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									                                               Women Building Better Communities For 90 Years

                                     This Month         The Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
 A N 	 I N T E R v I E W 	 W I T h 	 J u L I E 	 h O C k N E Y,	
                                                                                 What’s new at my closet?
                                                                                 •	We’re	 currently	 partnering	 with	 Together	 Inc.	 to	
                                                                                   collect	 toys	 for	 their	 annual	 Toy	 Drive.	 We	 are	
                                                                                   excited	to	invite	all	League	members	to	the	store	on	
                                                                                   December	4th	for	a	special	evening	you	won’t	want	to	
                                                                                   miss.	We	will	be	presenting	the	toys	we’ve	collected	
                                                                                   during	 our	 toy	 drive	 to	 a	 representative	 from	
                                                                                   Together	Inc.	We	will	also	be	holding	our	Designer	
                                                                                   Purse	 and	 Clothing	 Preview	 Night	 that	 evening	
                                                                                   for	 our	 preferred	 customers,	 including	 all	 League	
                                                                                 •	Our	 heartfelt	 thanks	 to	 all	 who	 attended	 our	
                                                                                   Customer	 Appreciation	 Night	 in	 October.	 We	 are	
                                                                                   proud	to	announce	that	a	single-day	sales	record	was	
                                                                                   set	that	day	thanks	to	your	support!
                                                                                 •	We	 are	 thrilled	
                                                                                   to	welcome	two	             Inside This Issue
                                                                                   new	 part-time	
                                                                                   staff	 members	
                                                                                   —	 Nancy	 and	          President’s Perspective......................3
  Brooke.	Please	stop	by	the	store	to	introduce	yourself	to	these	wonderful	additions	
                                                                                                           Calendar Dates..................................4
  to	the	my closet team!
Are we still having the Annual Toy Sale?                                                                   Corresponding Secretary’s Report ....4
•	Yes!!	We	will	be	continuing	to	collect	toys	for	our	sale	until	the	week	before	Christmas.	               Holiday Social Notice........................4
  The	toys	will	be	sold	at	50%	off	the	retail	price,	so	do	your	Christmas	shopping	with	
  us!                                                                                                      90th Anniversary Facts ....................4
I haven’t been to the new store yet – how is my closet different from the Jumble                           Cookbook Offer & Order Sheet .........5
                                                                                                           American Girl Fashion Show ...........6
•	my closet’s	merchandising	concept	is	that	of	an	upscale	boutique.	We	offer	current	
  styles	in	excellent	condition	for	affordable	prices.	Women’s,	men’s,	and	children’s	                     my	closet Interview ....... Cover and 6
  clothing,	shoes,	handbags,	and	accessories	are	available.	Stop	by	for	our	special	sale	                  Done In A Day ..................................6
  every	Thursday	–	items	on	select	racks	are	available	for	only	$2.99	each!
I’ve heard that I can’t donate the same kinds of things to my closet as I used to                          AG Bitty Model Registration ...........7
donate to the Jumble Shop – is this true?                                                                  AG Model Registration.....................8
•	This	 is	 not	 the	 case.	 We	 still	 accept	 all	 items	 that	 were	 previously	 accepted	 at	 the	
                                                                                                           Proposed By-Laws Changes ..............9
  Jumble	Shop.	The	difference	is	that	with	our	new	merchandising	model,	what	we	
  don’t	 offer	 on	 the	 floor	 is	 donated	 back	 out	 to	 Omaha	 agencies	 in	 need.	 Several	           November General Meeting
  hundreds	 of	 bags	 and	 boxes	 of	 clothing	 and	 other	 household	 items	 have	 been	                     Minutes .......................................10
  donated	within	the	community	since	the	store	opened	in	May.	Thanks	for	helping	us	
                                                                                                           Above and Beyond ..........................11
  put	these	clothes	to	immediate	use!
                                                                                                                      New Member Committee ............Back
                                                                                         Continued on page 6          Family Works Program ...............Back

D E C E M B E R 	               |	     2 0 0 8
                                                     Art & InterIors
                                                     Adam Whitney ................................393-1051
                                                     Anderson O’brien ...........................390-0717
                                                     California Closets ...........................827-1401
                                                     Early to bed ....................................492-9855
                                                     Le Marchè .......................................614-3130

                                                     Gourmet Food & dInInG
                                                     broadmoor Grocery ........................391-0312
                                                     Clasico’s Cakery .............................502-3636
                                                     Coldstone Creamery .......................502-2097
                                                     The Market basket ..........................397-1100
                 shopping is easy at…                Starbucks Coffee .............................397-1081
                                                     Village Grinder ...............................397-0918

     a small town                                    FAshIons & Jewelry

      in the city
           you’ll like the small town friendliness
                                                     Hostetters Jewelry & Gifts .............392-1222
                                                     Pattini Women’s Shoes.........................502-5400
                                                     Robert Max Opticians .....................397-0930
             and service at Countryside Village.     Sarah’s A boutique ............................391-7997
              And the convenience of 30 shops        She•La .............................................391-1880
          in one block with parking at every door.   Steppin’ Out Women’s Shoes ...............884-5080
                                                     Pish Posh Children’s Clothing ...............391-5565

                                                     specIAlty shops
                                                     A. Cavallo Violins ...........................827-9270
                                                     The bookworm ...............................392-2877
                                                     The Dance Shoppe ..........................399-8580
                                                     Party Patch ......................................393-3825
                                                     Stems at Countryside ......................399-8003
                                                     String of Purls .................................393-kniT
                                                     Village needleworks .......................391-1191
                                                     Village Stationery ............................397-5111

                                                     specIAl servIces
                                                     Faces A Spa .....................................384-8400
                                                     Mervin Reese Photographers ..........391-3755
                                                     One Hour Martinizing .....................391-4252
                                                     Palma Shoe Repair ..........................393-5577
                                                     Russell’s Hair Fashion ....................392-2039
                                                     Village Alterations ..........................391-0027
2	   |	   Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska
                                          ThE	 PRESIDENT’S	 PERSPECTIvE…

