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									     Caring Culture   |   Open Communication   |   Unmatched Service   |   Personalized Solutions

The Enterprise IT & Telecom Service
  Lifecycle Management Solution
 Process automation in a centralized, decentralized and hybrid service delivery model
 Realignment with Best Practices Framework and ITIL Certified Consultants
 Effective IT & Telecom Financial Management
 Intuitive with industry leading flexibility and ―usability‖
 Service Oriented Architecture
 Cloud Computing Capabilities
 CMDB based capabilities
   Introductions
   Discuss Goals / Challenges
   PAETEC / PINNACLE overview
   Establish ―Next Steps‖
Solutions Enabled via PINNACLE

1.   Manage the lifecycle of services
2.   Improve Business Intelligence and extend visibility
3.   Enforce the Integrity and Security of Data
4.   Automate Financial Management
5.   Integrate to other Business Systems to manage services
     ―cradle to grave‖
    PAETEC - Company Overview
    An innovative supplier of communication
     service solutions
    Fortune 1000 Company
    App 4,000 employees
    Net income positive since 2002
    Over $2 Billion IT/Telecom Management
    ISO 9001: 2000 certified
    American Business Ethics Award winner
    Industry Leading retention rate of 99.6%

    “PAETEC rises above the communications
    service provider pack.”
    Forrester Research, May 2008
PINNACLE – A Premiere PAETEC Solution
Leading Service Lifecycle Management Solutions Provider

   Introduced in 1988
   Merged with PAETEC in 2000
   200+ licensed customers
   100+ Hosted/Managed customers
   ~110 support & engineering resources
   Certified ITIL professionals
   Annual and Regional User Group Meetings
   Product Advisory Board
   ISO 9001: 2000 certified
   99%+ retention rate since 1993
   Rated ―Positive‖ by Gartner
                                  Service Management
             Manage access, distribution, configuration and financial ownership

Operations                                                                   Financial
Management                                                                Management
Streamline workflow,                                                 Track usage, automate
service delivery and                                                    invoice processing,
service support                                                            charge back and
operations                                                            optimization activities

                               Integration Management
                       Automate the exchange of data with other systems
Sample PINNACLE Customers
                             Government               Financial Services
                          State of New York             Citigroup
                          State of South Carolina       BNY- Mellon
                          State of NJ                   Mutual of Omaha
                          NASA - Goddard
   Healthcare                                           Mass Mutual
                          City of New York
                                                                                     Large Enterprise
                                                        New York Life
Northwestern              City of Seattle                                            General Electric
Memorial Hospital
                          City of Dallas                                             Conoco-Phillips
Care First – BCBS
                                                                                     Sony Pictures
Cleveland Clinic                                                                     Entertainment
Partner’s Healthcare                                                                 Monsanto
Children’s Hospital of                                                               Anheuser-Busch
Philadelphia & LA
                                                                                     Lockheed Martin

                                           Higher Education

  Texas A&M               Texas State San Marcos       Univ of Texas – San Antonio
  Rice University         Univ of Texas – Dallas       Univ of Texas Health Sciences - Houston
  UT Health Sciences SA   Texas Christian Univ         Abilene Christian
                         PINNACLE Demonstration
   End to End Effective Service Management

     •   Leveraging CMDB
     •   Removing silos of service delivery and disparate datamarts
     •   Creating effective financial management as a result of effective service delivery
     •   Reducing ―touch points‖ and peopleware
     •   Effective project management
     •   Allowing for transparency, grant management and compliance
     •   Effective reporting layer that leverages centralization of data
     •   Security and referential integrity of data

   Usability

     •   Extend transparency and visibility to end users
     •   Enable self help
     •   Access 100% of data through user interface
     •   Universal look-and-feel
     •   Personalize interface to meet end user’s needs
     •   Leverage inherent flexibility as service and operations evolve

PINNACLE provides a comprehensive technology solution
that enables our ITIL certified consultants to help an
organization better align with their mission and objectives
Typical Phased Implementations that create progressive ROI

