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Commercial Real Estate Carpentersville Illinois - PDF


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									                                                              FOCUS NEWSLETTER

                                                                           January 2003
2003 Promises to be Yet Another Year of
Dynamic Retail Growth in Carpentersville
The retail building boom that began in 2001 along Randall Road
continues to gain momentum. Menards, Dominick’s grocery and gas
station, Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s and Subway have been joined by a host of
new retail and service establishments.

Elgin Financial Savings Bank in front of the Dominick’s, and additional
commercial square footage including a chinese restaurant, a Chicago
Street pizza parlor, hair salon, Sign Depot, Cingular Wireless store and
a GNC all opened this year. On Huntley, just east of Randall a strip
commercial center opened with an Animal Hospital, Lucy’s Deli, vision
center, nail salon, real estate office and a Taylor Street Pizza
parlor. In addition, at Main/Huntley and Tay River a Four Quarters
Store, dry cleaners and North of the Border mexican restaurant
opened in a new commercial center.

The building boom will continue throughout 2003, according to
Community Development Director Patrick Grill. A Walgreens,
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, Culver’s Restaurant, Valvoline gas,
oil and lube center, as well as Elgin State Bank and Harris Bank
branches are all expected to break ground this year and be open for
business before the end of 2003. These new developments will add
more than 20,000 square feet to Carpentersville’s commercial and
retail base.

Theses developments are increasing both revenue and employment
opportunities within the Village. Additional development is
expected along Randall Road remains, as well as other areas
of the Village.

The dramatic commercial growth in the Randall Road area
has been fueled by residential development on the west side
of the Village. The Community Development Department
issued approximately 350 permits, primarily for new
residential units in this area including Kimball Farms,
Chestnut Woods and Springacres Hills. The average value of
these units was about $325,000.

Approximately 95% of the proposed housing in the western
annexation area is now occupied. Kimball Farms, Chestnut
Woods and Springacres Hills Unit 6 are expected to be fully
built out in 2003.

                        Want to Send an Email to Village                              Village Welcomes
                        Elected Officials or Staff? Here’s How                        Craig Anderson as
                        The Village has a website which provides general
                        information about the Village, its history, its boards and    New Village Manager
                        commission and the many departments that serve you. To
                        visit the website go to: http://vil.carpentersville.il.us.
                        To send an e-mail to anyone at the Village Hall,
                        including staff members, the Village President or any
                        of the Trustees, simply type in that person’s first initial
                        and last name and add @vil.carpentersville.il.us. For
                        example to e-mail the Village President you would type
                        If you have suggestions for changes
                        or additions to the Village’s
                        website, please e-mail
 The Village            kstoves@vil.carpentersville.il.us.
 Hall will be
closed on the           Looking (and tasting) good!
  following             Village Wins Kane County
  holidays:             Water Quality Content                                                     Village Manager Craig Anderson
                                                                                      Craig Anderson, who became Carpentersville’s new
                        Carpentersville has the best tasting drinking water in
Memorial Day            Kane County, according to the judges at the 6th annual
                                                                                      Village Manager on December 2, brings nearly three
Monday, May 26                                                                        decades of municipal experience to his new position.
                        Kane County Water Association’s water taste contest.
                                                                                      Anderson served as the Village of Wheeling Village
 4th of July            “There were eight communities participating, and our          Manager from 1988-2002. Prior to holding that
 Friday, July 4         water received the best total score for taste, odor and       position, he was the Administrative Assistant to the
                        clarity,” said Water Superintendent Dean Gorter. Contest
  Labor Day                                                                           Village Manager and then Assistant Village Manager in
                        judges were two local newspaper reporters, and Mike
    Monday,                                                                           Glenview from 1978-1988.
                        Fik,a decorated World War II resident from Geneva who
  September 1           chosen at random as a community representative.               Anderson graduated from Northern Illinois University
                                                                                      with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He then
                        “Each judge is given eight numbered bottles of water to       attended Roosevelt University where be earned a
                        sample, so they have no idea which community’s water          Master of Public Administration.
                        they are tasting,” Gorter said. “We are very proud to
                        have had the judges rank our water as the best.”              During his nearly 30 years of municipal government
                                                                                      experience, Anderson has served the Northwest
                                                                                      Municipal Conference in a variety of positions
                                                                                      including Secretary-Treasurer, Long Range Planning
                                                                                      and Joint Purchasing Advisory Committee.
                                                                                      His professional affiliations include membership in the
                                                                                      International City/County Management Association,
                                                                                      Illinois City Management Association, and Metro
                                                                                      Managers Association.