                                          Make an Impression
 Junior League of omaha
Women Building Better Communities                                    	 Junior	 League	 member	 (and	 former	 Supreme	 Court	
       608 North 108th Court                                         Justice)	 Sandra	 Day	 O’Connor	 once	 said,	 “We don’t
      Omaha, Nebraska 68154                                          accomplish anything in this world alone...and whatever
           402.493.8818                                              happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all
         Fax 402.493.5823                                            the weavings of individual threads from one to another that                                       creates something.”
                                                                     	 her	 words	 really	 resonated	 with	 me	 as	 I’ve	 been	
                                                                     reflecting	on	the	impact	the	Junior	League	of	Omaha	has	
  B O A R D 	 O F 	 D I R E C TO R S                                 had	in	this	community.	
             PRESIDENT	                                              	 Recently,	 I	 had	 the	 privilege	 of	 speaking	 to	 our	
              Gail	Graeve                                            Sustainers	and	Past-Presidents	at	a	luncheon	sponsored	
                                                                     by	the	Junior	League	of	Omaha	Foundation.
         PRESIDENT ELECT	                 	 The	 Foundation	 event	 attracted	 an	 energizing	 and	 fascinating	 collection	 of	
           Shannon	hoy
                                          women.	 I	 enjoyed	 observing	 their	 engagement	 with	 one	 another.	You	 could	 see	
             Megan	Addison	               friendships	 renewing	 while	 the	 ladies	 connected,	 talking	 about	 their	 careers,	
            Jennifer	Alloway	             travels	and	family.	Quickly,	the	conversation	turned	to	Junior	League.	You	could	
           Courtney	Dunbar	               hear	 the	 women	 reminiscing	 about	 their	 Junior	 League	 career,	 speaking	 to	 the	
              kate	Grabill	               triumphs	and	travails	of	their	day.
            victoria	halgren	             	 As	you	can	imagine,	it	was	an	impressive	group.	To	this	day,	all	of	them	actively	
             kristy	hansen	               volunteer	 with	 other	 organizations,	 energizing	 their	 passions	 and	 putting	 their	
           Stephanie	hansen	              Junior	League	skills	to	good	work.	I	couldn’t	help	but	to	think	about	how	their	past	
              Debbie	hart	                service	in	Junior	League	helped	create	and	continue	the	legacy	we	enjoy	today.	Not	
               Julie	Lyons	               to	mention	the	complete	and	awesome	impact	the	members	of	our	organization	
            Sarah	McGowan	
                                          has	made	in	our	community.	
             Angie	Schendt	
                                          	 The	Sustainers	also	spoke	of	the	leadership	development	and	personal	skills	they	
             victoria	Stamm	
             Andrea	Wilson	
                                          honed	from	their	engagement	in	the	Junior	League	of	Omaha.	We	can’t	discount	
           Jennifer	Zatechka              the	incredible	impact	we	have	on	the	personal	growth	of	our	members.	After	all,	
                                          how	many	organizations	offer	the	opportunity	to	learn	how	to	facilitate	a	meeting,	
      B O A R D 	A D v I S O R            chair	a	fund-raiser,	run	a	business,	develop	trainings,	serve	those	less	fortunate,	
                                          employ	sound	parliamentary	procedure,	engage	the	media	and	allocate	resources	
            Linda	Chloupek                (people	and	money)	within	the	community?	
                                          	 Every	single	hour	of	Junior	League	volunteer	work	some	how,	some	way	touches	
 C O M M u N I T Y	A D v I S O R S        another	 life	 in	 our	 community,	 including	 our	 own.	 Every	 personal	 effort	 truly	
            Patique	Collins	              moves	forth	our	mission,	creating	a	beautiful	tapestry	that	has	uniquely	developed	
              Russ	Mulert                 the	potential	of	women,	improved	our	community	and	promoted	voluntarism.
        hillary	Nather-Detisch            	 Now	is	the	time	to	embrace	both	our	history	and	future.	
         Christine	Nikunen                	 I	 encourage	 you	 to	 support	 our	 Junior	 League	 of	 Omaha	 Foundation.	 The	
              Jan	Pelletier               purpose	is	to	provide	financial	sustainability	for	years	to	come	so	our	daughters,	
             kerri	Peterson               nieces,	daughters	in	law	(and	even	granddaughters)	will	have	the	opportunity	to	
           Josephine	Ramos                carry	on	our	legacy.	No	financial	gift	is	too	small	and	you	can	give	at	any	time.	
             Dave	Webber                  You	might	also	consider	placing	the	Junior	League	of	Omaha	in	your	will.	To	learn	
                                          more	 about	 the	 Foundation,	 please	 contact	 Foundation	 President	 karen	 Nelsen	
 J L O 	 T h I S 	 M O N T h 	 S TA F F   (	or	Treasurer	Linda	Chloupek	(
                                          	 During	 my	 remarks	 at	 the	 Foundation	 luncheon,	 I	 provided	 an	 update	 on	
             Renee	Ludvik
                                          the	 projects,	 fund-raisers	 and	 programs	 currently	 offered	 by	 the	 Junior	 League	
                                          of	 Omaha.	 Collectively,	 they	 were	 so	 impressed	 and	 appreciative	 of	 our	 efforts.	
             VICE CHAIR	                  Thank	you	everyone,	for	all	you	do.	Together,	we	make	a	difference!	
              Carol	Wang
                                          	        	         	         	         	         	         Best	regards,
           Jennifer	Likes
                                                                                                     Gail Graeve
            Aimee	Owen                    	                                                          President
     ADVERTISING MANAGER	                 PS:	 As	 we	 embark	 on	 the	 winter	 holiday	 season,	 I	 challenge	 you	 to	 grab	 your	 kids,	
          Lucy	Dogger                     significant	 other,	 neighbors,	 girl	 friends,	 family	 and	 co-workers	 to	 do	 one	 thing	 this	
                                          month	for	someone	who	cannot	pay	you	back.	It	will	be	the	best	present	you	can	give.	

