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					Boise Air Traffic Control Tower

Welcome Letter                                 3
Boise Tower Today…and Tomorrow                 4
Organizational Chart                           5
Boise Tower Leadership Team                    6
Our Expectations of All Employees              7
Policies                                       8
Local Area Information                        10
Sporting and Special Events                   11
Online Resources                              13
Driving to Boise Tower Map & Airport Photos   15
Boise Tower Directory                         16

Welcome Letter

Dear New Employee,

Welcome to Boise Tower! As a mid-level facility, new employees arrive with a variety
of skill levels, experience, and education. The training and experience you receive here
will prove invaluable should you decide to further your career with the FAA. Our
outstanding team of professionals has set the bar high with numerous awards for
outstanding performance; National Facility of the Year-2007, Western Terminal Service
Area Facility of the Year-2006, and Northwest Mountain Region Facility of the Year-
2003. Here you will also have an opportunity to contribute your knowledge, abilities
and positive attitude making you a highly regarded addition to our team, and I am
certain that you will make a positive impact on our future. As I see it, the goal to strive
for is a win-win situation for both the employee and the facility.

All of us want to make your tenure at this facility as enjoyable and rewarding as
possible. Please feel free to ask any questions and express your thoughts and ideas to the
staff and management. Our aim is to create an informal atmosphere and involve
everyone in the process of making our facility an exceptional place to work.

A sign I read many years ago at a government facility read, “Service, Our Only
Product”. I took that message to heart and have followed it ever since. It has become
one of my core values and one that I ask my employees to also embrace.

I look forward to working with you, and would like to welcome you again to our team!


Gordon Stewart

Boise Tower/TRACON Manager

Boise Tower Today…and Tomorrow

Although the present tower has served us well for nearly 35 years, as the airport has
grown, so must the tower. With the recent addition of a third runway and remodel of the
terminal, visibility issues became such that a taller tower was needed. The current
facility stands approximately 90’ high, while the new tower will reach nearly 290’. The
new tower has a roomy 550 square foot cab and 11,800 square feet of base building.
The new Boise Tower is scheduled for completion in early 2011.

Boise is a level 8 facility with both a
tower and TRACON, operational 24/7.
Referred to as an “up/down” facility, all
our controllers work “up” in the cab,
and also “down” in the TRACON.
Presently our operational staff consists
of 26 controllers, nearly 1/3 of who are
in various stages of training, and 4
FLMs, who also work traffic.

The airport is serviced by a number of
major carriers, as well as a mix of
general aviation, flight schools, and
military (the Idaho National Guard is
based on the south side of the field).
NIFC, the National Interagency Fire
Center is also located on the field and
calls on us periodically to set-up and               Artist rendition of the new tower.
staff temporary fire towers in support of fire-fighting efforts.

Boise Airport’s runway configuration consists of two parallel runways (10,000’ &
9,763’ in length) plus a shorter third runway, known as the “assault strip”, located just
south of the parallels, built by the military, with limited use as it currently has no
taxiways connecting it to the rest of the airport. The field elevation is 2871’.

                      Salt Lake City District and Boise Tower Organizational Chart

                                 Salt Lake District
                                     Jill Story

           Federal                                                    FAA
           Contract                                                  Towers

  BZN                TWF            GTF              HLN              BIL               BOI            SLC                S56
Bozeman            Twin Falls    Great Falls       Helena           Billings           Boise         Salt Lake          Salt Lake
                  Tower/Non-       Tower/         Tower/Non-        Tower/            Tower/           City               City
                  Radar Apch     TRACON           Radar Apch       TRACON            TRACON           Tower             TRACON
                    Level 5       Level 5           Level 6         Level 7           Level 8        Level 10           Level 10
   Hole                                                                        Air Traffic Manager

                                                                                Gordon Stewart
Idaho Falls
                           Raytheon                     Quality                                           Administrative
                           Contract                    Assurance                     Front Line              Officer
                          Employees                                                  Managers
  PIH                                                 Carol Dayton                                           Kari Gray

  SUN             Classroom     Classroom               John                Rob              Shannon                 Jeremy
  Hailey           Training      Training              Hughes            Sickinger            Swing                   Yahn

                  Lee Hearst      Dania


Boise Tower Leadership Team
Gordon Stewart heads up the team here at Boise ATCT which presently includes four
FLMs. They are John Hughes, Rob Sickinger, Shannon Swing, and Jeremy Yahn. Also
lending support are Kari Gray (AO) and Carol Dayton (SS). Two part-time Raytheon
contract employees provide classroom training, Lee Hearst and Dania Fairchild.

