license                 Arlington, TN
        Covington, TN              without being properly licensed        Ms. Owens agreed to pay a civil
Principal Broker Kaye Smith to do so. Ms. Sergent has since               penalty of $250.00 for failure to
agreed to pay a civil penalty of applied for and been issued a            timely complete the administrative
$500.00 after a TREC inspection Vacation Lodging Services                 measures necessary to transfer
revealed failure to document license (No. 128).                           her license.
agency status in three of the five
files reviewed.                    FEBRUARY 2004                                 HUGH WHALEY
       PHILLIP B. POYNOR                   PROVIDENCE                            Lic. No. FM246993
       Lic. No. AF287238                   VENTURES, LLC                         Jefferson City, TN
       Brentwood, TN                       Lic. No. FM256739              Principal Broker Hugh Whaley
Mr. Poynor agreed to pay a civil           Goodletttsville, TN            agreed to pay a civil penalty of
penalty of $250.00 for failing      Principal Broker Brock A. Rust        $250.00 after a TREC inspection
within a reasonable time to         agreed to pay a civil penalty of      revealed failure to display
complete the administrative         $250.00 after a TREC inspection       signage.
measures necessary in order to      revealed failure to display signage
transfer his license.
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL                         SPRING 2004                                 PAGE 4

                                                                            Continued from Page 2
       ROCKY TOP REALTY,             Principal Broker Dennis Moore          can be downloaded to the
       INC.                          agreed to pay a civil penalty of       Commission’s computer system
       Lic. No. FM257573             $500.00 after a TREC inspection        and update licensees’ files. The
       Jefferson City, TN            revealed failure to identify himself   licensee who uses the TREC
Principal Broker Hugh Whaley         as a real estate agent and failure     contract vendor completes the
agreed to pay a civil penalty of     to maintain accurate records of        renewal form for that vendor, pays
$250.00 after a TREC inspection      deposit and withdrawals of             the renewal fee directly to that
revealed failure to properly         earnest money in the same              vendor and the vendor then
document agency disclosure in        transaction where Mr. Moore was        directly provides TREC with the
two real estate transactions which   a seller of property.                  E&O update. However, if the
were reviewed.                                                              licensee is covered by a different
                                     MARCH 2004                             vendor – selects Alternative
       VALLEY REAL ESTATE                                                   Coverage – the licensee must
       CO.                                  THE FRISBY COMPANY              provide TREC with insurance
       Lic. No. FM5031                      Lic. No. FM228962               renewal information on the TREC
       Andersonville, TN                    Memphis, TN                     form “Alternative Equivalent E&O
Principal Broker Conley Sharp                                               Insurance Coverage” which must
agreed to pay a civil penalty of     Principal Broker Howard Frisby         be completed and signed by an
$750.00 after a TREC inspection      agreed to pay a civil penalty of       authorized representative of the
revealed failure to timely notify    $250.00 after a TREC inspection        insuring company each time the
TREC of a change in business         revealed failure to timely notify      policy is renewed. Because
location and failure to keep         TREC of a change in the business       alternative policies do not have
adequate records of earnest          location.                              the same expiration date of the
money        deposits       and                                             state contracted policy, each
disbursements.                              STAR POINT RESORT               licensee with alternative coverage
                                            Unlicensed                      must monitor their expiration date
       NASHVILLE REAL                       Byrdstown, TN                   and provide TREC with the
       ESTATE EXCHANGE                                                      renewal forms which will indicate
       Lic. No. FM249761             Nathan Copeland consented to           continuous coverage.
       Hermitage, TN                 pay a civil penalty of $1,100.00               As described earlier, the
Principal Broker Jeffrey Smith       for engaging in vacation lodging       absence or inaccuracy of one
agreed to pay a civil penalty of     activities requiring a license         requirement for license renewal
$500.00 after a TREC inspection      without being properly licensed        can delay or halt the renewal
revealed failure to timely deposit   to do so. Mr. Copeland has since       process. While not all of the
earnest money.                       applied for and been issued a          requirements can be monitored
                                     Vacation Lodging Services              for completion at the TREC
       WILLIAM J. HIGDON             license (No. 129).                     website, you can determine what
       Lic. No. AF282661                                                    education completion information
       Collierville, TN                WADE HORTON                          TREC has received, the expiration
Mr. Higdon agreed to pay a civil       REALTY, INC.                         date of the firm where affiliated
penalty of $250.00 for failure         Lic. No. 235591                      and the expiration date of that
within a reasonable time to            Nashville, TN                        firm’s principal broker.
complete the administrative                                                         We hope this information
measures necessary in order to Principal Broker H. Wade Horton              assists you with the upcoming
transfer his license.            agreed to pay a civil penalty of           license renewal process. It is
                                 $250.00 after a TREC inspection            anticipated the license renewal
       VOLUNTEER REALTY revealed failure to maintain an                     applications will be mailed in early
       CO.                       escrow account.                            September 2004.
       Lic. No. FM244638
       Selmer, TN
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL             SPRING 2004                                            PAGE 5