                                                                                      Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska	               |	   3
          C A L E N D A R 	 D AT E S
     	     8	 Holiday Social
              Lisa	Gravelle’s	home	
              6519	underwood	Avenue	
              6:30	to	8:30	p.m.

     	    12	 General Meeting and Placement Fair
              St.	Roberts	Bellarmine	
              11900	Pacific	Street	
              6:00	to	7:00	p.m.	Social	
              7:00	p.m.	Meeting

                                                        December 8th
     	 TBA	 General Meeting
            visiting	Nurse	Association	
            12565	W.	Center	Rd.,	Suite	100	
            6:30	p.m.	Social	
            7:00	p.m.	Meeting                                      6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
     	 6-8	 American Girl                                  6519 Underwood Avenue
            happy	hollow	Country	Club                        at the home of Lisa Gravelle

        C O R R E S P O N D I N G	                      Please Join Us!
     S E C R E T A R Y ’ S 	 R E P O R T	
                  OCTOBER	2008

     Changes	                                                 One Monday night,
     Elizabeth	“Eli”	McNichols	(S)	                           Once a Month,
     Remove	business	phone	and	
     add	email:
                                                              . . . Make it for You!
     Nichole	katulich	(P)	
     16542	Dorcas	Street	
     Omaha,	NE	68130
     Wendi	kroeger	(A)	
     207	South	93	Avenue	
     Omaha,	NE	68114
                                                                               J LO	 9 0 Th	
     Christine	Schulte	(A)	
     17505	Welsh	Street	                                                   A N N I vER S A RY	
     Omaha,	NE	68135
                                 Shawna	Thompson	(P)                             FA C TS
     Alicia	Brand	(A)	
                                 Julie	horgan	(A)	
     Nichole	West	(P)	           Maura	Brennick	(A)	   1957—	Organized	 Omaha	 Symphony	 Guild          Jen	Chaney	(A)              and	sponsored	“The	viennese	Ball”
     Transfer Out	
                                                       1960—	Co-sponsored	 Omaha	 hearing	 School	
     Jessica	Sherrets	(P)	to	kansas	City	League	
     	 (at	end	of	the	year)	                                 with	 four	 years	 of	 financial	 service	
     Dani	(Linneman)	Resetar	(A)	to	Denver	League            equaling	$16,000.

4	   |	   Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska
                 h O L I D AY 	 S P E C I A L 	 O F F E R 	 F O R	
                   J u N I O R 	 L E A G u E 	 M E M B E R S	
                       A N D 	 S u S T A I N E R S ! ! ! ! ! !	
	 Purchase	 one	 Junior	 League	 of	 Omaha	 Toast to Omaha	
Cookbook	for	ONLY	$20.00 plus tax.		Purchase	four	cookbooks	
for	ONLY	$70.00 plus tax.	(Retail	price	$24.95	plus	tax).			
	 The	Toast to Omaha	Cookbook	makes	a	wonderful	gift;	whether	
it’s	 for	 family	 that	 have	 moved	 away,	 teachers,	 babysitters,	
employees,	colleagues	or	even	if	you	aren’t	 from	 Omaha	and	
wish	to	share	a	little	piece	of	“home”	with	family	and	friends	
out	of	state.
	 As	a	special	offer	to	our	Sustainers,	any	Sustainer	living	in	
Omaha	and	purchasing	four	or	more	cookbooks	will	be	entitled	
to	our	hand	delivery	service!
	 	If	you	have	any	questions	or	would	like	to	take	advantage	of	this	fabulous	holiday	special,	please	
contact	Sarah	McGowan	at	or	contact	Junior	League	of	Omaha	headquarters.

                          TOAST TO OMAHA, A COOKBOOK
      NUMBER OF                                         WITH                                      SHIPPING
      COOKBOOKS                    PRICE                  TAX               SAVINGS               CHARGE
          ONE                        $20                 $21.40                $5.30                 $5.00
         TWO                         $40                 $42.80               $10.60                $10.00
        THREE                        $60                 $64.20               $15.90                $15.00
         FOUR                        $70                 $74.90               $31.90                $20.00
         FIVE                        $90                 $96.30               $37.20                $25.00
          SIX                       $110                $117.70               $42.50                $30.00
        SEVEN                       $130                $139.10               $47.80                $35.00
        EIGHT                       $140                $149.80               $63.80                $40.00

                                                                                      NUMBER              PRICE
       NAME                   ADDRESS                PHONE             EMAIL          OF BOOKS           PLUS TAX

	 Please	return	this	order	form	with	a	check	to	Junior	League	of	Omaha,	608	North	108th	Court,	Omaha,	NE	68154,	
Attention	Cookbook.	If	you	are	a	SuSTAINER	and	live	in	Omaha	and	order	FOuR	OR	MORE	cookbooks	we	will	
hand	deliver	them	to	your	front	door!
	 If	you	would	like	to	pick	up	your	cookbook	order	at	headquarters,	please	indicate	that	on	this	order	form	and	
you	will	be	contacted	to	arrange	for	pick	up.	If	you	wish	to	have	your	order	shipped	please	include	$5	per	book	for	
shipping.	If	you	have	any	questions,	please	contact	Sarah	McGowan	by	email	at	or	contact	
Junior	League	of	Omaha	headquarters.	ThANk	YOu	FOR	YOuR	ORDER!!!!

