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									                           THE CORD
On June 1, 1986, Won Shin broke his neck in a        firm in Philadelphia in
diving accident at Long Beach Island in New          1995. He earned a Master of
Jersey. Won was airlifted to Thomas Jefferson        Laws       Degree      from
University Hospital where he underwent two           Georgetown      University in
neck surgeries and experienced numerous              1998.       Won joined an
complications. In August of 1986, Won came           international accounting firm
to Magee where he would spend the next four          in 1998 where he currently is
months.                                              a tax attorney.
After Won was discharged from Magee in               Won is also active in the community. He is on
December 1986, he enrolled in one class at           the Board of Directors of Arthur Ashe Youth
Villanova University in the spring of                Tennis and Education, Inc. Won is a member
1987. Won returned to college in Texas in            of the Marple-Newtown School District Board
August 1987. He graduated from college in            of Directors. He is a member of the Presidents
1991 and then went to law school. Won                Council of Magee Rehabilitation. Won is also
returned to the Philadelphia area in 1994 after      a Peer Mentor at Magee.
graduating from law school. His first job was
with then Mayor Ed                                   Won lives in Newtown Square with his wife
Rendell as an Assistant                              Dana. They have one daughter, Ainsley. Won
Deputy Mayor in charge                               spends his leisure time with his family or
of the Commission on                                 watching the Flyers and Eagles.
P e o p l e      w i t h                             Won is motivated by three things: His desire
Disabilities. After one                              to be better tomorrow than he was today, his
year on the Mayor’s                                  responsibility as a husband and father, and his
staff, Won joined a law                              commitment to community.

                               This project is supported, in part, by:
     Inside The Cord           The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR),
                               Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), U.S.
                               Department of Education, Washington, D.C., grant #H133N-000023
                               The Friends of Jerry Segal
                               The Geoffrey Lance Foundation

PAGE 6                                     THE CORD                             SPRING/SUMMER 2004

The SCI-Peer Consultant Program offers            To call and request a peer consultation, contact
individuals with newly acquired spinal cord       the Peer Coordinators at 215-587-3174 or
injuries the opportunity to benefit from the      pcoordinator@mageerehab.org. Peers
knowledge and experience of those who have        can be matched according to injury level, social
“been there, done that.”                          situations, age, gender, marital status,
                                                  recreational interests, and vocational
MENTORS - For those who have weathered a          experience.
spinal cord injury, please consider
volunteering as a peer consultant to help
others through the difficult adjustment
PROTEGES - For those who are adjusting to
their spinal cord injury, mentors can answer
questions and address concerns with the
knowledge based on their personal experience.

                   Family Peer Support is a       Inpatient and outpatient families are welcome.
                   group in which specially       Family Peer Counselors offer reassurance,
                   trained families who have      support and helpful practical tips.
                   experience with a spinal
                   cord injury help others who    This group meets on the second Thursday of
                   share their struggles.         every month at 6 p.m. in Room 537 on the
                   Family members and             Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Magee
significant others of individuals who have had    Rehabilitation Hospital. For more information,
a spinal cord injury are encouraged to attend.    call Pat Thieringer at 215-587-3412.

This is a supportive psychotherapy                disability.  The discussions often address
group that meets at Magee every                   topics such as relationships, career issues,
Monday afternoon.         A clinical              intimacy, and sexuality.
psychologist with expertise in
disability rehabilitation leads this
group focusing on women’s issues.                 If you are interested in finding out more about
                                                  this group or other psychological services,
                                                  contact Dr. Nancy Rosenberg at
Women are encouraged to explore their             215-587-3210.
thoughts and feelings about life with a
SPRING/SUMMER 2004                             THE CORD                              PAGE 7

You are invited to join this group which
provides opportunities for education,                 TENTATIVE
recreation, and support for individuals with        TOPIC SCHEDULE
spinal cord injuries. This group meets the
second Thursday of every month at 6 p.m.
in the 2nd floor Conference Room                    July 2004             Picnic
(220/222) at Magee.                                 August 2004           Phillies Game
                                                    September 2004        Back to Work, School, etc.
We are always looking for new topics. Please        October 2004          Winter Activities
contact the Peer Coordinators at
pcoordinator@mageerehab.org or                      November 2004         Driving

        Visit the Magee Peer Website at www.mageepeers.org to learn about upcoming events,
        disability information and resources, peer support, and the sale or donation of durable
                                         medical equipment.