                                                                               A lawyer has contacted
      CORE COURSE 03/04 PROVIDERS                     (as of 03-04-04)   me and wants to make a refer-
                                                                         ral and receive a referral fee
    Ray Bouder School of Real Estate            901-362-3222             from my firm. Can I pay him a
    Career Institute                             615-765-7470            referral fee?
    Center for Continuing Education & Consulting 615-860-4357                  A lawyer can only receive a
    Chattanooga Assn. REALTORS                   423-698-8001            referral fee or participate in the
    Clarksville Association of REALTORS          931-552-3567            commission if he/she is properly
    Clarksville Real Estate Education School     931-245-1515            licensed as a real estate broker
    *D&D School of Real Estate                   800-282-9375            or affiliate and the compensation
    Dyer Co. Assn. REALTORS                      731-288-2700
                                                                         is paid to him by the firm where he
    Excel Real Estate School                     423-626-5821
                                                                         is affiliated.
    Gibson Co. Board of REALTORS                 731-855-2888
    Great Smoky Mountain Board REALTORS          685-453-1248                  I am an active licensee af-
    Greater Nashville Assn. REALTORS             615-254-7516            filiated with a real estate firm.
    Knoxville Area Assn. REALTORS                865-584-8647            A friend of mine has a house
    Memphis Area Assn. REALTORS                  901-818-2421            for rent. My firm does not do
    Memphis West TN Prof. School                 901-366-1536            rental management. I want to
    Nashville School of Real Estate              615-329-1366            handle the property for my
    Northeast TN Association of REALTORS         423-323-3191            friend. Can I manage the prop-
    Performance Concepts, Inc.                   901-276-3600            erty since I am licensed?
    Professional School of Real Estate           800-609-1222                  No, you can only engage in
    Reelfoot Regional Assn. REALTORS             731-885-8797
                                                                         activities that require a license
    Regional Education Forum                     615-771-6845
                                                                         through the firm where you are
    River Counties Assn. REALTORS                423-476-5912
    Robertson County Assn. REALTORS              615-384-0816            affiliated. Rental management
    Southern Middle Tennessee                                            and leasing of real property are
        Board of REALTORS                        931-381-5556            activities that require a license.
    Success Real Estate School                   901-360-0854            You could only manage the prop-
    Tennessee Assn. REALTORS                     800-252-6012            erty as an agent of the firm where
    Tennessee Auctioneers Assn.                  888-717-6699            you are affiliated. Your firm would
    Tennessee Valley Association REALTORS        731-642-6623            manage property through a man-
    TRECS                                        865-693-4992            agement agreement with the
    TREES                                        800-572-8733            owner.
    *Schools preceded by "*" offer both classroom and
                                                                               What information must
               distance learning TREC CORE 03/04 Courses.
                                                                         appear in all advertising?
                                                                               Rule 1260-2-.12 ADVER-
                                                                         TISING, provides the minimum
            Frequently Asked Questions                                   information that must appear in
     The 2003 edition of the Official Manual of the Tennessee Real       all advertising. The Firm Name
Estate Commission contains a list of frequently asked questions and      and Firm Phone Number must
their answers based on statutes, rules, fees and policies. Beginning     appear in all advertising.
with this edition of the News-Journal, some FAQs will be stated along
                                                                           Attention Principal Brokers:
with their answers. FAQs can also be viewed on TREC's website.
     How can I obtain needed forms?                                        The TREC Audit Section has developed
     The TREC website is an excellent source of information and            an information packet for new principal
                                                                           brokers. Licensees who have reviewed
TREC forms are available by contacting the TREC office during              the packet determined there is
regular business hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time). Many             information which established
forms can be faxed or e-mailed to you. Listing, contract, association      principal brokers might want to have
                                                                           available. If you are interested in
or federal forms are not available. Please see TREC contact                obtaining a packet, please contact the
inforamtion on Page 8.                                                     TREC administrative office.
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL                       SPRING 2004                               PAGE 6