                                                                          Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska	         |	   5
     T h E 	A M E R I C A N 	 G I R L	 FA S h I O N 	 S h O W
                                   F O L L O W 	 Y O u R 	 I N N E R 	 S TA R
	 American	Girl	celebrates	a	girl’s	inner	star	–	the	little	whisper	inside	that	encourages	her	to	stand	tall,	reach	high,	and	
dream	big.	At	the	2009	American	Girl	Fashion	Show,	find	a	friend	for	every	girl	and	watch	as	the	historical	American	Girls	
come	to	life	right	before	your	eyes.	Discover	the	rich,	detailed	worlds	of	kaya,	Felicity,	Elizabeth,	Josefina,	kirsten,	Addy,	
Samantha,	Nellie,	kit,	Molly,	and	Julie.	You	will	also	find	the	‘Just	Like	You’	dolls	that	mirror	the	lives	and	experiences	of	
today’s	modern	girl.	Finally,	open	your	heart	to	the	little	ladies	of	the	stage	as	the	Bitty	Babies	dazzle	us	with	their	small	
stature	and	fresh	looks.
	 The	fifteenth	annual	American	Girl	Fashion	Show	will	be	held	on	March 6, 7, and 8, 2009,	at	happy	hollow	Club,	located	
at	1701	South	105th	Street.	Seven	shows	will	be	held,	each	featuring	American	Girl	clothing	and	matching	dolls	from	the	
American	Girl	historical,	American	Girl	of	Today,	and	the	American	Girl	Bitty	Baby	collections.	This	year	will	offer	a	sit	
down	dinner	at	the	patron	shows,	a	fabulous	boutique,	two	opportunities	at	amazing	raffle	packages,	as	well	as	a	loaded	
silent	auction.	The	JLO	boutique	will	also	feature	exclusive	American	Girl	items.
	 We	need	approximately	four	hundred	models	this	year.	The	Registration	form	is	available	in	this	issue	of	JLO This Month	
or	can	be	downloaded	by	going	to	the	Junior	League	of	Omaha’s	website	at	and	are	being	
accepted	 until	 January	 16,	 2009.	 Space	 in	 each	 show	 is	 limited,	 so	 return	 your	 completed	 model	 application	 as	 soon	 as	
possible.	All	shows	are	filled	on	a	first	come	first	serve	basis	and	may	be	filled	before	the	January	16	deadline.
	 We	are	again	featuring	Bitty	Models	at	our	patron	night	shows	on	Friday,	March	6,	and	Saturday,	March	7,	at	6:30	p.m.	
Bitty	Models	are	children	ages	four	and	younger	who	are	escorted	by	an	adult.	We	are	limiting	the	number	of	Bitty	Models	to	
fifteen	per	night,	so	register	early	to	make	certain	that	your	Bitty	Model	has	a	spot	in	the	show.	The	Bitty	Model	registration	
form	is	included	in	this	issue	of	the	JLO This Month.	Additional	registration	forms	are	currently	available	at	headquarters	or	
by	email	request	at
	 Consider	 being	 a	 model	 in	 the	American	 Girl	 Fashion	 Show	 as	 the	 perfect	 gift	 for	 the	 holiday	 season.	 What	 parent,	
grandparent,	aunt	or	family	friend	wouldn’t	be	a	hit	of	the	holidays	when	they	give	a	completed	model	application	form	
and	paid	model	fee	as	the	perfect	stocking	stuffer	or	gift.
	 As	 always,	 we	 will	 need	 numerous	 volunteers	 to	 guarantee	 that	 the	 fashion	 show	 is	 an	 incredible	 success.	 Look	 for	
volunteer	sign	up	sheets	at	the	December	General	Meeting	or	email	Jenny	hanson	at
	 Make	 sure	 to	 mark	 your	 calendars	 for	 the	American	 Girl	 Fashion	 Show.	 It	 is	 certain	 to	 be	 an	 incredible	 weekend	 of	
shopping,	fashion	and	fun!

m y c l o s e t 	 I N T E Rv I E W
Continued from page 1                                                                 D O N E 	 I N 	 A 	 D AY
                                                                             	 The	Done	in	a	Day	Committee	
Tell me a few “success” stories from my closet shoppers                      has	 been	 busy	 this	 fall	 season	
“on a mission”…                                                              coordinating	 many	 volunteer	
•	We	had	a	mother	and	daughter	come	in	for	a	homecoming	                     projects.	 We	 started	 off	 with	
  dress	late	on	a	Saturday	 afternoon	for	a	dance	that	was	                  sending	volunteers	to	the	Adult	
  that	 night!	 The	 employees	 and	 volunteers	 in	 the	 store	             Spelling	 Bee	 for	 the	 Literacy	
  that	 afternoon	 pulled	 dress	 after	 dress	 and	 completed	              Center	 and	 the	 hand	 in	 hand	
  each	 look	 with	 matching	 accessories	 –	 she	 left	 the	 store	         Fundraiser	      for	   American	
  with	 an	 outfit,	 just	 in	 time	 for	 her	 big	 evening!	 We	 had	       Parkinson’s	Disease	Association.	Over	20	Junior	League	
  a	 working	 woman	 come	 in	 and	 find	 an	 in-season	 Ann	                members	participated	in	Race	for	a	Cure	and	the	DIAD	
  Taylor	 suit	 with	 the	 tags	 still	 on	 it	 –	 she	 paid	 a	 fraction	   Committee	participated	again	with	the	Rough	‘N	Ready	
  of	what	it	originally	cost!	Still	other	shoppers	are	finding	              Rodeo	during	River	City	Round-up	and	the	haunted	
  their	favorite	brands	of	handbags	(hobo,	Coach,	etc.)	and	                 Forest	 this	 October.	 New	 projects	 this	 fall	 include	
  name-brand	jewelry	(Tiffany,	Swarovski,	etc.).	You	never	                  providing	lunch	for	25	kids	involved	in	Omaha	Street	
  know	 what	 kinds	 of	 treasures	 you’ll	 find	 on	 any	 given	            School.	These	children	rarely	get	their	favorite	warm	
  day	at	my closet!                                                          meals,	so	during	the	last	week	in	October	we	provided	
	Anything else I should know about my closet?                                two	 warm	 lunches.	 DIAD	 coordinated	 volunteers	
                                                                             from	 Junior	 League	 to	 assist	 with	 the	 Child	 Saving	
•	We’ve	recently	launched	an	email	newsletter	called	“my                     Institute’s	 Touch-A-Truck	 event.	 With	 your	 help,	 we	
  closet’s	 ClothesLine.”	 The	 newsletter	 provides	 updates	               collected	diapers	for	Precious	Moments	Child	Care,	a	
  regarding	special	sales	and	events	at	the	store.	Email	us	                 low-income	daycare	that	the	League	has	helped	in	the	
  at	if	you	or	someone	you	know	                       past	few	years.	Some	upcoming	events	and	collections	
  would	be	interested	in	receiving	our	email	newsletter.                     to	look	for	in	the	hotSheet	are:	Tinsel	and	Tears,	Warm	
•	We	feel	so	fortunate	to	have	the	overwhelming	support	of	                  Clothes	 Drive	 in	 January,	 and	 a	 holiday	 project	 with	
  League	members	past	and	present	in	our	effort	to	make	                     the	 Siena/Francis	 house.	 Our	 goal	 is	 to	 provide	 the	
  the	new	store	a	success.	Please	continue	to	do	what	you’re	                League	 with	 quality	 volunteer	 project	 experiences.	 If	
  doing	to	help	us	promote	the	store	–	continue	to	spread	                   you	have	requests	or	ideas,	please	contact	the	chair	of	
  the	word	to	your	friends	and	family,	and	of	course,	keep	                  Done	in	a	Day,	kjirsten	Finnegan.

