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                                         DEPARTMENTAL REPORT

Department: Respiratory Therapy                                    Department Head: Doug Neubert

   Department Mission Statement:
   The Associate of Science Respiratory Therapy Program at Casper College provides education to produce
   competent respiratory therapists for immediate employment or advanced education, by offering high quality
   educational and clinical experience.

   Departmental Goals:
   Primary Goal: Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be a competent
   advanced-level respiratory therapist
   Objective I: Upon completion of the program, students will demonstrate professional behavior consistent with
   employer expectations as advanced level respiratory therapists
   Objective II: Upon completion of the program, students will demonstrate the ability to comprehend, apply, and
   evaluate clinical information relevant to their roles as advanced-level respiratory therapist
   Objective III: Upon completion of the program, Students will demonstrate the technical proficiency in all the
   skill necessary to fulfill their roles as advanced-level respiratory therapists
   Objective IV: Advisory Committee supportive of program Goal
   Objective V: Advisory Medical Director supportive of program Goal
   Objective VI: Faculty supportive of program Goal
   Objective VII: Support personnel supportive of program Goal
   Objective VIII: Facilities supportive of program Goal
   Objective IX: Laboratory equipment and supplies supportive of program Goal
   Objective X: Learning resources supportive of program Goal
   Objective XI: Financial resources supportive of program Goal
   Objective XII: Clinical resources supportive of program Goal
   Objective XIII: Physician Input supportive of program Goal
   Objective XIV: Upon completion of the program graduate students will find employment
   Objective XV: The respiratory therapy program will select 12 students each spring semester from an
   application volume of 20 individuals
   Objective XVI: The respiratory therapy program will have an attrition rate of less than 30%

   Departmental Strengths:
      Program strengths are-
      1. Casper Colleges infrastructure of educational learning resources and student support services.
      2. Casper Colleges commitment to the community of interest and students in which it serves to provide
      and promote a high quality program.
                       By providing state of the art respiratory therapy equipment for clinical simulation
                       By providing adequate space towards the housing of classrooms and students.
                       By hiring qualified Respiratory Therapy educators who possess strong clinical and
                          teaching expertise.
                       Program is recently Nationally accredited
                       Outcome data is good
                               o High employment of all graduates
                               o Higher than national average pass rate of the Certification National Board
                               o Good employer satisfaction scores of graduate students
                               o Good graduate student satisfaction scores
      3. Market advantage in that we are the only respiratory therapy program in the State of Wyoming.
      4. Geographic location, in that we are centrally located in the State of Wyoming.
   Department Challenges:
      1. The development of comprehensive lesson plans that are effective towards learning objectives and the
      successful preparation of the development of a competent Respiratory therapist.

       2. The continued development of clinical affiliate sites.
                          Clinical site on board with the mentoring of students
                          Clinical sites that have the staff that is well educated in the standards of care in
                            relation to respiratory therapy.
                                    Uniform understanding of clinical competency student check off
                          Uniform understanding and reinforcement of the programs policies and procedures
       3. Wyoming Medical Center being our only primary clinical site is not able to facilitate a large group of
       4. Clinical site expansion throughout the State could cause dilution of program standards
                          Development of Distance Education through Web CT as well as simul-cast
                          Increasing number of respiratory therapy students in the program -meets the
                            respiratory care needs of the entire state of Wyoming, improves patent care, solidifies
                            Casper College program as being the only program in the state, and increases the
                            financial viability of the program

   Teaching Philosophy and Pedagogy:
   Student learning is a partnership between the teaching instructors, the community of clinical preceptors and the
   student. Each should strive to do their respective parts to promote, and facilitate student learning.

   Distance Education Philosophy:
   We are currently not involved in distance education but secondary to being the only program in the State we
   feel we need to provide this service in the future

   Dual Enrollment Philosophy:

   Articulation agreements (if any):
   The Casper College Respiratory Therapy Program utilizes several clinical sites in which the students learn and
   practice the skills encompassing the practice of respiratory care. Clinical agreements exist with Wyoming
   Medical Center, Memorial Hospital of Converse County, Mountain View Medical Center, Cheyenne Regional
   Medical Center, Regional West Medical Center, St. Johns Medical Center, Ivinson Memorial Hospital, and
   Apria Healthcare Inc. After students have completed their first year, they are eligible for a summer neonatal
   level III nursery clinical rotation in St. Vincent Hospital in Billings Montana. Approximately 16-22 students a
   year benefit from these agreements.