   PHASE 1: Financial Management
    • Traditional TEM
    • Enable visibility of true costs, automate chargeback & usage
    • Optimization and right sizing capacity
   PHASE 2: Extend Business Intelligence
    • Self Service Automation of Ownership and Financial Reporting
PHASES 3-5: Operation Optimization
    • Automate Service Desk Operations
          Service Catalogs to enable Self-Service & automated workflow
    • Manage the lifecycle of physical assets
    • Automate cost tracking and chargebacks for all operations
    • Manage all elements of the technology infrastructure
    • Integrate enterprise systems, service management and providers
   Service Management
            Establishes a scalable framework for:
              • Efficient financial accountability
              • Extend access to the enterprise
                anywhere and anytime
              • Process automation
              • Real time business intelligence (BI)

The foundation for effective business service management is
    enabled by universal access and global automation
Financial Management
              Provides detailed insight into:
                • Utilization of network services
                • Reconciliation of vendor invoices
                • Individual cost accountability
                • Aligning business decisions to
                  economic gains

Automated regulatory compliance is a natural derivative of
           proactive Financial Management
             Usage Manager
   Process and analyze all types of usage that
    transcend CDR traditional telecommunications
    switches, VoIP systems & wireless as well as any
    other type of network usage (disk space, energy,
    CPU cycles, etc
      Chargeback Manager
   Electronic billing and automate collections
   Multiple Rate plans based on customer type
   General Ledger Feeds
   Accounts Receivable Support
   Government Accounting Support
    • Multi-level Accounting Support and Overrides
    • Grant Funding Support
    • Account ―Rollovers‖
               Invoice Manager
   Automate the processing, reconciliation, payments
    and management of disputes for services
   Support for all Communications Services
    • Voice
    • Data
    • Wireless
    • PBX Maintenance
    • Others
 Operations Management
               Streamlines the management of:
                 • Order fulfillment and incident resolution
                 • Workforce routing and scheduling
                 • Managing and tracking all your
                   communication assets and infrastructure
                 • Analyzing the true total cost of ownership
                   and support

Operations Management enables consolidation of service delivery
        operations into a single integrated environment
Integration Management
         Automates the exchange of data with:
           • Telecommunication systems
          • Carrier Operational Support Systems
          • Corporate Helpdesk
          • Other enterprise applications

 An SOA-based technology framework establishes the
   foundation for flexible and scalable integrations
                                    Service Desk

   Facilitate electronic fulfillment, automate workflow
    routing and scheduling of all Service Orders and
   Service Catalog templates multiple attributes of an
    order – tasks, charges, vendor, inventory
   Transaction based framework eliminates use of
    other Financial Management and Facilities Systems
   Integrate with other 3rd Party Help Desk Systems
Invoice by Vendor
Dashboards in PINNACLE
Drill-down to Records (5 of 5)
Analyze Dashboard (4 of 5)
     Analyze Dashboard (KPI)

KPI target (blue vertical bar) – 5 days
Colors – green <5 days, yellow  5-10 days, red  > 10 days
Popup window displays both ticket count and MTTR
    Caring Culture   |   Open Communication   |   Unmatched Service   |   Personalized Solutions

                     PINNACLE SLM
                     Traditional TEM

•Expanding Beyond Traditional TEM
•Real Time Business Intelligence (BI) For The IT manager
•Automation via Self Service & System Integration
•Progressive and Sustainable Solutions to Drive ROI
 The IT Financial Management Puzzle
 Business Requirement                                                       TEM   SLM
 Manage the lifecycle of Invoices (Reconciliation, Payments and Disputes)
                                                                             C     C
 Allocate Costs related to Invoice Charges
                                                                             C     C
 Dynamically automate Chargebacks relative to organizational framework
                                                                             D     C
 Enable secure self-service automation of financial analysis & reports
                                                                             D     C
 Allocate non-invoice charges (e.g. other IT and Telecom services)
                                                                             D     C
 Manage Telecom Usage from carrier invoices & corporate network
                                                                             C     C
 Manage Usage from non-Telecom services (e.g. printer, energy, etc.)
                                                                             D     C
 Facilitate compliance audits (e.g. SOX, OMB)
                                                                             D     C
TEM derives the entire financial management framework
around the content and construct of an invoice