6	   |	   Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska
                 The American Girl Fashion Show
                  2009 Bitty Model Registration
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Junior League of Omaha’s 15th annual American Girl Fashion Show! Our 2009 shows
will be held on March 6th, March 7th, and March 8th at Happy Hollow Club.

Bitty Model Criteria: Being a Bitty Model is a great opportunity for younger girls (4 years old or younger) to participate in a show. There
are no height or size requirements for Bitty Models. Each Bitty Model must be escorted by a parent, grandparent, older sibling or other
adult that can assist them. Please note that all escorts must purchase a ticket to the show at a cost of approximately $50-$75, which
includes a sit-down dinner. Invitations to the show will be mailed at a later date.

Bitty Model Requirements: Bitty Models will be required to attend a dress rehearsal, which will take place on Saturday, February 28th.
Information regarding rehearsal times and ticket prices will be provided at a later date. Bitty Models will be wearing clothing from the
American Girl Company.

Show Preferences: There will be two shows this year featuring our Bitty Models. We are only able to accept a limited number of Bitty
Models per show – as such, Bitty Model spaces will be filled in the order in which registration forms are received. If your Bitty Model
will also have an older sibling, friend, or relative modeling in a show and you wish to be included in the same show,
registration forms must be submitted together.

                                                 Please rank your show preferences in order:
                                                    ______ Friday, March 6, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.
                                                    ______ Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.

Bitty Model Information:

Bitty Model’s Name___________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent(s) Name(s)___________________________________                       Address __________________________________________

City _________________ State ________ Zip_____________                     Phone Number (____)_______________________________

Clothing Size _______ Age in March 2009_________________                   Parent Email Address_______________________________

Escort’s name and relationship to model __________________________________________________________________________

Please list 3 fun and interesting facts about your Bitty Model___________________________________________________________

If you would like to be in the same show as a relative/friend, please indicate their name(s) ___________________________________
PLEASE SUBMIT REGISTRATION FORMS BY JANUARY 16, 2009 TO:                                      JLO-American Girl/Model Registration
                                                                                              608 North 108th Court
A Complete Registration will include the following:                                           Omaha, NE 68154-1761
1. This registration form
2. A self-addressed, stamped business-size envelope
3. A $50.00 Registration Fee (please make checks payable to Junior League of Omaha). The registration fee includes dinner for the
   Bitty Model, a goody bag, and a flower. Registration fees are considered a donation and are non-refundable.

                             Model registration forms will be accepted in the order they are received.
                                All shows may be filled before the deadline of January 16, 2009.

                      For more information regarding this event, please contact the Junior League of Omaha at 493-8818.

                                                                                           Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska	               |	   7
                      The American Girl Fashion Show
                          2009 Model Registration
     Thank you for your interest in participating in the Junior League of Omaha’s 14th annual American Girl Fashion Show! Our 2009 shows
     will be held on March 6th, March 7th, and March 8th at Happy Hollow Club. Please review the “Important Information” sheet prior to
     completing this registration form.
     Model Criteria & Requirements: Models must be age five or older. The fashions worn during our shows will be sent to us by the
     American Girl Company and are sizes 5-10. All models will be required to attend a dress rehearsal on Saturday, February 28th.
     Information regarding rehearsal times and ticket prices will be provided at a later date.
     Show Preferences: We will have seven shows, including two Patron Nights. Patron Night models are escorted by an adult (please
     note: all adult escorts must purchase a Patron Night ticket). Patron Night tickets will range from $50-$75 and will include a sit-down
     dinner. Ticket prices for all other shows will be approximately $30-$45 and will include a breakfast or lunch buffet.