   Special events or activities:
   The Respiratory Therapy program has been active in our community as well as our State by helping sponsor
   events such as Blue Envelope Health Fair, and Halloween Carnival. We have been involved educationally in
   attendance at the Wyoming Society of Respiratory Care convention as well as sponsor of Asthma Camps.
   Third party comments, including specialized accreditation:
   The Respiratory Program was “Provisionally Accredited” in February 2003 secondary to submitted Self Study
   It was October of 2005 that the Respiratory Therapy program Accreditation site visit occurred. The program
   was recommended for “Initial accreditation”, but it was apparently voted on officially by CAAHEP on July on
   With an initial accreditation a three year review takes place (looking at my outcomes over a three year period
   of time via documents submitted) Our Respiratory Program Passed this three year review in May 2009

   Our Educational organization changed from CAAHEP accreditation to CoARC (Commission on Accreditation
   for Respiratory Care) officially Nov. 12 2009 and they have issued our program a new Accreditation
   Certificate with an expiration date of 5-31-2016

   Departmental faculty members, full-time:
   Doug Neubert Program Director
   Ronnette Hand Clinical Education Director

   Departmental faculty members, adjunct:

   Departmental advisory committee members (if applicable):
   Program Director- Doug Neubert, RRT
   Clinical Director – Ronnette Hand, RRT
   Medical Director- Don Smith, M. D. Pulmonologist
   Dean of the School of Health Science- Tammy Frankland
   Clinical site representative- Kelly O’Malley, CRTT
   Clinical site representative- Kathy Summers
   Student Representative- Bobbie St. Gelais

   Community Representative- Anna Wilkinson
   Clinical site representative- Suzanne Townsend
   Clinical site representative- Karen McVay
   Clinical site representative Mike Smith Regional West Medical Center     ~ 4021 Avenue B ~ Scottsbluff, 38)
   635-ginal West Medical Center   ~   4021 Avenue B   ~   Scottsbluff, NE 69361 ~ (308) 635-3711
   Clinical site representative Wanda Hulit


                                              Yes          No
   Program assessment plan(s) on file?
Enrollment trends:
2003 -05
12 applicants
11 students accepted into program
8 students graduated
4 pre-resp students for next year’s class

10 applicants
10 students accepted into program
6 students graduated
6 pre-resp students for next year’s class

13 applicants
12 students accepted into program
9 students will graduate
8- pre-resp students for next year’s

19 applicants
13 students accepted into program
10- pre-resp for next year’s class

18 applicants
12 students accepted into program
11 students graduated

13 applicants
11 students accepted into program

12 applicants
9 students accepted into program

Departmental equipment and facilities:
We have tried to replicate a strong cross-section of respiratory therapy equipment’s the student will be exposed
to during their clinical experience. We are short or incomplete towards this philosophy in a couple areas.
Those are ventilators and some software upgrades in our existing Drager
Budgetary Considerations:

 Line Item            Category              2009-2010         2010-2011           CHANGE

9110           Educational                   700.00             700.00
9117           Subscriptions
9118           Books
9120           Office supplies               100.00             150.00              50.00
9122           Medical supplies              600.00             600.00
9123           Software
9145           Graduation
9212           Advertising
9214           Accreditation                 2300.00           2,300.00
9218           Laundry
9220           Professional
9221           Speaker fees                                     200.00              200.00
9232           Repairs/equipment             500.00             500.00
9310           Dues/membership
9311           Registration/Entry fees      1,000.00           1,250.00             250.00
9320           Employee travel-in-          1200.00            1,200.00
9330           Employee travel-out-         1,500.00           1,500.00
9371           Recruitment                  1,000.00           1,000.00
9378           Other operating               600.00             600.00
9820           Lab/classroom
9830           Computer equipment
               TOTAL                        9,500.00          10,000.00             500.00

      Increase in line item 9120- increasing office supplies (ref -–Dept. review page1,2 trends& objective
       IX and X,)
      Increase in line item 9221- Speaker fees. (ref- Dept review page 1 -objective- X)
      Increase in line item 9311- Registration /Entry fees (ref-Dept. review page 1, objective X)

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