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					61J1-7.001 Display and Disclosure of Registration, License or Certification Designation.
     (1) All appraisers registered, licensed or certified pursuant to Part II, Chapter 475, Florida Statutes, shall disclose and display
the appropriate designation in writing in all appraisal reports which are signed by the appraiser. Disclosure of the appropriate
designation is required even if the appraisal performed is outside of the scope of registration, licensure, or certification as an
     (2) The following designations or abbreviations shall be used:
     (a) “State-registered trainee real estate appraiser”, “registered trainee” or “trainee.”
     (b) “State-licensed real estate appraiser”, “state-licensed r.e. appraiser”, “state-lic. r.e. appraiser”, “state-lic. r.e. appr.” or
     (c) “State-certified residential real estate appraiser”, “state-certified residential r.e. appraiser”, “state-certified residential
appraiser”, “state-certified res. appraiser”, state-cert. res. appraiser”, “state-cert. res. appr.” or “St.Cert.Res.REA”
     (d) “State-certified general real estate appraiser”, “state-certified general r.e. appraiser”, “state-certified general appraiser”,
“state-certified gen. appraiser”, state-cert. gen. appr.” or “St.Cert.Gen.REA”
     (3) No other designation or abbreviation thereof shall be used. The above designations and abbreviations may be used without
regard to capitalization or punctuation.
Specific Authority 475.614 FS. Law Implemented 475.622 FS. History–New 10-15-91, Formerly 21VV-7.001, Amended 10-29-98, 2-12-03, 2-16-

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