1.      The SCI Center has                          2. Persons who have been served as an
developed a research tool to                        inpatient at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital are
measure improvement in                              invited to participate in a research study to test
walking in persons with spinal                      a web site designed for rehabilitation patients
cord injury. We are seeking                         after they have been discharged home.
volunteers to help us validate                      Participants with various types of disabilities
the scale and make sure it is                       are needed for this project. An interviewer will
reliable. Research participants must be motor       come to your home within 2 months of
incomplete and able to walk short distances         discharge to show you the site and ask for your
with or without assistive devices or assistance.    feedback. You may participate in the study if
Subjects will be required to come to Magee Re-      you use the computer without any help or if
habilitation Hospital on two different occa-        you need help working the computer but are
sions for about two hours each visit. Those         able to answer basic questions about your
who participate will be reimbursed $100 per         functioning and what you think of the web site.
visit for travel expenses and provided with free    At the end of the session, which takes an hour,
parking.                                            patients receive $50 for their time and help.

If you are interested in participating or would     For more information, please call Dr. Mary
like more information, please contact Mary          Segal from the University of Pennsylvania at
Patrick, R.N., RSCICDV Project Coordinator,         215-662-9123.
at 215- 955-6579.
PAGE 8                                              THE CORD                            SPRING/SUMMER 2004

The Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of                  If you are a person with SCI and would like to
Delaware Valley (RSCICDV) at Thomas                        participate or would like more information
Jefferson University Hospital and Magee                    about the project, please contact Mary
Rehabilitation Hospital is conducting focus                Patrick, R.N., RSCICDV Project Coordinator,
groups to evaluate consumer’s priorities in                at 215- 955-6579.
dealing with recovery following a traumatic
spinal cord injury. The focus group will be
held at Magee. You will be reimbursed for
your time and free parking will be provided.

  Open-label extension of double-blind,
                                                           Completed Clinical Trials
  placebo-controlled, parallel group study to
                                                             Study the effects of Body Weight Supported
  evaluate safety, tolerability and activity of
                                                             Treadmill Training in acute incomplete spi-
  oral Famipridine-SR in subjects with
                                                             nal cord injury.
  chronic incomplete spinal cord injury.
                                                             Sponsor: National Institute of Health
  Sponsor: Acorda Therapeutics.
                                                               A multi-site, open label study to evaluate
    Restoration of walking after spinal cord
                                                               250 mg oral NeotrofinTM BID in patients
    injury - validation of the Walking Index for
                                                               with subacute complete spinal cord injury
    Spinal Cord Injury (WISCI) scale for
                                                               over 12 weeks.
    hierarchical ranking.
                                                               Sponsor: NeoTherapeutics, Inc.
    Sponsor: National Institute on Disabil-
    ity and Rehabilitation Research
                                                               Double-blind, placebo-controlled, 12-week,
                                                               parallel group study to evaluate safety and
                                                               efficacy of oral Fampridine-SR in subjects
    Restoration of walking after spinal cord
                                                               with moderate to severe spasticity resulting
    injury - elements of a disability measure.
                                                               from chronic, incomplete spinal cord
    Sponsor: National Institute on
    D i s a bi l i t y a n d R e h a b i l i t a t i o n
                                                               Sponsor: Acorda Therapeutics
    Research (NIDRR).
                                                               Eye-voice enablement technology:
    Restoration of walking after spinal cord
                                                               EVENtech, hands-free computer access for
    injury - a consumer preference for walking.
                                                               the disabled.
    Sponsor: National Institute on
                                                               Sponsor: National Institute of Health
    D i s a bi l i t y a n d R e h a b i l i t a t i o n
    Research (NIDRR).
                                             Spinal Cord Society
   The Spinal Cord Society meets at Magee Rehabilitation on the 6th floor at 1 p.m. on the first
   Saturday of every month. The Spinal Cord Society puts 100% of its funding into research for the
   cure of spinal cord dysfunction. If you want to support this research, consider attending one of
   these meetings. For more information, please contact Chris Cellucci at cellucci@ursinus.edu or 610-
   296-7429, or Dennis Ledger at dledger@csc.com or 856-468-4401.
PAGE 9                                        THE CORD                               SPRING/SUMMER 2004

During the past year, the SCI Center has            a user survey asking consumer to
concentrated its efforts on expanding our           rate the information provided on
website, www.spinalcordcenter.org, and              our site. Additionally, the
improving the information provided on our           R S C I C D V        w e b s i t e
center and our research. Information provided       www.spinalcordcenter.org now meets the 508
on the site includes the Spinal Cord Injury         guidelines (except for the web-pages with the
brochure which describes each phase of              SCI educational manual) and is accessible to
treatment at the RSCICDV; a facts and figure        persons with a disability.
sheet which describes the characteristics of
spinal cord injury; a short bio-sketch on our       In addition, the RSCICDV’s peer counseling
SCI doctors and project staff, the current          program has developed a peer website. The
research being conducted at the RSCICDV             peer website provides practical information
including a feature “research participants          and support that patients with SCI have come
needed”, publications of the center, the            to expect from our peers and is now available
20-chapter SCI educational manual including         on-line at www.mageepeers.org. Features
chapters on bowel and bladder management,           on the site include the following: a message
respiratory management, skin, cardiovascular,       board – questions answered by our peers;
nutrition, activities of daily living, equipment,   frequently asked questions, especially those
mobility, psychology, vocational services,          common “coming home” questions; a
recreational services and a resource guide,         classified page which provides a place to buy,
travel and transportation, sexuality and            sell or donate used medical and adaptive
follow-up care; information on how to refer a       equipment; recreational opportunities; a
patient; the latest news on the SCI Center; and     calendar of events; and community resources.