Candidates for Broker Licenses, Please Note:
       Licensees who receive their initial broker license on or after January 1, 2005 will be required to
complete Continuing Education after they have completed their 120 hours of Post Broker Education.
Brokers licensed before that date have no education obligations after they have completed their
required post broker education.
       Please note the following examples for individuals receiving their broker license (1) before
January 1, 2005 and (2) after January 1, 2005.

Date Initial Broker          Deadline for Completion              Continuing Education
License Awarded              of Post Broker Education             Required

(1) September 2, 2004        September 2, 2007                    None Needed

(2) January 12, 2005         January 12, 2008                     Beginning in licensing
                                                                  period 2009-2010 to renew
                                                                  license for 2011-2012 and
                                                                  each following licensing
Please note: Any “grandfather” status is relinquished if a license expires and the individual must
retest and reapply for licensure or if the licensee changes the license from affiliate to broker or
broker to affiliate.

               TREC Seminar Schedule for May and June 2004
City                         Date          Time                          Place

Columbia                     May 17         10:00 AM to Noon             304 River Road

Franklin                     May 17         2:00 PM to 4:00 PM           840 Cresent Centre Dr., #120

Murfreesboro                 May 18         10:00 AM to Noon             311 Butler Dr.

Cookeville                   May 19         11:00 AM to 1:00 PM          970 S. Jefferson Ave.
                                                                         Holiday Inn

Chattanooga                  May 20         1:00 PM to 3:00 PM           3501 Amnicola Hwy.
                             May 21         9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Memphis                      May 25         9:00 AM to 11:00 AM          6393 Poplar
                             May 25         1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Martin                       June 8         1:00 PM to 3:00 PM           Boling Center, UT Martin
                                                                         Wayne Fisher Drive

Jackson                      June 9         10:00 AM to Noon             40 Old Hickory Cove

Nashville                    June 10        9:00 AM to 11:00 AM          4540 Trousdale Drive
                             June 10        1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Johnson City                 June 16        10:00 AM to Noon             101 W. Springsbrook Dr.
                                                                         Holiday Inn

Knoxville                    June 17        9:00 AM to 11:00 AM          609 Weisgarber Road
                             June 17        1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL             SPRING 2004                              PAGE 7

                 Updated Commissioner Contact Information

Name                                 Phone               Fax            E-Mail

Frances Almany, Chairperson          615-824-8100        615-824-8472   almanyf@realtracs.com
Almany Realtors, Inc.
273 W. Main St.
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Ted Koehner, Vice Chairperson        276-466-9392        423-764-4639    tkoehner@chartertn.net
Tri-Cities Realty
1916 Euclid Avenue
Bristol, VA 24201

JoNelda W. Blalock                   865-777-1508        865-777-3993   joneldab@aol.com
10824 West Land Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37922

Bob Clement                          615-963-3443        615-329-9465   bclement@bobclement.com
Bob Clement Consulting
2525 West End. Ave., Ste. 1100
Nashville, TN 37203