                                          Please rank your three show preferences in order:
                                          ____ Friday, March 6, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. (Patron Night - Escorts)
                                          ____      Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
                                          ____      Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.
                                          ____      Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. (Patron Night - Escorts)
                                          ____      Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
                                          ____      Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.
                                          ____      Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 4:00 p.m.
     Model Information:
     Model’s Name____________________________                Parent(s) Name(s)_________________________________________________

     Address ___________________________________ City _____________                      State ________               Zip__________________

     Phone Number (_____)________________ Grade Level __________ Age in March 2009 ________                          Clothing Size __________

     What is your favorite American Girl Doll? _____________________ Parent Email Address:__________________________________

     Patron Night Models Only: Escort’s Name & Relationship____________________________________________________________

     Were you a model last year? __________________ If so, which American Girl were you? __________________________________

     Please circle the type of clothing you wore:            Historical         Nightwear          Contemporary

     Please give a brief description of the outfit you wore last year___________________________________________________________

     If you would like to be in the same show as a relative/friend, please indicate their name(s) ___________________________________
     PLEASE SUBMIT REGISTRATION FORMS BY JANUARY 16, 2009 TO:                                      JLO-American Girl/Model Registration
                                                                                                   608 North 108th Court
     A complete registration will include the following:                                           Omaha, NE 68154-1761
     1. This registration form
     2. A small photo (no larger than 4x6) to be included in our models’ collage. Please write the model’s name on the back of the picture.
     3. A self-addressed, stamped business-size envelope
     4. A $30.00 Registration Fee (please make checks payable to Junior League of Omaha). Each model will receive a hairstyle by
         Sweet and Sassy Salon, a goody bag, a flower, and a light snack. Registration fees are considered a donation and are non-

                                  Model registration forms will be accepted in the order they are received.
                                     All shows may be filled before the deadline of January 16, 2009.

                           For more information regarding this event, please contact the Junior League of Omaha at 493-8818.

8	   |	   Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska
     P R O P O S E D 	 B Y- L AW S 	 C h A N G E S 	 – 	 v O T I N G 	 I S S u E
                             SUBMITTED BY JLO BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                        November 10, 2008
                FOR MEMBERSHIP CONSIDERATION – Presented by Kate Grabill, Bylaws Chairman
Changes to this section of bylaws are shown in bold italic
A	member	will	automatically	be	removed	from	membership	for	failure	to	pay	dues	by	February	1	and/or	failure	to	complete	
Membership	engagements	at	the	end	of	a	probationary	year.		
ADD: The process for removal is as follows:
    a) In March, names of members who have not paid dues or completed their engagements will be submitted to Placement
       Chair from Finance and Membership Councils. Those members will then be contacted by their Placement Director
       to apprise them of their status and review any discrepancies in their record. Options to complete engagement by
       June 1 will be discussed.
    b) Fifteen days prior to the June Board of Directors meeting a letter will be sent from the current President informing
       the member of their impending removal should they fail to fulfill their engagements. In this letter the member will
       be given the option of taking probationary status.
    c) Those members who choose to be on Probationary status will be contacted by their Placement Director.
    d) At the June Board of Directors meeting a list of members who have not fulfilled their membership engagements,
       financial obligations, and have not opted for Probationary Status will be submitted, along with documentation for
       removal. A	member	may	be	removed	from	membership	by	a	two-thirds	vote.		An	opportunity	for	a	hearing	before	
       the	Board	shall	be	given	for	removal	due	to	any	reason.	ADD: The list of removals will be sent to Placement and
    e) Following the Board meeting, a letter is sent from the current president informing the member of their removal and
       stating reasons for removal. A copy of this letter is then placed in the member’s file.

     P R O P O S E D 	 B Y- L AW S 	 C h A N G E S 	 – 	 v O T I N G 	 I S S u E
                             SUBMITTED BY JLO BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                         October 6, 2008
                FOR MEMBERSHIP CONSIDERATION – Presented by Kate Grabill, Bylaws Chairman
Motion to Amend
ARTICLE V. Section 1. Annual Dues a. AMOUNT
Strike	crossed	out	portions.	Add	italicized:
Article V. Dues and Other Financial Engagements
Section I. Annual Dues
a.	 Amount
	 Annual	Dues,	including	Association	dues	of	$35.00	shall	be:	
	 Active,	Advisory,	Community	Placement	and	Inactive	$95.00			Add: $125.00					
	 Provisional	$60.00	Add: $80.00
	 Non-Resident	Active	$60.00	Add: $80.00
	 Sustaining	$60.00	Add: $65.00
	 Sustaining	over	65	years	of	age	$45.00	Add: $50.00
	 Sustaining	Emeritus	over	80	years	of	age	$0.00
	 Seasonal	Inter-League	$33.00			Add: $40.00
	 Seasonal	Inter-League	over	65	years	of	age	$18.00	Add: $25.00
	 •	 $35.00	AJLI	cost	to	JLO
	 •	 Comparatively,	our	JLO	ranks	in	the	bottom	1/3	of	dues	charged	per	members,	across	the	country.
	 	 	 •	 Des	Moines	$100.00
	 	 	 •	 St.	Louis	$213.00
	 	 	 •	 Minneapolis	$160.00
	 •	 We	have	not	raised	dues	since	2002.
	 •	 Dues	contribute	to	our	operating	fund,	covering	administrating	and	training	costs;	expenses	with	our	fixed	cost	have	
	 	 risen	since	then.	

