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So that we may better serve you, we ask that you provide the following information
to us by filling out this form and faxing it to our office at (704) 334-6445. If you
prefer, this information may be mailed to us at:

Duvall Investment Group, Inc.

129 West Trade Street, Suite 1510

Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Owner Name(s):

Other Occupant(s):

Home Phone:            _________________________                 Fax:

Work/Other Phone:     _________________________                Cell:


Can the information above be included in the Gateway Plaza COA directory?

Address for correspondence, if different from Condominium address:



Parking Space Number:

In the event we needed to contact you in an emergency situation, and were unable
to reach you at the above listed phone number(s), we request the names and
numbers of three individuals to contact in your absence (please list in the order you
would prefer us to contact them):

Name: ___________________________________                       Phone Number:

Name: ___________________________________                       Phone Number:

Name: ___________________________________                       Phone Number:

If you are not the Occupant of your Condominium, please provide the following

Name(s) of Occupant(s):


Phone Number of Occupant(s):



                        CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA

Emergency Line (Police,Fire,Ambulance)              911

Carolinas Medical Center                              704-355-2000

Presbyterian Hospital                                  704-384-4000

Poison Control Center                                 704-355-4000

Fire Department, non emergency                            704-336-2441
Police, non-emergency                             704.336-3190

NC Highway Patrol                                      704-547-0042

Duke Power Outage Reporting                    800-769-3766

BellSouth Repair Service                                800-925-2525

CMUD (Water)                                           704-336-2564

TimeWarner Cable/RoadRunner                             704-377-9600

Ross and Witmer (Heating and Air)                           704-392-6188

HVAC Building Solutions (Heating and Air)                       704-864-2458

Natural Stone and Tile (Maintenance for counter tops)           704-665-8880



Duvall Investment Group, Inc., AMO®

129 West Trade Street, Suite 1510

Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

(704) 731.5560 (office)

(704) 334.6445 (fax)

Before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM
(704) 731.5560- press “1” for emergency service.

       This will transfer you to our after-hours staffed desk

               The personnel at the desk will be able to contact

the appropriate person to handle your situation

(704) 334.5207

       This is the direct line to our after-hours staffed desk

Property Manager:       John Hopkins


1.           Plumbing leak that cannot be shut off

2.           Sewer backup

3.           No Heat or Air Conditioning

4.           No Power

5.           No Water

If one of the emergencies described above does occur, please notify Duvall
Investment Group, Inc. so that they will be aware of the situation.


                 Gateway Plaza Condominium Owners Association

                      c/o Duvall Investment Group, Inc., AMO®

                         129 West Trade Street, Suite 1510

                                Charlotte, NC 28202

Dear New Owner/Occupant:

Welcome to Gateway Plaza! We are proud of our home and know you will enjoy
living here.

Please be sure that you get the Declaration of Condominium and our Condominium
Owners Association Bylaws.
We are enclosing information about the building that we hope will be helpful to you.
Also included are contact/phone numbers for the management company (Duvall
Investment Group, Inc.), building information, and helpful hints.

INVESTMENT GROUP. If you have questions or concerns, whether or not
addressed in the enclosed materials, please contact myself or Cricket Pressley at
(704.731.5560) at Duvall Investment Group, Inc., or you may ask any member of the
Executive Board for the Condominium Owners Association.


John Hopkins

Property Manager


                           AUTOMATIC DEBIT PLAN FORM

I authorize Duvall Investment Group, Inc., as managing agent for Park Avenue
Condominium Owner’s Association, to automatically debit my [ ] checking [ ] savings

Bank Account #          _________________________________________________

Transit Number

Financial Institution

City ____________, State ______________, Zip _______________

*Staple voided check here.

I understand that this authorization will be in effect until I notify my financial
institution in writing that I no longer desire this service, allowing it reasonable time to
act on my notification. I also understand that if corrections in the debit amount are
necessary, it may involve an adjustment (credit or debit) to my account.

            I have the right to stop payment of a debit entry by notifying my financial
institution before the account is charged.