Gordon Stewart, Air Traffic Manager,
Boise Tower

I decided at the age of 19 that a career in air
traffic control would mesh well with my love
of aviation while also providing a stable and
secure platform for future family. In the
early 1970’s about the only realistic option
for entry into the FAA air traffic world was
with military air traffic experience. That
being the case, I enlisted in the Army with a
“guarantee” of air traffic training. The Army
made good on the promise though they failed
to mention a complimentary trip to the
Republic of Vietnam was also included!
After 4 years of Army air traffic experience,
additional college, and a private pilot’s license in hand, I was honorably discharged in
1975 and promptly applied for the OPM air traffic exam.

Approximately 1 year later, in November of 1976, I began my FAA career. Since then I
have successfully worked in all air traffic options and in numerous terminal facilities in
Montana and Utah before settling in at Boise. My 20 years here has consisted of 12
years as a Supervisor, and 7 years as ATM the first 2 of which were also as the then
Boise Hub Manager. I will complete 33 years with FAA in November of 2009, and am
aiming for a retirement date in late 2014.

I appreciate a positive attitude and strong work ethic…both values instilled on the farm
where I was raised. When not working I enjoy travel, the outdoors, motorcycles and, of
course, airplanes.

Our Expectations of All Employees

Boise Tower leadership team expects all employees to:

       Come to work, be on time
       Be prepared – mentally and physically
       Understand leave policy and manage your leave appropriately
       Be cooperative and professional
       Treat people with respect and dignity
       Take initiative
       Be accountable
       Lead by example – be a good role model
       Do not tolerate or engage in any form of harassment or discrimination
       Actively participate in training
       Know your airspace and systems, know your equipment
       Use prescribed phraseology/correct facility and equipment names
       Follow rules and procedures
       Be open to feedback – provide honest information
       Be an effective team member
       Strive to continue learning throughout your career
       Be open to new ideas, methods, and policies

Reporting for Duty

Employees are expected to be ready, willing, and able to begin work at the start of their
shift. Many shifts are “flex” times, see your supervisor for specific information.

Hours of Duty

Operational personnel generally work an 8-hour shift, 5 days/week. Over-time is
necessary at times, either for an entire shift or sometimes a 2-hour holdover on an 8-hour
shift. New controllers generally begin with M-F day shifts while in classroom training,
but eventually progress to different days/shifts as they advance through the training
process. Boise is a 24/7 facility and all controllers can expect to work all shifts.
Controllers are subject to recall during breaks/meals and therefore are not permitted to
leave the facility during a shift. See the supervisor on duty for special circumstances.


Parking for employees and visitors is provided at the base of the tower along the curb to
the north and in a small lot to the east. Employees are provided with parking hang-tags
to be displayed appropriately when vehicle is parked in designated areas. Visitors must
obtain a temporary pass to display in vehicle or risk a fine by airport police.


FAA personnel and contract personnel are responsible for the security and safeguarding
of government property. Employees should take reasonable steps, short of risking
personal injury, to prevent crimes or attempted crimes occurring against or upon FAA
property or personnel. FAA personnel are required to report crimes or attempted crimes
occurring against or upon FAA property or personnel.

Building Access

All FAA employees/contractors at Boise ATCT will be issued electronic key fobs for
access to tower building and operational quarters. Keys to offices/equipment rooms are
issued to individuals as needed.

FAA ID Cards

All employees are required to appropriately display approved ID badges while in the

Guests and Visitors

Official FAA Visitors and contractors may be authorized access by a manager in
accordance with the needs of their official duties. Visitors are required to sign in and
out of the facility on a visitor’s log located on the first floor. Visitors will be given a
visitor’s ID badge, which will be worn while in the facility. The badge will be
surrendered when the visitor vacates the building. Visitors are not authorized to proceed
beyond the reception area unless escorted by assigned personnel, or Official FAA
Visitors. Visitors, including service persons (US Postal Carriers, FedEx, UPS, and etc.)
may be admitted into the base building reception area only after their apparent identity
and purpose has been established visually.

Visitors with no official purpose are permitted on a case by case basis with the
Managers approval.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are required to be turned off in the cab and tracon due to frequency

Local Area Information

Boise Profile

The secret’s out. In May 2008, Kiplinger Personal
Finance rated it the 4th Best City to Live, Work & Play.
In January 2008, America’s Promise Alliance included it
in their 100 Best Communities for Young People.
Where is “it”? Boise, Idaho of course! Located along
the Boise River and nestled against the foothills of the
Rocky Mountains is Idaho’s capital and largest city,
Boise. Often referred to as “The City of Trees”, Boise
has something for everyone. The area provides both
mountains and desert, as well as numerous rivers and
lakes. Popular outdoor activities include skiing at Bogus
Basin, boating in nearby reservoirs, or biking along the
25 miles of river front Greenbelt. Not to mention
hiking, camping, kayaking, river rafting, hunting &
fishing. If golf is more to your liking, our 234 days of
sunshine/year and a variety of golf courses will give you
plenty of opportunity to work on that handicap.