Two researchers of the RSCICDV received                           Ralph Marino, M.D., Clinical
awards at the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of                   Director of the RSCICDV and
the American Spinal Injury Association                            Associate Director of Research,
(ASIA), which was held in Denver, Colorado, on                    received second place for best
May 14-16, 2004.                                                  poster. His poster was entitled
                                                                  “Reliability of the ASIA Motor
Anthony Burns, M.D., Assistant Director of the                    and Sensory exam.” An abstract
RSCICDV and Assistant Professor of the                            of this was published in the
Department of PM&R at Thomas Jefferson               Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine in 2004.
           University, received the award for
           the best published journal article                     Important Web Pages
           which was entitled “Patient Selec-            Find information on research, education, and
           tion for Clinical Trials: The Reli-
           ability of the Early Spinal Cord               community programs on these webpages:
           Injury Examination.” The journal                       www.spinalcordcenter.org
           article was published in the Jour-
           nal of Neurotrauma in 2003.                             www.mageerehab.org
PAGE 10                                       THE CORD                           SPRING/SUMMER 2004

The Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of           This informative manual is
Delaware Valley continually updates the SCI         available        on-line       at
Educational Manual for individuals with             www.spinalcordcenter.org. The
spinal cord injury and their family members.        Center would like to extend
The manual includes 20 chapters consisting of       special thanks to all Spinal Cord
various topics ranging from bowel/bladder           Injury Center staff participating in this
management and respiratory care to activities       ongoing effort, special thanks to the Geoffrey
of daily living and recreational resources.         Lance Foundation for support of the latest

                                            FOLLOW-UP REMINDER

                     Don’t forget to schedule annual follow-up appointments with the
    outpatient department at Magee! Magee has outpatient programs in Rehabilitation
    Medicine, Pain Management, Stroke, Urology & Continence, Skin Program, Intrathecal
    Baclofen Therapy, Botox Injections, Electrodiagnosis, and Equipment Clinic. Consultative
    Services in Urology, Psychology, Podiatry, and Psychiatry are also available.

    To schedule a follow-up appointment, please call 215-587-3406.

The Magee Phillies Wheelchair Softball team is      Softball Tournament
beginning an exciting third season. The team        on August 21-22, 2004
appreciates the tremendous support provided         at J. Hampton Moore
by its incredible sponsors - Magee                  School. The team will
Rehabilitation Hospital and the Philadelphia        also travel to New York,
Phillies! The team consists of men and women        Boston, Baltimore, and
of all ages with various disabilities and differ-   Ohio to participate in
ent skill levels who attend practices and games     tournaments         and
during the summer months. J. Hampton                games. They also plan to compete in the
Moore School has graciously offered its school-     National Wheelchair Softball League World
                      yard blacktop as home         Series this August in New York.
                      field for practices, games
                      and tournaments.              We are always looking for new members to
                                                    join the Magee Phillies Wheelchair Softball
                     The Magee Phillies are         Team. If you or anybody you know might be
                     looking   forward   to         interested in playing softball, please contact
                     sponsoring their 2 nd          Pat Thieringer at 215-587-3412.
                     Annual Magee Phillies
SPRING/SUMMER 2004                              THE CORD                            PAGE 11