Customer Name


Phone Number _____________________________________________________

Association Name

Signature    _____________________________________ Date


                       Duvall Investment Group, Inc., AMOâ

                                  Corporate Profile

Founded in 1983, Duvall Investment Group, Inc., AMOâ purchases, renovates,
repositions and manages commercial properties as a subsidiary of Commercial Real
Estate Company. Initially providing asset and property management services for
self-owned office and multi-tenant properties, Duvall Investment Group has evolved
into a full service development firm. Its primary services include property and facility
management, office development and redevelopment, asset management, and
planning. Duvall Investment Group has been designated as an Accredited
Management Organizationâ (AMOâ) of the Institute of Real Estate Management

Duvall Investment Group has remained committed to the firm’s philosophies of
integrity and quality. The company’s distinguished AMOâ signifies that Duvall
Investment Group has achieved standards of excellence through education,
experience, and professionalism. With this award, Duvall Investment Group is part
an elite group of firms managing a significant segment of the nation’s real estate

Following through on its ability to develop flexible office space that can expand as
smaller companies grow, Duvall has maintained loyal tenants, and thus loyal
investors, through the years.

Areas of expertise include:

§ Property and Facility Management
§ Office Development and Redevelopment

§ Asset Management

§ Planning

Partial Project List:
The Johnston Building at 212 S. Tryon Street

ChapelWatch Condominium Owners Association

129 West Trade Street

Christenbury Eye Center

Park Avenue Condominium Owners Association

400 North Church Condominium Owners Association

The Ratcliffe Condominium Owners Association

Park Place Condominium Owners Association

Jefferson Square Condominium Owners Association

Village of Southend Condominium Owners Association

Settlers Place Condominium Owners Association

10th Town Homes Oweners Association

715 North Church Condominium Owners Association

2400 Roswell Condominium Owners Association


Duvall Investment Group’s management team is made up of many individuals
working together to operate properties at the least possible cost, without sacrificing
quality, and to ensure client satisfaction.

John Hopkins, Association Manager joined Duvall Investment Group in February
of 2005 after being the Communications Director for the state of New Mexico for the
2004 Presidential Election. John graduated from Winthrop University in May of 2004
with a degree in Communications and a minor in Social Science. John has created a
new and exciting internship program for the top seniors in local business programs
from universities around the Charlotte region to intern and train with the
management team at Duvall Investment Group. In the fall of 2005 John took on a
unique role in managing Fifth and Poplar during the conversion of 304 apartments
that were converted into upscale condos in the heart of uptown Charlotte. He has
now been promoted onto other properties in uptown Charlotte, Myers Park and
taken on a new challenge of managing two new buildings that are currently under
construction in Winston Salem North Carolina. He is currently pursuing his North
Carolina Real Estate Provisional Broker License.

Julianne Smith, Property Manager joined the Duvall Investment Group, Inc. AMO®
team in May of 2006. She graduated from UNC Charlotte with a Bachelors of
Science in Business Administration. Julianne came to Duvall with over three years of
commercial property management experience, and is currently serving as assistant
property manager for the Commercial Management Division. Julianne is currently
pursuing RPA certification and her North Carolina Real Estate license.

C. Deni Morris, Senior Association Manager joined Duvall Investment Group, Inc.,
AMO® team in early 2002 as assistant property manager for the Condominium
Association Management Division. Deni came to Duvall Investment Group, Inc.,
AMO® with residential leasing and management experience. Deni has served as
assistant property manager for the Commercial Management Division and has
recently become a senior manager for the Association Management Division. She is
currently pursuing her North Carolina Real Estate license.

Nicole Tonelli, Senior Association Manager joined the Duvall Investment Group,
Inc., AMO® team in July 2005 as a property manager for the Association
Management Division. Nicole graduated from Davidson College with a Bachelor of
Science in Psychology in 2004 and spent one year working as an Operations
Manager in the Davidson College Student Union before joining Duvall. She was
recently promoted to the position of Senior Association Manager and is currently
pursuing her North Carolina Real Estate License.

Liza Hopkins, Senior Association Manager initially joined Duvall Investment Group,
Inc., AMO® in June 2003 as an assistant property manager for the Condominium
Association Management Division. In addition to her duties as an assistant property
manager Liza assisted as a project manager working directly with developers and
builders on new condominium constructions projects. In June of 2006 Liza moved to
Charleston, SC to gain commercial property management experience with Colliers
Keenan. Liza is excited to have rejoined our COA Management Division as a Senior
Association Manager and is currently responsible for the day-to-day management
and operations of Fifth and Poplar Condominiums. Liza is a graduate of the
University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology along
with minors in English and Religious Studies. She holds a North Carolina Real
Estate Brokers License.