Bobbi Gillis                         901-759-7000        901-578-7721   bobbi@faxongillis.com
Faxon Gillis Homes, Inc.             Ext. 103
825 Timber Creek
Cordova, TN 38018

Adren S. Greene                      423-581-9300        423-587-0444   adren@coldwellbanker.com
Coldwell Banker Realty House
P O Box 1895
Morristown, TN 37816

Charles Haynes                       615-452-7500        615-230-8781   haynesm@realtracs.com
Haynes Realtors
335 Nashville Pike
Gallatin, TN 37066

Isaac W. Northern, Jr.               901-526-7155        901-526-7171   iwn@northerninc.net
Northern, Inc.
62 Union Ave.
Memphis, TN 38103

Betty L. Smith                       901-761-3500        901-682-9884   bsmith@bettylsmith.com
East Memphis Realty
4941 William Arnold Rd.
Memphis, TN 38117
TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE NEWS-JOURNAL                                             SPRING 2004                                                      PAGE 8

       Tennessee Real Estate                                                                                                      Presorted Standard
           Commission                                                                                                                U. S. Postage
      500 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 180                                                                                             Paid
            Nashville, TN 37243-1151                                                                                                 Nashville, TN
                                                                                                                                    Permit # 1446

      Department of Commerce and Insurance     The deadline for paying the                                    TREC Contact Information:
           Tennessee Real Estate                                                                              Phone: (615) 741-2273 or 1-800-342-4031
               News-Journal                    renewal fee, completing                                        web: state.tn.us/commerce/boards/trec
       is published quarterly by the                                                                          E-Mail: trec.info@state.tn.us
    Tennessee Real Estate Commission
                                               continuing education and                                       Fax: 615-741-0313

  Members of the Commission:                   obtaining E&O Insurance is                                     Personnel & Areas of Responsibility
  FRANCES ALMANY, Chairperson                  11-1-04 . All Tennessee Real                                   Licensing Section:
                                                                                                                       Belinda Campbell
                                                Estate Commission Licenses                                             Hester Curtis
                                                                                                                       Betty Demonbreum
  TED KOEHNER, Vice Chairperson
                                                Expire December 31, 2004.                                              Gil Dyer
                                                License Renewal Applications                                           Rachel Fowler
                                                                                                                       Darlene Hendrix
  Knoxville                                     will be mailed this fall to the                                        Conell House
  BOB CLEMENT                                   TREC mailing address of                                                Karen Patton
  Nashville                                                                                                            Donna Swanson
                                                record. Please make sure your                                 Support Section:
  BOBBI S. GILLIS                                                                                                      Bill Capps
  Memphis                                       mailing address is current                                             Paula VanBuren
                                                with the Commission.                                                   Linda Wolfert
                                                                                                              Complaint Section:
                                                                                                                       Ruth Doak
                                               "The Tennessee Department of Commerce                                   Sue Kerley
                                               and Insurance is committed to principles of                    Administrative Section:
                                               equal opportunity, equal access, and                                    Judy Elmore
  ISAAC W. NORTHERN, Jr.                       affirmative action." Contract the EEO                                   Bruce Lynn
  Memphis                                      Coordinator     or   ADA     Coordinator                                Sharon Peebles
                                               (615) 741-1328, for TDD 615-741-6276                                    Marsha Willis-McCarthy
                                                                                                              Education Section:
                                                                                                                       Betsy Bowman
                                                       TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE                                Kathy Riggs
  Editor-in-Chief: BRUCE E. LYNN,
                                                       AND INSURANCE AUTHORIZATION NO.
  Executive Director                                   335101, Revised 05/04. This public document was        Errors & Omissions Insurance
                                                       promulgated for 38,000 copies per issue,at a cost of   Contractor for 2003 - 2004:
  Editor: KATHY M. RIGGS, PH.D.,                       13.9 cents per copy, paid by the Real Estate           Rice Insurance Services Company, LLC
  Education Director                                   Education and RecoveryFund.                            Phone: 1-888-248-2444

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