                                                       Not too big, but not too small.
                                                       Boise city has a population of a
                                                       little over 200,000; but the
                                                       surrounding metropolitan area
                                                       boasts over 500,000. The Airport
                                                       is a mere 3 miles from downtown
                                                       and serviced by a number of
                                                       major airlines. Boise is also
                                                       home of the state’s largest
                                                       University, aptly named Boise
                                                       State University, with a current
                                                       enrollment of nearly 20,000

Attractions Abound in Boise

The World Center for Birds of Prey is open for guided tours, exhibits, live
demonstrations and gift shop. Learn all about these beautiful creatures with an up-close
look at hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. For a close look at more than 100 other
animals visit Zoo Boise.

The Discovery Center of Idaho is the place for all things science. It’s a science
museum with more than 160 interactive, hands-on science exhibits to fascinate both the
young and old.

From June-September the Idaho Shakespeare Festival presents professional
productions in an outdoor amphitheater. Boise Contemporary Theater is another
professional theater company for those preferring an indoor venue. Ballet Idaho
provides a mix of classical and contemporary work performed by a professional ballet
company. The Boise Art Museum features 15 exhibits annually for anyone who
appreciates the visual arts.

 The Idaho Botanical Garden attracts thousands of nature lovers every year. You can
stroll amongst the blooms from April through October, then around the winter holidays
don’t miss the “Garden Aglow” with more than 150,000 lights.

Sporting and Special
If college football is to your liking,
have we got a team for you! Maybe
you’ve noticed our blue turf on
ESPN, or even caught the 2007
Fiesta Bowl. Boise State
University didn’t disappoint with
their win over Oklahoma in that
game, rounding out a perfect season
with a score of 43-42 in OT.

Professional teams to watch include Boise Hawks for baseball, in Hawks Memorial
Stadium, June through September; and the Qwest Arena, downtown, is host to the Idaho
Stampede for basketball, and the Idaho Steelheads for Hockey.

Car racing enthusiasts should check out Firebird Raceway which conducts the NHRA
championship Drag racing on a ¼ mile strip, or Meridian Speedway.

From sporting events to special events, Boise hosts all kinds. In late August, Boise
welcomes the Western Idaho State Fair, which attracts swells of visitors to the city to
enjoy the rides, animal exhibits, concerts, contests, and games. Fun for the whole
family. Also during the month of August the Caldwell Night Rodeo draws a crowd,
voted in “Top 5 Outdoor Rodeos” by the PRCA.

Then there are those times when you just want to kick back and relax. Idaho has a
number of award winning wineries you can tour and sample the product.

Of course those days
when you want to get-
away-from-it-all are
probably what Idaho
does best. The “great
outdoors” can be
enjoyed on top of a
mountain, out in the
desert, or by one of
many rivers or lakes.
The Hells Canyon
Recreational Area near
the Oregon/Idaho border
and Bruneau Dunes
State Park down by
Mountain Home are
both close enough for
day trips.

Online Resources

Local Area Resources





Chamber of Commerce


Housing and Relocating Assistance


School Districts



Higher Education

Boise State University www.boisestate.edu

Northwest Nazarene University www.nnu.edu

University of Idaho http://www.uidaho.edu/boise

Idaho State University http://www.isu.edu/meridian

College of Idaho (formerly known as Albertson College of Idaho)

Local Sports Teams

Baseball: Boise Hawks http://boise.hawks.milb.com

Basketball: Idaho Stampede www.nba.com/dleague/idaho

Football: Boise State Broncos www.broncosports.com

Hockey: Idaho Steelheads www.idahosteelheads.com

Sports Leagues

Little League: www.boiselittleleague.org

Adult softball, volleyball, basketball Leagues:

Driving to Boise Tower
To get to the Boise ATC Tower, take the Vista Exit on I-84. Travel South on Vista to the
Airport Terminal building past the baggage claim (follow the signs that say “arrivals”), then
you’ll have to make a hard left turn to take you to the tower parking. The tower is located
just northeast of the Boise Airport terminal building.

      Photos of the Airport

Below is a selection of photos of runways, facilities and a main airport terminal of Boise Airport.

                                                          Boise Airport Newly Renovated Terminal

        Boise Airport Aerial View

                                                             Sunrise in front of the terminal

Boise Tower Directory

The following list provides the most commonly used phone numbers within the Boise Tower

   >> Front Desk                                      (208) 334-1642

   >> Facility Night & Weekend                        (208) 334-1643

   >> Facility Fax                                    (208) 334-1741

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