                                                                             Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska	       |	   9
          Junior League of omaha • generaL meeting minutes • noVemBer 10, 2008
      	 I.	 The	meeting	was	called	to	order	at	7:10	p.m.	                                               	    	 Fund	Development	Chair	Jessica	Covi	invited	all	members	to	attend	a	wine	
      	 II.	 President	Gail	Graeve	led	a	moment	of	silence	to	honor	former	JLO	President	                      dinner	 at	 the	 new	 94/95	 Sports	 Grille	 on	 Sunday,	 Nov.	 23.	 It’s	 a	 fundraiser	
             Corneila	Davis,	who	recently	passed	away.	She	was	president	from	1960-61.                         for	the	League	–	it	costs	$65	per	person	or	$125	per	couple	and	tickets	can	be	
                                                                                                               bought	from	Jessica	at
      	III.	 Gail	 introduced	 representatives	 from	 the	 humane	 Society,	 who	 showed	 a	
             video	 and	 answered	 questions	 from	 the	 membership.	 Gail	 presented	 them	            	 	 American	 Girl	 Chair	 Anne	 Medlock	 gave	 an	 update	 on	 the	 fundraiser,	
             with	cookbooks	as	a	thank-you	in	the	spirit	of	community	trusteeship.	                            which	will	be	from	March	6-8.	Model	applications	are	out	and	she	reminded	
                                                                                                               members	 that	 it’s	 first	 come,	 first	 serve.	 The	 committee	 also	 welcomes	 any	
      	Iv.	 The	October	minutes	were	approved	as	distributed.                                                  volunteer	help	and	they	also	need	silent	auction	items.
      	 v.	 President	Gail	Graeve	passed	around	a	sign-up	sheet	for	the	December	social,	               	 II.	 Placement	Chair	Jennifer	Peterson	announced	the	new	Progressive	Placement	
            which	will	be	potluck.                                                                             Fair	which	will	be	held	on	Jan.	13	at	St.	Roberts.	There	will	be	a	boutique,	a	
      	Iv.	 Financial	vice	President	Jen	Alloway	reported	on	the	financial	status	of	the	                      short	General	Meeting	and	then	breakout	sessions	with	Council	Directors	and	
            League	as	of	September	2008.	                                                                      Committee	Chairs.	
      	 	 Revenue:	        $90,437.95                                                                   v
                                                                                                        	 III.	 Admissions/Provisional	 (New	 Member)	 Training	 Coordinator	 heidi	 Toney	
      	 	 Expenses:	       $73,763.37                                                                           introduced	 several	 New	 Members	 and	 updated	 the	 membership	 on	 the	
      	 	 Net	Income:	 $16,674.58                                                                               committee’s	 activities.	 In	 December,	 the	 committee	 will	 be	 doing	 volunteer	
                                                                                                                work	 at	 Children’s	 hospital.	 The	 committee	 is	 looking	 for	 craft	 supplies	 –	
      	 	 She	also	reported	on	the	financial	status	of	the	my closet	store.	
                                                                                                                please	contact	Courtney	Dunbar	for	more	information.
      	    	   Revenue:	 	 $24,949.76
                                                                                                        	IX.	 Bylaws	Chair	kate	Grabill	called	for	a	vote	on	the	two	motions	presented	at	
      	    	   Expenses:	 	 $32,088.87
                                                                                                              the	October	General	Meeting.
      	    	   Net	Loss:	 	 ($7,139.11)
                                                                                                        	 	 1.	 [Removal]
      	    	   She	also	reported	on	the Toast to Omaha	financials:
                                                                                                        	 	 	 Motion	carried.
      	 	      Revenue:	 	 $17,100.50
                                                                                                        	     	 2.	 [Dues]
      	 	      Expenses:	 	 $	 6,249.32
                                                                                                        	     	 	 Leslie	Mayo	made	a	motion	to	amend	the	original	motion	to	strike	$80	for	
      	 	      Net	Income:	 $10,851.18
                                                                                                                	 Sustainer	Dues,	and	insert	$65	for	Sustainer	Dues.
      	 v.	    Gail	read	a	letter	from	Mayor	Mike	Fahey,	who	was	originally	scheduled	to	               	     	 	 Motion	carried.
               speak	but	had	to	cancel.	We	are	attempting	to	reschedule	his	visit	for	a	spring	
                                                                                                        	     	 	 Leslie	Mayo	made	a	motion	to	amend	the	original	motion	to	strike	$60	for	
                                                                                                                	 Sustaining	over	65	years	of	age,	and	insert	$50	for	Sustaining	over	65	years	
      	   	 Gail	 announced	 that	 given	 our	 economic	 situation	 as	 a	 League,	 the	 Board	                 	 of	age.
            took	a	careful	look	at	every	line	item	in	the	budget	and	made	some	cuts.	She	               	     	 	 Motion	carried.
            encouraged	committees	to	continue	being	good	stewards	of	our	funds.
                                                                                                        	     	 	 A	ballot	vote	was	taken	for	the	amended	motion,	and	it	carried	46-9.
      	 	 Gail	 announced	 that	 Christine	 Gilfry,	 our	 Office	 Manager,	 is	 moving	 to	
                                                                                                        	   X.	 Nominating	 Chair	 Jennifer	 Zatechka	 reported	 that	 because	 of	 budget	 cuts,	
            kansas	City	and	had	to	resign.	She	thanked	Christine	for	her	outstanding	job	
                                                                                                                JLO	 is	 not	 sending	 any	 members	 to	 ODI	 this	 year,	 but	 we	 are	 keeping	 the	
            organizing	and	representing	our	League.	Because	of	the	budget	situation,	the	
                                                                                                                college	 scholarships.	 She	 encouraged	 members	 to	 self-submit	 for	 positions	
            Office	Manager	position	will	not	be	filled	right	away.
                                                                                                                this	year	–	Nominating	forms	are	due	Jan.	23.
      	 	 Gail	announced	that	kareen	hickman	has	accepted	the	hIP	kids	vice	Chair	
                                                                                                        	XI.	   Gail	had	the	following	announcements:
                                                                                                        	 	     Please	read	the	JLO This Month	and	the	weekly	hotSheet
      	vI.	 my closet Chair	Julie	hockney	updated	the	group	on	the	store.	She	reported	
            that	the	Customer	Appreciation	Night	was	a	success	and	led	to	a	$1,400	day	in	              	 	     Please	remember	to	shut	the	door	tightly	at	headquarters.
            sales.	She	encouraged	members	to	welcome	the	new	employees	to	the	store.	                   	 	     The	 next	 General	 Meeting	 will	 be	 on	 Monday,	 Dec.	 8	 at	 the	 home	 of	 Lisa	
            The	next	event	is	Dec.	4	–	the	Toy	Drive	for	Together,	Inc.	She	explained	the	                      Gravelle.
            difference	 between	 consignment	 and	 donations,	 and	 encouraged	 members	
            who	are	on	the	fence	about	deciding	between	the	two	to	donate	because	JLO	
            gets	more	profit	that	way.	She	also	invited	members	to	see	her	about	having my                                   Submitted by Angie Schendt, Recording Secretary, November 17, 2008
            closet be	a	storefront	for	any	products	they	might	want	to	sell	(like	jewelry).	
                      pacific springs physical therapyPage 1 7/10/2008 9:33:54 AM