                                                                                      “A top priority is working closely with the Village
                                                                                      Board on a vision for Carpentersville -- to assess
                                                                                      where it is, and what it could be and should be,”
                                                                                      Anderson said.

                                                                                      “Carpentersville is a dynamic growth area. It’s a
                                                                                      great opportunity for both businesses and residents.
                                                                                      I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help guide
                                                                                      the community in making the most of all that this
 The Carpentersville Water Department Team: (l to r) Jeff Campbell, Steven Wolf,      period of growth has to offer.”
 Scott Hartzog, Dean Gorter, Gary Pierce, and Warren Nerge.
Old Town Road Improvements                                  You’ll Love What’s New
Completed Ahead of Schedule                                 At Keith Andes Park!
The Village of Carpentersville extends its thanks to the
                                                            Keith Andes Park, Carpentersville’s most scenic open
resident of Old Town for their patience and cooperation
                                                            space, is in the midst of a major cleanup and a variety
during the recent road construction project.
                                                            of improvements that includes a walking trail on a
Although the original projections called for the work       five acre parcel located between Tulsa Avenue/Austin
to extend into the spring of 2003, all of the road          Avenue and Sacramento Drive. This densely wooded
improvements were completed by the end of 2002.             park has a chasm running through the center and              Important
All that remains are minor finishing details that will be   provides a quiet oasis, wonderful walking and hiking
addressed this spring.                                      opportunities, and a place to “get away from it all”
The project included replacement of all water mains,        right here in Carpentersville.                               Numbers:
sanitary sewers, storm sewer, and roadways. Roads           At 25 acres, Keith Andes Park is the largest park in           Village Hall:
that were affected were Spring from Lord to                 the Village. It was named for Keith Andes, who grew             426-3439
Washington; Lord from Maple south to the end; Green         up in Carpentersville and was the first Carpentersville          Community
from Maple to Spring; Grove from Maple to Spring;           resident to be killed in the Vietnam War.                       Development
and Main from Washington to Lord.                                                                                      (Code Enforcement or
                                                            In recent years the park has become a dumping              Building Department):
Keep Your Family                                            ground for residential waste and debris. Last fall the           551-3478
                                                            Public Works Department completed phase one of a
Fire-Safe This Winter                                       massive cleanup effort which consisted of removing         Engineering Division:
                                                            years of debris and developing the new walking trail.           551-3480
Heating equipment is the second
leading cause of wintertime home fires in                   “Keith Andes Park has been neglected for a long time.         Public Works:
the United States. For the safety of your home and                                                                         551-3476
                                                            Right now it is a diamond in the rough, but it has the
family, follow these wintertime heating safety tips:        potential to be a wonderful asset for our community           Water Facility:
Portable and other Space Heaters                            and our residents,” said Public Works Director Bob             551-3492
Portable space heaters -- whether electric or fueled by     Cole. Cole said the long-term plan is to clean up all 25      Sewer Facility:
gas, liquid fuel (kerosene), or solid fuel (wood or coal) --acres and develop walking trails throughout the entire          551-3490
must be placed at least 36 inches away from anything that   park. Other possible improvements are being
                                                            discussed, but have not yet been finalized.                Underground Division
can burn, such as wallpaper, bedding, clothing, pets and                                                                    551-3493
people. Never leave space heaters operating when you are
not in the room or when you go to sleep. Don’t leave        B rush Up on Wi n t e r                                      Street Division:
children or pets unattended with space heaters, and never
dry clothing or place combustibles over heaters. Check
                                                            Parking Restrictions                                       Finance/Water Billing:
each season for fraying or splitting wires and overheating. u From November 14 through April 14 the Village’s               551-3476
                                                             overnight parking ban is in place. No on-street
Candles                                                                                                                  Police or Fire
                                                             parking is permitted for more than 30 minutes              Emergency: 9-1-1
Use care when using burning candles. During the year between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. every day of the week.
2001, the Carpentersville Fire Department responded                                                                          Police
to six fires that resulted in damage to homes caused by u No parking is allowed after a one-inch snowfall                Non-Emergency:
candles. Do not leave the room with a candle burning. on any Village street until after the street has been                551-3481
Use care when burning a candle around small children plowed and is clear of snow. Parking is again                            Fire
or pets. Make sure that candles are placed on a flat         legal after the street has been plowed.
surface and away from combustible items.                     u There is no parking permitted on any                        426-2131
Fireplaces                                                   unimproved area, such as a grass or dirt area
                                                             which is not graveled or paved.                            AFTER HOURS OR
Have your chimney inspected by a professional prior to the                                                                 WEEKEND
start of every heating season and cleaned if necessary.      u Parking is prohibited on curbs and sidewalks,           SEWER BACKUPS OR
Creosote, a chemical substance that forms when wood          parkways and tree banks, and front lawn areas.             WATER PROBLEMS
burns, builds up in the chimney and can cause a chimney                                                                REQUIRING VILLAGE
fire if not properly cleaned. Always protect your home and u Vehicles parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant on           428-8784
                                                             Berkshire Circle, Morningside Lane or Morningside
your family by using a sturdy screen when burning fires.
                                                             Circle will be towed without a pre-tow notice.
Remember to burn ONLY wood. Never burn paper, or
pine boughs, which can float out the chimney and ignite      Questions? Call the Police Department non-
your roof or a neighboring home. Never use flammable         emergency number, 551-3481, and ask to speak
liquids in a fireplace.                                      to the on-duty officer-in-charge.
I n f o rm a c ión para nuestro re s i d e n t e s
El año 2003 promete ser otro año                                    El Pueblo le da la bienvenida
de desarrollo de reventas en                                        al nuevo Administrador (Jefe)
Carpentersville                                                     del Pueblo, Craig Anderson
Muchas tiendas se han abierto sobre la Randall Road en los
ultimos dos años. Las tiendas Menards y Dominick’s                  Craig Anderson llego a Carpentersville el 2 de diciembre
McDonald’s, Wendy’s y Subway y una estación de gasolina han         como el nuevo Administrador del Pueblo y con el vienen 30
abierto con otras tiendas.                                          años de experiencia con su posicion. El señor Anderson
                                                                    viene del Pueblo de Wheeling y trabajo ahi del 1988-2002.
El banco Elgin Financial Savings Bank y otras tiendas también       Sr. Anderson tiene mucha experiencia y es miembro de
han abierto sus puertas en la area. Sobre la calle Huntley, al      muchas organizaciones profecionales. El Sr. Anderson dice
este de la Randall Rd., un centro comercial abrio con un hospital   que su prioridad es de trabajar con los administradores del
para los animales, un salon de belleza, una oficina de bienes       pueblo para tener una vision para Carpentersville, para
raices, y otros locales. En las calle Huntley y Tay River, otro     saber done esta y donde debe de estar. ¡Bienvenido al Sr.
centro comercial esta a punto de abrir con una tienda, Four         Anderson!
Quarters Store, una tintoreria, y un restaurante Mexicano,
North of the Border.
Durante el año 2003, Carpentersville va seguir creciendo.
Esperamos la tienda Walgreens, el restaurante, Dunkin               Mantenga a su familia segura de
Donuts/Baskin Robbins y Culvers, y también los bancos Elgin
State y Harris que empiesen a construir sus edificios muy
                                                                    fuego este invierno
pronto. Todo esto es muy importante para Carpentersville            En los Estados Unidos, calentones portables son uno de los
porque le ayuda ha traer rentas publicas y empleo a los             causantes de fuegos en las casas durante el invierno. Para
residentes de Carpentersville.                                      la seguridad de su familia y de su casa siga
                                                                    los siguientes avisos:

Gusta mandar correo electronicó a                                   Calentones portables
los oficiales elejidos a el Pueblo de                               Calentones portables deben de estar
                                                                    por lo menos 36 pulgadas de cualquier cosa
Carpentersville o a los empleados?                                  que pueda quemarse, incluyendo ropa, colchas, animales y
Aquí esta como.                                                     personas. Nunca deje calentones portables trabajando
                                                                    cuando usted este dormido o no este presente. Nunca deje
El Pueblo de Carpentersville tiene una pagina en el internet que    a niños o a sus animales en la casa solos donde esten los
provee información general, la historia, los varios                 calentones portables.
departamentos y información sobre el gobierno del Pueblo. Si
usted gusta visitar esta pagina, vaya al:                           Velas
http://vil.carpentersville.il.us.                                   Siempre tenga cuidado cuando prenda sus velas. Durante
Si gusta enviar correo electrónico a cualquier persona del          el año 2001, el Departamento de Bomberos de
Municipio, incluyendo a los empleados, el Presidente del Pueblo     Carpentersville, respondieron a seis incendios que fueron
o a los administradores del Pueblo, simplemente ponga la inicial    causadas por velas. Nunca deje velas prendidas cerca de
del primer nombre de la persona que usted desea enviar y el         niños o animales.
apellido y agrege @vil.carpentersville.il.us. Por ejemplo, si
gusta enviarle correo electrónico al Presidente, simplemente        Chimeneas
ponga mboettger@vil.carpentersville.il.us.                          Su chimena debe de ser inspeccionada por un profesional
                                                                    antes de que la use cada año. Hay productos químicos que
Si usted tiene sugerencias o cambios para esta pagina, mande su     pueden hacerle daño a su familia. Siempre proteja a sus
correo electrónico a kstoves@vil.carpentersville.il.us.             hogar y su familia y ponga pantallas para sus chimenea.
                                                                    Recurerde que siempra queme
                                                                    leña SOLAMENTE. Nunca
  Visite al nuevo parque, Keith Andes                               queme papel o cosas que puedan
                                                                    causar daño a su casa.
  El parque que queda por las calles, avenida Tulsa/avenida
  Austin y la Sacramento ha cambiado. Durante el otoño, el
  departamento de trabajos publicos lo limpiaron y han puesto
  una nueva ruta para caminar. Venga y visite su parque.
                                                             Numeros de telefonos importantes:
 Muchos residentes no saben que para hacer construcción
 en su casa, como cuartos adiciónales, cercas, camino de     Municipio:                                    426-3439
 entrada para autos, etc., necesitan permisos. Su usted      Departamento de Codigos (Construcción):       551-3478
 tiene duda, pongase en contacto con el departamento de      Departamento de Agua/Financiera:              551-3476
 codigos. Usted tambien necesita permiso para tener          Departamento de Policia (no emergencia):      551-3481
 perros en su hogar. Y tabien hay limite hasi cuantos        Departamento de Bomberos (no emergencia):     426-2131
 perros tiene en su hogar. Si usted tiene vehiculos que      Policia/Bomberos (emergencia):                911
 no trabajen y esten en un lugar publico or propiedad
 privada, deben ser removidos, si no, le pueden dar          Si usted tiene problemas con su drenaje o agua durante el fin
 multa. Si usted es solicitante, que venda productos de      de semana o despues de las horas regulares de las oficinas,
 casa en casa, necesita permiso; pero se prohibe vender      llame al 428-8784. Las oficinas del Pueblo estan abiertas de
 comida de casa en casa o de sus vehiculos. Para mas         8:30 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. de lunes a viernes, el jueves habren
 información sobre estas ordenanzas usted puede              hasta las 8:00 p.m.
 obtener un folleto en el Municipio.
                                                             El gobierno de la ciudad está operado bajo las leyes del
                                                             gobierno. El Presidente del Pueblo y la Junta de
                                                             Administradores nombran el Jefe de la ciudad, quien es el
 Horario de Juntas:                                          responsable de la administración de los varios
                                                             departamentos. Las reúniones de la Junta se llevan a cabo
 El comité Hispano se junta el segundo martes se             en el Village Hall (Municipio) a las 7:30 p.m. el primer y
 cada mes a las 7:30 p.m en el Municipio, todos              tercer martes de cada més.
 estan invitados.