The 2003 season was quite successful for the        will travel to tourna-
Magee Freedoms wheelchair tennis team               ments in New York,
ending with the team traveling to the USTA          Baltimore, Le h i g h,
National Clay Court Championships in                Philadelphia,
Daytona Beach, Florida, to play in its first ever   Lancaster, Delaware,
National Championship. The trip was quite a         and Daytona Beach.
success with Brad Evans and Felix Suero
teaming to win the B Doubles Championship.          The team currently
Also, Mark Chilutti won the C Singles title, and    consists of five nationally ranked players: Mark
then teamed with Walt Ramsay to win the             Chilutti, Brad Evans, John Kistner, Walt Ram-
C Doubles title.                                    say, and Felix Suero, and is coached by Delynn
                                                    Orton. Practices are held each week at Cherry
During this busy year, the team won several         Hill racquet club, usually from noon-2 p.m.
titles, did several demonstrations on               each Sunday, and consist of intense drills and
wheelchair tennis, and made its third               match play.
appearance at halftime of a Philadelphia
Freedoms professional tennis match. The             Magee Rehabilitation Hospital is joining with
Freedoms have been a great supporter of our         Moss Rehabilitation and the Carousel House
team, and presented all team members with           to host the Philadelphia Wheelchair Tennis
official Freedoms warm-ups, which they wear         Tournament at Cherry Hill Racquet Club,
proudly while traveling to tournaments.             August 13-15, 2004. Please join us for some
                                                    exciting tennis!
The tennis team has just begun the 2004
season, with a great start at the Cajun Classic     For more information on wheelchair tennis,
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This year, the team      please call Mark Chilutti at 215-587-3226.


Each Monday evening, Magee Rehabilitation           The martial arts can be a means of enhancing
Hospital offers a martial arts program suited to    physical abilities, building confidence,
both wheelchair users and others with physical      managing stress levels, and decreasing
disabilities. For the past eight years, Michael     vulnerability to physical attack.     Students
Saulino, MD, PhD, a Magee Physiatrist and           report that as they continue to practice, they
second degree black belt holder has offered         notice a significant increase in strength,
this martial arts training                          flexibility, endurance and respiratory control,
at     no     cost      to                          and a decrease in their pre-existing pain.
participants. Dr. Saulino
teaches an adapted Tae                              The advantages of this program can be enjoyed
Kwon Do style of karate.
                                                    by everyone. You are encouraged to find out
In    this     program,
                                                    more by observing a class and observing this
students continue to
                                                    innovative program personally. For more
advance in belt levels on
the way to the coveted                              information, contact Pat Thieringer at
black belt.                                         215- 587-3412.
PAGE 12                                    THE CORD                           SPRING/SUMMER 2004

This is the seventh season that the              Washington,
Philadelphia 76ers, one of nineteen NBA teams    Virginia Beach,
sponsoring wheelchair basketball teams, have     Hackensack,
partnered with Magee Rehabilitation Hospital     Charlottesville
to support the Magee Sixers Spokesmen. The       and Boston. The
Magee Sixers Spokesmen have received             season ended at
warm-up suits and jerseys from the 76ers, and    the     National
wear official 76ers jerseys for their games.     Wheelchair
                                                 Basketball Association (NWBA) Sectional
This was an exciting year for 12 tremendously    Championships in Boston., where the Magee
talented young players who comprise our new      Sixers placed third vying for a spot in the
Division III developmental team.        In its   NWBA Final Four in Tempe, Arizona.
inaugural year, the Division III team played a
16-game schedule that included the Temple        Both teams played an exhibition during
Owls, Scranton Allied Forces, and Long Island    halftime of a Sixers Game at the Wachovia
Renegades. In addition, the team played in a     Center. They also demonstrated their skills at
tournament in Richmond and its own Sullivan      the Philly Fit Fest this spring. In addition,
Classic Tournament.                              Shannon Burgess represented us at the NBA/
                                                 NWBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Visit our
The established Magee Sixers Spokesmen           website at www.nba.com/sixers/community/
Division II team competed in 30 games,           sixers_spokesmen.html.
finishing with a .500 record against a tough
schedule of top 20 teams. The team was a         New players are always welcome. For more
strong contender in tournaments in               information, contact Pat Thieringer at (215)

                                                 competition than ever before, earning a
The Magee Eagles Wheelchair Rugby Team           respectable sixth place in the Division II
had its most successful season in history this   tournament. They left Louisville with a lot of
year. In existence since 1990, the team has      sore muscles and a great pride earned by their
struggled to make each year’s National           accomplishments this hard-fought season.
Championship Tournament, always getting to       With a strong core of seasoned veterans, and a
the doorstep but never crossing the threshold.   young crop of new talent, the Eagles plan to be
This past season, however, the Magee Eagles      a permanent fixture on the National
placed     third at the Atlantic Sectional       Championship scene in the years to come.
Tournament in Sarasota, Florida, which
earned them their first berth in the United      The team encourages new players to come out
States    Wheelchair                             and enjoy the rugby experience. Whether you
Rugby       National                             want to just get a good workout, meet and
Championships.                                   socialize with a fun bunch of people, or become
                                                 a serious rugby athlete with aspirations of
At   Nationals,    in                            traveling and competing in tournaments
Louisville, Kentuky,                             around the country, the Magee Eagles have
the Eagles faced a                               something to offer. For more information,
much stiffer level of                            contact Pat Thieringer at (215) 587-3412.

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