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                                                                                customize a personal therapy plan for each of its clients, based
                                                                                upon his or her speci c needs. This helps our patients get
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 K                                                                                                                                   Orthopaedic Injuries · Women’s Health
                                                                                                                                   Pilates & Wellness Programs · Chronic Pain
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               Shane Jansa, MSPT, CSCS                                                                                               has to o er you, please visit our
           Kristi Heine, MSPT, Pilates Certi ed                                                                                   website at www.paci
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             MY CLOSE T N Ew S


BEYOND…        Pamela	Bourne                     Clothing with a Cause
               Amy	Grohe
               kathleen	Johnson
               Leslie	Mayo
               Sarah	McGowan
               Jennifer	Wulf

               New Members:
               kristine	hull
               Amy	kelly
               Amanda	LaPuzza                         747 N 114th Street
               Molly	McGrath                      Miracle Hills Shopping Center East

                                            On your first visit receive
               Ann	Marie	Abboud
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               Ann	hancock
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                                                     a single item!!
                                                      OFFER EXPIRES 12-31-08
             Thank You!
                                  CLIP & SAVE!

                                                  Junior	League	of	Omaha,	Nebraska	    |	   11
           T h E 	 N E W 	 M E M B E R	                                                   F A M I L Y 	 W O R k S	
      C O M M I T T E E : 	 O u T 	 M A k I N G	                                              PROGRAM
              A	 D I F F E R E N C E                                                	 In	 October,	 the	 Family	 Works	 program	
                                                                                    celebrated	 its	 first	 year	 of	 operations.	
	 The	New	Member	Committee	met	on	Monday,	October	27th	at	the	
                                                                                    Meanwhile,	 the	 brand	 new	 Junior	 League	
urban	 League	 in	 Omaha,	 Nebraska.	 The	 committee	 was	 introduced	
                                                                                    project	is	in	its	second	month	of	involvement.	
by	Caitlin	Davis	to	President	Thomas	Warren	and	given	information	
                                                                                    The	 purpose	 of	 the	 Junior	 League’s	 new	
on	 the	 Omaha	 Police	 Department	 and	 former	 chief	 Warren’s	
                                                                                    program	 is	 to	 provide	 a	 new	 play	 room	
background.	 Members	 were	 provided	 information	 on	 the	 urban	
League’s	mission	to	help	struggling	families	achieve	a	better	quality	              and	 organize	 periodic	 family	 events.	 The	
of	life	through	better	education,	health	programs,	and	youth	services.	             committee	 has	 already	 hosted	 two	 events	 for	
Economic	 development	 is	 a	 goal	 being	 achieved	 through	 its	 family	          the	women	and	children.	The	first	was	a	meet	
services	 agency	 and	 welfare	 to	 work	 program.	 The	 urban	 League	             and	greet	where	our	committee	was	able	to	get	
staffs	23	people,	and	works	with	the	corporate	community,	legal	aide,	              to	 know	 all	 of	 the	 program	 participants.	 	 We	
Chamber	of	Commerce,	and	the	private	sector	to	accomplish	its	goals.	               brought	 appetizers,	 snacks,	 and	 welcome	
Courtney	 Dunbar,	 Chair	 of	 the	 New	 Member	 Committee,	 talked	                 bags	 to	 the	 event,	 and	 it	 was	 a	 big	 hit.	 Our	
about	 the	 North	 Omaha	 Development	 Project.	 She	 shared	 with	 the	            second	 event	 was	 an	 outing	 to	 Pooley’s	
group	how	the	NODP	promotes	support	of	the	community	through	                       Pumpkin	 Patch.	 We	 distributed	 halloween	
school,	businesses,	and	family	services.	She	stated	that	the	crime	rate	            goodie	bags,	brimming	with	both	sugary	and	
for	certain	crimes	is	down	compared	to	other	years,	but	the	tougher	                healthy	 items.	 The	 committee	 has	 been	 hard	
crimes	 still	 are	 prevalent	 in	 the	 city.	 Courtney	 also	 shared	 with	 the	   at	 work	 planning	 a	 community	 room	 at	 the	
group	economic	status	information	as	well	as	the	future	of	the	North	               apartment	 that	 is	 geared	 toward	 the	 children	
Omaha	Development	Project.	Please	feel	free	to	contact	Courtney	to	                 that	stay	there.		The	committee	hopes	to	paint	
learn	more	about	this	ongoing	project	that	is	making	a	difference	in	our	           and	 furnish	 the	 room.	 	 Due	 to	 our	 limited	
city.	The	New	Members	of	the	League,	as	well	as	other	Active	Junior	                budget,	 we	 are	 anxious	 to	 share	 more	 good	
League	 members,	 were	 enlightened	 by	 the	 work	 that	 is	 being	 done	          news	 about	 our	 program	 and	 gain	 further	
by	the	urban	League	and	the	North	Omaha	Development	Project.	It	                    support	 for	 this	 wonderful	 program.	 This	
is	this	type	of	knowledge	that	will	allow	the	League	to	continue	our	               project	 is	 bettering	 the	 lives	 of	 women	 and	
mission	to	provide	assistance	and	support	whenever	and	wherever	we	                 children,	and	we	are	very	excited	about	what	
can.	Together,	we	do	make	a	difference!                                             else	we	can	do	in	the	coming	months.

                 The Junior League of Omaha
                                                                                                                         Non-Profit	Org.
                 608 North 108th Court
                                                                                                                            u.S.	Postage
                 Omaha, Nebraska 68154                                                                                  P     A    I       D
                                                                                                                            MAIL	u.S.A.
Address Service Requested

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