Kristin Cronenberger, Association Manager joined Duvall Investment Group in
September 2005. She graduated from Wingate University and holds a Bachelor of
Science in Communications and a minor in music. In 2004-2005 she was the editor
in chief of the campus weekly newspaper and guided a staff of over 15 people. She
worked almost 5 years in retail before joining Duvall, and customer/client relations
are very important to her. She also worked with a local residential construction
company for several years and is familiar with the growing trade in the area. While
at Duvall she has worked with Associations at both modern and traditional
condominiums in uptown Charlotte.

Courtney Soprano, Association Manager is the newest member of the Duvall team,
joining us in October of 2006. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with
a Bachelor of Science in Human Relations. Courtney came to Duvall with five years
residential leasing and management experience and is excited and eager to
continue to grow with Duvall.

                            FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

With the use of Jenark accounting software, Duvall Investment Group is

capable of producing a wide variety of operating reports for clients’ use.

Financial reporting can be customized to meet a variety of requirements


Wendy Laxton

Jessica Austin, has been a member of the Accounting team since 1998. Jessica
currently serves as the Accounts Payables Specialist, handling all of the payable
functions for in excess of thirty accounts. Jessica also oversees all human resource
reporting and payroll functions for Commercial Real Estate Company. Jessica's
accounting background includes credit support and investor accounting.

Gina Hill

Chrissy Kaminski, is the newest member of the Accounting team, joining Duvall in
early 2005, straight out of Winthrop University where she earned hear Bachelor of
Science Degree in Business Administration. Chrissy currently performs all
accounting functions relating to financial statement preparation, month end
reconciliations and dues assessment schedules. Chrissy works hand in hand with
the property managers to ensure that all Association financial reports are accurate
and timely.


Howard M. Duvall, III, Founder and Principal

For over 30 years, Mr. Duvall has actively contributed to North Carolina’s
commercial real estate development and expansion. As President of Duvall
Investment Group, Mr. Duvall oversees all business strategy and operations for the
company. Previously, he served in executive management roles with several real
estate development and financing firms, including Little & Co., Huaca, Inc.,
Northwestern Financial Investors and Northwestern Advisory Corp, John R. Maddox
& Associates, and, The Colony, Ltd. Duvall has served as developer and principal
for more than 1.1 million square feet of commercial and mixed-use office space,
more than 250 acres of residential and commercial subdivisions, and nearly 600
units of luxury apartments and condominiums. He is a member of the Charlotte
Region Commercial Board of Realtors.

Mary Wilken, CPM®, CCIM®, CMCA®—Chief Operating Officer

With over twenty years of real estate management experience, Mary Wilken serves
as Commercial Real Estate Company’s Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all
affiliates’ operations. Mary obtained the Certified Manager of Community
Associations (CMCA) designation from the National Board of Certification for
Community Association Managers in 2004, the Certified Commercial Investment
Member (CCIM) designation from the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute
in 1998 and the Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) designation from the Institute
of Real Estate Management in 1992. Receiving the distinguished designation of
Certified Property Managerâ (CPMâ) in 1992, Ms. Wilken was named CPMâ of the
Year in 1993 by the Western North Carolina Chapter of IREM. In 1998, she was
designated as a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) of the
Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute. Mary has successfully managed more
than 1,500,000 square feet of medical/general office space; 500,000 square feet of
retail strip centers; and, 200,000 square feet of facility space; and multiple
condominium associations. With Mary’s extensive background in property
management, Duvall Investment Group, Inc., AMO®, will continue to be in a position
to provide the best management services to clients and occupants alike.

              Commercial Real Estate Company, Inc. (Commreco)

                                 Corporate Profile
With more than eighty years of combined real estate experience, three founders of
successful real estate firms – Howard M. Duvall III, Thomas F. O’Brien, and

§ Duvall Investment Group, Inc., AMO® specializes in the purchase, renovation,
repositioning and management of commercial properties.

§ Providence Real Estate Advisors, LLC, specializes in leasing, lease acquisition
and disposition, and facilities planning.

§ Commercial Construction Associates, Inc., specializes in construction and
renovation services for commercial properties and industrial facilities.

§ MSR Services, Inc., specializes in property and building maintenance and
janitorial services.

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