 Las Juntas de Municipio se juntan el primer y
 tercer martes de cada mes a las 7:30 p.m., todos           Recuerde las restriccíones de
 estan invitados.
                                                            estacionimiento durante el
 Estampas de Vehículo
                                                            u Del 14 de noviembre al 14 de abril, el Pueblo prohibe que
                                                            vehiculos esten estacionados en la calle de 2 a.m. a 6 a.m. por
 Todos los residentes estan requeridos de comprarlos
                                                            mas de 30 minutos todos los días.
 antes de julio 31 de cada año, si no, sube el precio y
 puede ser multado. Si compra vehiculo nuevo usted          u Se prohibe estacionarse cuando haiga mas de una (1) pulgada
 puede transferir el sticker del vehículo solamente si el   de nieve en cualquier calle del Pueblo hasta despues que las calles
 sticker original esta presente al momento del cambio.      sean limpiadas. Despues que se limpien entonces se puede
 Personas con vehículos recien comprados o nuevo            estacionar.
 residentes tienen 45 días para comprar un sticker para
 su vehículo a precio normal. Prueba de la fecha de         u Se prohibe estacionarse en cualquier lugar que no este con
 compra o de la fecha en que se mudo son requeridas.        concreto o cubrida con grava, como pasto o areas con tierra.
 Los residentes que compren un vehículo o se muden          Se prohibe estacionarse en las banquetas, su yarda, o lugares de
 después del 1 de enero, deberan pagar la mitad del         parque.
 costo anual.
                                                            u Vehiculos que esten estacionados entre 15 pies de la boca de
                                                            agua (pompa) sobre las calles Berkshire Circle, Morniningside
                                                            Lane, o Morningside Circle van hacer llevados por la grua sin