CIOs need comprehensive IT Financial Management solutions
The IT Operations Management Puzzle
Business Requirement                                                            TEM   SLM
Manage Service Requests including workflow, notifications, provisioning
                                                                                 D     C
Manage Helpdesk operations and Incident resolution
                                                                                 D     C
Model and track the configuration and inter-relationship of WAN circuits
                                                                                 D     C
Manage all the elements of the communications infrastructure
                                                                                 D     C
Manage the lifecycle of physical inventory (procurement/distribution/returns)
                                                                                 D     C
Generate E911 transactions to support FCC compliance requirements
                                                                                 D     C
Maintain history of all transactions relative to location, service, owner
                                                                                 D     C

Traditional TEM service requests are focused on constructing
a service inventory record to facilitate invoice reconciliation

True operational efficiency is achieved by integrating disparate
business operations into a unified management framework
     System Integration Yields Sustainable ROI
Automated system-to-system integrations create sustainable
year-over-year ROI by eliminating human intervention and
enforcing the integrity of business transactions

Business Requirement                                                    TEM   SLM

Open integration framework following industry standards (SOAP/REST)
                                                                         D     C
Publish APIs to enable integrations to other enterprise systems
                                                                         D     C
Automate provisioning of private PBX and VoIP systems
                                                                         D     C
Automate provisioning and auditing of Carrier support systems
                                                                         D     C
Integration kits to common enterprise applications (e.g. Remedy, CAD)
                                                                         D     C
       Establishing Service Delivery Model, Automation
                          and optimization

   Establish Service Catalog
   Cost awareness for services and projects (Quote)
   Approval and tracking
   Workflow specific to service type
   Provisioning automation leveraging internal and/or external
   Effective change Management and referential integrity of all records
   Incident Management
   Cost/margin Analysis and reporting
   MTR and MTA along with other KPI reporting
   Leveraging BI to improve service delivery
                    Implementation and
            operational improvement strategies

• Assessment of service delivery in line with Best Practices
• Collaborate on Business Plans
• Establish Mission, Objectives & Strategies
• Establish and define Job Roles
• Initiate Project Implementation Methodology
• Establish metrics to measure
• Optimize
Implementation Strategies and Timelines
       Business MOST Plans
Implementation Strategies and Timelines
         Job Role Definitions
Implementation Strategies and Timelines
     Implementation Methodology
Implementation Strategies and Timelines
       Project Plan Templates
Customer Success Story Examples
    Success story examples provide some insight in to how
    PINNACLE customers are leading their organizations to a
    brighter, more effective and efficient future

   Sample Categories
    1.   Self Service & Automation
    2.   Compliance Management
    3.   Resource Management
    4.   Green IT Management
    5.   Business Intelligence
    6.   Effective Financial Management of IT
Additional perspective
  ―PAETEC was identified by the University as a leading solution provider that offers an integrated management platform implemented by
       certified professional consultants focused on enabling ITIL Best Practices. Penn State decided early in the process that simply
        implementing a new software solution was not the answer to improve automation and to streamline our service delivery and
      management processes. Together with PAETEC, we are re-engineering our business processes and optimizing our data model to
                         reduce operational costs and alleviate unnecessary manual intervention wherever possible.‖
                    Jerry Krawczyk, director within ITS Telecommunications and Networking Services

   "Gaining real time business intelligence into tracking the lifecycle of our distributed assets and utilization of the City's communication
       infrastructure, while providing the capability to accurately predict and budget for landline and mobile services, is key to controlling

                          Dean Louis Arnold, Dir. of Communications Technologies City of Seattle.