                                                                Si usted tiene preguntas, llame al departamento de Policía al
Recuerde, las oficinas del Pueblo                               551-3481, y pregunte por el oficial encargado ese día.
estaran cerradas los siguientes días
de fiesta:
Memorial Day, lunes, 26 de mayo
4 de julio,   viernes
Labor Day,    lunes, 1º de septiembre
                                 Anthony Woods Earns Eagle Scout Badge for His Work
                                 In Completing Village’s Veterans Garden
                                 Anthony Woods, a sophomore at Dundee Crown High School, provided a valuable community
                                 service while earning his Eagle Scout Badge last summer. Anthony is pictured to the left
                                 untying a Sugar Maple tree prior to planting it in the park.

                                  Anthony raised more than $4,000 in cash and contributions for his project which consisted of
                                  installing four cement benches in the Veterans Garden, as well as designing gardens with
                                  ornamental trees, bushes and perennials. The Village contributed equipment and personnel
                                   to assist with earth moving and installation of the cement benches.

                                  Our thanks to Eagle Scout Anthony Woods, his family, the veterans who volunteered their
                                           time and talent, and the many local companies whose contributions made the
                                           success of this project possible. Major contributors were:

                                            s Elgin Financial Savings Bank, which provided a substantial cash donation
                                            s Platt Hill Nursery, for their donation of plants and assistance in landscape design
                                            s Dundee Landscaping, for donating mulch

                                            Other Carpentersville individuals and businesses that contributed to the project
                                            included Famous Dave’s, M & M Stone Patio, Cinema 12, Luke’s, Old Country
                                           Buffet, Otto Engineering, Hair Care Unlimited, Floyd’s, Dominick’s, Jewel, Star
                                           Fashion, Gris Home & Garden, Ziegler’s Ace Hardware, Squire Barber Shop, El
                                           Sombreito Restaurant, Studio Hair Design, McDonald’s, the Sauer family, VFW
                                           Auxiliary 5915, the Lions Club, Richard and Nancy Sisler,and Dorothy Bee.

                          This newsletter is published by
   For your               The Village of Carpentersville                                                                PRESORTED
convenience . . .         1200 L. W. Besinger Drive
                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                          Carpentersville, IL 60110                                                                         PAID
the Finance Department is Web site: http://vil.carpentersville.il.us                                                   PERMIT NO. 59
   open earlier in the                                                                                              Carpentersville, Illinois
                          Mark Boettger, Village President
 morning, in addition to
 offering evening hours Paul Folster, Trustee
     one day a week.      Nancy Moore, Trustee
                          Karen Roeckner, Trustee
  Finance Department
                          Jim Schuldt, Trustee
        hours are:        Judith A. Sigwalt, Trustee
    Monday, Tuesday,      Robert Whitehouse, Trustee
   Wednesday, Friday-                                                                POSTAL PATRON LOCAL
                          Craig Anderson, Village Manager                            Carpentersville, IL 60110
    8:30 AM-5:00 PM;
        Thursday-         Kaye Lowman, Newsletter Editor
    8:30 AM-8:00 PM       January 2003

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