 ―Miami-Dade County selected PAETEC’s PINNACLE Communications Management Suite to efficiently consolidate operations We were
    using eight disparate software applications and manually maintaining spreadsheets.. This was a great move that provides us with more
            comprehensive capabilities, and eliminates redundant costs associated with maintaining multiple software applications.‖

   Felix Perez Miami-Dade County, Enterprise Technology Services Department Field Services Division Director

"Of all the vendors we deal with just in the Campus Business Services department, the PINNACLE customer support team is by far the best
             and most reliable and enjoyable to work with. You could, and should, give seminars in what customer service is all about."

                              Dianna B. Corriero, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Calif.
                                    Of all vendors here at the hospital, PINNACLE support is by far the best."

                                   Jennifer Keene, Thomas Jefferson Hospital (Philadelphia)

   ―PAETEC (PINNACLE) has pursued value-added development and sales to capture significant market share in several key sectors‖
       …―Customer feedback was excellent in all survey areas. Customer service is PAETEC's market differentiator — Gartner believes
                             PAETEC has the strongest culture of customer service of all the companies‖
                                           Eric Goodness, Gartner Marketscope for TEM
Success Story Category: Self Service Automation
for State Government
   Challenge
     • Retire custom built mainframe provisioning and billing systems
     • Operations managed geographically with different systems
     • Inability to obtain timely perspective of operations

   Solution –
     • Service Desk to eliminate manual & inefficient workflow
     • Adoption of state-wide Provisioning Best Practices
   Results
     • Service Support and Service Delivery Automation
     • Consolidation of several different management systems
     • Improved Data Integrity
     • real-time visibility
     • Intuitive tracking of distributed physical assets
Success Story Category : Resource Management
Univ of Texas San Antonio

   Challenge
     • Migrate from costly monthly batch processes to real time processing
     • Achieve timely visibility of usage charges
     • Eliminate several disparate operational support systems

   Solution
     • Streamline monthly billing
     • Expanding to integrate Service Desk to automate cost allocation

   Results
     • Consolidation of several management systems into PINNACLE
     • Elimination of custom reports
     • Self-service automation of financial reports
     • Streamlined monthly billing processes and repurposed resources
       required to manage multi-day archaic process
Success Story Category : Business Intelligence
   Challenge
     • Consolidate combination of custom and commercial systems
     • Real time control of vendor invoices
     • Continually expanding business with national presence
     • Reduce operational costs since Retail is extremely competitive

   Solution
     • Automate and consolidate processing of invoices
     • Automate cost allocation of vendor invoices
     • Streamline Service Desk operations
     • Expanding to manage Usage and more robust Chargebacks

   Results
     • Realized over $8 Million in ―cost avoidance‖ during first 9 months
     • Multi-dimensional real time analysis of charges & operations
     • Timely identification and resolution of vendor billing errors
     • Streamline service provisioning and cost allocation activities
     • Use BI analytics to improve negotiations with Vendors
PINNACLE SLM Solution Framework
 Top Level Licensed                                                   PINNACLE
                                    Comprehensive Integrated Solution Enterprise
 Top Level Managed                                        PINNACLE
                         Stand Alone Managed Enterprise Enterprise
 Mid Level Managed                           PINNACLE
 Comprehensive Best Practice Preconfigured   Enterprise

 Entry Level Managed           PINNACLE
 Best Practice Preconfigured     Online
                               SaaS only
 Partner          SBOSS
  White Label    Licensed

The Portfolio of PINNACLE Business Solutions

Solution     Target Market
             Entry level integrated lifecycle management
Online       Enabled by best-practice standard configurations

             Comprehensive lifecycle management solution suite
Enterprise   Target market is medium to very large enterprises

             Enables system integrations and flexible business rules

             PINNACLE Enterprise for commercial service bureaus
SBOSS        Service Bureau Operational Support System

             Encompasses strategic business planning & tools

PINNACLE VPD = Virtual Private Database
PINNACLE Delivery Definitions

Implementation Explanation

Stand Alone        Single autonomous installation of PINNACLE

Licensed           PINNACLE Installed in customer infrastructure

Managed            PINNACLE Hosted from PAETEC Data Center

SaaS               A Hosted virtualized PINNACLE environment

VPD                A private virtualized PINNACLE environment
PAETEC Private Hosted Infrastructure

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